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oz sugar 1 tblsp freshmilk1 tblsp cocoa 3 tblsps
lbs sugar 1 breakfast cupmilk1 tblsp syrup 1 oz
tblsp cocoa 3 tblsps driedmilk4 raisins 4 cornflakes melt
tblsp cocoa 3 tblsp driedmilk4 tblsp raisins 4 tbslp
tblsp castor sugar 3 tblspmilkfilling 1 lb cooking apples
2 oz sugar 1 tblspmilkmelt add 1 tblsp cocoa
pudding for 4 ½ ptmilk¼ lb flour 2 eggs
gratin in jug ¼ ptmilk¼ pint water lemon salt
1 ½ flour 1 ptmilk¼ pt single cream ½
2 eggs beaten ¼ ptmilk½ tspn mixed herbs 3
flour 1 egg ¾ ptmilk1 tsp sugar 1 tbsp
3 flour nearly 1 ptmilk1lb emmental or similar cheese
1 oz flour ½ ptmilk2 egg yolks 2 tbsp
1 egg beaten ½ ptmilk2 fl oz oil 3
sliced 2 eggs ¼ ptmilk2 oz fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs
cheddar cheese grated 1 ptmilk3 eggs 1 tsp rubbed
oz wholemeal flour ½ ptmilk4 oz cheese grated make
lb gran sugar ¼ ptmilk4 oz desicc coconut cochineal
for 30 mins ½ ptmilk4 oz wholemeal flour 2
boil 15 mins ½ ptmilkadd heat 8oz grated cheese
dish pour over ¾ ptmilkapprox top w cheese breadcrumbs
salt 1 egg ½ ptmilkmix flour and salt break
½ lb raisins ½ ptmilkrub marg into flour add
cinnamon 1 salt 1 cupmilk¼ cup finely chopped citron
2 oz flour ¾ pintmilk¼ pint dry white wine
2 tblesp sherry rum ormilk10 oz plain flour ¼
castor sugar small can condensedmilk2 jiggers bourbon ¼ lb
about peterhead that tell ofmilkcows tethered in the fields
into any impact on cowsmilkfarm crops and other food
at 5 a m andmilksix cows by hand before
got up at 5am tomilkthe cows and 7am to
farm they often had tomilkthe cows in the morning
cows and 7am to delivermilkto bervie and gourdon before
the cows by hand themilkwas sieved into large pottery
cows for milking the warmmilkwas taken into the milkhouse
nutmeg 1 egg ½ pintmilk½ oz sugar 1 put
sugar 1 ½ tblsspns evapmilk½ teasp vanilla ess or
½ pint single cream ormilk1 tablespoonful butter 2 tablespoonful
fashioned 1 small can evapmilk2 4 tablesp sugar ½
cup sultanas ½ cup warmmilk2 tablespns powdered ginger 1
stir in flour adding ½milkbeat for 5 mins add
flour 2 eggs ½ pintmilkbeat for 5 mins stand
oz ground almonds 1 tbspmilkgrated rind large orange ½
a face that would soormilkaboot as much eese as
on hir that wad soormilkan it wesna that lang
haed faces that wad soormilkan seemed tio be tryin
your condition wad soor themilkan the skiffie washed her
pit some broth an soormilkdoon the toilet so s
off ah ve ordert soormilkfor supper the doctor says
soud eat naething but soormilkor ye l never git
a face that wad soormilkpompitie wha can tell whit
the coffee always came withmilkand sugar as in sweden
oot pittin in plenty omilkand sugar bit he took
get pies from safeways andmilkand sugar f1103: dae ye
never asked if you tookmilkand sugar just got it
milk broth instead made withmilkbarley sugar salt and no
with sugar or syrup ormilkbrose but her father had
field tea with sugar andmilkin older days you were
marg 2 tablesp sugar 2milkmix altogether roll in vermicilla
cream butter and sugar addmilknuts bourbon chill and make
the oatmeal with porridge sometimesmilkporridge with sugar or syrup
hot stir in sugar evapmilkrum blend make into balls
butter in pan add sugarmilkstir until sugar is dissolved
compass to provide tea coffeemilksugar cups and saucers etc
the cost of tea coffeemilksugar etc will be 50p
biscuits get too soggy swissmilktablet 2 lbs castor sugar
loaf and sugar and heatedmilkthough mabel smith s father
mix egg sugar vanilla heatmilkto blood heat and pour
it jimmy decided adding condensedmilkto his melted sugar and
the sugar was there themilkwas there a few rich
this cost 1d in 1922milkcost 3d a pint and
milk mam a pint ofmilkf1105: aye m1106 : a pint
s left a pint ofmilkfor mam m1106 : a pint
mam m1106 : a pint ofmilkmam a pint of milk
aye m1106 : a pint ofmilk[wail] he left f1105: has
