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taewards nicht mair than aemidgewednesady 24 temp rainfall 1
was gummed on like amidgeon a piece of sticking
an swat curse an swearmidgeintae us it dis ferrly
d quite a few ehmidgeure was at school wi
tee rin for cover themidgeis on a spree saturday
bite i am the tinymidgecloud dancer sharp and bright
het an sultry wi amidgeor twa oot comes the
a aff affa pest yonmidgesaturday 29 temp 9 22
richt for yon pest themidgesaturday 8 temp 7 15
hae tae ma tea amidgethat ye can hardly see
hand on english ground nomidges found it is the
get noo an again amidgeor twa jist canna be

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