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the women drinking with themenand keeping up with them
people dressed up as oldmenand old women or f746:
woman s last word frommenand women 1855 kesson changes
sectoral and occupational segregation betweenmenand women access to the
emphasis on equal opportunities betweenmenand women an enormous amount
to the pay gap betweenmenand women and to whether
cathedrals and palaces and youngmenand women apparently rather reluctantly
discovery of self for bothmenand women as its author
the ither streets were mobbedmenand women gettin oot the
bill equality of treatment formenand women in relation to
pray too for all themenand women in scotland who
on an equal partnership betweenmenand women in sexual matters
talked about the equality ofmenand women in the eu
agree is equal opportunities formenand women in the past
not giving equal treatment tomenand women in this respect
been recognised that equality betweenmenand women is not simply
the widening pay gap betweenmenand women lodged on 21
straight i ve slept withmenand women my whole life
and relevant to the ordinarymenand women of europe as
for the working people bothmenand women of his time
as fragile bones disease affectsmenand women one in three
makes equality of opportunity betweenmenand women one of the
difference in the way thatmenand women operate in life
split their staunch division betweenmenand women rich and poor
has the widest discrepancy betweenmenand women s earnings in
was little left but rubblemenand women shovelled loads of
it has been customary formenand women tae be made
our clan we were strongmenand women there was a
harassment equality of opportunity formenand women was written into
of the trustees some localmenand women were also employed
the european community he saidmenand women who are placed
sexual equality between the youngmenand women who gather to
earliest societies were partnerships betweenmenand women whose religious expression
their lives young women andmenare taking less exercise than
early life osteoporosis occurs inmenbut women are much more
women and one in 12mencan expect to suffer from
uh huh m1174: the themencause women aren t really
ehm the seven things thatmendo that most upset women
men m818: aye m819: formener for women it s
would love to possess formenhave marble women waxen minds
see women do this wimeni don t know why
play that had er twelvemenin it and no women
a historical soap opera featuringmenin long beards women in
cloak linen garment worn bymenor women i ve just
women and one in 12menover 50 will suffer an
women and one in 12menover the age of 50
women and one in 12menover the age of 50
the cross party group onmens violence against women and
the cross party group onmens violence against women and
real equality between women andmensomething for which a great
offensive to both women andmenstrongly believes that the theory
open air baths full ofmenwomen and children the huts
write in the voices ofmenwomen f1187: would you see
the guidwyfes cheat on thairmenan the men tell lees
community life the relationships atweenmenan weemen fither men used
men are bearded the youngmenare anguished and the young
melodrama in which the oldmenare bearded the young men
running water and automobiles unmarriedmenare clean shaven married men
some men did it somemenchose to do it but
cerwyss f631: mmhm f634: somemendid it some men chose
men lost thur jobs othermendidnae throw the towel in
to men writers they likemenhave written because they wanted
quene and mony prelattis nobillmenladeis and gentill men of
life drain fi um othermenlost thur jobs other men
er i mean erm formenm818: aye m819: for men
dout that multitudes o blackmenmen o talent and capacity
of portrayals of older asianmenmiddle aged older asian men
that multitudes o black menmeno talent and capacity and
nobill men ladeis and gentillmenof all estaitis and calling
men middle aged older asianmenparticularly first generation asian men
by promoting positive messages aboutmens health and men s
by promoting positive messages aboutmens health and men s
about men s health andmens health week scotland thereby
about men s health andmens health week scotland thereby
men are clean shaven marriedmensport untrimmed beards mrs [censored: surname]
fae ten men tae twalmentae mak a squad as
it took onything fae tenmentae twal men tae mak
on thair men an thementell lees til thair wyfes
atween men an weemen fithermenused em mair than weemen
the men who violate formenwho don t i wrote
men particularly first generation asianmenwho talk in a south
no one hears for themenwho violate for men who
set up as rivals tomenwriters they like men have
brithers the porters the servinmenan the ither warkin fowk
til the huntin lyke ithermenan ye r no yeir
but whan ah see ithermenaye rairin fou it s
that the r nae ithermenbut we lyke this cheil
a guid while langer normenfae ither airts sae excep
for thair lands an ithermenfor their jewels an housses
soss o man s makinmenhae pairtit themsels frae ither
be the same as ithermenhe greined ti walk heich
gret deeds abuin aw ithermenhere ae day eftir a
orm ah never notice ithermens wyfes thorfinn hou cannie
themsels certes but a warldmenshare wi ither fowk twa
guid there are nae ithermentae look ye ower wi
juist why abune aa ithermenthe p m did this
the toon the ither feedmenwar cottared on the ferm
tae pairt them frae ithermenwe hae kintra agayne kintra
hae pairtit themsels frae ithermenwe hae kintra agayne kintra
weir wha laucht at ithermenwhase caa ti airms wis
day whan watt an hismenwur abreid herrien ither focks
cauld win begoud ti skirlmenan horss boued thair heids
bell s jowed an guidmendees afore thair weirdit tyme
and a few of thairmenether hurt or slaine the
on thair galluss chairge oormenfecht til thair knees in
deid an evil dreams begunksmenin thair rest wutchcraft an
lawbour the foirsman an hizmennou gaed about thair beisnes
kemps o frie scotland themennou gied addisence ti thair
again snipt doune so mortallmenquho dois thair mynd molest
by a toun or pelemenraid out ti speir thair
thorfinn tell the twal strangestmenti tak oot thair new
sume sayis thair come fouremenupoun foure horse rydand to
