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us coorse nickums shoutin aymickeydoo ye re towerin fit
called pluto f1103: pluto likemickeymouse s dog f1104: yeah
one bearing a plastic greenmickeymouse watch mickey s ears
come and see this wimickeyoh here s buffalo bill
plastic green mickey mouse watchmickeys ears clicking on and
him is m1110: it smickeymouse f1109: n- aye and
i will f1121: oh [laugh]mickeymouse fell on your head
m1092: uh huh mouse f1091: mickeymouse m1092: uh huh f1091:
see if we can seemickeymouse m1110: no f1109: oh
if if we can spotmickeymouse mm m1110: ah can
want to spray spray f1121: mickeyand minnie off the top
fitt s that that smickeyears look m1110: that s
f1109: fitt s that naemickeyears wh- m1110: that [inaudible]
it showed you mair abootmickeythan that m1110: mm what
if the boys takes themickeyhe walks off alone his
doesna show you much abootmickeyat aa i thought it
it s this way f1109: mickeyno leave it on like
if first ain to getmickeysee if we can see

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