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not be delivering an immortalmemoryaccording to the scottish tourist
i was doin an immortalmemoryan ye know ehm it
asked to propose the immortalmemoryat a formal burns supper
the delivery of the immortalmemoryby the club president i
he turned tae the immortalmemorydouglas an he said he
japanese will toast his immortalmemorymany of those people will
pay tribute to the immortalmemoryof robert burns and the
asked to propose the immortalmemoryof robert burns attacking the
people how long an immortalmemoryshould be however i found
tourist board website an immortalmemoryshould last 25 minutes the
his rendition of the immortalmemorythe last burns supper was
were good and the immortalmemorywas well and wittily delivered
in good company if mymemoryserves me correctly gordon jackson
harper lothians green if mymemoryserves me correctly two years
david despite the fact ifmemoryserves me right that we
topiary haircuts too if mymemoryserves me right the sort
batty suggestopedic text if mymemoryserves me the last recorded
the scottish parliament if mymemoryserves me well i think
in bloom my earliest feelingmemoryapart from a kaleidoscope vision
that s probably my earliestmemorybut eh very happy days
school er kind of earliestmemoryer or earliest couple of
think about what your earliestmemoryis [inaudible] f634: mmhm yes
again fit s your earliestmemoryma bessie smugly i min
peggy that s my earliestmemorythe declaration of war in
ask me that my earliestmemorywas as a a small
[inaudible] f634: yes my earliestmemorywould be [tut] i was
forty four so my earliestmemorywould probably be about nineteen
the celebration of burns smemoryand achievements and in the
to preserving and promoting burnsmemoryand work in scotland and
older scots today the onlymemoryof burns at school is
is a poem in thememoryof the crew of the
her story alive in hermemorythe poem ends with her
grandmother s emptiness in hermemorythe poem s power comes
things probably yeah f963: livingmemoryit does something different you
two sources alan fraser frommemoryit is probably less than
days however both statistics andmemorycan be deceptive one tends
tae be juist a forgottenmemoryo days gane by years
at the flood of adolescentmemoryreminiscence of days when his
when blust ry days arememorys name and power to
have a a fairly dodgymemorythese days and i came
aye [laugh] that s mymemoryas a kid m1000: aye
she she sticks in mymemoryas far as teachers are
is walking over my fragilememoryas if it was treading
i am not sure mymemorydoes not stretch that far
means no- not in mymemoryf1011: oo darenae the generation
an easy fleggit vratch mymemoryhauds ye coontin aff lang
a computer to jog mymemoryi hope your computer was
i am correct with mymemoryi remember the last time
inflammation had affected was mymemory[inhale] and i d a
more copy each sorry mymemoryis raed and i ve
feow eer an my fondestmemoryis sharing the tivoli theatre
can scrub them from mymemory[laugh] f718: yeah m734: [laugh]
learned three languages my onlymemoryof latin is in pictura
in the committee my abidingmemoryof the stage 2 debate
sea terrace where i sitmemoryreinvents my childhood house my
bird s it filled mymemorys pockets full of clover
my micht for if mymemorysers me richt it s
mountain remains vivid in mymemorythe clear air scented with
in the bowels of mymemorythings called letters of comfort
middleton nee cushnie my firstmemorywas october 1913 when we
your kinsmen it refreshes mymemoryyou did not mention your
i think movement within livingmemoryas well or within a
but still well within thememoryof many i ve even
awa he went awa doonmemorylane he went back tae
jonsar eck went awa doonmemorylane he wis affa sleepy
farrer awa noo fae ememoryo maist fowk the mart
wee things can shoogle yermemoryan pent picters in yer
they things back in yourmemoryyou must have been a
far more prevalent as thememoryof the following cases illustrate
fitbas must have knackered yourmemoryach pish i can mind
your chords they wiped yourmemoryclean notes to notes bartok
em when you lost yourmemorywhen you had [inaudible] f634:
church by mrs mcdougall inmemoryof her husband 1978 long
s but her long termmemorys good and they d
jim the shock stirs hismemoryand he responds triumphantly it
in the arts organisations hismemoryand his work are to
iconic let us toast hismemoryby supporting the motion 17
to pay tribute to hismemoryhis works which have been
the fees are unreasonable frommemoryi think that his report
jim rummaging around in hismemorylike a kirk elder fumbling
pictures were etched on hismemorylike an image on a
establish its vocabulary in hismemorynor at a more conscious
a dram o lochnagar inmemoryo his name wioot his
he slips back into amemorysenator calvin criggie opens his
as a testament to hismemorysupported by fergus ewing alex