and a crowd of youngmenabout a dozen of them
thing you know what youngmenare like [laugh] f978: that
hotel three of four youngmenat the taxi rank having
s all right for youngmenbut i m needing my
william robertson smith all threemendied young maxwell in 1879
is a suggestion that youngmendo little better they are
tight fitting fashions while youngmenfidgeted in too tight collars
the suicide rate amongst youngmenhas received since the projects
the tragic death of youngmenin a fire in accommodation
all other parishes lost youngmenin both world wars especially
cause of death of youngmenin scotland s1w 27449 mary
the suicide rate amongst youngmenis staffed and what relevant
a lament for the youngmenkilled in world war one
laments for the dead youngmennae daffin nae gabbin but
a cricket team of youngmennamed the segton who played
the company of two youngmenof their circle the day
the suicide rate amongst youngmens1w 28587 mr adam ingram
the suicide rate amongst youngmens1w 28591 shona robison to
of the number of youngmenthat had been called up
a mineshaft he s hiringmenthat hae bairns and young
wife and all the youngmenwere gaun gyte about her
i thought of those youngmenwho came out of the
once every year those youngmenwho died for a thing
out woman refused two youngmenwho were under 21 they
spanish barber six virile youngmenwith clipped executive haircuts and
autumn day these gallant youngmenwith the red beret for
of the wisdom of oldmenbut rather of their folly
grey and enduring the oldmendrinking tea beneath tall palms
all arround the old townmenflocked to the claremont field
the turning heads of oldmengathered at a corner of
it s shamefu which oldmeni dinnae ken quite a
lot of kind of oldmen[laugh] an stuff who went
the serpent seducing the oldmenmrs blaikie goes a sickly
through thick mitts and oldmenpeering past stiffening shoulders read
an did there was oldmens club on the wednesday
all encompassing aroma of oldmens farts and stale beer
just become like wee oldmens pubs even f631: mmhm
on sturdy blue bikes oldmensat near a hut at
rock n roll three oldmensinging sweet little sixteen none
to the hard road thesemensupplyed the old town with
guaranteed to be grumpy oldmen[?]there all day[/?] are you going up
f1049: i know m1048: oldmento try it as if
was old wattie howie thesemenwere all natives of the
the vapourings of strict oldmenwith one cold coin suns
tuesday 1 april 125 000menaged between 60 and 64
overheard a conversation between twomenand obviously one asked do
turned to pullar and hismenand stepped between them and
of a physical relationship betweenmenand their god could no
affect no jist these individualmenbut the future relations between
the relationship between the twomenhad altered salvador had become
ending was of course themens football final between shetland
2001 acknowledges the collaboration betweenmens health forum scotland health
2001 acknowledges the collaboration betweenmens health forum scotland health
the difficult balance between keepingmenworking on farms and the
til the fell business omenah staun ma lane in
yammerin awa the words omenan thay did til it
or are ye ocht thatmencan speak til ye seem
back til the warld omenfor ah wad be richt
century til an auld tuinmenhowp ti leeve a hunder
hae taen til hir eilidhmennever sees whit they dinna
i the rangs o hizmenthai cam til m wi
til jesus siccan thocht giesmenthe virr tae ding doun
andro testified whan he brochtmentil jesus siccan thocht gies
offert me a hantil thousanmenbut whan a hae this
yirth saught guid wull taemenefterhaun whan the angels gaed
rost bubbliejok eftir whan themenfowk skailed ti wattir the
t in purpie an whanmengaein by look on rafu
s the herts o daunerinmenharkin back whan they were
whan the lord clerk smenhed taen awa the sedan
the tymes is ill whanmenis traitors athoot kennin it
me frae the warld omensae whan gress breirds baith
faur ayont the wit omentae embro toun whan m
the muisic played bi mortalmenthe mair sae whan it
keing wi sum o hismenwad cairrie jennie awa whan
that time had 16 workingmenand pairs of horses
the challenge of working withmenand believes that msps should
the challenge of working withmenand believes that msps should
that ye can keep themenfrae working last saturday nicht
s institute type groups workingmens club outings etc feeling
on a sunday with luggensmens underpants and working socks
keep him company most workingmenwith families had to do
if there were too manymenworking on a farm some
odd jobs about the farmmenworking with horses finished at
the rest of the weekmenalso ate brose the cream
11 as noted above 13mens health week scotland 7
of s1m 2066 mary scanlonmens health week scotland 7
symbol s1m 2066 mary scanlonmens health week scotland 7
parliament pledges its support formens health week scotland from
parliament pledges its support formens health week scotland from
the voluntary sector to publicisemens health week scotland recognises
the voluntary sector to publicisemens health week scotland recognises
week scotland thereby encouraging moremento take responsibility for their
week scotland thereby encouraging moremento take responsibility for their
on because most of themenare at the war but
[inaudible] ye remember the themencomin back fae the war
sun whaur kye war blythmenhae cryit it alba caledonia
hou ye war begowkit themenhe uised ti dae it
ye war bletherin awa abootmennanse pulls the bell rope
tellin me aboot sum businessmenthat war eatin pancakes in
war aince twa heuchie backitmenthat war freins thay war
wes kis in thae daysmenwar mair mensefu nor thay
a heard that monie wurthiemenwar up in airms agin
yours malcolm ay a hantilmenwe thocht war faes haes
aw an thay speirt themenwhit they war takin thaim
not are curlin boolin gowfinmenaa taintit wi this rot
harbour eh aa the merchantmenan everybody navy durin the
a lowe tae the hairtmenan loons in aa shapes
no onnly dat an damenaroond aa sayin boys you
o god the faither andmenas brithers aa deponit in
d think tae sin aamenaspire feth whiles i think
the coast an aa themenin her wis lost barrin
warld o justice for aamenin ilka kintra it s
warld o justice for aamenin ilka thede it s
seek social justice for aameno aa thede mindin aye
