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8 mins rest for 30minsknead 2 mins roll into
water mix knead for 8minsrest for 30 mins knead
for 30 mins knead 2minsroll into cylinder 9 x
with mincemeat cook for 20minsmake meringue from 2 egg
hr 350 for 45 60minsmincemeat pancakes 4 oz plain
3 325º bake for 30minson centre shelf mincemeat alaska
bake at 375 for 15minsand at 350 for 30
eggs beaten salt pepper 50minsat 375 blend and pour
edges together cook 20 25minsat 375 glazed apple apricot
with lasagne veg cook 30minsat 375 pleasure pie 1
case and bake for 40minsat 375 potatoes and tomato
with remaining cheese bake 30minsat 375 serve hot or
mins then 375 for 10minsratatouille 3 aubergines salt pepper
at 375 for 30 35minsserve hot or cold or
egg cook 425 for 30minsthen 375 for 10 mins
bake at 375 for 40minswholemeal biscuits for cheese 2
or reg 4 for 30minschicken salad for 12 2
f reg 7 for 40minsquiche lorraine 8 inch short
x 7 tins cook 20minsreg parsnips cut into
f reg 6 for 30minsscotch eggs 4 hard boiled
in oven reg 5 30minsserve w spinach and chips
or reg 7 for 15minsthen at 350 or reg
sprinkle over loaf bake 30minsat 350 apple ambrosia for
cake tin bake 50 60minsat 350 banana bread 6
of mixture cook 25 30minsat 350 dissolve 1 tbsp
sprinkle over topping bake 20minsat 350 hobbit log 4
greased casserole bake 20 30minsat 350 serve hot or
and at 350 for 30minsbread and butter pudding 2
at 350 for 45 50minscottage cheese loaf serves 3
at 350 for 60 70minsdecorate with whipped cream vinaigrette
bake at 350 for 45minsegg brunch 6 8 eggs
at 350 for 45 50minsin 12 x 9 x
bake at 350 for 45minsmushroom nut pilaf 4 tbsp
dish mark 4 350 10minsserve at once to whip
cook at 350 for 30minsspoon ¼ pt yoghurt over
2 eggs 5 30minschoc cakes 5 tablesp cocoanut
milk 5 380 30minspan cakes 1 ½ cups
butter bake 3 10minsreduce 2 1 hour
eggs beaten 5 15minssponge cake 5 ozs s
fontina dip cook 10 12mins1 tablesp butter french bread
potatoes diced add cook 5mins½ pt hot water 2
cook gently for 5 10mins2 cox s eating apples
cabbage add cook another 5mins8oz chopped walnuts 2 oz
sugar soak overnight cook 15minsadd 6 12 tablespoons brandy
mins boil pots for 10minsadd apple cook until tender
ingredients cook for 5 7minsadd cooked rice and seasoning
stirring constantly cook for 30minsadd meat veg rice boil
eggs cook gently about 10minsand blend with eggs butter
sprinkle cook for 25 30minsat 450 cottage cheese tomato
cook at 425 for 25minscarrot cake 3 oz dried
potatoes diced cooked cook 5minscool 2 oz butter 2
tightly cook for 10 12minsgame or turkey pie 1lb
browned breadcrumbs cook about 10minsin deep fat egg sausage
seasoning cook onions hazelnuts 5minsin hot oil stir in
wholemeal lasagne cook 10 15minsin salted boiling water cover
apples sliced add cook 10minsmix together with fork 6
oz raisins add cook 10minsmore 2 oz raisins 12
meatballs and cook for 10minsmore fig loaf 4 oz
quartered add cook c 5minspotato scones 4 oz plain
sugar cover cook 15 20minspour in cream heat proof
water and cook for 45minsthen drain well heat remaining
pieces cook for a fewminsthen plunge in cold water
water cook gently 5 10minstill soft pinch cinnamon 1
salt pepper add cook 30minstill thickened 8 oz mushrooms
salt pepper add boil 15mins½ pt milk add heat
low heat boil for 5minsadd coconut stir until it
bring to boil boil 20minsallow to cool slightly add
in butter slowly c 20minsboil pots for 10 mins
green pepper celery boil 5minschop onion apple mushrooms fry
apple fennel boil 15 20minscut each bulb in 4