whole dinner with oatcakes andmilkafter that if wanted broth
broth was soup made frommilkand barley cooked until the
spade flannel broth soup ofmilkand barley flap a lie
form of meatless dinner ofmilkbroth and then a steam
their sunday dinner they hadmilkbroth instead made with milk
broth yirlin yellow hammer yirntmilkcurds junke yoam warm smell
fresh butter large tin condensedmilk1 teacupful milk vanilla essence
milk protein fractions from skimmilkacid or cheese whey i
cow for milk the firstmilkafter calving colostrum was regarded
for secondary school milk cateringmilkand cheese and raising of
m1110: hmm f1109: milk m1110: milkand fruit f1109: and fruit
until 2 june 2001 themilkand milk products pupils in
union subsidies for secondary schoolmilkcatering milk and cheese and
udder that s where hismilkcomes oot of the milk
to drink m1110: milk f1109: milkdo ye like milk yes
you like a drink omilkdrink o milk m1110: no
s in it in themilkeh f1125: how much milk
flights of stairs for themilkf010: mm and the milk
you get to drink m1110: milkf1109: milk do ye like
butter butter f1115: we needmilkf1116: milk no you need
[inaudible] nae milk [inaudible] naemilkf1117: [inaudible] no we didna
egg and milk how muchmilkf1126: it s in it
milk eh f1125: how muchmilkf1126: [tut] mil- f1125: four
milk f1130: why you needmilkf1129: cause that s how
the fishes and then themilkf1130: why you need milk
f1125: egg [sound of egg tapping bowl] egg andmilkhow much milk f1126: it
okay mm f1118: [inaudible] naemilk[inaudible] nae milk f1117: [inaudible]
milk we need a suppiemilkm1108: why we need a
snack today m1110: hmm f1109: milkm1110: milk and fruit f1109:
drink o milk drink omilkm1110: no um f1109: water
milk ye re oot omilkma bessie fit peggy ye
f1115: we need milk f1116: milkno you need milk to
others had cold or warmedmilkor milk straight from the
june 2001 the milk andmilkproducts pupils in educational establishments
of the preparation of novelmilkprotein fractions from skim milk
by the north of scotlandmilkrecorder the milk recorder would
of scotland milk recorder themilkrecorder would arrive at the
cold or warmed milk ormilkstraight from the cow after
milk comes oot of themilkthat you drink for your
farms kept a cow formilkthe first milk after calving
f1116: milk no you needmilkto coopie mum f1115: loaf
tin condensed milk 1 teacupfulmilkvanilla essence melt butter in
milk f010: mm and themilkwas out all day f122:
m1108: ahm [eating noises] f1107: rightmilkwe need a suppie milk
ower to the shop formilkye re oot o milk
f1109: milk do ye likemilkyes you like milk eh
make sauce with butter flourmilkstir in all wine simmer
then breakfast you res wantingmilkare you m1106 : milkshake f1105:
milkshake m1106 : there s themilkf1105: go and get your
f1105: milkshake m1106 : i prefermilkf1105: milkshake m1106 : there s
the morning m1106 : yeah freshmilkf1105: mm fitt time m1106 :
m1106 : oh there s somemilkf1105: mmhm know what to
golden brown 1 cup skimmilk5 oz cooked brown rice
tabspns rum or brandy restmilk8 10 oz mixed currants
1 egg into 1 cupmilkadd 1 oz melted butter
2 oz coconut 2 ozmilkflake crumbled 2 x 7
oz butter 5 6 tspsmilkmix and roll into a
oz double cream or evapmilksalt pepper croutons simmer stock
lightly beaten 4 fl ozmilksalt pepper mix in and
hae a glaiss o buttermilkan boy it wis cool
us some bread cheese buttermilkand jam and at around
mother had to put themilkand the butter she would
has to get butter andmilkand treacle m1108: [inhale] [child noise]
a well outside in themilkhouse butter and cheese were
eatin butter kirned frae themilko cous hirselt in kirkyairds
melt choc in hot watermilkpour over cake butter icing
nowadays an could jist bemilktae yer porrich or butter
3 mix well add eggmilk4 bake for 15 20
remove from heat gradually addmilk6 heat until thickened add