we hae sodgers we haemeno weir o aa kind
an o horse aa themenset ablow him cam thegither
raa bit a lot omenstole hens an aa an
the warld aa manner omentae the rod are thirled
re aa o s blinmentappin sichtless forrit temporary warmth
they re aa expert sleepersmenthe tyres i wunner if
o the great hairst meenmenweemin an bairns aa hauns
aa the lassies an themenwha ve helpt new cumnock
nae a slur ower seenmenwinna even gurr takk aa
undoubted talents to malign bothmenat the close of their
would first appear ironically bothmencame to be pilloried cruelly
cutting wit and repartee bothmencertainly sparkled in congenial company
suggestive clue by 1875 bothmenhad been elected members of
in the 19th chapter bothmenit is said of them
semites the fact that bothmenpossessed so much in common
for the killing 13 bothmenwere substantially in agreement but
ken that the passions omenaften counteract their interest and
most mounted foxhunts have terriermenamongst their supporters their role
juist hed ti gaither theirmenan first they cowpit the
the small semitic states whenmenand their gods were alike
down there again while themenare at their denner i
girls ain money and theirmenare gettin fed up oh
heart disease and cancer yetmenattend their gps less than
heart disease and cancer yetmenattend their gps less than
to live langer than theirmenbut nae to be widowed
naethin tae dee wi theirmenbut they a paid for
the fact is that workinmendidna wear overcoats their jaikets
disna choice their mait cauldmendisna choice their claes frichtit
fair a case o hungertmendisna choice their mait cauld
disna choice their claes frichtitmendisna choice their road an
choice their road an puirmendisna choice their wifes lu
some gloamin oors wi carrickmenfishin their loch frae en
herring who had joined themenfor a drink after their
clock horn steirs day shiftmenfrae their set in beds
different from that of oldermengiven their work patterns when
the steidin ti cleik theirmeninbye the thrie capitanes wis
their clothes subdued the oldermeninvariably wore cardigans with cap
the way in which themenkept their cells neat they
three there were just 140menleft remarkably they held their
upon tweed or lanark sengalesemenmake their way north every
know mimics agnes only weemenneed tae cut their wimmin
an steer up their somnolentmennoo gie owre that caper
tae skivvy fur their wedditmenoor wives can brew oor
power mongering ass licking companymenput in their place by
keep a few hens generallymensaw little of their families
i be to him nowmensmash their way through a
work fairmers wid set theirmentae clear the roads wi
are necessary to ensure thatmentake responsibility for their health
are necessary to ensure thatmentake responsibility for their health
having her sly dig aboutmentaking their wives for granted
but when he heard othermentalk of their assurance it
or sent one of theirmenthe pay was 18 shillings
jock dow fa gaed thementheir orders ilkie mornin fa
se mak ye fishers omenthey leeft their nets incontinent
oors tae feed giein thementime tae sort their hey
steps out for 8 thenmenturn their partners under one
use of r 54 ofmenunder reported their use of
their lordships one of thesemenwas an african the only
doun tae speir hou theirmenwere daein jeez we cuid
couple of the newly arrivedmenwho in removing their coats
the big letter r themenwid pit their hats on
on the word club themenwid smoke their clay cutties
scots under their robes thesemenwore silk ties and tailored
kynd o staff that auldmenan auld weimen helpit thairsells
plural nouns as in auldmendees an bairns suin forgets
in such sentences as auldmendees an bairns suin forgets
s the auld dreme omenisna yon yere dreme alsweel
s the auld dreme omenisna yon yere dreme alsweel
painting mariage de convenance auldmenlike dry sticks easy brakk
ruits the nicht pallie auldmennithert an cruppen thegither wi
teens tae douce auld bodiesmeno means aw fellow scots
ma face fae dour auldmentae lovers daffin gin a
an syne a whein auldmenthat haed kent iain in
the auld grey waws mucklemenwi tousled beards i grat
it haes been sae wimenan nae man born can
cuidna be shiftit sae themenbuddies skyved aff ti the
r growein sae lang asmencan brethe or ein can
eneuch it s jist thatmencanna help thirsels sae it
weather like this the feedmencleared the road sae the
frae the blythesome wyes omencut aff an sae the
sae finn an his seivinmenhecht ti staun watch i
intae thur sicht sae hismenpoo d him oot o
looked sae licht in themens hands an that great
here the re dirks inmens smirtils mair sae amang
than eence i ve mademensae excited they ve near
an damn few fir themensae solidarity is the only
ti dwyne an sae wimenthe bands o luiv an
thocht or guessed that greenockmenwad stoop sae low to
here ti me nou saemenwir sent affhaun ti kep
factors which impact negatively onmens health are preventable notes
factors which impact negatively onmens health are preventable notes
services address the reluctance ofmento participate in health screening
the video not got threemenan a little lady but
drawn on like three stickmenand a little lady stick
them there were three singlemenat leys o auchmacoy so
number agreement thire s threemendifferent vowel segments frae english
rub a dub dub threemenin a tub m1106: mum
room the way she likedmenpackaged definite norman scot three
among which the three wisemenrising like giraffes from the
complacently i d three fowermenroon me at the time
intae bags it took threementae keep the grain in
in a buncher far threementhrew the bunches tae a
the wind and sent threemenup to the fo c
bairnsangs of the three ayrshiremenwho disguised themselves as sandy
that faddoms the herts omen17 and what these german
to think of these poormenall went down f746: oh
these your pranks to murdermenand give god thanks desist
in tears and these twomencome along and they said
have been considering these twomenfor a short time back
to these speeches to themenon saturday evenings andy i
earning only 64 2 ofmens earnings believes that these
bunch o sort o drunkmenthat are in there these
real difference in the waymenthought about these two types
you tonight concerning these 2menwe find the one in
i can tell you thesemenwere hard to beat the
