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missy the minx are youminniethe minx f1118: no f1117:
minx f1118: no f1117: naeminniethe minx minnie the mouse
f1117: nae minnie the minxminniethe mouse f1118: i m
o distance atween themsels anminniean isie baith faith ye
futterat s in their hooseminniean isie lay doon on
horse or cherm a wumminminniean isie raxxed their lugs
unner the reef beams farminniean isie war hidin minnie
fit sign fit jynin speiredminniebamboozled isie tossed her heid
hairst isie wis ages wiminniebruce a full cousin on
he wis sookin sookin quominniebumbazed isie rolled ower onno
minnie an isie war hidinminniecould jist hear ned fusper
the spring lammies isie teltminniefa hid nae dealins wi
tibby s sweeshin tail anminnieforget tae speir foo isie
apart frae the kittlin warminnieher cousin isie an meg
fa s doon there fusperedminnieisie screwed up her een
an nae jist hogmanay eitherminniemyndit fin she an isie
ain yon s coorse quominnienae bit isie telt her
fin isie lowsed her buttonsminnienoticed three roon purple merks
i m needin tae peeminniequo isie haud it in
ken that isie luikit atminniesidewyes because jock dow an
jam nae eatin yer pieceminniespeired isie gie it tae
fur that maitter isie luikitminnieup an doon sizin her
harns isie likit the futteratminniewis feart o t the
bruce put her airms roonminniean matty s shooders an
at steenhillock wi her cousinsminniean matty till it wis
made far ower muckle ominniemebbe matty hid bin some
a drooth like his neitherminnienor matty war lat oot
the same strathbogie college thatminnies brither matty attendit ilkie
frae a bar o soapminnies brither matty gaed tae
roon inbye the kirk mattyminnies brither wis riggit in
her shooders matty s quineminnies cam tae bide wi
matty d bin thrashed anminnies moo wis split an
atween matty an her maminnieturnt feart fur her mither
car noo matty you teeminnieyer lug n yer moo
road an daisy reared haivinminnieaffo his back alec mathieson
chawed frae side tae sideminniebegan tae straik daisy s
his da hid bocht furminniedaisy wi heich steppin hooves
frae the toon s steerminniegaed intae daisy s staa
cushie doo he hid gaenminnieher horsie daisy her dallie
legs an lowp sae hidminnieshe lued daisy near as
the flit alec mathieson liftitminnieup on daisy s back
toon because neither daisy norminniewar eesed tae the toon
brae forbye baith daisy anminniewar supposed tae be grown
the three servants minnie saeminnielearned st matthew s story
room bi matthew bruce becauseminnielikit him there fin minnie
frae jock dow matthew bruceminnies da wis clartin grease
talents an the three servantsminniesae minnie learned st matthew
t fas the angel auntminniespeired st matthew minnie the
aunt minnie speired st matthewminniethe same name as yer
noo o her faither matthewminnieyer brakkfast s on the
happen far is ma speiredminniegrowin a thochtie easier ower
fowk fit killt it speiredminnieits mither didna ain it
makk them prigg fur speiredminnieniver ye heed ye ll
aboot it ava she speiredminnieshook her heid weel it
leaves it tae dee speiredminnietae fen fur itsel replied
bodies fit ither things speiredminnieye ll ken sune eneuch
[child noise] in here f1121: mmhmminniemouse is it f1122: look
aye go and show [censored: forename]minniemouse walking that s a
mouse f1118: i m notminniethe mouse [exhale] f1117: that
spakk fin she wis wiminnieas yet minnie didna ken
minnie nae as clivver asminniebit nae feel fur aa
wis wi minnie as yetminniedidna ken foo tae cheenge
frostit steadin afore tiptoein efterminnieinno the hoose bit minnie
scholar nae as bonnie asminnienae as clivver as minnie
minnie inno the hoose bitminnieniver sleepit a wink yon
fist an minnie s daminnies da hid bin schuled
siller haun ower fist anminnies da minnie s da
minnie likit him there finminniewis some itherwye benjy wis
blessed cam the anely bitminniereally likit in the kirk
an bigg the lowe againminnietho likit fine tae cut
follaed the lord s buikminnieluikit intae his face his
