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the wrang side o fortymissmcfarlan an ill naturet worrit
o this sma empire wismissmcfarlan as dour an nippit
dis she telt minnie asmissmcfarlan gaed back tae her
doon the gutter minnie leuchmissmcfarlan heard her up she
the wattery bein feart omissmcfarlan maist o the time
like this tippency haepenny fleapitmissmcfarlan s jist a glorifeed
trailed roon tae bell timemissmcfarlan said grace an her
ran throwe the catechisms synemissmcfarlan screived a heeze o
an the chuckens as pupilsmissmcfarlan tho wis gled o
their tables in a neukmissmcfarlan tuik up the tings
the hill station a certainmissvining hired fur a tour
the ghaistly veesior hid vanishedmissvining lay sterk on the
twa wikks the day thatmissvining left natalie ran tae
a cosie supper fur twamissvining left wi the planter
new preen on the uptakkmissvining made a terrible fuss
a year ower echt bitmissvining maned an squalloched in
the events leading up tomissvining s arrival in the
her heid clean turned bimissvining s flattery hid stown
o the planters wives bitmissvining sang weel eneuch tae
back she wis booin owermissvining skirl efter skirl tore
they war left ahin bitmissvining sugared the peel an
nuns hid named her nataliemissvining telt her it wis
a dreich winter s nichtmissvining the patient wis bonnie
thon clean ooto her heidmissvining tho hid ither ideas
fair thrang thegither natalie anmissvining thon twa wikks the
ludged there as weel weelmissvining tuik a room yonner
an it wis arranged thatmissvining wad spenn her hinmaist
club efter deliverin the bairnmissvining wis jist feenishin her
again three wikks efter finmissvining wis ridin the high
phil gallie mr nick johnstonmissannabel goldie alex fergusson bill
phil gallie mr nick johnstonmissannabel goldie alex fergusson bill
mr kenny macaskill alex fergussonmissannabel goldie ben wallace s1m
years richly deserve supported bymissannabel goldie bill aitken mr
june supported by john youngmissannabel goldie bill aitken mr
douglas hamilton mrs lyndsay mcintoshmissannabel goldie bruce crawford bill
lodged on 15 march 2001missannabel goldie david mcletchie ian
harding alex fergusson s1m 72missannabel goldie decentralisation that the
alex neil convener bill butlermissannabel goldie deputy convener marilyn
ms margo macdonald alex johnstonemissannabel goldie dr elaine murray
nick johnston mr david davidsonmissannabel goldie dr sylvia jackson
for mr george reid andmissannabel goldie for john young
fergus ewing dr elaine murraymissannabel goldie john swinney convener
davidson phil gallie david mundellmissannabel goldie john young ben
mr murray tosh alex fergussonmissannabel goldie lord james douglas
adam scott barrie cathie craigiemissannabel goldie margaret jamieson mr
nick johnston mrs lyndsay mcintoshmissannabel goldie mary scanlon mr
27 against 74 abstentions 1missannabel goldie moved amendment s1m
am 1 scotch whisky industrymissannabel goldie moved s1m 2833
brian monteith mrs lyndsay mcintoshmissannabel goldie mr david davidson
mr murray tosh alex johnstonemissannabel goldie mr david davidson
johnstone alex fergusson mary scanlonmissannabel goldie mr jamie mcgrigor
aitken lord james douglas hamiltonmissannabel goldie mr jamie mcgrigor
colin campbell mr brian monteithmissannabel goldie mrs lyndsay mcintosh
mcleod andrew wilson michael mathesonmissannabel goldie nick johnston kay
mr david davidson bill aitkenmissannabel goldie nick johnston mary
the subject of s1m 2260missannabel goldie rural economy and
on 13th may supported bymissannabel goldie s1m 2 mr
lodged on 6 february 2003missannabel goldie s1m 3868 paisley
of alterations made s1m 72missannabel goldie that the parliament
scottish economy s1m 4057 2missannabel goldie the scottish economy
scottish economy s1m 4057 2missannabel goldie the scottish economy
s1o 5784 6 withdrawn 7missannabel goldie to ask the
national consultation s1o 6406 26missannabel goldie to ask the
last six months s1w 34387missannabel goldie to ask the
local authority area s1w 28510missannabel goldie to ask the
and operate projects s1w 19432missannabel goldie to ask the
april 2002 s1o 4892 4missannabel goldie to ask the
strategy document s1o 2729 22missannabel goldie to ask the
in each case s1w 19438missannabel goldie to ask the
to scotland s1o 430 2missannabel goldie to ask the