was born so these aremenwho looked after the weak
at point blank range thesemenwill use a terrier to
course these stirring times ofmenwith bows and arrows was
be in the forefront themendinnae hae a bit o
plouterin in the soss forbymenhae biggit a middle waa
sup frae the bickers themenhae fout she streekit hersel
scotland have multitudes o whitemenhae lived and died unkent
s tee fit secrets daemenhae meg if i telt
at least in those countriesmenhae rope enough to cairry
s ain o wummins secretsmenhae there s tee fit
hae the chaunce ti rinmeno aw degrees is nou
canna be respectable to haemenoglin ye in the street
tint he aye hae mairmenti help him an finnd
andy wi the number omenwe hae at the moment
eh whaur the single feedmenwould hae bed like f1053:
hoond turn macbeth o awmena ve tryit ti jouk
for ti baet the honestmenan hang thaim l macduff
we gaed ti noroway eftirmenan timmer valgerd orm orm
hame frae noroway wi hismenas he is ti be
ti gie a cuttance themenat wes reddin out the
soud he see but seivinmenaw walkin ti meet him
me inti lowden than hizmencan pit hauns ti m
wey ti mak the drinkmencawed the hether yill a
owre the place the waitinmengaed ti the elder about
nor a whein ugsum baithmengried ti say nocht ti
free gin yon gang omenhedna come ti kep shi
the marischal tak tent themenjuist hed ti heize up
lennox it wes twa thriemenma lord ti bring ye
begoud ti yowt at themenrid wudd puir bruits thocht
ti kittil new joy anmensay the sun an muin
an brocht thrie fower waitinmenstraucht owre ti the gallery
says he l want saxmenti haud me doun whyle
mair as fower or fivementi keep them companie they
bents than he telt thementi lowse the lads an
sax seiven hunder o brokenmenti rype an herrie hous
at he brocht his ainmenti steir up the haill
siward wi ten thousan fechtinmenwes graithed ti mairch for
s no that ill formenwhas herts is fauss ti
dykes ti walcome them inmenwir affhaun sent ti let
rabbie burns the best omena ll tak some haggis
hyter ower the skelets omenan aiblins o weemen an
dinnae like the world omenan dinnae get me wrang
at the heid o hismenan horse chen da o
inti the herts o baithmenan the trublance at bad
guff o rubber thare wismenan weemin thare aw thrang
e different diets o themenand the weemen dinner in
o god as faither andmenas brithers a thocht deponit
o god as faither andmenas brithers a thocht deponit
hid bin nae cheenge omenat the feein mairket on
he is the kyndest omenbut she kens he is
by the coal ree twaemencam oot o the ree
an wardlie cares an wardliemencan aw gang tapsalteirie o
sax seiven hunder o brokenmenconvenit yonder wi a hunder
backs wi plenisht thrangs omenduncan at this oor chiefs
an the vices o themenettlin tae mak thirsels heard
learnin whaur the minds omenfail sea an land tak
a guid chaunce o finndinmenfor thairsells an as for
sumwhaur ayont the warld omenfrom the chinese of li
stour o the whurl omenfrom the chinese of liu
there wasnae a lot omengaun aboot because they were
tricks an traps o mortalmengun snare an trap an
at e feck o emenhereaboot aye likit tae mak
ilka yin yin o themenhid bleck glesses on an
is the epitome o civileesedmenilkane at the heicht o
ablow an the greement omenin atween frae the abdication
up airms lyke aw truemenin defense o oor mither
is true o puir whitemenin scotland and england and
where the majority o themenin the community were drowned
o far s the wisemenin the east that cudnae
naggie gin a flee oormenll think the waur o
lairs 1st murderer we aremenma lord macbeth o ay
drames o wat s moostroopinmenmakkin eer wey doun twartis
wi the upper limbs omennerra airms that powkit aneth
daursay ye micht be cawedmeno a kynd lyke hoonds
a byenem gien tae themeno dundee no lang syne
in praise o god yemeno guidwill steive and strang
o the western isles tunemeno harlech at thon hell
thanks for hotpot thank themeno lancs but the brave
ayrshire j a b committeemeno m club i dinnae
doun ablow the stoup heremeno ma menyie cry ye
nou marischal gao rairs outmeno ma menyie tak him
whit cantraip s this maksmeno muscle wha wi bricks
forest edge this hame omeno peace an saucht is
rod are thirled miners ministersmeno rank ye ll fin
time heid fu o weemenoan motor bikes that wis
schort a bourach o wullmenon rammish steids umberauch the
bin ane o the firstmenontae the hairst park a
he cums ane o mamenootran him here he wes
tae of coorse pause mairmenpause an nae smell o
ye weel the best omenpostie kemp contemplatin retirement a
fand a gret nummer omens claes an in anither
intil a chaumer fou omens claes o aw shapes
horses an the clash omens vyces wi it be
the third o the seivinmensaid ah im a grupper
the third o the seivinmensayin whit can ye dae
kindest and the best omenskirp o the scots diaspora
the shank the day shiftmenstrippers braid o back an
the havers o coorse aalmensuns ging doon an sclim
the christian duty o whitementae care for and protect
there s a generation omenthat has been educatit to
repugnant the herts o awmenthat hivna been corrupted by
they ve a wheen omenthey d mak oor ain
wi ane o his feedmentho jessie mathieson hid brukken
dee at s cradled grownmentrace lines o kennin on
here the feet o monymentrod oot this track wha
o words you steir themenup but the minute onybody
tae satisfy the whims omenup ower the fence a
r juist richt a hantilmenwad be gled o a
o jesus hecht the christmenwant nae bield but aunters
ajie an a sop omenwes ishin john grippit mirren
that haes commanded thousans omenwha never spiered for freinship
packed wi the banes omenwhase talents if poverty hadna
s wi ane o themenwhaur are all your ladies
massive hardy buchanite faces omenwho are talked about thomas
wis a twentie thirtie omenwi plain wuiden rungs intil
it s fu o pentitmenwi thir screechin an thir
o peint maist o themenwore bunnets an luikit jist
it seemed cuid richt hirmenwyce in the airt o
the petty sins o earthlymenyer docket tells me ye
bell then two informally dressedmenappeared talking animatedly to each
story about two of themenat leys of auchmacoy who
cost 5 one of themenbrought along two russian girls
frendraught in the 1920s twomencame to put sheep on
yet if indeed the twomendid meet again at the
the rough intimacy of gracelessmenlike maconochie the two dundases
