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will be a further 70millionin 2002 03 and an
agricultural science agency some 4millionin 2002 03 and more
in stages from 6 552millionin 2002 03 to 4
03 and more than 6millionin 2003 04 increased provision
03 and an extra 70millionin 2003 04 that turnaround
2002 03 to 4 894millionin 2005 06 s1w 33006
budget the savings of 7millionplanned for 2002 03 and
budget the savings of 47millionplanned for 2002 03 and
budget the savings of 35millionplanned for 2002 03 and
budget the savings of 2millionplanned for 2002 03 and
budget the savings of 55millionplanned for 2002 03 and
budget the savings of 15millionplanned for 2002 03 and
budget the savings of 30millionplanned for 2002 03 and
budget the savings of 30millionplanned for 2002 03 and
budget the savings of 47millionplanned for 2002 03 and
the savings of 21 3millionplanned for 2002 03 and
massive investment package of 100milliona year that is the
how much of the 10millionaid package for the textile
in the light of 9millionaid package on offer to
has brought forward a 50millionaid package up to 40
it will implement the 100millioncare package for older people
from which budgets the 50millionfisheries aid package was taken
scottish executive announced a 6millionfunding package designed to support
how much of the 15millionfunding package to expand the
the executive announced a 6millionfunding package to run from
aid package up to 40millionis to be made available
salmon anaemia prompted a 9millionpackage for salmon farmers yet
to the recently announced 5millionpackage for special educational needs
week to announce a 245millionpackage for the northern extension
in re balancing the 27millionpackage of measures for the
executive how the additional 3millionpackage of support for peripheral
designated areas for the 1millionpackage that we introduced in
designated areas scheme the 1millionpackage will include payments of
how much of the 10milliontextile aid package announced in
have identified over 4 5millionannual cost savings opportunities over
is satisfied that the 5millionin administrative savings required of
cost savings opportunities over 10millionin new sales opportunities helped
and offer savings of 50millionover the existing arrangements the
grant scheme will give 2million3 5 million and 3
an initial grant of 399milliona total of 628 million
total expenditure we find 53millionafter 53 million building up
superstructure east are 5 8millionand 17 million respectively as
cent shareholding of between 1millionand 2 million might be
stake would cost between 1millionand 2 million which we
give 2 million 3 5millionand 3 5 million on
range of costs between 10millionand 40 million without stating
from 4 million to 10millionand for direct grant funding
4 5 million the 45millionand so on has been
from 23 million to 39millionannually that money is in
from 23 million to 39millionannually we have instituted myriad
million of which 9 5millionare in scotland 2 rabbits
500 million each year 450millionas a result of lost
about 70 million or 80millionbe used for other purposes
find 53 million after 53millionbuilding up the total stock
from 23 million to 39millionbut as has been said
government and commercial services 28millioncustomers make 45 million visits
smoking in scotland is 500millioneach year 450 million as
26 million to about 29millioni am concerned because many
million or up to 50millionif that was the cost
the industry will be 63millionin 2001 59 million in
63 million in 2001 59millionin 2002 and 56 million
million in 2002 and 56millionin 2003 the rural development
million this year to 15millionin four years time that
0 75 million to 1millionin the beginning supplied the
from 40 million to 60millionin the coming years mr
although snh is allocated 40millionit passes only 2 million
about 12 million or 13millionits exercise will be equivalent
between 1 million and 2millionmight be one of the
will now cost some 200millionmore than 6 million per
195 million to 34 929millionnext year with further cuts
483 million to 47 824millionnext year with further decreases
million which includes 1 2millionof executive grant as well
million a total of 628millionof public money has now
is now estimated at 37millionof which 9 5 million
million it passes only 2millionon to voluntary organisations i
5 million and 3 5millionon top of the highlands
show up as about 12millionor 13 million its exercise
3 money which is 500millionor 300 million which aims
have identified today about 70millionor 80 million be used
reserve alone to allocate 25millionor up to 50 million
from 4 million to 10millionover our first term of
200 million more than 6millionper annum is being spent
5 8 million and 17millionrespectively as stated by the
million which is about 180millionthat money will support various