for 2002 03 s1w 34386missannabel goldie to ask the
dock for maintenance s1w 19425missannabel goldie to ask the
within the department s1w 32842missannabel goldie to ask the
in scotland s1o 3271 13missannabel goldie to ask the
for each authority s1w 19426missannabel goldie to ask the
march 2002 s1o 4941 13missannabel goldie to ask the
and chief executive s1w 34727missannabel goldie to ask the
many have benefited s1w 19431missannabel goldie to ask the
a smart successful scotland 4missannabel goldie west of scotland
some questions on essential servicesmissannabel goldie west of scotland
directorate of clerking and reportingmissannabel goldie west of scotland
major challenge to our universitiesmissannabel goldie west of scotland
central scotland snp deputy convenermissannabel goldie west of scotland
of the uk labour administrationmissannabel goldie west of scotland
central scotland snp deputy convenermissannabel goldie west of scotland
point that she has mademissannabel goldie west of scotland
an opportunity to show leadershipmissannabel goldie west of scotland
and community care meetings 11missannabel goldie west of scotland
smith north east fife ldmissannabel goldie west of scotland
craigie cumbernauld and kilsyth labmissannabel goldie west of scotland
mid scotland and fife snpmissannabel goldie west of scotland
is delivering that 16 44missannabel goldie west of scotland
sector in scotland 16 12missannabel goldie west of scotland
gallie south of scotland conmissannabel goldie west of scotland
trish west renfrewshire lab goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
south of scotland con goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
trish west renfrewshire lab goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
south of scotland con goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
south of scotland con goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
trish west renfrewshire lab goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
south of scotland con goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
trish west renfrewshire lab goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
mr kenneth glasgow snp goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
trish west renfrewshire lab goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
gillon karen clydesdale lab goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
mr kenneth glasgow snp goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
trish west renfrewshire lab goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
trish west renfrewshire lab goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
mr kenneth glasgow snp goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
mr kenneth glasgow snp goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
trish west renfrewshire lab goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
south of scotland con goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
scotland and fife con goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
trish west renfrewshire lab goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
mr kenneth glasgow snp goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
mr kenneth glasgow snp goldiemissannabel west of scotland con
blue rating muir russell yesmissgoldie and loganair muir russell
because they were lifeline servicesmissgoldie are lighthouses covered in
one of your earlier questionsmissgoldie as an ex staff
provide the training 11 15missgoldie as i said duncan
the 40 day consideration periodmissgoldie as i understand it
all health boards in scotlandmissgoldie babies not a matter
about the price of premisesmissgoldie because of the locations
the convener yes it ismissgoldie but what is the
office and the cabinet officemissgoldie do we know when
areas but about remoter areasmissgoldie duncan mcneil and i
invite responses to those pointsmissgoldie fiona hyslop has drawn
to the wind up nowmissgoldie george lyon has alluded
service and the enterprise companiesmissgoldie given our earlier discussions
escalating seriousness of any situationmissgoldie given that mr mcleish
that arise from the millenniummissgoldie have any shortcomings emerged
get this right between usmissgoldie have the planning arrangements
working in the area affectedmissgoldie have the plans been