the characters of the twomenmuch later rls was to
been filled by another twomennoo lass pullar said let
village where i saw twomenshuffling along a peaceful country
an the the other twomenthat worked in the butchers
at wiz turned wi twomentill lower eh enchine doon
however if one saw twomenwalking in the countryside with
pieces if one saw twomenwalking in the countryside with
was found and two braemarmenwere arrested on suspicion of
the following january the twomenwere in corfu salvador writing
there were two uncles singlemenwho always turned up at
who was 16 but twomenwho were over 70 years
wes sic a bewtie thatmencam frae aw airts to
wi ye an wi awmenmaks guid frae ill an
wars the re aye summenmaun dee but frae what
herbour wis hoatchin wi yolesmenan sea maws an awthin
loss my influence wi themenand loss any power i
ended wi but blacker cursemenback to work at gadgets
minotaurs that gart them jalousemenbred wi the breets mair
ve littil troke wi yungirmenbut ae thing juist the
whit s wrang wi huvinmenfur fun we ve hud
me there wis aye twamengaed wi a thrashin mull
da age wis gone whaurmenhedd vynd tae wirk wi
wi aw the monie wycelykemenin the warld whitfor can
wi a widden beater eirmenmade for em bit at
wrang wi thae hard hertlessmenoor message dad they niver
e chappit tatties till emens denner wi at e
we ll fade awa aforemens een wi neer a
in chaumer wi the wycemenspeirt at them eidentlie whatna
brithers lyin lyke twa whunstanemensyde bi syde but wi
tullynorth an they had sentmentae help steenhillock wi his
that the sea has nettedmentae them wi nane be
fed first syne the feedmenthat ate wi them weemin
an ye willnae bein thementhat ye are bide wi
an he telt the seivinmenthay maun cum wi him
tae bide nar by hismentill they are by wi
wurd wi ye is yonmenwaitin servant ay they re
s aw the same wimenwhaur wad ye rate yeirsells
neist he rewairdit his ainmenwi a dram then for
like lizzie pleased an naemenwi reed hair it s
accusatour ye ar lik awmenbuddies dwaiblie donnert an domineired
sleepin as soond as deidmeninby thay ir aw this
dad they niver heed thatmenshould aw be brithers an
leddies is aw yon yourmenstaunin owre thare the auldest
the evil tosser the cartoonmenwere aw agreed the man
and who were the hardestmenandy whoever he was came
they would all have beenmenwe must think about who
eighteenth and early nineteenth centuriesmenwere the ones who wrote
i was gutted for themenwho are at the front
1881 1882 pp 764 6menwho are talked about and
it it was mostly oldermenwho broke stones it seems
were numbers of eagle likemenwho built palaces in the
concerned travelling groups of terriermenwho do not have permission
familiarity of the leather coatedmenwho followed us in the
art one of the raremenwho have achieved the ideal
among the 2 300 britishmenwho joined the international brigades
the presence amongst them ofmenwho knew little or no
snake out from the customsmenwho spot check cases by
to bring before you themenwho supplied us with that
eh some of the oldermenwho were drivers were only
wis little winner that themenaften moved ivery sax months
of import to little greenmenand orange cones boulder were
huge big huge like obesementhrowing little pins at a
watchers in public places militarymenwatch traffic from little glass
asians were used as middlemenas well in east africa
the feast universal hilarity prevailedmenate drank and were merry
ye bide till they weremenbodies it waldna be wyce
and rls were ambitious strivingmenbut smith s rise to
entered into and questioned themenclosely fearing that they were
ennui or infidelity middle agedmenit seemed were almost boringly
they were burgesses and somenof consequence since they could
standard form rose to 68menon the other hand were
were to pit all themenon to your boat till
in and they were bettermenthan we dr johnson answered
the street there was arpmenthere but they were just
so were clearly exposing themento the risk of being
mither afore her an themenwere a awa of course
in the christian doctrine thereforemenwere acknowledging in the most
du were sayin somethin tenmenwere [?]bain bain[/?] an nae a
john macnab a time whenmenwere either single or married
the peak 4 000 servicemenwere employed on the railway
stone a bag the cottermenwere entitled to 3 bows
year lang lang afore yemenwere here when greenflees richts
for the dinner and themenwere hospitably invited to join
unit where the least hardmenwere so i would have
started involuntarily but the policemenwere too busy gazing with
a high plateau where somemenwith long lensed cameras were
at some places that singlemenaften hid tae steal if
back tae yer battle stationsmenan staun by tae open
cleaner fir there are naemenan weans tae muck it
a warld in the whilkmenare canty tae get but
polar bears tae sook flowersmenare presented with books malts
an tae the calor gasmenas i eest tae introduce
bowlfae an iver aifter emenaye tellt er tae slap
wis aafa gweed tae themenbit ae day near denner
the roy there cam wycemeneast bye tae jerusalem speirin
dee with feedin the singlemeneh or helped tae feed
helped tae feed the singlemenehm aye that s right
claes an ae day taemenem this one day was
lash in order tae enrichmenfar less honourable civilised and
trew tae say at themenfock wur fairlie weel domesticated
ye had onybody that hadmengaein oot tae work an
tae if ye plais anmenin thir semmits on the
tae knock up the feedmenon his wye tae the
is tae be held bimenor wummen that haes borne
tae boaz than the weemensaid tae naomi blissins tae
tae gaither boaz telt hismensteevelie she quo he can
ben the pen far ferminmenstepped oot tae the dark
is time e tellt ementae gang an fur up
wis the union tellin thementae pack it in an
up some pauchles for thementae tak hame juist you
an the girls an thementae when they ve feenished
tae be seen noo listenmentae whit we re sayin
the christ siccan thocht giesmenthe virr tae ding doun
keen tae be lowsed onmenwe d like tae gang
that anelie seems tae afflickmenwha ve been ower successfu
widda scoffed tae tink datmenwir slaves tae supermarket chains
heavy ingineerin wark noo themenwisnae sweir tae gaun on
quo granda it maun giemenan affa shock fin she