all the expenditure the 434millionthe 4 5 million the
434 million the 4 5millionthe 45 million and so
from 45 million to 60milliontherefore we believe that that
for an increase from 5millionthis year to 15 million
in at least 0 75millionto 1 million in the
voluntary sector infrastructure from 4millionto 10 million and for
voluntary sector infrastructure from 4millionto 10 million over our
organic conversion from 138 168millionto 29 9 million would
a cut from 41 195millionto 34 929 million next
direct grant funding from 23millionto 39 million annually that
funding has risen from 23millionto 39 million annually we
the voluntary sector from 23millionto 39 million but as
will nosedive from 76 483millionto 47 824 million next
overall corporate plan involves 40millionto 50 million which is
predicted to rise from 40millionto 60 million in the
increase in resources from 45millionto 60 million therefore we
costs rose from about 26millionto about 29 million i
28 million customers make 45millionvisits to post offices every
is 500 million or 300millionwhich aims to provide support
public sector funding is 2millionwhich includes 1 2 million
involves 40 million to 50millionwhich is a small amount
and islands we got 308millionwhich is about 180 million
between 1 million and 2millionwhich we would have to
between 10 million and 40millionwithout stating exactly what these
168 million to 29 9millionwould that not be rather
september which announced a 39millioncash bonanza the image of
say that there is 39millionfor the voluntary sector that
increase in funding from 23millionin 1998 99 to 39
in 1998 99 to 39millionin 2001 02 has helped
to planned expenditure of 39millionin this financial year a
that sum increased to 39millionin this financial year much
are benefiting from the 39millionof funding which is an
to the tune of 23millionthat sum increased to 39
a turnover of about 500milliona year we deal with
and in future the 500millioncitizens of europe need to
internal market to some 500millionconsumers offer the possibility for
in the region of 500millioneach year i would like
back a cut of 500millionfrom local authorities in scotland
spending commitment to invest 500millionin dualling the entire length
expenditure on transport by 500millionin the period to march
expenditure on transport by 500millionin the period to march
irish have approved a 500millioninvestment programme for biotechnology and
cars for example about 1millionmotorists in italy and 500
parliament a europe of 500millionpeople that extends from the
now be spending about 500millionper year in supporting scots
is estimated at 1 700milliona year in the uk
was estimated to be 34millionand the total spend taking
is estimated at around 309millionas well as giving the
business is estimated at 6335millionby 2004 should that figure
which is estimated at 120millioncompared to the prescription cost
breakdown of the estimated 20millioncost of a new campus
is estimated that 1 5milliondo yet scots receives only
it is estimated that 2millionfish per day per filter
estimated to cost about 25millionhenry mcleish has said we
estimated at approximately 2 7millionin 1988 yielding a profit
balthayock house is 2 3millionit has also been estimated
estimated cost of 3 5millionit is expected that draft
nations estimated that over 40millionpeople had been infected with
nations estimated that over 40millionpeople had been infected with
an estimated cost of 3millionthe scottish executive is also
war producing an estimated 3milliontonnes of fruit and vegetables
would generate an extra 70millioneach year supported by mr
allocation includes an additional 70millionfor local authorities over the
transport announced an extra 70millionover the next three years
support sarah boyack the 70millionthat my colleague angus mackay
through our allocation of 70millionto local authorities for their
the minister mentioned that 70millionwas to go to local
is said to be 70millionyears ord as a protection
funding but we receive 60milliona year in cap funding
figure yet again to 60millionbecause of the importance of
possible at the new 60millionfacility i welcome the progress
sure why an additional 60millionis accounted to capital charges
june 2001 notes that 60millionof the construction costs for
certainty of being only 2millionshort of that annual 60
short of that annual 60millionthat more properly reflects the
will share in the 60millionthat the scottish executive has
annual expenditure of around 40millionthat was increased to 60
that was increased to 60milliontwo years ago simply as
remember that more than 1millionvoters are over 60 years
cabx dealt with about 60millionworth of debt advice seeing
already amounted to nearly 100milliona year beyond that we
up to an extra 100milliona year would deliver radical
remind members of the 100millionannounced by susan deacon on