happit the dyke aneth himminnieluikit ower tae the neuk
a plague o furry locustsminnieluikit throwe the schule room
ooto her they hid gaenminniea wee room tae hersel
hidna wyted tae say cheeriominniehid swickit her ooto that
doon on his bared erseminnies da cam ooto the
toozles ooto her hudderie heidminnies hair wis as wavy
wallie clear it wisna likeminnies mither tae be ooto
futterat ooto the pyoke furminnietae haud in her bosie
dross meg ramsay wadna letminnieawa till she d pared
hae tae dee t maselminniehid passed meg nae twa
dae like meg ramsay anminnies mither trauchled wi at
deein i m deein megminniesobbit oot an fin she
win meg ramsay hid teltminniethat fin the hairst wis
oot the cauld aa winterminnietried anither tack meg fit
posies o sma fite flouersminniebruce bit her boddom lip
fair gleg on the uptakkminniebruce heard the tail eyn
the faulds o her frockminniebruce hid a veesitor he
it wis the sabbath anminniebruce hid chilblains on her
quate fowk in the kirkyairdminniebruce passed by the warlock
her neck an sae beganminniebruce s first simmer in
o the bairns kent bitminniebruce secretly thocht the shelt
tae the hen s sheddiesminniebruce set doon the hen
sweetness atap a heathery knoweminniebruce the youngest hairster sat
auld year sally bruce satminniedoon tae spreid egg sandwiches
mile aff in the wastminnies granfaither auld mattha bruce
nurse him in ither wyesminnies mither sally bruce ay
the warlock s sowel quominnieher een dauncin wi glee
benjy lie doon min quominniein a fusper an the
fur a fool vratch quominniepiously yer da micht hae
ye a secret quo sheminniepromised sweir on betsy s
m nae gaun then quominniesuddenly feart i micht hae
tae the job o ceevalisinminnieaunt jessie tuik the lassie
dairy caiort aunt mysie tuikminnieawa an made her a
makkin a queer face ahinminnies back tae aunt florence
the dam itsel hid bannedminniefae settin fit within a
aneth her lang fair lashesminniehid brocht a sup sugar
micht be on the shelfminniehid heard jock dow say
up until noo aa thatminniehid kent aboot shelts wis
again like a bawd racinminniehid niver met daith afore
did fin loons war aroonminniehid telt her ma an
hid a saft spot furminniejewellery ay luiks best fin
scots law naitural law anminnies claikin tongue hid tae
hid deed sax month aforeminnies da an this bein
steps takk haud o hellminnies da hid said quotin
her an watter kistit herminnies ma hid said fur
the day he hid merrietminnies mither an brocht her
a queer strang smell thatminnies neb hid niver smelt
tae droon an ark aaminnies sma possessions hid bin
bit strae hid creepit upminnies snoot an it wis
wis a steady customer anminnies uncle peter hid harnessed
arpeggios granny hid already teltminniethat she wis tae be
hid spukken twa wirds taeminnieyon wis queer tee usually
wis a month younger thanminniebit it wisna her faither
intae the neist naebody teltminniebrucre that her faither wis
wis in the room thominniecouldna see them her faither
their faither felt sorry furminniefur she wis fully as
her faither made repon ayminniehe wis bit he thocht
binder wis wirkin dowp doonminnieher faither cried brakkin inno
heiven tae the grun wheeshtminnieher faither telt her nae
micht the fifth commandment beminniehonour thy faither an thy
bin busy aa evenin washinminnies faither an dressin him
aa kent their ain staasminnies faither drew oot the
the back o beyont taeminnies faither hogmanay meant little
knowe tae jyne her thominnies faither niver cam richt
a queer mixture richt eneuchminnies faither on the sabbath
him an that wis foominnies faither sattled in steenhillock
tae be adjusted tae suitminnies faither stude like a
ye will be as weelminniewisna sure fa her faither
o milk tho they kentminniean trusted her sae it
in her thirties tho taeminnieat thirteen year auld aa
s winter storms o pneumoniaminniechittered tho her claes war
them throw the winter thominnies da cut less an
mcfarlan tho wis gled ominnies help as a monitor