turned intae ripe craps faarmenan files weemen scythet an
da night it s strongmenan kishies at we re
brickwork breenges caas oot themenan tells them stark bauld
guid siward an ten thousanmenan the re no a
drookins that greet thae hardymenan then a ll turn
cure they re normal oardinarymenan they re oot there
wit the wee fowk weemenan wee weimen baith an
franklin s tale mairriages atweenmenan weimen gie thir tales
personal an physical relationships atweenmenan wimmen it wid be
mount an gang biddin hismencairry lu da s gear
an bare legs warm readymencame the command fae big
dounsets tyme gaes by anmencanna stell it the fower
we lou them dear guidmencast prejudice aside an niver
is depravit and virtue ismendiscrives for an en ye
lost faith in ma fellamenfin denner time cam an
wimmen an whisky fur themenfur the bairns whae mind
the ithers juist afore fowermengat oot the caur an
beyond an doun the streetmengrieved in cloth caps aboot
faes an fresh tulyies themenhe still commands dis naething
an twa stellates terrestial mangmenhere ablow deed there s
killt ane an then twaemenhou wad he e er
skellum swicks anither an bonniemenilkither winna geck zhang isna
a warsil an macbeth smenis fechtin nou on baith
unco dreidour an ill amangmenit isna safe fell roused
cried up twenty thirty servinmenlay brithers porters an chairmen
me better pause weel somemenlike an aul er woman
psychos an cruel cruel horriblemenm944: mmhm f943: and just
an introduction to the greatmenof literature 1 an experience
of an increased number ofmenon the beat newsletter not
that there wid be amenoot there an somtimes things
and an estimated 17 000menout of a country of
lands then ride off themenrow back mary raises an
fires an makkin the feedmens meat steenhillock hid catched
an yokkin weill daein wycelykemenshe secht an said wae
l macduff mercie the honestmenson syne the leears an
has his own group ofmensquad usually friends an colleagues
maun be hangit son thementhat sweirs an lees maun
unco dreidour an ill amangmenthe marischal wis fair roused
aye hinner uis cry inmenthe nou an get it
granddaughter s as i saidmenthey call grandad an papa
seiventy year for there smenwe owe a debt an
years that i ve seenmenwearin earrings an rings an
the jute mills an themenworkit in the docks the
horses there an eh themenwould let ye in an
me ye custrin els mamenwul ravis an murther thame
uncle willie the fee dmenare nae brocht up richt
s nae eggs in gingerbreadmenbut if there was eggs
enjoying her wickedness nae blackmeneither then granny lizzie mercy
in frozen youth the deidmenmakk nae souns a poppy
worry i ll juist tellmenthat there s nae hurry
better fin helped bi canniementhere s nae a pick
s to the morris dancingmenall wreathed in bells and
you all the prayers thatmenand angels can offer will
timon turned misanthropist because allmenare born of woman the
head wary for not allmenare friends they may pretend
the squad all his ehmenare sorta rigged up in
with all the ills thatmenassail man s but a
all the first minister smenby david black is not
f1089: and all the kingsmencouldn t put humpty m1090:
the sleeper s zone allmendrink at the pool of
hair and be- all themenf963: [laugh] m964: [laugh] f965:
meant all things to allmenfergus ewing claimed burns as
the wee particularities all themengo into beaumont s room
go you see like allmeni too am susceptible to
wool and fur hats andmenin blue overalls all smiling
particulars a perfect equality amangmenis impossible and all schemes
the pool of dream allmenkneel at the pool alone
processes are very simple allmenof every station now hear
we re pitting all oormenon to the palm tree
oot glasses of whisky formenin overcoats his body came
clear this tale spells ootmenmaun dae mair than juist
me maggie did you bringmenback here sadie just a
entirely ruled by precedent thatmendid not deem it necessary
it s interesting that themendid not eat at the
made at this time themendid not have a piece
he did need some extramenit wis often the same
did ye wey my cottermens meal aye fit did
wool that did fine formens socks and lang draaers
the fields weemen did nomenweemen wore the uglies my
down to his groin youmenare a the same jist
my road ye ken fitmenare gladys michty aye loretta
in peterhead and that thosemenare in contact with other
the mountains mallorca s elderlymenare one of its joys
a range of places andmenare sent down drains for
as one big macho thingmenare such liars she snorted
and fitt shape of gingerbreadmenare we gaun to mak
them and be excellent formenare what they contemplate davidson
them dinnae look ill themenare work dodgers a fear
back on the boat themens toilets are so nice
same poem and thus aremensupreme no other living thing
sadly there worst enemies arementhen key points about the
halves of themselves back tomenwe are divided within ourselves
are more to come foolishmenwill be swept away particularly
are the kind of thingsmenwrite about why we ourselves
about in nemo m1092: somemen[inaudible] net and a fishy
i ve seen some strongmenlose that battle lad it
it without noticing [?]like[/?] somemenmight f1187: do you find
of cream goodwill to somemensix xmas crackers a bottle
day before yesterday i likemento have some consideration for
the hoose room and themenate in the kitchen but
this isna jist aboot twamenbut aboot twa races the
fastren knife ding doun unrichteousmenbut in the hinner end
the prodigious attributes of africanmenbut none of that fitted
hatit here bi the christmenbut oor namelieheid is nane
she said don t needmenerm but er i d
there s no enough loanheidmenin it naw but they
the number of twentie thousandmen[inhale] but the kingis battell
yeah f965: interesting to themenit was interesting but erm
[note: photo: 'mrs riddoch, parkneuk, feeding the hens.] [note: photo: 'hen with chickens, parkneuk.'] [note: photo: 'couple howking tatties in their garden, early 1930s.] [note: photo: 'bothy billies at haremuir, benholm in 1915, including william middleton (killed in 1st world war) on far left and arch middleton snr on the far right.] singlemenlived in the bothy but
and he could set hismenon them but here there
s club a club formenonly is vaguely remembered but
mugs but never got beyondmens socks and curtain material