a fork add a littlemilkand season once onion etc
dry ingredients add alternately withmilkbeat well 4 stir in
for 10 minutes add condensedmilkboil 15 20 mins stirring
well in the centre addmilkgradually beating hard add eggs
5 mins add remainder ofmilkleave for 2 hrs melt
add 1 egg with littlemilk 5 380 30 mins
sunflower seeds skimmilkpowder add mix well form
beat well 2 add syrupsmilkspices sherry mix 3 mix
med head cabbage shredded combinemilksug salt pepper stir add
10 mins beat eggs withmilkthen add onions and all
pepper add a cupful ofmilkuse your creamiest blend and
teasp nutmeg 1 egg littlemilk1 sift dry ingredients rub
cheese on top repeat beatmilkeggs seasoning together pour over
walnuts 1 egg 1 cupmilk 4 380 1 hr
for dinner you could getmilkporridge there wis aye cheese
band 2 eggs 1 tablspmilk1 hot water 5
got eggs and goat smilkhe still relishes the memory
eggs and a litre ofmilkwe ate at [censored: forename] s
big queues for eggs andmilkwe did manage to taste
raw eggs an gallons omilkwirth 5 000 guineas a
lemon juice salt onion powdermilksingle cream cream only leaves
mabel s father widna haemilkbarley soup another time the
stewed and sometimes they hadmilkrice soup though for some
with tattie soup and withmilksoup and with stovies which
cream if it was amilksoup day this was usually
were boiled tatties except withmilksoup you could have them
recipe books potato soup andmilksoups that were favoured by
gnaws a ratty wi itsmilkan cream skweel denne s
sour cream sweet mylk freshmilkbleddick buttermilk tae ta to
sauce and there followed amilkpudding with jam and cream
cream from the bowl ofmilkthat was standing by and
for a glass of freshmilkand a newly baked scone
it borth icksheils wi freshmilkdailiday ay thar wis nae
put some mair pints ofmilkf1105: that s right fresh
f1105: that s right freshmilkfor your breakfast in the
ye ll takk a drappiemilkfresh frae the coo tae
an ae bottle o freshmilktae weet oor thrapples an
bairns got a cup ofmilkand a farden biscuit whiles
your feet holder of honeymilkand wine the cup where
cup and saucer a largemilkjug and a plate with
cood he wid steal themilkoot o a cup o
to get children to drinkmilkand to take exercise for
an minnie got a hettmilkdrink an a steen pig
ma meat an cuddie smilkma drink aye greinin for
to drink a mouthful ofmilknow and again an jist
f1109: [sigh] would you likemilkor water for yer drink
you drink for your themilkthat you take in your
to drink you get somemilktonight m1094: yes f1093: would
no no no no themilkis going in the hot
cause it s burning hotmilkoh you re good at-
ll make myself some hotmilkpit a wee tate brandy
murley hot oatcakes crumbled intomilkrabbit stew sheep s head
meal in a dish ofmilkwith a piece of hot
n b 1 p tmilk12 wednesday whist drive 5th
tbsp breadcrumbs 1 brush withmilk2 bake at 400 f
6 tbsp rum 2 ptsmilkchill for 1 hr 350
spice nutmeg cinnamon 1 teacupmilkor 2 tabspns rum or
cereal boiled in water ormilka quotation in oed for
folk they were sometimes withmilkas well as with water
gruel oatmeal porridge made withmilkinstead of water da the
mixed with boiling water ormilkis or was one of
water an wi loaf anmilknae haein ony mice handy
an surely they didna needmilkand breid tae finish wi
why we need a suppiemilkf1107: we need just a
bit ye need drappie gweedmilkjist tae pit em doon
f1107: we ll need themilkwait now you canna touch
to get a bowl ofmilkand crumble into it a
prevention my children get theirmilkand enjoy it however an
married man would get mealmilkand tatties from the farmer
go down and get yourmilkand then it ll be
eaten with syrup and creamymilkanother thing you could get
i would get eh sourmilkbecause my mother baked m635:
fit peggy ye ve naemilkbessie did gladys nae get
kitchen soon get nice warmmilkdinna press anything now just
[?]moppie[/?] f1113: maybe get somemilkf1114: i want some [?]moppie[/?]
