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union members has sent amessageof goodwill to the presiding
the parliament has sent amessageof goodwill to the presiding
the tynwald has sent amessageof goodwill to the presiding
cheers the noo matthew originalmessagefrom dr james mcgonigal [censored: email address]
ithers awra best jim originalmessagefrom matthew fitt [censored: email address] to
fair fa ye matthew originalmessagefrom jim mcgonigal to matthew
the infinite mammon and hismessageas king mammon putting forward
says in mammon and hismessagein us the ether consciously
work in mammon and hismessagemammon whilst disdaining nietzsche saying
are talking about sending amessagein this country about how
parliament while sending out amessagethat it is okay to
debate we are sending amessagethat our new parliament wishes
danger of sending out amessageto old people that they
sulky punk expression sending themessageyou could come alive if
under pressure best jim originalmessagefrom matthew fitt to jim
send out a very clearmessageabout the power of the
the motion and send amessageof confidence to nurses and
scottish parliament to send amessagethat scotland will not tolerate
ago we send a clearmessagethat the work that they
executive should send a clearmessagethe executive seems to want
overboard which might send amessageto folk and discipline them
country we must send amessageto people that we must
to send out a positivemessageto scotland from the committee
continue and send a clearmessageto scotland s pharmacists that
the club best jim originalmessagefrom christian to jim sent
wes semein ti sen amessagebi haun o wryte john
ll be sendin ye amessageefter whaur wad ye sen
wiss ti sen a sairmessageti the twenes mirren wes
extremely useful for getting themessageacross and i received positive
sometimes even a humorous positivemessagecarefully written out in felt
would be readers a positivemessagesometimes even a humorous positive
to be because a realmessageis sent by his lady
when you sent me thatmessagesaying erm thingy lives upstairs
a cybercafé we sent amessageto my mum and to
i have given a clearmessagebut i will state it
of the consultation process themessagecame out loud and clear
much unwise of me themessageis clear enough andrew old
me to give the clearmessagethat the qualifications that they
the key stakeholders the clearmessageto come from that process
lust now every seed themessagegives the world s not
and the strength of hermessagegives validation to an imagistic
the material gives an underlyingmessageto young people all adolescents
for four more years amessagefrom jim wallace leader of
the phone an got amessagef826: uh huh f902: so
i seen there was amessageon your phone at some
but somehow i got themessageover the phone that that
to put across a bigmessageabout the danger of the
are trying to get themessageacross to the smes major
been held to get themessageacross training and information have
we can get the preventionmessageacross we have the facilities
is difficult to get thatmessageacross while keeping in mind
out there and get themessageerm across er bob fairnie
up to beth sometimes amessageis important sadie like whit
cord my neurons are cracklingmessagecoming through from mr joyce
osteoporosis suffers but if onemessageis coming from the debate
we ll get a bigmessage[phone rings] coming through [phone noise] ehm
two days and three nightsmessagereceived we re the sewage
time the victoria s nextmessagewas received at 1032 the
material appears to give themessagethat everybody is sexually active
they give me the samemessagetime after time that although
asked me to give amessageto an english friend she
adequately showed to give amessageto the people of scotland
thae hard hertless men oormessagedad they niver heed that
rack they comprenned fine oormessagefer a jined tae oor
we have to get themessageout to children and young
then can we get themessageover that we are committed
le- let them get amessagethat is especially to them
you get the wee reassuringmessagethat you re gonna still
11 year olds get thatmessagetoo if it is conveyed
their parents must get thatmessagewhich must come from all
we must ensure that themessagegets through to business employers
leave me is his unmistakablemessageas the scream launches into
later they ll leave amessagef1112: no i think it
pool i leave a littlemessagefor would be readers a
but there wis nae furthermessagean there we were left
just now and left amessagefor a contact this is
other lektors and left amessagefor me advising me to
eck en took twa mucklemessagebags fae buttery wull fa
i ve had a telephonemessagefae aiberdeen georgie pretending to
promotes forby 115 the owerairchinmessagefae the submissions is a
the full text of themessagecan be obtained from the
tak tae writin prose amessagefor r burns from a
pensioner poverty contained the followingmessagefrom an older person thank
of european union competence themessagefrom business was that the
arise because they gain themessagefrom school either explicitly or
it promotes 115 the overarchingmessagefrom submissions is that a
to consider however the fundamentalmessagefrom us and i believe
knowledge about language 3 themessageis from the executive is
s a hell of amessageto hear from a teenage
and health improvement the centralmessageto nurses from today s
that scotland puts out amessageabout de normalising tobacco introducing
it also sends out amessageabout lack of proper consideration
them out they had amessagefor me see for yoursel
very much i think themessagei take out of the
target young people with themessageof healthy bones surveys indicate
point of view is themessageabout developing potential that is
we are hearing a mixedmessageabout higher still to describe
the meeting with the usualmessageabout pagers and mobile phones
there was never any mixedmessageto the executive about the
executive will ensure that themessageof its new initiative on
new passport with a newmessageon its inside page the
well as the disheartening printedmessagewere regarded with new respect
he e mails me hismessagelist but even that does
hame tuim haundit wi naemessagebeatrix wes sair fasht at
of the scottish parliament themessagealso states that the national
of the scottish parliament themessagealso states that the tynwald
that is also a difficultmessageto convey as the focus
tall tree twinkled its christmasmessageover the statues ranked round
transmit all over europe themessagethat people with disabilities have
to pay no goin amessageme or shaun had aye
people before he began hismessagehe introduced a staff member
the time of his lastmessage1358 was almost exactly when
see the flunkie read themessageand affhaun backit his horse
few yards away but themessageto turn sharply reached his
the road end with amessagethat monboddo invited us to
a kleptomaniac or screamed thatmessagealoud the fact couldn t
ower between yese earlier amessageand this is the message
tragic accident due to amessagegoing astray might have befallen
f1112: oh mummy what amessage[inaudible] look f1111: what is
if ye we- had amessagem1010: [inaudible] m1013: yer mither
a vision is it amessageof deliverance it would seem
snowmen as possible as amessageof solidarity to raymond briggs
somebody would write a weemessageon f963: mmhm f965: on
flat sugar sweetie with amessageprinted on it the idea
make a difference the fundamentalmessagethat members have conveyed is
that s a famous textmessagewhaur is du m865: uh
all in this is themessageand not the messenger and
message and this is themessagebein acted upon she didna
not be here is themessagei always receive when he
man s lustful desires themessageis that man can free
gone into them is yourmessagethat the taxpayers are paying
more welcome than ever ourmessageto the government is stop
[inaudible] all knew what thismessageall knew what it meant
up after president reagan smessageat half time and jack
an hour staring at themessagehe phoned the doctor when
be happy to reinforce thatmessagenext week when i discuss
aboot pancake meg teemed hermessagebag an ere wis nae
thus gates ti mak themessagesiccar the waatchers i the
scottish executive to convey thismessagein the strongest possible terms
no more details just themessagehe recounted the incident which
jail seems to be themessagei deserve punishment of course
but we did pass themessageon and she phoned to
concrete visual image to themessagewithin caird s late entry
in the updraft were thismessagewritten to him and drifty
radio station of victoria smessageat 1335 stating that she
m1007: comes up with thismessage[laugh] so there you go
stephenson 1975 pollock bill lastmessage13 58 death of the
have difficulty knowing what themessageof thi- it s it
what the poor sod smessagewas and yet every window
assistance of tug required themessagewas prefixed by the letters
but he shuin gat themessagewhan ah whuspert tae him

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