muir russell yes 14 45missgoldie how rigorous were the
is what craig calls itmissgoldie how tempting laughter i
checking that has been donemissgoldie i acknowledge what you
additional test on 9 decembermissgoldie i am grateful to
are no such problems theremissgoldie i am not sure
that was in mid octobermissgoldie i am sorry for
around in it with amissgoldie i am talking about
be stronger as a resultmissgoldie i applaud the first
which should get mixed upmissgoldie i do not necessarily
that is not an argumentmissgoldie i do not object
of advertising others attract lessmissgoldie i gather from your
in a fairly narrow rangemissgoldie i notice that your
be freedom to advertise itmissgoldie i presume that advertising
have quite the right attitudemissgoldie i should emphasise that
the committee was discussing earliermissgoldie i suggest that the
donald gorrie is that sensiblemissgoldie i suppose that it
whether to annul the instrumentmissgoldie i suppose that that
of high employment for scotlandmissgoldie i thank the first
road as is reasonably possiblemissgoldie i thank you and
from the borders as wellmissgoldie i think that there
could write to the ministermissgoldie i was going to
that there is no problemmissgoldie i would like to
on tobacco advertising 09 45missgoldie if the bill were
up against a great bigmissgoldie if this measure succeeds
test again on 9 decembermissgoldie in the meantime is
is doing in the marketplacemissgoldie is it your belief
enterprise and lifelong learning committeemissgoldie is with us this
them to be more assertivemissgoldie it goes deeper than
to be rude as wellmissgoldie it is not a
in the north western highlandsmissgoldie it was not southern
our longer term work programmemissgoldie long term scottish population
wales the other thing ismissgoldie may i intervene for
are regarded as entirely okaymissgoldie mr mcleish was as
to the emergency planning arrangementsmissgoldie mr russell i refer
for people to be trainedmissgoldie my recollection is that
companies give you any ideasmissgoldie no i must confess
sent somewhere to be trainedmissgoldie no the training was
get through all the questionsmissgoldie point two in paragraph
that crisis in response tomissgoldie s point about the
to the earlier part ofmissgoldie s question members go
been set out and checkedmissgoldie so you are satisfied
term for it to considermissgoldie thank you public petitions
johnson and who was boswellmissgoldie that is a difficult
that is an insult tomissgoldie that is another issue
ensure that they are readymissgoldie that is helpful did
a lot cheaper than londonmissgoldie that is right there
areas that you visited annabelmissgoldie that takes us back
the number of days slightlymissgoldie the 40 day period
liaison on the millennium bugmissgoldie the bunker will be
was however resistance to sellingmissgoldie the final sentence of
those shortcomings craig russell indeedmissgoldie the uk civil contingencies
allow a rise in consumptionmissgoldie the underground market would
approach the matter 09 45missgoldie there are two issues
providing the service self employedmissgoldie there was a technical
clerk yes that is truemissgoldie we should therefore delete
with that muir russell yesmissgoldie what about the wider
12 february and 19 februarymissgoldie when is our away
of detail held things upmissgoldie why was the loganair
that exercise craig russell nomissgoldie would not that have
am not answering your questionmissgoldie you are because my
what the industry is doingmissgoldie you used the word
real difference in that regardmissgoldie your main concern is
that the class have hadmisswood and andy feels safe
bear that geordie is watchingmisswood and chewing openly he
as for ever he likesmisswood and everybody in the
horrible face fiona behave saysmisswood and pamela faces the
secret she looks up atmisswood and pamela who are
to be paying attention tomisswood and the reading that
desk fiona is gazing atmisswood and then at pamela
pamela and then back atmisswood andy drifts off into
now try that yourself saysmisswood andy tries still holding
pitch after a muddy gamemisswood announces that today s
full he does not hearmisswood approaching what are you
pin down that day whenmisswood belted me for the
he sneaks a look atmisswood but she is still
he s a kilmarnock supportermisswood calls for silence and