okay i ll get yourmilkf1114: no i ll no
not used to get yourmilkfor free f814: oh we
me to get bread andmilkfor the evening thus waking
wull ye kin get thimilki wull kin dae it
the day did you getmilkm1098: aye look we ll
got to get aa themilkoff o the bottle look
going away to get yourmilkokay i ll get your
you managed to get yourmilkoot the fridge i think
you d only get enoughmilkto last f640: mmhm f639:
[?]lippy[/?] f1129: now covered inmilkwait till we get it
of development the use ofmilkamong young primary school children
the eu to fund schoolmilkat 75 of the target
f813: [laugh] f812: have somemilkbut it s m811: school
are extremely important free schoolmilkfor kids may seem like
level of subsidy for schoolmilkin primary schools and further
the provision of subsidised schoolmilkin providing children with essential
it not m811: never gotmilkin secondary school [inaudible] f812:
calls for reintroduction of schoolmilkin secondary schools in order
duncan hamilton s1m 1265 schoolmilklodged on 17 october 2000
1265 mr adam ingram schoolmilkthat the parliament notes with
i always enjoyed my freemilkwhen i was at school
m just coming with yourmilkand a tangerine m1094: i
the crabbie s in yourmilkand you dinna ken just
when you re having yourmilkbefore you go to your
is f1113: you wantin somemilkbefore you go to your
go do you want yourmilknow f1114: [inaudible] put the
away from me is yourmilkokay answer me is your
okay answer me is yourmilkokay say yes or no
a real skunk she llmilkyour pity for all its
f1125: thank you put themilkback in the fridge we
then put into an earthenwaremilkbasin that had also been
erm put it in themilkc- in the cakes f1125:
loaf f1116: no you saidmilk[inaudible] f1115: put on the
it and i put themilkon top f1130: but how
had tea but instead ofmilkthey put whisky which was
pleasant some folk heated themilkand added cold oatcakes but
f1113: are you wantin somemilkand that before you go
m1132: no s- no somemilkf1131: oh it s watching
is caught some trade escapesmilkis always white though tugged
his flakes an poored somemilkoot the joug wullie hid
me do you want somemilkshe asks no but there
i bought some bread andmilkthe former was easy to
pours some wine into hismilkye can toast me in
f1122: orange juice f1121: ormilkf1122: orange juice f1121: okay
you raw sowens instead ofmilkbut thank goodness i never
never liked it nor boiledmilkin any form but there
defensively i never gets yemilkit s ower heavy tae
mmhm m636: and the sourmilkover the handlebars i never
i never could abide warmmilkso that system was not
ingredients lastly treacle fruit thenmilk330 3 hrs
that is oatcakes into themilkand then all you had
his other half measures bluemilkinto his tea pale s
dish of oatcakes crumbled intomilkmyang to be very eager
they got as much separatedmilkas they wanted and mrs
disappeared because the pasteurising ofmilklets it keep for much
much onywye fin ye patmilkontill t in yer puddin
finishing off a meal withmilkan breid for a basin
be eaten or drunk withmilkand applied to the penis
tatties and tatties boiled withmilkand onions and ground rice
and suet clootie dumpling withmilkby 1936 one pound a
the whitstable loaded with metalmilkcontainers arrived at the south
should mummy do with themilkf1112: [inaudible] grate it [inaudible]
ground floor along with amilkhouse upstairs were loft bedrooms
of whole and semi skimmedmilkideally with fruit for all