enjoyin the bonny nicht hismemorytook a loup back intae
this time etched on hismemorywere to be recreated with
it that s this wonderfulmemory[laugh] oh f1018: you ve
on in i ve nomemorynow what i m gonna
treebank crescent i ve onememoryof goin out and f641:
i ve got a vaguememoryof hearing that before as
f965: i ve got amemoryof that it may be
pudding i ve got amemorythat might be a false
with these two what amemoryyou ve got ma it
d managed to block thatmemoryout all these years too
it s maybe a falsememorytoo but there was a
in our nation s collectivememoryhonours the survivors still with
nothing in it but thememoryof poe still the guide
milk he still relishes thememorythe fact that franco was
and it brought back amemorye-e- you know how when
for society even when allmemoryof its original function bonding
snow f639: i have onememoryof snow when we were
queen p 73 when hermemoryslips back to the shameful
himself desperate for such amemorywhen weir spoke of it
me she laughs as amemorydelights her nae to mention
her grandmother alive in hermemoryduffy is a philosopher by
talk to now her ancestralmemoryis a litany of conquest
identity and the functioning ofmemorywhile her uncompromisingly female perspective
s a vague and distantmemoryfor me m1174: well the
yeah [laugh] m830: well mememorywipes automatically [laugh] f606: yeah
sort o wiped from mamemoryf631: [laugh] f689: ehm it
bit caddis is ma onlymemoryo t an e front
then i thought mebbe mamemorys re writing stuff for
people gather to celebrate thememoryof our bard if some
party er a third personmemorythat it s one that
of early praise from morningmemorydaisies are our silver buttercups
blotted it out of ourmemory[laugh] but [laugh] i- f943:
that s just speaking frommemoryf606: yeah f1067: so they
of reoffending were posited frommemoryi do not think that
could do the kids frommemoryno i have some stashed
births she has a vividmemoryof following the snowplough from
from a time whereof thememoryof man knows not the
today at 11 am inmemoryof all those who have
this bill those with anymemorywill remember how strongly this
as warm and sweet inmemoryas they were that day
there s parts of thememorybank that were damaged and
shoes were eventually found anothermemoryis of eating locust beans
for the horses another delightedmemoryaye an he put us
of all the loss ofmemoryhelp us to enter into
as night fell chris smemoryof the occasion is more
such a like one offmemorythat f718: yeah uh huh
but how relevant is itsmemoryto the contemporary situation regarding
i d a bad enoughmemoryto begin with to tell
lady queen mary of blessedmemoryan act of parliament was
anyway she had a remarkablememoryand a fine sense of
have nearly passed out ofmemoryand i confess that i
provision of devices to helpmemoryand of safety devices e
james the first of happymemorybe and is hereby declared
childhood and the faculty ofmemoryin an exploration of identity
fiddle mabel smith had amemoryof a dance at mains
an architect in scotland thememoryof childhood usages stimulated by
that might be a falsememoryof having an actual round
i have a soft focusmemoryof oranges the size of
recently jimmy winced at thememoryof the afternoon why would
in the parish church inmemoryof the fallen belonging to
this is the use ofmemorythat we live to tell
jamie morrison had a grandmemoryas a laddie he would
mair she wis jist amemorytae the lave as unreal
wi the paisley pattern suddenmemoryaye an you had a
s patients with people withmemoryproblems doing quizzes with them
box and put in extramemoryand he did that for
the cell instantly provoked amemoryin lauder s mind he
that she wanted for amemorybox for the kids i
tae them a vague anonymousmemoryit would bother them for
a while ago wanderin doonmemorylane are we agnes never
be simpler to simulate amemoryloss wouldn t it i
up again at a newmemorynae that addy was finished
custard juist aboot became amemoryo the past an pot
dis jug at stricks atmemorystrippit broon lem a benkled
ago has become a dimmemorythe mountains hold no terror
re riding stay in thememorywe lunched in a trattoria
in the bygane geordie smemorywis shoogilt in sic a
parks an bade in yermemoryforiver aifter an coortin skirlywheeters
beyond the window inevitably rekindledmemoryhairpin twists in the road
ur kristeva committed faithfully taememoryin addition t dis twartree
or kristeva committed faithfully tomemoryin addition to this the
the disaster bulks in localmemoryin stranraer was given in
but mabel s method ormemorymay not have been accurate
oh there was the terriblememoryo sandshoe harry apoch- apochrycal
king that s keepit thememorybricht o cornkist an tattie
letters bring their fruit fraememorys store recaain mony an
m1163: to suffer fae faememoryblanks erm turn off there
you know what collective inheritedmemoryor something where it goes

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