ones yes yes boys andmensometimes yes but babies how
ominous looking police car themenstarted involuntarily but the police
was always just boys ormenthat played the fiddle but
reputation but aye choose mairrietmenthey have as much to
s not that i needmento be about but i
wife then dark brings midgiemento comb the bins but
and ridges rones play mafiamenv al capones but whiles
exception but there have beenmenwriters also of overweening vanity
and saucht a warld whilkmenyase for themsels certes but
the true stature of themenand more than a century
why they re called gingerbreadmenm1108: mum f1107: what m1108:
gied the order cease firemenoo re ower guid for
da wye isn it damensays at you re no
you re useless like amenshe breaks down and runs
son facts maun be facedmenstill ken if they re
re gaun to make gingerbreadmenwe ll need the scales
club 23rd january 1986 yemenwha think ye re god
the lasses twined and themenfed to them for it
would be supernaturally avenged ifmenoverlooked them 15 this principle
effect she had on othermenprovoking and arousing them to
can ha e as monymenas you like angelica fit
can ha e as monymenas you like she cackles
for e butcher s themengot the hennie at supper
time he come upon ementhrowin e wecht in e
weeks afore e show themenwid be gaan the roons
they employed quite a fewmenand so ye aye got
of like four lines ofmenand they go round like
brash they drave the brokenmenawa shi jin gaed back
fule bluid minnie orra divmenbluid tee no they hinna
century many of the localmenif they didn t go
put it in another eightmenpackin it so they had
glen ill favoured yawnin lowlandmenthey spoke a tongue a
got wet they would shrinkmenwore jacket trousers waistcoat and
about as moral as othermenmrs beaumont so you still
s something invigorating reading aboutmenwarsling with the elements mrs
mou virtius deprevit and virtiussmendiscrivis for anen ye lad
in great circles as yement a palin brobbin yer
and one of the singlemengoing home to the deep
obvious one of having 20menin red coats sitting on
from burns of mice andmenis just one example as
it was usual for themento sit at one side
if one of the singlemenwas lucky with the gun
to teach of mice andmenwhich was one of the
bring it in before themencame back from the coal
that is affecting the shellfishmenwe should stand back a
wirk jist as hard asmenand no doubt getting the
counts as a man andmenaren t allowed i couldn
again i want thae twamenas ma coonsel dae this
female population then as ifmendinnae go in the huff
mede or elles swiche asmendye or peynte colours of
wad be as dowie asmenfrom the chinese of huang
derogatory fashion of aberdeen speechmengot it was well as
barters exotic blue black sengalimenhandsome as stallions proffer electronic
ah wad say that twamenir no juist twyce as
as well he had fourmenm642: wey as long as
stance of dictator as greatmenought to be above the
grey van where the millmenslept if need be as
names of a few swiftmensuch as mr w steel
would at once become freementhat scotland as soon as
we cam thegither as grownementhe ban pronunced bi the
to get a job formento gain employment as a
i reveared as descent honestmenwe will start with mr
as the pliable plaything mostmenwould love to possess for
at 72 9 years formenand 78 2 years for
aboot eh now aboot eightmenat a time on the
rörick man a gawped atmenat biggit chapels walked in
a coud buy masell twantiemenat onie mercat son wad
of the day because themencame home at mid day
at hame wis barberin themengeed een anither a crop
and wonder at the skymenhunted according to the moon
28th may when most marriedmenmoved and 28th november at
plaint of the stringed rababamenplaying dominoes at a roadside
the ballroom ah imagine wurkinmensleep gey soond at nicht
in the world large uniformedmenstaring down at bloodied victims
schawed at the twa blakmenwes the verra eimage ilk
maggie you didn t bringmenhere sadie gien it big
hide a cannae unnerstan thaemenwha crivens here a go
up here it s onlymenwith experience of the bigger
a barrio with other sengalimenlater i bought uv sunglasses
or even for that mattermens toilets in other parts
1890 1960 the tongues ofmen1937 he worked for 10
and ill rewarded class ofmen4 burns for younger children
eligibility for travel concessions formenaged 60 s1o 3273 14
a town surpasses for honestmenand bonie lasses i suggest
was usually available for themenand sherry or port for
of hats for colonial spanishmenfell into the hands of
routine screening of middle agedmenfor early indications of prostate
definitely have a preference formeni m too selfish to
hat trimmin competition for themenilky een gettin a lady
and the need for moremenin the armed forces ensued
workers a special scheme formenin the main agricultural operations
value of facts for primitivemenit is our business to
receive serious injuries the terriermenlisten for snarls and growls
and sought the earth formenmust still descend to earth
the river kwai for themenof the second battalion the
committee room in the hallmens club a club for
on behalf of the ukmens movement calling for the
mcaulay on behalf of ukmens movement calling for the
earlier days porridge for themens suppers was put on
by his birth right formento assist him and how
abode for the first ofmento be and comprehend the
it wasn t common formento be around when you
em was it common formento be round f634: no
and the huts for themento stay in in m608:
that day none of thosemensurvived the sinking perhaps because
rights could never work whenmenlike caesar napoleon and himself
homage which is her duemenlike gower barbour spenser and
it s being surrounded bymenlike you that does it
slaves bowed down like wheatmenrose and fell like dust
t full of lovely lovelymenwhy am i hurting like
peerie kubota ta anderson smendey wir makkin a rodd
no no no enough loanheidmenf1018: and there s no
brings the calm that wisemenfind the priceless jewel s
deevil s word indeed ginmenheed you we ll bucht
and tragic deaths of greatmeni think what c s
m1012: [inaudible] hawick me- hawickmenm1010: he s a right
magic horns that steppit throwmens dreams deil the sleep
knows what goes on insidemens heads not me 10
