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s nitro glycerine crazy edmickyoor wee six an half
delicate compnents jist like weemickystew starts screaming rolls about
steve if ah untied youmickythen ah d need ti
cammy helping cover up weemickys dayth fuckin slimey steve
wee micky s grave weemickys radio dimps shouldve hud
cammy micky yur wee brothermickyed where s the evidence
dirt off dirt fi weemickys grave cammy micky yur
oanythin boot wee micky weemickys grave wee micky s
stew ken oanythin boot weemickywee micky s grave wee
wee micky s grave cammymickyyur wee brother micky ed
frightenin stew doll just likemickyhe was punished and buried
sayin the wee brother weemickywis bought an paed fur
s mah wee brother weemickydimps wis he abused cammy
fightin wi a doll edmickyfeels nothin nae pain nae
didnae help ur bury weemickythey d fund oot she
s yur real wee brothermickynoo ed deid stew ah
free the bairn free weemickydimps runs at ed and
the evidence stew where smickys radio dimps ed the
feel threatened noh wi weemickydimps it s a fuckin
the bairn dey hurt weemickynae rope burns stew tries

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