a now his very ownmisswood can t stop him
crayon tastes dusty and nastymisswood comes round just as
faints but it is onlymisswood dropping the lid of
and holds his haipny tightmisswood gave geordie the strap
their finger at the placemisswood has a strap and
end of the reading lessonmisswood has gone back to
he doesn t notice thatmisswood has started at the
doesn t want to askmisswood if he may leave
uneven he looks up andmisswood is arriving at his
him and looks round fearfullymisswood is coming she looks
it for months and monthsmisswood is far away and
bell goes at last butmisswood is slow about letting
their way home to dinnermisswood is taking her time
wood s on the blackboardmisswood isn t looking she
new world after the warmisswood made a face behind
reader and what s worsemisswood may move him down
trouble over that capital amisswood prefers the capital a
who died for us andmisswood reads it in a
blind and deaf with terrormisswood returns goes straight to
7s almost as good asmisswood s on the blackboard
is pamela and she ismisswood s pet always going
others might think he wasmisswood s pet but the
and they come out likemisswood s so he does
swallow it without chewing ifmisswood saw him chewing during
breathing careless boy he hearsmisswood saying crossly she is
away from geordie now fionamisswood says and fiona stands
macmillan is slow but suremisswood says but she ll
of as so quickly thatmisswood says go on to
the same size just asmisswood says he should he
properly and does exactly whatmisswood says he writes a
has to be specially carefulmisswood says his pencil wobbles
geordie or anyone else childrenmisswood says look at robb
to himself or to mothermisswood says speak up and
he reads two sentences andmisswood says that will do
and on the wall chartsmisswood says things like that
at the exact moment thatmisswood says wake up robb
will hide under the mattressmisswood sends andy back to
is a teacher himself saysmisswood should be boss in
t like him to hatemisswood so he doesn t
you re soft on hermisswood tells everyone to open
up properly and gazes atmisswood then she kicks pamela
page he looks up atmisswood to make sure she
never mind the flower thatmisswood told them to draw
write the round a butmisswood turns a blind eye
his finger on the placemisswood usually starts with the
up straight enough to pleasemisswood which is very straight
to sit there it wasmisswood who made him andy
clype but she doesn tmisswood will catch fiona one
an eye on the placemisswood will tell him to
and sniffs fiona looks atmisswood with a sweet expression
e [censored: surname] dr l [censored: surname]missa [censored: surname] 1 apologies for
c [censored: surname] miss a [censored: surname]missa [censored: surname] 2 minutes of
s [censored: surname] miss c [censored: surname]missa [censored: surname] miss a [censored: surname]
the chair mrs s [censored: surname]missa [censored: surname] miss m [censored: surname]
for absence dr l [censored: surname]missa m [censored: surname] and miss
and the president felt thatmissann [censored: surname] being one of
presented by the president tomissann [censored: surname] to honour her
miss a m [censored: surname] andmissc [censored: surname] 2 minutes of
n [censored: surname] mrs m [censored: surname]missc [censored: surname] 6 notelets the
everyone will bring tea towelsmissc [censored: surname] and mrs e
m [censored: surname] miss s [censored: surname]missc [censored: surname] miss a [censored: surname]
s [censored: surname] mrs k [censored: surname]missc [censored: surname] mrs a [censored: surname]
p [censored: surname] mrs k [censored: surname]missc [censored: surname] mrs j [censored: surname]
k [censored: surname] mrs e [censored: surname]missc [censored: surname] vicki [censored: surname] and
will bring kettle and extensionmissc [censored: surname] will bring flask
11 election of committee membersmisscatriona [censored: surname] replaces mrs kirsty
applause next meeting music bymiss[censored: forename] [censored: surname] tea rota [censored: forename]
cover suitably mounted addressed tomiss[censored: forename] [censored: surname] the society s
table display the president invitedmiss[censored: forename] [censored: surname] to present her
so she must have showedmiss[censored: surname] an aa did she
tick off names selling itemsmiss[censored: surname] and miss [censored: surname] mrs
