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gey near be hey makermildaye mild it s beyond
be hey maker mild ayemildit s beyond belief cast
temp 5 10 it smildaffa close beyond belief throw
10 rainfall 1 16 affamildan warm beyond belief cast
belief day is fine anmildnae sign o winter being
composing himself jist a smidgeonmildhigh no even the buzz
the buzz oaf hash verymildmind ah maself huv acquired
8 mornin starts aff saemildagain bit taewards nicht it
16 richt fine day saemildas weel taewards nicht a
mm f965: like a palemildchristmas pudding f963: a pale
16 wither this day ismildan fine licht shoor dry
5 wither fine an affamildas weel days like this
day at s fine anmildfine tae see wither nae
thing in the mornin affamildwither dis change gruws affa
dundee in afternoon weather verymildand sunny 12 sunday to
st josephs a good daymildsunny 19 sunday 9 comm
2 thursday ma worse weathermild3 friday ma hep dies
soon the weather has beenmildbut wet very scottish snow
3 thursday to work weathermilddamp 8 tuesday mr wishart
monday to lathalmond weather stillmildn b phone weir 22
gratias 16 thursday weather stillmildrain early today show troubling
january and the weather beingmildthe water will offer no
but it s been toomildto lie long english weather
rd is repaired weather quitemildwe spend the new year
blaw it s neen owermildcountry side is jist fer
starts awa sae fine anmildwin dis rise bit neen
still sae affa quait anmildas weel fit s roon
richt fine day an affamildas weel tae me days
day is affa fine anmildere s nae sign o
an grey bit affa affamildnae ony sign o winter
o year it s affamildnae sign o the back
day sae fine an affamildnae sign o winter bein
rainfall 3 16 sae affamildricht bonny sinny day winter
had by now acquired amildhysterical edge deep down the
your fruit dumpling like amildchristmas pudding f963: mm f965:
a pizza al diabolo verymildand i had a calzone
twinkle little star glasgow ismildby comparison al i never
temp 6 15 damp anmildis the mornin tae be
joseph sae meek an saemildjoseph gaithir me some cherries
a gran mornin comes ootmildnae sign o winter bein
1 6 day turns ootmildwarm an braw winter simply
rise it s fine anmildagain en be mid day
explore sheringham fine place andmildsort of resort good walks
temp 6 10 fine anmildwi warmth in o the
thursday 17th nov temperatures aremildhovering around zero but snow
sunday 22 temp 5 9mildis the day wi a
5 saturday rain all daymildto contes 6 sunday to
below sunday dawned bright andmildwe got up at 7
the day turns oot saemildan bricht wednesday 10th temp
but the wather turnt fairmildane day it bein about
to clipper a nice pubmildrain 9 wednesday plumbers begin
the win fae the wastmildas we struggle wi the
thought were totally sort ofmildand you know inoffensive m762:
belyaevo the temperature was verymildwe smeared dubbin on our
guilty bawling is far toomilda word for the noise
plantations the colliers servitude wasmildindeed yet even in the
this year some have beenmildbut some have been severe
apparently it has been unusuallymildi heard from one of
be by nature tolerant andmildgracious affectionate noble like a
the care of someone withmilddementia is not paid for
and we ll go maidensmildthis resolve however is overtaken
recent history arrived in themildmannered form of saint ramon

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