them in again with themilkif you purchase a low
pudding another dish was yirntmilkit was best made with
better than with warmed upmilkmabel s mither likit it
with arms as white asmilknot once did the queen
environment with ready access tomilkon the farms berries on
meal with cinnamon and warmedmilkothers had cold or warmed
were commonly eaten along withmilkpuddings as well so with
half an onion drop ofmilkseasoning filling nice with grated
it was best made withmilkstill warm from the cow
made with the very firstmilkthat came off after calving
be flooded with lamb ormilkthat has been produced organically
with tea and breid andmilkthough for dinner you could
from the top of themilkwas eaten with porridge and
tams a dish of boiledmilkwith meal cast in korter
tea or a bowl ofmilkand the bairns got a
the it wisnae cartons ormilkbottles no f637: it wisnae
do you want juice ormilkf1122: juice f1121: and fitt
or ah fesh a sowpmilkfor ye an the lassie
monitors were you monitors likemilkmonitor or primary seven monitor
possible addin a suppie omilkor saut bit better still
bread soaked or boiled inmilkscam to scorch scone a
was that or want themilkwas boiled then the meal
uh huh f814: cartons ofmilkand then they stopped it
part time f638: i deliveredmilkin the mornin and then
threw ten gallon cans ofmilkintae the machine and then
sye to sieve sye ermilksieve syne then tailer tool
time at lang last themilkwas broken and then the
popped out for bread andmilkwe then took the bus
[inaudible] f638: and it wasnaemilkbottles it was the the
in the bucket m1098: [inaudible]milk[child noises] f1097: open the door
horse and cart and deliveredmilkm608: oh right [inaudible] f638:
f1113: you nae want anymilkf1114: no no f1113: why
norma an there was naemilksae i said tae the
an made sure that themilkcairt wis loadit wi full
be made available to scottishmilkproducts in relation to the
you had plenty of separatedmilkand all you did was
morning at playgroup had youmilkand fruit in the morning
there he d drunk themilkand he d had the
as if the land ofmilkand honey had arrived during
had a bowlie o yirntmilkand oatcakes for yer puddin
had someone that worked themilkf812: and the teachers buggered
likes and stuck to coldmilkpudding when available they had
the han milkin pails omilkwere heavy an had tae
one portion of food frommilkand dairy products in their
see [censored: forename] the bread andmilkare bought from the shop
breists ir aye fillin wimilkfrom the chinese of mei
were dirty i tugged mymilkfrom the end of a
from craighill collected the farmersmilkfrom the road ends and
converted car and collected themilkfrom whiteriggs on the way
breast and it sucked themilkfrom you impossible and yet
like a crate of jiggledmilkjust sitting i see from
ship berthed from 1943 themilkrun from larne was switched
from there also i drovemilkto bervie and gourdon and
me a sowp o guidmilkah l tell ye masell
me a sowp o guidmilkah wul claen yeir fuit
me a sowp o guidmilkah wul claen yeir fuit
me a sowp o guidmilkah wul tell ye whit
gat hir sowp o guidmilkan whan she haed laipit
him a littil stowp omilkas an aumuss ti cairrie
s been in wi hermilkby echt o clock in
shafts o the twa wheeledmilkfloat an trot roon the
broon een her skin likemilkfrae the tap o the
the eyn o t themilkhid tae be be stored
line see fifteen mils omilkm1108: and can i [?]see it[/?]