made it m1108: mummy ermmiss[censored: surname] and mrs [censored: surname] f1107:
m1108: no f1107: no justmiss[censored: surname] and mrs [censored: surname] hey
also mrs [censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname]miss[censored: surname] and mrs [censored: surname] mrs
i got this eh teach-miss[censored: surname] and the first day
elderly guests 1965 and 1948miss[censored: surname] and the vice president
mrs [censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname] andmiss[censored: surname] as our guests march
ll sing that one formiss[censored: surname] f1117: and fitt aboot
in the junior school f638: miss[censored: surname] f637: aye f638: she
[laugh] f835: who s thatmiss[censored: surname] f833: [laugh] f834: [laugh]
s name and he saidmiss[censored: surname] f963: [laugh] so it
i said do you remembermiss[censored: surname] f963: mm f965: at
not happy f835: for youmiss[censored: surname] for another year nah
fine covers brought back bymiss[censored: surname] from a pilgrimage to
mrs [censored: surname] still needs driversmiss[censored: surname] gave two possible names
so he remembered me asmiss[censored: surname] he didn t remember
will also find out frommiss[censored: surname] if school is available
committee to our new membermiss[censored: surname] letters m [censored: surname] said
sing at nursery i thinkmiss[censored: surname] likes singing songs f1118:
no f1097: er mrs [censored: surname]miss[censored: surname] m1098: nae there f1097:
f637: mmhm f638: a teachermiss[censored: surname] m608: aye f638: well
[censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname] miss [censored: surname]miss[censored: surname] margery [censored: surname] and evelyn
and mrs [censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname]miss[censored: surname] miss [censored: surname] margery [censored: surname]
[censored: surname] mr and mrs [censored: surname]miss[censored: surname] miss [censored: surname] mr mrs
3 pm committee members iemiss[censored: surname] miss [censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname]
and mrs [censored: surname] miss [censored: surname]miss[censored: surname] mr mrs [censored: surname] and
as follows on the doormiss[censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname] and mrs
committee members ie miss [censored: surname]miss[censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname]
miss what was she calledmiss[censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname] nuh she
mrs [censored: surname] will look aftermiss[censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname] will look
mrs [censored: surname] will look aftermiss[censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname] will look
selling items miss [censored: surname] andmiss[censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname] will sell
f638: right well i hadmiss[censored: surname] no the gym teacher
f1107: aye but but wasmiss[censored: surname] on the floor m1108:
present her display on musicmiss[censored: surname] opened her display by
clue who she was likemiss[censored: surname] please accompany back to
metal labels were too bigmiss[censored: surname] reported that some of
had also been enriched bymiss[censored: surname] s commentary vote of
you ll need to tellmiss[censored: surname] that you hae korma
was that he did tomiss[censored: surname] the day m1108: he
f834: [inaudible] f835: time thatmiss[censored: surname] turned round in class
the following morning to schoolmiss[censored: surname] will bring back silver
far corner of reception suitemiss[censored: surname] will look after mr
will look after lorna [censored: surname]miss[censored: surname] will look after rev
mrs [censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname] andmiss[censored: surname] will orgainise the purchase
the swimming club secretary andmiss[censored: surname] with regard to the
mrs s [censored: surname] asst treasurermissm [censored: surname] membership secy mrs
s [censored: surname] miss a [censored: surname]missm [censored: surname] miss n [censored: surname]
a [censored: surname] mrs j [censored: surname]missm [censored: surname] miss s [censored: surname]
president secretary mrs e [censored: surname]missm [censored: surname] mrs a [censored: surname]