irene mcgugan s1m 3243 scottishmens lacrosse team lodged on
ower yeir claes i themens ludge fur the nicht
we see no peace inmens minds and no security
on behalf of the ukmens movement the committee agreed
t be a victimless jokemens public toilets in scotland
and then there was themens speed and then there
cropped her hair and woremens tackety boots in the
he s caught so greenockmensearched low and high while
expert oan chasin away bogeymendimps wis waitin oan mair
his room speaking to themeninside beaumont aye aye aye
in this country sent hismenintae a battle and saw
to sacrifice ane of hismenrowland no engineer in this
ene [inhale] thairfoir callit hismentogither be sloghorne and sound
hay he said to hismenweel we can be deein
then skailt his twentie oddmenwha tuik the gait ilkane
bit woe be to themena lot of my stories
placed around the edge themenalso made rugs with rabbit
to be the home ofmenand becoming the mere raw
essay in familiar studies ofmenand books the encyclopaedia article
was a great shortage ofmenand horses to work the
the battalion lost half itsmenby the end of the
velocity of which took themencompletely by surprise and soon
moors and fields to suchmenconservation means conserve the ruling
it was so much themendidn t want to be
hissell inti the leit themenfelt sairie fur the compuiteir
determination arniston turned to themengathered alongside joseph knight mr
gone to particularly amongst themenif you d gone to
power of the corn horsemenimages is so definite and
dresses edged with lace themenin sturdy jackets breeches and
with the ordinary opinions ofmenin this country probably something
gettin maggie if you broughtmenin you broke the rules
of the danger to themeninvolved fourthly the captain seems
fower seasons serr thaim thomenir no aucht thaim the
ay maister thorfinn hou moniemenir the thirlman ai aboot
meaning of oatcake the frenchmenlearned to eatt caikes which
a troika laughs ir themenno funny craiturs the door
over sett witht multitud ofmennochtwithstanding the lord home answerit
schools and homes we themenof business will make society
gain have pandered to themenof means of profit power
of gulls savage sopranos hitmenof the habour have put
of flowers on the lapelmenoften wore a blue serge
on there would be extramenon the beat and householders
yet i mean i hearmenon the television announcers and
south where [laugh] the blackmenonly had the blues that
the scottish executive how manymenrequested screening by prostate specific
up world so high wisemensaw you in the sky
reminded would fear nine hundermenshe acknowledges the force of
with long queues of coughingmenshuffling in the cold collars
lasses tak tent whaur themenshure and gang efter the
duikis erlis bischoppis and nobillmen[student sneezes] the fanzeillis utherwyis callit
the castel sleepin lyke deidmensyne he spiered whit maun
haud her grun while torymenthe buit pit in tho
hearts and generous blood ofmenthe climbing thoughts whose roots
because hilltop because visible becausementhe poem questions conventional divisions
image i the first ofmento comprehend the greatness of
1900s the farmers stopped sendingmento help except in emergencies
mean to you to themenwe must get the prospectus
owre easie persuadit bi themenwhyles ma mither wairned me
in the streets too nomenwith beards or long hair
a football or ten bigmenwith fleas crashed from the
to the airport the customsmenwould be having lunch so
on the first shawin houmenwummen laund awnership scotland aye
wheel nave see the gulliemenyoke thegither pensells smoor the
m194: fif with fifty fivemenin it so it is
a collogue with local moneymenmrs boyter i thought i
a table with roughly dressedmenplaying cards empty beer cans
of official and unofficial taxismenwith umbrellas negotiating fares with
even to equal excellence withmenwriters virginia woolf is a
m1020: naw no enough loanheidmenno no no enough loanheid
perspective and not have anymenwithin no f66: er no
argument nothing is needless nothingmencan do i mean to
is lyke a book whaurmencan read sum unco things
just can t be happeningmendon t speak to me
of deaths from cancer amongmenin scotland and which can
society is made up ofmenonly you don t notice
clothes make up and especiallymenronnie a middle aged man
it is taking to encouragemento take up careers in
included in familiar studies ofmenand books skerryvore edn vol
progressed always short of skilledmenand often of machinery and
in damned hallucination lurked whenmenbelieved in ghosts and necromantic
number of staff horsemen tractormengreive foreman cattlemen and shepherd
t it seem unfair thatmenwriters could write and yet
twis certain shair that birdmenwaurna onythin new faith there
to a camp of polishmenbeside fordoun she used a
a certain sort of dressmenblack broad brimmed hat clips
in aberdeen attracted over 100menhalf of whom had current
concentrate on heads heads ofmenheads of animals heads anchored
that is currently available tomenof pensionable age dorothy grace
must have been created bymenof poetic genius well educated
this noteworthy moment when somenof practical experience tell us
scores of supremely spangly jacketedmensmoking cigars add to that
shows a kaleidoscope of lifemenspear fish in shallows sand
supposed to be nice tomenwhich of course i always
flame of fyre consumed befoirmenyitt cryes it a vengeance
everything m608: mmhm m194: airforcemencomin in t- maybe to
in mountain nets by grownmenin camouflage gear another story
how much would 10 suchmenbe paid answers 1 28
anvil it often happened thatmenbrought things that needed repair
bairns soud greit nor baerditmenguid god lat thare be
you how precious paper ismenhave died so that you
nane come richt or wrangmenhunt me everywhaur i gang
precept therof hadde he noonmenmay conseille a womman to
five dochters mairrit on wycelykemensyne ah coud jundie throu
a good game raith insidementerrible 16 sunday to 10
deskrive braid pads ablo liggsmenthat dee d langsyne blek
was a luxury permitted tomenthough not to be encouraged
literary world developed primarily bymenwhich gives her work its
bath before going to schoolmenwore a vest a sleeveless
4 804 miles 5 10menwould be paid 30 15s

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