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wide kent jenny sangster hidmerrietfar hyne abeen her sector
he fuspered ye sudna haemerriethim jenny it s ay
his sister rachel she hasmerrieta scotsman alan mackenzie bit
fin i wis young imerrieta quine in me toun
quine an wad likely getmerrieta waste o a guid
tae dee in someither bodymerrietyer quine as the war
the auld friens ploy shemerrieta chiel frae embro wye
this is the chiel thatmerrieta wife that bore a
wis arranged they should bemerrietfan mary wis fifteen year
firm hooiver likit their executivesmerrietfur gin a boat ay
tale an she wisna langmerriettae a fisherman loon noo
brian tho they d binmerrietnoo a guid fyew months
fur since they d binmerrietshe drappit a bairn ilkie
the day john tam wismerrietthey catched gilderoy at the
auld syd said he nivermerrietagain didna trust weemin efter
even ken my da wismerrietmy da niver lets dab
lave o his days hemerrieta wife sophia an they
her twis time he wismerriethe thocht bit gettin his
verra far langsyne fin theymerrietnae like her ma fa
some like masel fin imerrietyer faither anely they didna
james v king of scotlandmerrieta french noblewoman mary o
aa kines o misery marymerrietsyne the earl o bothwell
heilan division chae an winniemerrietane anither fur warfare his
pipes nott a stream omerrietplumbers with ane o them
bairns yer da should haemerrieta shelt he s half
till the day he hidmerrietminnie s mither an brocht
reid heided queen but shemerrietlaird darnley and gied birth
afore i cuid hae beenmerriettae mebbe a score there

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