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like one o ma earliestmemoriescrackin ma head open and
er or earliest couple ofmemorieser would have to be
s one of my earliestmemoriesf631: mmhm f634: erm of
mmhm m845: and eh earliestmemories[inaudible] i was thinkin that
very m734: [laugh] f718: earliestmemoriesto the michael jackson video
u ling 673 740 14memoriesi the gloamin li po
of li po 701 762memoriesi the gloamin the gloamin
conjures up a yer childhoodmemoriesi thinks m842: but some
is awareness of dislocation betweenmemoriesof childhood and the reality
cry lonely in the hillsmemoriesof childhood twa meenits seelence
sell by date sweet sweetmemoriesand all because the lady
s think on aa thememoriessweet we ve shared thae
almonds were a must whatmemoriestheir sweet kernels would hold
being able to publish thememoriesand photographs collected over the
being able to publish thememoriesand photographs collected over the
tae introduce them happy happymemoriesan tho they laached like
got a lot of happymemorieserm i don t have
understanding thank goodness for happymemoriesi will stop now with
i have i have happymemoriesof of situations and incidents
we have lots of happymemoriesto look back on in
fleein ower wi me happymemorieswere reca d o paddy
theological discussion 4 some collegememories1886 in memories and portraits
some college memories 1886 inmemoriesand portraits london heinemann 1924
unpopular student 5 some collegememoriesp 20 6 to use
such publication compiled from thememoriesof others some of whom
such publication compiled from thememoriesof others some of whom
early december included homespun hogmanaymemoriesfrom celebrities with cartoon cavalcade
in the summer [note: newspaper article from 'mearns leader'] miscellaneousmemoriesfrom early meetings when my
most people have more [laugh]memoriesfrom very early on but
min aboot it her earlymemorieswere maistly short flashes though
be short cheenged o hismemoriessee yonner he cried pyntin
postal stationery [censored: forename] [censored: surname] mauritiusmemories[censored: forename] [censored: surname] algerian airmails [censored: forename]
baltic miscellany [censored: forename] [censored: surname] holidaymemories[censored: forename] [censored: surname] millport vote of
jean faley up oor closememoriesof domestic life in glasgow
recording people s experiences andmemoriesof life in the parish
recording people s experiences andmemoriesof life in the parish
places to life with hismemoriesof the people who had
help a lot to preservememoriesof days gone past as
shows how fragile our personalmemoriesof our past are how
don t have that manymemoriesfrom kind of before i
i i don t havememoriesof that kind of home
[laugh] but yeah all thememoriesstart kind of from later
canny help myself all thesememoriesflood back things i don
erm i don t havememoriessadly of like ever getting
aye it s bringing backmemoriesf1009: [laugh] [laugh] m1055: yeah
back in his hometown hismemoriesof being syd were painful
children we fall back onmemoriesof how we ourselves were
these are the the goodmemoriesplayin roond the back a
kyns i ll sweer sicmemorieswill come floodin back tae
hiv bit thanks for thememoriesnoo aginst ma better judgment
ceilin at wis ma firstmemorieso ma mither an ma
of us also have unhappymemoriesof being dragooned into reciting
the very least have stirredmemoriesof that death in hay
very much in people smemorieswhich perhaps makes them feel
f606: mmhm m691: good goodmemoriesan then there oh there
i ve only got goodmemoriesan when i was young
i have a little energymemoriesfloat to the surface nagging
to say how much theirmemorieshave been stimulated an fit
and those who who havememoriesof it eh even my
will have long and lastingmemoriesof it mary poppins is
i mean i have manymemoriesof of the the journey
notes i have included thememoriesof older generations my mother
slacks f1054: do you havememoriesof your parents using different
if necessary the publisher interruptsmemorieswhich have set my teeth
hearted beaumont put these oldmemoriesahint you you ve nae
me down folk hae langmemoriesin this community my haill
one of my happiest burnsmemoriesis a lunch that i
er i mean a fewmemorieslike my last day at
my accident had re awakenedmemoriesof another in daniel he
but [inaudible] one of mymemoriesyeah you d be quite
know if it s maybememoriesof when they were younger
finally however it was hermemoriesthat were her closest companions
their f606: yeah m845: fondestmemorieswere of growing up were
parliament sticks in all ourmemoriesbut they behave without bitterness
from the coffins of ourmemorieson sunday we drove around
2am billy connolly tapes andmemoriesof curry houses in glasgow
stroll stirring the pot ofmemoriesimages boil into focus bigger
stories by agatha christie andmemoriesinto the lives of her
a frilled petticoat blending intomemoriesof tennyson s cophetua declaring
a ghost sometimes in hismemoriesm762: yeah mm she s
a bluidy nose an unhappymemorieso his furst nicht s
he said had sparked offmemoriesof his aunt rose a
he raised his right fistmemoriesof years of mental torture
her exploration of identity untrustworthymemoriesand lost places is more
of the story and thememoriesloretta i can just see
military shipping only haunted bymemoriesof red clydeside in the
their own butter nowadays andmemoriesof the work caused by
to run down the glassmemorieswhit ye mind as a
but mocking it mocked hermemoriesto do with saints what
jubilation your buildings are brokenmemoriesyour streets lost hopes but
various school day snippets andmemoriesmiss buchan a teacher treated
he seemed drained by thememoriesa minute passed he thocht
and stayed the night [note: photo: 'mrs margaret aitken']memoriesby mr william adams montgoldrum
north east three mither smemoriesthere is nobody in this
lochans freeze an lilies doonfamemoriesare green we mynd on
worthy to make tomorrow smemoriescome on grampa fiona dunted
turns it on off dollmemoriesaw ed couldnae leave it
nae doubt spark aff mairmemoriesnames that shone oot abeen

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