will go through the 100millionbarrier next year for the
of enlargement there are 100millionconsumers out there and there
annual transport budget by 100millioncutting the business rate poundage
annual transport budget by 100millioncutting the business rate poundage
annual transport budget by 100millioncutting the business rate poundage
improvement fund to which 100millionhas been allocated over the
in real terms from 100millionin 1995 96 to 52
a population of around 100millionin britain myxomatosis caused up
to release a further 100millionnext year and the year
which represent more than 100millionof capital expenditure a year
how much of the 100millionover four years in the
ltd further notes the 100millionprovided for the former rover
ltd further notes the 100millionprovided for the former rover
complex should not exceed 100millions1m 601 bill aitken bus
will build upon the 100millionthat i announced last october
to bid for another 100millionwe would probably be unable
debt would be around 100millionwhen it was wound up
announced recently a 0 7millionaward to iggesund paperboard to
the additional funding of 288millionfor 2000 01 announced by
the additional funding of 288millionfor 2000 01 announced by
recently announced funding worth 5millionfor a further 42 projects
the minister has announced 5millionfor nurse recruitment and retention
convention we announced 1 5millionfor recruitment and retention initiatives
has announced a further 7millionof cuts may be made
this month we announced 200millionof funding during the first
has recently announced nearly 1millionof research work into algal
yesterday i announced that 6millionof this year s allocation
boyack recently announced 4 4millionsupport to associated british ports
funds derek feeley the 11millionthat mr home robertson announced
account of multipliers 50 4million18 bringing these figures forward
the strain of selling 50millionalbums behind him i found
think about it as 50millionfeet i have no idea
reduction of more than 300millionin tobacco expenditure a 50
the council will have 50millionless to spend in real
should mention that some 50millionof the annual provision represents
communities worth up to 50millionon 28 january 2003 the
recognises that scotland sends 50millionper annum to her majesty
me we ve sold 50millionrecords i think about it
in tobacco expenditure a 50millionreduction in tobacco advertising and
them at present 1 7millionscots are over 50 that
conservatives think that the 50millionthat the labour party saved
correctly two years ago 50millionwas allocated to waste management
budget by up to 50millionwe should constantly look for
much of the 17 1millionallocated for mental health services
authority area of the 20millionallocated for the buying of
attached to the 40 1millionallocated to glasgow under the
much of the 40 1millionallocated to glasgow under the
breakdown of the 22 6millionallocated to implementing the recommendations
and how the 12 9millionallocated to the scottish renewables
balance of the 5 2millionhas been allocated to support
allocated an additional 2 312millionin 2000 01 for its
may i think 8 9millionof additional money was allocated
the executive has allocated 230millionover the next three years
all of the 18 4millionwas allocated to local authorities
uk and costs approximately 40milliona year in scotland a
lost productivity smoke breaks 40millionbecause of higher rates of
consists of up to 40millionfor further decommissioning of boats
40 per cent about 11millionpeople have given up the
most acceptable estimate is 40millionthe true number is likely
he confirm that the 53millionthat it is planned to
it would cost around 7milliona year to make those
has already cost approximately 28millionand threatens to result in
approved cost ceiling of 195millionand to this end calls
originally going to cost 25millionbut will now cost some
recognises that the 2 1millioncost of compliance with the
the long run the 150millioncost of osteoporosis to the
road accidents which cost 1millioneach year notes that at
for smes cost 2 6millioneuan robson i think that
a cost of 4 5millionfor millennium compliance work and
the prescription cost of 7millioni would like to highlight
cost the voluntary sector 4millionin the first year according
the uk cost of 434millionis that as a result
likely to cost taxpayers 34millionmore than if the schools
the jigsaw would cost 25millionmost members would accept that
the latest estimate of 324millionof the cost of the
offer a saving of 25millionover the present cost the
that would cost 2 8millionper annum as that could
did it cost about twentymillionpounds f940: an they were
parliament building would cost 195millionthat any revised cost limits
cost the sector approximately 15millionthat is an example of
organisations that has cost 400millionthis year across the uk
