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stated clearly in the financialmemorandumalan mckeown convention of scottish
was drawing up the financialmemorandumalan mckeown i know that
up with a better financialmemorandumalan mckeown that is a
at the opening of thememorandumlindsay manson i am sorry
to help to produce thememorandumlindsay manson the memorandum was
costs lindsay manson the financialmemorandumtalks about the local authority
the memorandum lindsay manson thememorandumwas based on an instruction
bill there is a policymemorandumand an explanatory memorandum which
we should await the explanatorymemorandumand consider the document at
act 1959 both the policymemorandumand the explanatory notes imply
implicit references in the policymemorandumand the explanatory notes the
we have received the explanatorymemorandumfrom the relevant whitehall department
at westminster request an explanatorymemorandumfrom the relevant whitehall department
the explanatory notes and policymemorandumof the need for local
the drafting of the financialmemorandumor the explanatory notes to
april 1999 c184w 22 explanatorymemorandumto the scotland bill page
policy memorandum and an explanatorymemorandumwhich goes through each of
recommendation is to await thememorandumand consider the document at
recommendation is to await thememorandumand consider the document at
on the bill s financialmemorandum3 police and fire services
implementing the glp the financialmemorandumacknowledges that the costs will
back bench bills the financialmemorandumand the bill cannot suggest
been costed in the financialmemorandumanother important area for development
to work out the financialmemorandumas if nothing was going
the bill or the financialmemorandumbe altered to advantage david
the preparation of the financialmemorandumdictated the way in which
significant savings as the financialmemorandumdoes is perhaps to be
you believe that the financialmemorandumdoes not make provision for
financial memorandum p7 the financialmemorandumestimates that the cost to
homelessness etc scotland bill financialmemorandumfinance committee 21st meeting 2002
to supply a robust financialmemorandumgiven the apparent inability to
of the bill the financialmemorandumhighlights the fact that it
detailed questions on the financialmemorandumhowever bearing in mind the
the bill and its financialmemorandumi am sure that the
for clarification throughout the financialmemorandumi hope that we can
would help if the financialmemorandumidentified a revenue requirement particularly
be incorporated into the financialmemorandumif a household is evicted
that point in the financialmemorandumif we have not i
problem is that the financialmemorandumis meant to tell us
or form in the financialmemorandumis the policy being quantified
answer questions on the financialmemorandumof which all members have
we could prepare the financialmemorandumonly on the basis of
some figures in the financialmemorandumotherwise what on earth is
it is written the financialmemorandumoverstates the potential for making
of a public body policymemorandump4 there are no financial
and implementing a plan financialmemorandump6 it is not anticipated
comply with the bill financialmemorandump7 the financial memorandum estimates
be 3 000 each financialmemorandump8 consultation responses the responses
met from existing resources financialmemorandump8 therefore the maximum cost
the financial memorandum the financialmemorandumsays something about the homelessness
been part of the financialmemorandumsuch a health warning should
opinions and recommendations the financialmemorandumsuggested it was hard to
cost more than the financialmemorandumsuggests robin harper yes the
table 3 in the financialmemorandumsuggests that the costs up
that we produce a financialmemorandumthat did not get too
a figure in the financialmemorandumthat shows how much we
homelessness etc scotland bill financialmemorandumthe convener we move to
in full in the financialmemorandumthe financial memorandum says something
any figures in the financialmemorandumthe only figures in it
at stage 1 the financialmemorandumto the bill robin harper
the executive on the financialmemorandumto the homelessness etc scotland
which is on the financialmemorandumto the homelessness etc scotland
table 3 in the financialmemorandumunder the assumption that the
the strictures of the financialmemorandumwe hope that a future
our focus is the financialmemorandumwhat steps have you taken
expenses financial implications the financialmemorandumwithin the accompanying documents sets
paragraph 148 of the financialmemorandumwould seem to suggest that
na h alba scottish executivememorandum2002 the executive s memorandum
memorandum 2002 the executive smemorandumstates that their current priorities
the stick from the policymemorandumas i thought that the
and other accompanying documents policymemorandumbile cànan na gàidhlig alba
is noted in the policymemorandumbut again that issue is
as outlined in the policymemorandumhave not been reflected in
bill 66 en a policymemorandumis printed separately as sp
bill 69 en a policymemorandumis printed separately as sp
would be investing the policymemorandummentions displacement of exports how