fur it inside an ootminnietho wis dowpit doon afore
the toun strathbogie college thominniewis quicker on the uptakk
closed bi the weather thominniewore her mochles tae the
tae be grown up noominnied bin pit tae the
niver bin ma style raitherminniemoose an bambi than harry
neuk o the machar kirkminnies fowk had bin ower
piece an let us rinminnies fowk tuik the bairns
be skitters she prayed silentlyminnietuik scunner usin the dry
snaabaas an peltin his sisterminniewi them an tuik great
fitiver that meant an warnedminnieniver tae get ower close
ll tae ca cannie noominniean bide awa frae loons
tae bide wi her granminnieat trincomalee she wis still
rynes ootbye in the coortminniedidna bide lang efter her
families it wis naething furminnies da tae bide oot
fit she dis she teltminnieas miss mcfarlan gaed back
cattleman feenish aff the milkinminnies adored her da her
save the breet frae skytinminnies da ained five horse
tossin her lang blaik maneminnies da gaed roon tae
the hoose this mornin wiminnies da tae check on
the meenister an the beadleminnies da wis the maist
win shouldna blaw on herminnies ma an da hidna
an it didna fit inminnies plans that her da
first nicht sin iver thatminniecould myne that her mither
d deen t on purposeminniekeekit up at her mither
wealth at hauf by saxminnies mither cam in wi
eleyven o clock sune efterminnies mither sally an the
siclik an cryin at thairminnieti halp bot the mither
intae the stable afore himminniekent it widna be jist
an open the richt eenminniekent maist o the names
an pit doon his buikminniekent she d gaen ower
keep the fairy fowk awaminniekent that fires wad be
yon wis the wye thatminniekent that the monkeys war
could help it an luvminniekent wis like the great
rule over thee that muchminniekent wis true at dennertime
tae makk a hame furminniean himsel ae day he
abe verse fiftythree fiftythree versesminnieane fur ilkie year o
ll aa ken an hereminniecockit her lugs fur she
fit the fecht wis abootminniecudna richt myne fur the
them fur the nicht ginminnied deen weel at her
if push cam tae shoveminniedidna care muckle fur the
earth hoosie she cried anminniefollaed pechin fur the brae
fur the love o godminnieor jock dow ll finn
fur i willna leave yeminniepit the speen doon on
it wis the sabbath anminnies fowk war riggin fur
hung doon her heid furminnietae scrat her neck an
last takk care o themminnietakk care o them fur
her back bit it wisminniethat aabody wis wytin fur
a suit o armour furminniethat wis her faith an
yer sheen he leuch furminniewis bloomin shod in thick
fur a pianie lesson bitminniewis still ower roch in
be there fur a whylieminniewyded throw the snaa atween
wis five year aulder thanminnieane o the troot wallie
in the lead role ominniecooper syne it wis the
wis twa year aulder thanminniefowerteen year auld steenhillock wis
s back wis turned anminniegot a hett milk drink
wis fully as clean asminnieher peenie wis aye like
hae thocht it wis funnyminniejeloused piously a smaa voice
in the toon fauldie wisminnies favourite eenno he wad
little thocht o bi herminnies hair wis as thick
hoose wis far finer thanminnies hame on the ferm
he wis twinin ane ominnies lang black curls roon
efter the dookin wis daenminnies lang ringlets war weet
threids fae ma deid granminnies moo she wis the
the furry vratches o rubbitsminnies teacher wis staunin in
micht gyang barfit bit naeminnieshe wis weel shod and
it wis affa important taeminnietae say three forivers like
a day mornin an nichtminniewis auld eneuch noo at
o his sea chest tillminniewis auld eneuch tae wauk
tae scare awa the deevilminniewis dowpit doon cross leggit
an breid n butter syneminniewis left tae her ain
feenish the coorse breet affminniewis quate as a moose
tae their lang division anminniewis sent tae gar the
geegaws frae mantle an pressminniewis timmerin up a wee
o the knowe jist likeminniewis watchin noo dowpit doon
ma wis cryin on herminnieyer parritch is oot ye
up an catched up wiminniean ran on afore her