f [censored: surname] dr l [censored: surname]missm [censored: surname] mrs e [censored: surname]
mrs s [censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname]missm [censored: surname] mrs f [censored: surname]
for absence miss t [censored: surname]missm [censored: surname] mrs m [censored: surname]
a [censored: surname] mrs f [censored: surname]missm [censored: surname] mrs p [censored: surname]
the evening visit 9th maymissm [censored: surname] reported that a
s [censored: surname] and seconded bymissm [censored: surname] the president thanked
the seating plan assisted bymissm [censored: surname] who volunteeered to
a [censored: surname] miss m [censored: surname]missn [censored: surname] mrs a [censored: surname]
j [censored: surname] mrs a [censored: surname]missn [censored: surname] mrs a [censored: surname]
k [censored: surname] and seconded bymissn [censored: surname] the president then
to the committe from membersmissn [censored: surname] very thoughtfully brought
etc from car into hallmissn [censored: surname] volunteered to bring
j [censored: surname] miss m [censored: surname]misss [censored: surname] miss c [censored: surname]
susan [censored: surname] leave the committeemisssally [censored: surname] mrs alison [censored: surname]
[censored: surname] 1 apologies for absencemisst [censored: surname] miss m [censored: surname]
[censored: surname] 1 apologies for absencemisst [censored: surname] mrs f [censored: surname]
will bring a tray bakemisst [censored: surname] will bring new
using a valuer known tomissy [censored: surname] the president and
a finnie mr a jeansmissa garden miss m allan
you usually move from saymissa s class to miss
two former arbuthnott school pupilsmissadeline j preddy and miss
at mongoldrum the teachers weremissarchibald from cluseburn miss wishart
miss a s class tomissb s but m608: mmhm
miss the byre an imissbenjy even tho ma says
miss anderson that mothered usmissbrodie that amused miss callum
in copeland road school withmisscalder and miss gardon they
us miss brodie that amusedmisscallum wi her adenoids jock
would be leaving the areamisscrichton miss ferrier applied for
membership of the guild 1940missdouglas resigned and miss riddoch
were miss thompson miss kerrmisse maclean and miss n
miss adeline j preddy andmisselizabeth bannerman had both graduated
leaving the area miss crichtonmissferrier applied for the post
school with miss calder andmissgardon they were great teachers
a cuddle ah div missmisshir eilidh sobbing eildh ah
miss hubbard m1108: that smisshubbard and postman s giving
s i think that smisshubbard m1108: that s miss
may at 1 10 inmissjennings room miss jennings was
10 in miss jennings roommissjennings was in the chair
staff present were miss thompsonmisskerr miss e maclean and
a jeans miss a gardenmissm allan mr a reid
far miss mcbain wis wytinmissmcbain wi her nails aa
aff tae the skweel farmissmcbain wis wytin miss mcbain
receives a cuddle ah divmissmiss hir eilidh sobbing eildh
sharp ee spottit my meevementmissmiss there s something in
kerr miss e maclean andmissn maclean the representatives of
1940 miss douglas resigned andmissriddoch was asked to undertake
miss the coos an imissthe byre an i miss
here a wee whylie imissthe coos an i miss
ee spottit my meevement missmissthere s something in the
members of staff present weremissthompson miss kerr miss e
the googly eyed teacher f940: misswhat was she called miss
were miss archibald from cluseburnmisswishart and the dominie was
homework was tip top formisswest at the last sunday
say truth is except formisswest my art teacher no
academic yeir ay mrs paxtonmisscameron s sister played the
brechin mrs madge laing inverberviemissnellie riddoch kilternan mr arch
brechin mrs madge laing inverberviemissnellie riddoch kilternan mr arch
school told her teacher pleasemissa slept in ma mither
the road [note: photo: 'mrs doreen black.'] our teachermissallan came from laurencekirk and
same teacher i d amissarbuckle and eh i remember
up our parcels the teachermissarchibald asked us to put
my geography teacher i saidmissbannister why is it over
school day snippets and memoriesmissbuchan a teacher treated toothache
git marriet i dizember 1937misscameron the heid teacher exerceesed
speired fit the art teachermisslees micht think o this
wis doonhill aa the wyemissmoss the history teacher maun