paragraph 33 of the policymemorandumon the land reform scotland
paragraph 33 of the policymemorandumon the land reform scotland
the back of the policymemorandumonce we had received all
sunday 2002 and the policymemorandump1 concern has also been
decline in gaelic language policymemorandump2 the public body must
salmon conservation scotland bill policymemorandumpara 5 23 stair memorial
have noted that the policymemorandumsays that the bill will
22 en and a policymemorandumsp bill 22 pm were
24 en and a policymemorandumsp bill 24 pm were
27 en and a policymemorandumsp bill 27 pm were
5 en and a policymemorandumsp bill 5 pm were
8 en and a policymemorandumsp bill 8 pm were
convener thank you the policymemorandumstates that the bill will
without adequate funding the policymemorandumstates that the current system
the ball rolling the policymemorandumstates the core objective of
paragraph 2 of the policymemorandumstates the long term aim
devolved matters yet the executivememorandumstates the policy of both
language scotland bill s policymemorandumstates whilst acknowledging the importance
prosecute a crime the policymemorandumsuggests that the icc would
paragraph 6 of the policymemorandumtalks about the security council
of matters in the policymemorandumto get them clear in
second paragraph of the policymemorandumto save time i will
paragraph 2 of the policymemorandumto the housing scotland bill
was necessary 21 the policymemorandumto the salmon conservation scotland
touched on in the policymemorandumwhich says that the bill
an executive motion on amemorandumof understanding and concordats 12
government in connection with thememorandumof understanding and related concordats
access to scottish executive informationmemorandumof understanding and supplementary agreements
during discussions relating to thememorandumof understanding between her majesty
the parliament notes a thememorandumof understanding between her majesty
or political opinions 17 thememorandumof understanding between the uk
wales and northern ireland 5memorandumof understanding joint postcomm pounc
published we publish a detailedmemorandumthat sets out any devolved
prepared to accompany the executivememorandumwhich sets out the executive
its implementation the executive smemorandumon the bill states the
to westminster the executive smemorandumon the bill states the
have been detailed in thememorandumpublished by the executive however
relevant to this debate executivememorandumon local government bill uk
relevant to this debate executivememorandumon the criminal justice and
relevant to this debate executivememorandumon the race relations amendment
the meek report scottish executivememorandum2002 gaelic language scotland bill
supporting the bill scottish executivememorandum2002 the executive concluded the
in other ways as thememorandumexplains the bill is comprehensive
am reading the executive smemorandumon the bill which says
bill members have received amemorandumon the matter minister do
see a weakness in thememorandumthe bill will impinge differently
come back with a newmemorandumto go with the bill
centre a copy of anymemorandumnotes or other documents relating
will consider a pre legislativememorandumand take evidence from diane
the committee will consider thememorandumfrom the minister for communities
committee will consider an executivememorandumin response to pe194 from
a chance to consider thememorandumthat has been circulated standing
should be following the executivememorandumthe inquiry would also consider
unknown and unquantified scottish executivememorandum2002 the scottish executive s
for public bodies scottish executivememorandum2002 wales the 1991 uk
again malcolm chisholm the executivememorandumexplains that some of the
somehow i doubt it amemorandumfrom the scottish executive dated
commissioner timeline 23 may 2000memorandumfrom the scottish executive sent
01 htm scottish executive 2000memorandumfrom the scottish executive to
the executive stated in theirmemorandumit seems inconceivable that the
on something in the executivememorandumon sewel motions generally the
are contained in the executivememorandumthe government stands to lose
the scottish executive sent amemorandumto the education culture and
not undermined in the executivememorandumwe indicated that we wanted
heading constitution of puk thememorandumsays that puk will be
does not appear in thememorandumthat we have before us
services is understated in thememorandumthe convener can you quantify
committee inquiry into scottish tourismmemorandumfrom the scottish tourist board
useful to have a coveringmemorandumfrom simon watkins and me
it will also have amemorandumand articles of association which
available one would expect thememorandumand articles of association to
the project a joint councilmemorandumdrafted in 1974 included the
that is explained in thememorandumfor other types of promotion
there we can develop thememorandumfurther we are beginning discussions
is not listed in thememorandumour angle of approach is
is dealt with in thememorandumunder the heading constitution of
a perfectly honest and acceptablememorandumthat that did not depend
of chicago in 1929 amemorandumof agreement was drawn up

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