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bei staundin i the verramidso ogilvie s thochts an
ilk ithers bike i themidso the road staundin speakin
bi an arrae in themidso a smaw broun merk
o it jaggit the verramidso the smaw broun merk
an cairriet on inno themidso pitrasherty wids till she
o auld in the verramidso the wids stude the
far far oot in itsmidsbirl tree birl they baith
thrang an spied i themidso the ring a bodie
howe o wunter i themidso ae drift hevin tae
bens is bent sklef atmidsbi the bamboo wattir the
warlock lyin skelp in themidso the douce quate fowk
heid aff concrete in themidso a fit he hid
twenes at wes i themidso a skuil lesson on
livin room steppin inno themidso the fowk he wytit
hissel fur his eldritch ongaunsmidsthe muir the loch wis
twa makars snippit frae oormidsthere s nane can full
an auld tinnie in theirmidscannily kate murdoch set it
speech from around 1300 themidso mar continuing as a
faither war newsin in themidso twa separate boorachies o
the wallie richt in themidso the girse park jock
a roun hole in themidso it no unlyke a
in hicht rinnin alang themidso the caip stane in
a cottonwid powl at itsmidsat its tap wis a
the lift an i themidso the air it spairkit
haudin the bairn i themidso the gaithered fowk lord
an it wis sune themidso the saxt month whan
a mighty midnicht n midnightmidsn middle mirklyke a dark
met danny grady in themidso killarney her on the
bonnie spring wal in themidso t afore she cam
ettlin ti laun i themidso the clachan the hens
s airon yetts i themidso the front an back
bothie at stuid in themidso the gryte mirk biggin
tae gyang richt tae themidso the jungle till she
a poutch anaw in themidso the kichen fluir the
buird wes set i themidso the ruim an skelfs
see a steen in themidso the snaabaa that struck
somewye amang the run doonmidso the toun wi the
an yang chun i themidso them an chen da

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