ferr owre fou o themilko human kyndness ti uise
interestin the wye oatmeal andmilkproducts were important pairts o
an a sowp o creamiemilksae the puir quyne sleepit
auld man s empire omilkserved the fowk in tenements
edders fou o mither smilktho her mither s wark
tae strip a coo omilktho they kent minnie an
at geed a lot omilkthough it hid ae blin
an socht a drappie omilktill e bairn he wis
does a cow make f1122: milkf1121: well done [toy says 'well done'] what
and blend well stir inmilkgradually bring to boil and
jam used at dinnertime onmilkpuddings as well as at
and ye held the twomilkbottles on it m608: mm
mmhm f638: big ten gallonmilkcans and ye d a
aye likit tae watch themilkcurdlin as ye poored it
s breists an chynge mamilkfor gaw ye murderin agents
hae likit ane to giemilkjist noo ye ken ach
me watterbuffalo foo is yermilksae sweet fin ye glugger
neil carrying the carton ofmilkand an evening paper was
ilous stainless steel skerries curdlingmilkand breakfast cereal bowls looking
way back she collected moremilkand delivered it to bervie
to be aware of themilkand gas fermenting away inside
brief hour to inhabit amilkand honey land tolerance is
breid for a basin ofmilkand oatcakes was always on
trust he smells of hermilkand of the processes by
them in and gave themmilkand pancakes if it was
treebank crescent a glass ofmilkand something for the reindeer
s trouch quha thairefter gaiffmilkand the nychtbouris nane 1843
a quantity of oatmeal andmilkas part of their pay
to go down and sellmilkat like in the morning
favourlte puddings puddings were usuallymilkbased and included rice semolina
farmhouse otherwise they lived onmilkbrose neeps and tatties farms
to maximise the consumption ofmilkby michael and friends over
is careful about putting themilkin first and she uses
will be good lapper dmilkkebucks and sowens and farles
oh right starts to gomilkloretta flat uncaring aye and
loaf and six pints ofmilkmrs s [censored: surname] will bring
but as a substitute formilkon porridge and on anything
pancakes syrup one glass ofmilkone of orange and two
of meal cinnamon and warmedmilkstorm stooks sheaves set up
and jenn maun bide andmilkthe kine and redd the
the stale food and rottingmilktinged air of the room
cost would be of providingmilkto every nursery and primary
prick erect and the sweetmilkto flow the good doctor
father to keep him inmilkuntil his cow calves and
on an average three daysmilkwas kept for churning and
easy to find but themilkwas more difficult and i
about bawling too loud formilkbeing a baby s first
there is a saucer formilkbeside it the date it
hae lang tae wait formilkbit this ither een her
cards at another cut upmilkcartons provided feeders for blue
chocolate f1118: i like dairymilkchocolate i like that for
day f1102: [sucks through a straw?] jug formilkf1101: aye mmhm that s
cost annually to provide freemilkfor children aged a three
titanically towards the production ofmilkfor the custard layer on
that farm gate price formilkhas fallen by over 30
ewan comes to ask formilkher blood stirred in recognition
the arguments for providing freemilkin schools i always enjoyed
baked aipple syne he addsmilkmicrowaves for two an a
on when going for themilkon stormy nights the fact
the door t- for mymilksee if the milkie s
little dishie on to themilkshelf upside down for example
frost crystal by crystal convertingmilkto ice diving for poems
going for the flagon ofmilkto the milltown of arbuthnott
learn about coming for theirmilkwhen the handle of the
coo min ay wi themilkfivver he gaed ower tae
in the toon tae buymilkfrae his faither s milkcairt
her tae help deliver themilkgranny hid reassured the quinie
happent tae gang intill emilkhoose an saa a bowlie
it in the bowl ofmilkon its wey tae yer
goon but nellie stayed taemilkthe kine tae grind the
i saw her strain themilkthrow a sieve tae wyle
oor hoose tae colleck hismilkweel a mynd on him
[laugh] aye you like dairymilkchocolate f1118: i like dairy
in a thing like amilkdish the book s leein
like een she takes themilkjug to tutankhamen s saucer
you were doing all thesemilkmonitor things was that like
e simmer grazin bit emilkkye were nearer till e
the number of gallons ofmilkproduced on a farm were