began fin oor history teachermissmoss wis gaun ower the
care fur yon english teachermissrubislaw an plottit ma revenge
the infant teacher wis aemissscott whae a mynd on
for sentence beginnings for instancemisssmith is a nice teacher
complained to her teacher pleasemissyon laddie hut me when
dae as she wis biddenmissmaisie c address the midden
a few years n bmissj macdonald braemar gaelic speaker
them sadie david and susanmisshim too the good things
hit ye oneywey carolanne imissthem sadie david and susan
the giraffe make yourself comfortablemisstroy david decided was a
her demon and her friendmissalki s one familiar there
haed music her name wasmiss[?]billcliff[/?] eh oh she wis
her breest an a llmissda tilfer underfit da gunwale
striding behind and past hermissfrobisher take over the lesson
she no there wad hemissher an aft she sighs
no f1107: eh do youmissher m1108: aye f1107: aye
stroke she was 87 imissher very much but as
provide itself with alternative amusementmissjambongris produced her clarinet and
us for never heeding rulesmissjohnson in her spotty frocks
to her desk and saymissleith i m really sorry
knew i was frightened andmissleith just popped her head
to her contribution dost archivemissmacgregor was required to rough
it was agreed to givemissmargaret jamieson 3 for her
damage was done well donemissmarple and her assistant eric
good counsel after a whilemissmartha arranged for her to
for henry bein a ministermissmccorkindale certainly never bothered her
scots when it was finishedmissmckie clapped her hands and
scots when it wis feenishedmissmckie clappit her hauns an
down beside her and frightenedmissmuffet away [pages turning] right can
but little about the scenerymisspat s voice is her
proprietor of a fish restaurantmisspat with her endearing peculiarities
smith senior and her sistermisssmith junior when she first
their christian names mabel wasmisssmith senior and her sister
can mind at a butmissthom wi her long hair
to another department you willmissworking with her but hopefully
i m s- f829: imissabout orkney though the wide
a big mistake although imisshome and i m missing
41 years as church officermissm eccles was proposed as
time erm i-i- i llmissthose out cause i m
own pause i know imissyou too i m trying
mr paterson do any objectivesmissa target or have we
a creel on his backmissbell and mr willie steven
mr scott satisfy your curiositymissporteous he fog horned have
of three sunday school teachersmissbetsy johnston dencroft cottage drumlithie
legs twisting with shyness tomisshutchings nursery school a primer
day at school when whenmissleith ran me back f631:
building scotland bill we willmissan opportunity if the executive
the rest of scotland willmissout on much potential unless
she s affy sweirt taemissa day she hates a
mistress sad fedor not amissbecause she was a widow
she is getting on sincemisscalder died did you get
she tuik a new namemisscaroline farquharson gordon of finzean
ained a fite kittlin wismissemily gray mebbe she wid
didn t think she dmissit now she ll get
because they cause flat feetmissjennings told us that she
a really really nice personmissleith and she was really
the congregation when she retiredmissmargaret jamieson was organist in
some taught well enough butmissmcwhat inspired she wheedled urged
she swallowed some around 1933missogilvie lodged with the mathiesons
eyes which absorb every detailmisspat as she was nicknamed
she l be a sairmissshe haesna feinisht lairnin me
too guid a chance taemissshe was rich and she
ower fae scenic beauty shemisst oot on oor first
wantit she said she dmissthese conversations if i didna
person thinking he was gypitmisstroy frowned no she said
wi him as she dmisswho wants to be a
the estate of the latemissbisset amounted after death duties
last reports etc i willmissit after twenty years but
his note book after playtimemisswoods reads a story it
awbodie than ti him wemissan ilk til ilkane lords
man doesnt deserve this imisshim a lot but i
was nice too you llmisshim danny grampa dan said
a character and i llmisshim he looks like a
wee budgie died i fairlymisshim how are you both
ate ma ain yestreen ahmisshim noo that mate o
braw as disraeli naebody wadmisshim ooto the pages o
look quick or you llmisshim see another s there
concerning that morning i stillmisshim very much as we
