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campfires heeze heeze heeze midgiesmidgiesmidgies dinna bite please ging
the campfires heeze heeze heezemidgiesmidgies midgies dinna bite please
sell them aye we willmidgiesvampires roon the campfires heeze
heeze heeze heeze midgies midgiesmidgiesdinna bite please ging tae
a dook bit midgies midgiesmidgiesdinna takk a sook the
takk a dook bit midgiesmidgiesmidgies dinna takk a sook
an takk a dook bitmidgiesmidgies midgies dinna takk a
her wyvin etts mochs anmidgieswippit up in slivverin forkietails
aa poetry deen stoor sattlesmidgiesheeze in simmer heat thochts
include an excess of rainmidgiesboredom absentee landowners and the
at midgie raker in themidgiesm939: ah f940: so they
the clatter that says themidgiesis here there s two
big cities so aw themidgieshing aboot the bins f940:
nae simmer windy sky clossmidgiesbrunt led by 3 spectating
at riverbanks an loads omidgieswould be aboot their heid
in the borders aw themidgiessit aroon water [laugh] m942:
be rakin aboot wi themidgiesit makes sense [inaudible] m942:
jist a wee pir winmidgiesdiv hide thursday 26th temp
here there s two kindamidgiesthe right and the wrong

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