of the cost of 33millionwhich relates to the sports
the allocation of the 150millionadditional european union money referred
recently given an additional 176millionin 1999 2000 to cover
its total of 9 8millionof additional benefits achieved since
council on obtaining 2 6millionof additional benefits for its
dissatisfaction at the additional 29millionof funding given by the
have delivered an additional 130millionof public funding to that
additional 600 000 to 1millionthe more pages were added
was investing an additional 4millionto improve foreign language teaching
provide an additional 2 5millionto let local authorities be
been tested an additional 10millionwas added to the resources
includes police and 4 7millionwas provided to cover additional
funded by the additional 3millionwill be independent of local
find an additional 21 7millionwill she now go further
clients and obtaining about 5millionworth of additional benefits i
confirmed with an extra 400milliona year for transport there
could mean an extra 175milliona year to the scottish
authorities add an extra 150millionand the national lottery adds
project including an extra 43millioncontributed in september 2000 recognises
mentioned the extra 1 75millionfor skills development that is
delivers extra spending of 800millionnext year 1 9 billion
announcement of an extra 2millionto support mediation and reparation
have given an extra 1millionto the scheme but calls
a ballpark figure 1 5milliona day of which the
it to go is 25millionagain that figure has never
that the figure of 25millionhas been disputed only by
the figure of 1 4millionlorry miles removed from roads
to the figure of 34millionquoted as the operating expenses
in which it is 55millionthat figure will increase as
mentioned the figure of 7millionthat was given in the
figure was in fact 25millionthe snp realised not for
rise three hundred and fiftymillionwas the latest figure i
expenditure in 2000 of 54millionand a total spend of
provided increased expenditure of 800millionin 2001 02 of 1
budget of expenditure of 800millionin 2001 02 the details
received project funding worth 2millionhowever because it could not
with current orders worth 21millionis not satisfied that all
south west are worth 176millionover the five years and
west units are worth 182millionover the five years and
suggests that up to 80millions worth of left over
s capital worth 4 5millionthey put in at least
the remarkable sum of 2millionworth of aid raised for
relatively small budget of 20millionbut will it facilitate that
an overall budget of 75millioneuro the programme aims to
construction contingency budget of 119millionhas been a spent and
health budget which was 135millionit is less than lumberjack
paid to farmers is 440millionthe agri environment budget which
budget of 8million roughly 5millionto support projects from across
providing loan finance of 3millionand public sector funding is
uk government has made 15millionavailable with regard to funding
after securing funding of 12millionfrom the department for trade
funded from the 1 9millionfunding awarded to the scottish
how much of the 350millionfunding for its central heating
how much of the 350millionfunding for its central heating
how much of the 350millionfunding for its central heating
how much of the 350millionfunding for its central heating
how much of the 350millionfunding for its central heating
how much of the 350millionfunding for its central heating
how much of the 350millionfunding for its central heating
what percentage of the 640millionfunding for roads projects will
any element of the 750millionfunding gap for care of
active communities initiative the 1millionfunding to the volunteer centre
which has already received 509millionin lottery funding supported by
galloway may well receive 4millionin structural funding but we
in funding of 3 5millionrequired for the centre further
s funding was about 47millionwe are just starting a
services we also made 25milliona year available for the
she understand that the 25millionfor free personal care would
he says that only 25millionhas to be found he
saharan africa where over 25millionpeople are infected with the
saharan africa where over 25millionpeople are infected with the
conditions attached to their 25millionregional selective assistance which was
the effectiveness of the 25millionstrategy to develop the creative
money outstanding from the 25millionsum set aside for the
able to find the 25millionwithout any great difficulty malcolm
ulster scots will receive 1million75 per cent of which
in the destruction of 10millionhectares per year threatening millions
an increase of 1 1millionor 17 34 per cent
well in excess of fourmillionpassengers per annum and urges
exist at airports handling threemillionpassengers per annum further notes
prevention initiatives of 1 2millionper annum believes that eu