lost nae time in tellinminnieas she suppit her platie
tae her bosie she pushedminnieawa i dinna wint her
rashknockerty digger an euan macpheeminniecoontit silently in her heid
gies ye her aunty saidminniedidna think tae speir fit
wi shaddas an firelicht asminnieeidently howked at her neep
pig tae heat their bedminniefollaed her cousin up the
in a gairden hedge anminnielay quate on her side
floatit him doon the gutterminnieleuch miss mcfarlan heard her
heid o the knowe gartminnielowse the buttons on her
sma as a hairst mooseminnieluiked naethin like her she
cam her answer leave himminnieor ye ll wish ye
o her wee attic roomminnies een blinkit open a
piece o bried an jamminnies een traivelled ower her
mair peace god sakes mummlitminnies ma tae her twa
dye see t yet quinieminnieshook her heid the glaiss
plavver wi the caimb asminniesterted tae unbutton her blouse
she ll be that wearietminniestoppit caimbin her hair an
says they maun hae wirmsminniesuppit her sweet cocoa bit
caunle gutterin in her haunminnietraivelled the timmer stairs tae
some hae mair nur ithersminnieturned yon ower in her
basins in the milkhoose aforeminniewarssled her wye throw the
wi full milk cans anminniewid rin tae her windae
yer respecks taew the deidminniegaed ower first teetin ower
cudna bla on him wiminnieshe gaed throw the motions
sinsyne betsy gaed awye wiminnietuckit inno the belt o
bruised an mattit wi bluidminnies een flichtered open a
at the reef abeen yeminnies een traivelled up an
sherp preeens o een likeminnies ma s hat preen
ower the darg o educatinminniefirst aff they sat doon
ran doon the brae wiminniein his airms an up
wid lat doon its milkminnies hauns war steepit in
abeen an ootspreid newspaper becauseminniean the neep war ben
these flooers war unclean likeminniehersel barred frae the beasts
s steeny lair stop hodginminniean keep yer fingers straicht
an steek yer eenies saeminnieclimmed the stairs an knelt
heels like a restless sheltminniedearie dinna dee that yer
wi them sup yer parritchminnieyer ay ahin like the
rinnin fu o blaik breeminnieteetit at the burn ower
piece as dennertime won nearerminnies heid began tae stoon
intae the kitchie close atminnies heels humphin a creel
sae heich on the hillminniecudna makk oot fit tarry
pain at the fit ominnies wame grew waur she
aa the lans o leddrachminniecud see frae the tap
pitch his tunes sae lowminnieheard mrs baxter frae lower
the sabbath service as yetminniehidna sterted unpackin apairt frae
lined the waas an makkminnieread frae it scott an
ain i m closest taeminniean it s richt an
ta akse mi step midderminniepearson ta come tae mi
there yestreen he d puedminnies sledge tae the smiddy
rade tae widside tae letminnies uncle jim ken sae
wint ye tae promise meminniesweir tae me that ye
hauf up the hill likeminnietae catch the sun jist
dae ye nae ken onythingminniethe loons are tae jyne
staun up on the chairminnieup ye go noo that
near echt hunner year auldminnietak a teet at the
a weet lea rig saeminnielowpit the dyke an ran
sweir on betsy s lifeminnieswore richt then i heard
the earth hoosie first wiminnieclose ahin they crept in
glittery an fite wi frostminniehatit risin on frosty mornins
blue ribbons an they liftitminniegrippin the shaif ontae fauldie
mirrens thrappil an bene hirminnies an tirned it roun
it oot he d letminniehaud the hazel fork the
wiser that we re thereminniemindit a swatch o sang
ben nagarr fa s strongestminnieloons or quines thon s
earth it s fule bluidminnieorra div men bluid tee
t the futterat yawned inminnies airms its wee coorse
snoot in his muckle pawsminniestood up on a sack
lat it in at thonminnienear drappit the worsit aathegither
happit in a worsit teacosyminniesat on a polished mahognay
spray spray f1121: mickey andminnieoff the top shelf right
2004 diminishing lines poems 2004minniescots novella 2004 the dule
day we arrived our motherminnietook my brother stan and

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