be turnin intae a richtmilkcoo i ll be chaain
em as bein fullt wimilkbit it cd easy been
an steenhillock loadit wi fullmilkcans an minnie wid rin
ma muther supplied george wimilkfrae oor kye an ilka
birthday peggy aye wi condensedmilkon it noo that s
the office you know themilkones we auld zimmeries are
year wi their mither smilkthey d sookit in the
this you just heated themilktill it was loo warm
it wisnae cartons it wasmilkbottles oh it was the
that they stopped giving kidsmilkbut it was revolting m811:
ready to be supped themilkleft in the bowl was
everyone sadly i was amilkmonitor members can imagine the
the weekend but earlier onmilksupply was a seasonal thing
be added to porridge whenmilkwas scarce because the cow
faats bit she geed gweedmilkan ay e ither calfie
the days afore frei schuilmilkan schuil buses n thar
but they dissolve intae themilkan turn it broon sae
neist sae she gat hirmilkan whan she haed laipit
awa in the toun deliverinmilkat back doors shops an
milkman s float gaes bymilkbottles clink an tho a
auld pianie tied onno themilkcairt an pued hame bi
a barra an a bigmilkcan een at held a
jimmy an nancy war deliverinmilkin the toon fauldie wis
command wakken the asp anmilkits fang hither anubis pairt
hed the pownie an trapmilkroond i copeshaw holm whan
thrift an aince whan hismilksaiperator brak doon an cuidna
polish feed the hens anmilkthe kye thay did aw
off i took in hermilkpeggy off is she a
adopted a positive approach tomilkbut that is not universal
by using a separator themilkcame out of one side
to deliver 20 gallons ofmilkevery day to a camp
maybe a wee bittie mairmilkin would we f1130: mmhm
duthie park pets corner hazleheadmilkis always white a visit
a cornflake mountain drowned inmilklocust stripped fridge dead head
be a pussycat lapping imaginarymilkout of rula lenska s
in order to use thatmilksurplus is a target on
bewtie is dernit bi amilkwhyte screen the imperial ceitie
impact on young children ofmilkat different stages of development
breakfast recognises the importance ofmilkat mid morning break in
unsuccessful experiment to carry themilkby air transport sailings to
cleared the road sae themilkcairt cud fecht its wye
dairy auld mattha coonted themilkcans that his fermin sons
travelling tradesmen still remembered todaymilkcart mollie cushnie mill of
to make it bulk moremilkcould be added to it
dairymen in the toon deliverinmilkfur the bruces comin hame
maistly fowk kent that themilkhid arrived ootbye fin derkie
let i ken flees inmilki ken the jaikit mannie
he drinks his tay withootmilkif he cood he wid
signs of having finished themilkin fiona s left breast
that even if one putsmilkin front of children nowadays
2000 pauline mcneill s1m 570milkin schools lodged on 21
mcleod donald gorrie s1m 570milkin schools lodged on 21
mr kenneth gibson glasgow snpmilkin schools that the parliament
entry didn t even paymilkis always white cha nam
offers only the protuberance throughmilkis drawn yuck csd doesn
we must persuade kids thatmilkis not only good it
coo wid lat doon itsmilkminnie s hauns war steepit
hungry i ve eaten yirntmilkoften enough at home too
tablespoons f1125: four tablespoons ofmilkokely dokely one two three
three years yet the retailmilkprice has remained virtually static
at 75 of the targetmilkprice supports provision of the
we have heard about organicmilkproduction s being greater than
roon to shuffle round searchmilksieve seck barra sack barrow
past the stage of gettingmilkstock chap bloke stook shock
raising of the semi skimmedmilksubsidy to that of whole
subsidy to that of wholemilksupported by alex johnstone mr
it patty s thick creamymilkthat the bruce s used
compliance costs considers that scottishmilkthe producers the enterprise agencies
sweirity s in their breistmilkthey cry the coronach abeen
used fur thirsels the ayreshiremilktho wis guid eneuch fur
kittlin haed laipit up themilkti the verra lest drap
she haed laipit up themilktil the verra lest drap
8 square tin bring sugmilkto boil over low heat
stricken husband who wrang hismilkwhite hands till the gowd
rescue by aengus of themilkwhite steed another describes winter

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