of its recommendation at 110millionper annum however as sir
able to invest 129 2millionper annum i e 1
the highlands and islands 74millionper annum welcomes the assurance
it could invest 129 2millionper year in modernising and
per cent of the 440millionwill go to that projections
scottish borders are 1 48millionand 46 5 fte jobs
its agencies is 4 5millionare there any specific figures
that was increased to 5millionat the first local convention
report he could save 5millionby not going through with
we have spent 4 5millioncomparison of the figures is
a peak of 1 5millionduring the second world war
costing scottish councils 20 5millioneach year and if scottish
rise to about 1 5millionfor that year we are
the allocation of a 5milliongrant from the department of
in the recent 21 5millionhandout for areas of special
the scottish executive offering 5millionin subsidy over the lifetime
the increasing drugs bill 5millionin tayside this year over
a reduction of 1 5millionin the value of scallops
whole picture the 4 5millionis for the scottish executive
received more than 0 5millionless than its fair share
chancellor will take 5 8millionout of the pockets of
a member country of 5millionpeople scottish ministers attend eu
as this that 4 5millionrepresents money spent that would
of at least 1 5millionscots if the government s
to find another 5 8millionto cover that increase i
allocation of the 2 5millionto specified national developments will
to give us 1 5millionto spend on building a
tweed brought in 12 5millionto the borders economy and
in 2003 to 7 5millionwhich is an increase of
effectiveness of the 2 5millionwill be appraised and monitored
scottish census is 23 2millionby 2002 since the exercise
then scottish office provided 23milliondirectly to the voluntary sector
three financial years over 23millionhas been collected by the
amount of just under 23millionin other words the full
the uk and 23 8millionof landings abroad 2 assumes
1 programme support of 2milliona year as i indicated
in the region of 250milliona year in revenue following
vat that equates to 46milliona year in scotland although
the executive provides 0 3milliona year in specific grant
the government spends about 104milliona year in the voluntary
in the order of 120milliona year rhoda grant i
we will make available 1milliona year to ensure that
scottish councils to some 700millionat current prices next year
year we are making 4millionavailable and there will be
i e from the 8millionavailable under the european year
financial year a further 270milliongoes to the sector indirectly
letter to me that 111millionhas been transferred this year
tayside this year over 4millionin fife and similar experiences
a surplus of 1 59millionin financial year 1999 2000
last year had 1 2millionin profits returned to them
a surplus of 1 457millionin the current financial year
it is paying 26 1millionin the current financial year
costs rose by about 3millionin the past year dorothy
level of spending with 170millionmore cash by year 3
will fall by 7 344millionnext year and why housing
will be a further 3millionnext year that money is
which will rise to 48millionnext year to develop more
year and was at 94millionthe highest on record we
enormous jets could bring amilliontourists every year and therefore
years tyme but in amillionyear lyfe disna chynge it
executive whether targeting the 3milliongrant to councils for specialist
executive police grant of 57millionin 2001 02 there will
the level of around 10millionthe present annual grant to
6 2 and 11 4million18 there have been reductions
absenteeism among smokers and 4millionas a result of fire
suggests reductions of over 4millionin health spending by grampian
faces a deficit of 4millionin providing high quality further
how much of the 4millionin regional selective assistance given
a profit of 0 4millionthe net economic value of
a rise of 44 4millionwhich will rise to 57
organisations benefit from the 2millionactive communities initiative the 1
will be a 1 75millionboost to nhs investment in
travel for more than 1millionelderly and disabled people throughout
there will be 1 75millionfor skills development through facing
a surplus of around 1millionfrom tayside contracts given the
and of approximately 1 6millionfrom the local economy in
and of approximately 1 6millionfrom the local economy in
the scottish executive why 1millionhas been earmarked to support
living wage while 1 000millionhas been squandered in greenwich
will be increases of 800millionin 2001 02 1 9
employment effects of a 1millionincrease decrease of landings of
you are found with 1millionof cocaine in your suitcase
found that for each 1millionof landings of demersal species
minister mentioned the 1 75millionof new money for skills
had started out with 1millionparticipants stretching from devon and
