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short plays learning with withmilliecause millie s my tu-
f1100: [blows raspberry] [singing] come onmilliecome on millie come on
come on millie come onmilliecome on millie we re
m putting millie on [inaudible]millie[inaudible] f1099: no f1100: [inaudible]
teeth f1100: i m puttingmillieon [inaudible] millie [inaudible] f1099:
learning with with millie causemillies my tu- tutor my
just staying with millie theremilliethere [inaudible] i ll put
i m just staying withmilliethere millie there [inaudible] i
come on millie come onmilliewe re nae stopping we
s you ready f1100: butmillies waiting for me f1099:
[inaudible] f1018: [inaudible] m1021: kipmillieaye k i p aye
f1018: eh my name smillie[censored: surname] and i was born
f1018: [inhale] [cough] i mmillie[censored: surname] i was born in
do you want to startmillief1018: eh my name s
did isn t that rightmillief1018: that s right aye
suggestions to kick things offmillief1018: well unwell i mean
got wis parodeein thoroughly modernmillieesma made full length skirts
to come back to whatmilliewas saying ehm another phrase
your mother would also saymilliewhen talkin about commonality she
i was interested in whenmillietalked about admirality street because
mmhm f1054: oor tootsie smillies bessie s jimmy s
day [inaudible] [running water sounds] [running sounds] hellomilliei get you to keep
did you used to getmilliestarted before what did you
[trotting noises] and if you wantmillieto stop what do you
i m a storyteller likemilliethere and that s about

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