condensed milk boil 15 20minsstirring continuously until it forms
and everything boil for 7minsthen beat coconut ice 1
over top 5 leave 30mins6 bake at 325 for
brush pastry bake for 30minsat 400 f mark 6
2 bake for 50 55minsat 400 mark 6 3
into circles bake 20minsat 400 potato chahkee 2
4 bake for 15 20minsat 450 salad dressing 1
bake at 325 for 20minsdumplings 4 oz sr flour
bake with lid on 40minsto serve 4 joint the
garlic crushed fry 2 3mins1 tblspn tomato puree spread
in butter low heat 10minsadd mushrooms fry then add
salted water for 3 4minsand drain quick fry ham
in lightly salted water 15minsfry onion and mince until
fry rice for 2 3minsin 2 tbsp oil cover
salt set aside for 30minsrinse drain dry fry aubergines
sprinkle with salt leave 30minspat dry 3 tblspns oil
saute in butter for fewminsadd little stock blend 1
little stock blend 1 2minstill w is finely chopped
red cabbage shredded blanch 3minsthen drain 2 tbsp oil
on 7 plate for 35minsat 400 f mark 6
at 400 for 20 25minsb b pudding 2 oz
allow to stand for 30mins½ pt milk 4 oz
pt port over goose 15minsbefore end of cooking time
saucepan add stock simmer 7minsadd cream reheat but don
½ milk beat for 5minsadd remainder of milk leave
grapefruit melon deseeded grapes 30minsbef serving add slimline g
add simmer for 40 50minscool puree in blender reheat
add simmer uncovered for 15minsprawn foo yong 8 oz
drop vanilla essence 4 30minsyogurt loaf 1 carton yogurt
veg except tomatoes simmer 10mins1 green pepper cut into
pepper pinch sugar simmer 30minsbitkis ¼ pint cold water
to mixture simmer 25 30minscottage dressing substitute for mayonnaise
juice simmer gently for 45minsleek and potato soup 2
and simmer gently 15 20minsplace macaroni and mince in
salt pepper simmer for 30minspuree in blender serve garnished
all wine simmer for 2minsremove from heat whisk in
onions chopped simmer for 30minssieve discard skins 2 oz
juice orange simmer for 30minsstirring frequently 5 fl oz
croutons simmer stock onion 20minsstrain off process some of
cover and simmer for 5minsstrain with boiling water boston
to time for about 40minscan be reheated pineapple pepper
over low heat for 20minsgreen red pepper quiche 8oz
over fruit stand for 10mins2 oz chopped peanuts 2
onion peppers for about 10minsbeat eggs with milk then
sealed hot oven for 5mins1lb mixed dried fruit apricots
place in oven for 10minschicken wings in black bean
in moderate oven for 20minstransfer to serving dish keep
leave in fridge for 20mins2 large eggs 1 tspn
over low heat for fewminsgarnish with parsley bits eggs
the flight was delayed 45minsdue to luggage delays at
tray d 350º 15 20minsstick together with butter icing
sugar mixer beater 2 3minsstop when stiff or butter
1 2 hrs beat 10minsfilling 1 lb sausages 1
pint milk beat for 5minsstand for 1 2 hrs
cut into chips roast 10minsfrom end coat with mixture
stop and repetitively for 20minsapparently turning our trek into
the ice for about 20minsbecause i was late in
crushed to bits first 20minsof game tynecastle no more
in covered pan for 20minsstrain off most of liquid
company train late by 50mins11 tuesday plenty of work
put into fridge until 35minsbef roast has finish cooking
mark 6 400ºf 30 35minspuffy golden on top avocado
bruce negotiated for about 30minsto get us in while
cake leave to cool 10minsbefore turning out bean shoot
station which is about 10minsdrive away anyway i d
etc fat for 3 5minsto seal 5 place in

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