alex neil more than 1millionpeople in scotland are over
will be about 1 3millionpeople of pensionable age or
service to some 1 6millionpeople the phased roll out
is contributing more than 1millionto the charis food technology
increased that to 1 65millionwe have also joined in
we were making only 8millionavailable for free nursing care
2000 01 to 2 8millionin 2001 02 plans in
incorporates the oas was 29millionin 2001 and only 8
will rise to 57 8millionin 2005 06 those are
02 and up to 8millionin the two following years
over the projected 3 8millionoverspend in fife council s
television committee is 8 7millionwhile nobody in the scots
having to reduce a 14milliondeficit over two years must
google ozymandias scores over twomillionhits that s half a
we were to spend 138millionin scotland over 12 years
there will be a 340millionincrease in ndr over the
for older people over onemillionolder people across scotland now
how much of the 108millionover three years for higher
be backed up with 27millionover three years we feel
rigorously and have committed 250millionover two years to achieving
one photograph there s amillionstories i went over on
local spend of over 28millionsupports the development of a
local spend of over 28millionsupports the development of a
have plummeted from over twomillionto less than 180 000
will bring more than 300millionto the area over a
housing stock is 2 3millionand 20 395 new dwellings
the suffering of the 20millionchildren who have been forced
as part of the 20millioninvestment in the rural trunk
content notes that 10 20millionpeople could be fed by
will provide the 15 20millionpump priming investment referred to
we have also committed 20millionto rolling out my proposal
the minimum estimate is 20millionwhich is regarded as a
2005 06 of this 6millioncommunities scotland will contribute 3
that a mere 0 6millionhas been spent by the
down something like 6 9millionin 2001 02 and up
in 2001 of 132 6millionscottish executive 2002 gives an
expected to contribute approximately 6millionto the local economy and
we have committed 2 6millionto the national network i
basis the allocation of 6millionto the study was made
executive accounts for 2 3millionand historic scotland and other
operating deficit of 3 2millionfor caledonian macbrayne s upper
is involved in a 2millionfraud it is the nature
accepting applications for its 2millionfund that aims to promote
of the order of 2millionhowever you have still not
achievement of clearing almost 2millionin debt on its hopes
the introduction of the 2millioninterim scheme to help rural
about maximum spending of 2millionit is not exactly macro
the greatest respect convener 2millionmight not seem a great
scottish based vessels 127 2millionof landings into the uk
modernising government fund some 2millionwhich at the level of
will announce how the 2millionwhich is still available for
an advance payment of 2millionwho made the request on
says when we sold 10millioncopies of out of time
we d sold about 10millionfeet of albums so when
video leaflets and the 10millionfor audiological assistance i am
fleet and up to 10millionfor temporary assistance for the
catch whitefish up to 10millionis available for temporary assistance
as has been said 10millionmight have to be taken
community wardens scheme and 10millionto other community based initiatives
10 write in figures fivemilliontwo hundred and ten thousand
amount of money about 11millionavailable to visitscotland as a
yesterday s announcement that 29millionin lottery money is to
which is down from 411millionin 1996 to around 300
in 1996 to around 300milliontoday the double hit for
around 1765 there are sixmilliontrees in production today it
new low of 9 565millionhe might even explain the
in addition to some 304millionthat is made available indirectly
communities scotland will contribute 3millionand the scottish executive 3
these costs exceed 3 85millionand whether there is any
he s joined the 3millionplus unemployed there s some
and the scottish executive 3millionset plans for how this
some ways it s amillionlight years from from nowadays
years and through a 35millionpublic private partnership to upgrade
woke i did indeed amillionyears before the blooming sun
hosting athletics despite receiving 120millionfrom the uk lottery on
in the uk and 150millionin scotland there are huge
adam so could the 434millionthat the uk departments have
by as much as 68millionand the north east unit
by as much as 21milliondue to the distortions in
how much of the 250millionfor free personal and nursing
how much would the 440millionthat goes to supporting conventional
how much would the 138millionthat would be spent on
and that a further 57millionat 1998 prices remains to
between 700 000 and onemillionfurther notes that against this
hits that s half amillionmore than have clicked on
for running more than amillionnational certificate modules scottish vocational
has benefited more than amillionof our fellow citizens in
very successful and assisted threemillionhomes under successive conservative governments
of three quarters of amillionpeople almost every family in
of that twenty point threemillionquoted as being the most
coverage while two or threemillionscots speakers of varying degrees
then i heard it amillionmore times and then you
cutbacks resulting from the 14milliondeficit will not lead to
spending alastair dempster the 87millionfrom that source is very
of the surplus of 250millionfrom the scottish transport group
street bar restaurant is amillionmiles away from the old
but it s not amillionmiles from the situation in
although thanks to a onemillionpound donation from bernie eccleston
will fall from 12 414millionto a new low of
allocate resources from the 17millionunderspend in the scottish prison
january 2000 how the 12millionbusiness growth fund will be
of which you speak 55millionhas been targeted for capital
the nof of the 87millionof which you speak 55
was required to pay 12millionto the dti which used
there s like about amilliono them or somethin [laugh]
eu population or about 56millionpeople are at risk of
to 2014 will be 138millionsometimes i complain about figures
minuscule about 102 for 19millionvaccinations however nothing is risk
its share of the 15millionawarded to local authorities for
whether part of the 95millionit is giving to local
the award of some 87millionthrough local authorities for the
i have show that 45millionhas been spent in the
of taxation of smokers 26millionhas gone directly into public
in my view the 45millionthat has been invested in
the eu by approximately 130millionpeople but it will also
acquiescence and okay maybe amillionpeople took to the streets
services they estimate that 28millionpeople visit a post office
the night and half amillionpeople will be down the
disabled people in scotland onemillionretired people throughout scotland have
that we will spend xmillionand expect to receive y
2001 what programmes the 250millioncommitted to digital initiatives will
could be up to 200millionfor the highlands finally will
higher education institutions of 35millionmr davidson will the member
deficit of at least 14millionwill not be at the
were relieved of its 900millioncapital debt burden it would
eu subsidy of some 800millionannually to tobacco growers notes
underlying cash provision is 30millionbecause of the steep decline
off back to my fivemillioner penthouse er kind of
a breakdown of the 56millionestimate for fees for the
27 current estimate of 400millioneuros converted at current exchange
thousands dead and half amillionfour times the population of
muse tait furst for 130milliongiven the track record of
fisheries in scotland of 255millionin the range 198m to
take 65 of the 31millionleft in the pension plan
an average investment of 350millionour target of providing 18
tobacco advertising and a 43millionreduction in tobacco sponsorship of
the thick wreak of amillionsweaty bus driver s tooshes
european union to allocate 150millionto offset the impact of
on your chin into amillionunpaintable points of light and
for total costs dm 600millionconverted at current exchange rates
gets paid something like fiftymillionpounds for a tour [laugh]
spent anyway within the 434millionthe figures for the department
in 1995 96 to 52millionin 1999 2000 s1o 1838
think there would be amillionand one words in this
scotland today would be 407millionin the range 315m to
could never have imagined sevenmillionvisitors arriving by air to
rural development compared with 54millionaccording to my colleague richard
to give all the 95milliongrants related to promoting healthy
every taxpayer taken across 28milliontaxpayers that equates to 16
intends to utilise the 17millionunderspend in the scottish prison
infections in hospital currently onemillionbed days annually are occupied
that there is a 27millionblack hole in pension provision
know there is only 11millionin the kitty and an
is the difference between amillionand a billion anyway 11
the national lottery adds 145millionthat is a significant sum
mary poppins is still tenmilliontimes better though the movie
as butcher builders fleed amillionan a hauf stanes pave
er there was like fivemillionkids there there was like
not know whether the 434millionincludes things that other departments
lyndsay mcintosh quantified at 46millionrobert brown catalogued the contribution
tae a japanee temple saxmilliontons o granite ower the
ma throat wants hauf amilliona helicopter tae barbados an
and smashed it into amillionpieces it was his favourite
credit cards and sense amillionred nosed santa s part
this like five no fivemillionf1049: uh huh ten m1048:

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