must have had you willmisshim very much so many
mind mind big tumshie thomsonmissloudon poked him wi the
ready for him he coudnamissthaim a d hae duin
wish ye wis ma mithermissat the same time i
davis whae wis sib taemissdavies sei a pages 147
d named the street wismissemily gray s brither bulldug
the phone wis solomon poochmissgray s angora pussy cat
cam wydin doon the streetmissgray wis aff the phone
hung on tither their ainermissmcfadyn wis spikkin poetry slowly
do not want us tomissanything out ms white we
two minutes silence and honmissarbuthnott gave us each an
wrong button may we havemissboyack s sound back please
please you have it backmissboyack sarah boyack i had
your front wheel would maybemissit but your back end
back to any that imissout the executive thinks that
back scoored an scrattit fiaemissrubislaw aiberdeen s answer tae
purpose do you not findmissbeaumont that your life has
that where s your teethmisspiggy kermit the frog i
your address how they allmisssheena we were such a
up excuse me madam ormisswhere are your needles threads
to your work f1103: imissyou when i go to
his eyes i know youmissyour pals and your fitba
kay iia a picturesque charactermissgracie paterson may be described
may i be o assistancemissi d like fine tae
gyos but a ll nomissda factor s graspin haand
s away so he llmissit will he f1122: aye
done soon or you llmissthe chance again you don
it that way you llmissthe double bill repeats of
ll jist ha e taemissthe jiggin the nicht bessie
some time i ll justmissthe rush if i get
to teach and i llmissthem i think i also
aw tae soon ye llmissyon puffy gosamer clouds or
hear me then one daymisshutchings went to my grandfather
frs payne docherty arr withmisskennedy 21 monday grand day
playgroup the day f1102: [exhale]misspolly had a dolly f1101:
two ways to put thismisscoutts no two ways at
i don t want tomisstwo weeks of classes so
what i propose we willmissa golden opportunity to put
parties and i will trulymissall members i will even
passion and wit i willmissand dr winnie ewing who
all members i will evenmissduncan mcneil s cheery wee
in the community we willmissmarjorie who has worked hard
of the timetable we willmissthe opportunity to input our
and the children sadie imissye believe me things will
is still in existence todaymissarchibald new biggin was the
jeans cut the cake asmissarchibald was unable to be
estate when the laird wasmissbuchan bairns have wonderful imaginations
was chosen but in 1934misscrichton reported that the organ
resumed playing the organ asmissd jeans was going to
concert was a great successmissd paton the future celebrated
t it f640: it wasmiss[?]hamell[/?] f638: and mind mind
seed section was sweetly honeyedmisshutchings was tiny frail and
a cousin o hers widnamissit for it was there
minister in the role ofmisskitty was a delight jackie
with eh that night withmissleith erm so he was
hotel with joan hickson asmissmarple was showing on tv
turned into an academy wasmissmary b smith known to
richt at the front undermissmccorkindale s nose which was
the plainest jane was magicmissmcwhat of maybe fifty through
used to sit in whilemissoxley was away i can
sections and raised 4 1937missstewart was presented with a
oh we never liked tomissthe entertainment besides it was
situated in the chancel andmisswebster from the kirkton was
was saying things like ehmissye re awfy like ma
so that you didn tmissan important match final or
bar the door against temptationmissbeaumont you don t mean
like he doesn t notmissclasses but f1049: right m1048:
nice game isn t itmisshelen troy produced a booklet
turn up how i shallmissit but one can t
m1048: but he wouldn tmissit ehm f1049: dan s
f940: [laugh] m942: [laugh] imisst v m939: one of
t ye no furget taemissthe mantelpiece cumin up ye
sugar and they wouldn tmissthem er didn t know
shook his head he saidmisspolly [inaudible] to bed f1101:
from drumyocher every week tomissalexander in laurencekirk who sent
adenoids jock donald who confusedmissesk that ruled the corridors
china shop in montrose calledmissfindlater who could help find
i never thought i dmissit so it s an
september fallaen the retiral omissl d cameron whae hed
d aa be sweirt taemissthis daily lark o hou
fitba aye but well imissmy man when he s
at parkside with my auntmissrose oxley when my aunt
gane are the days amissthem sair when witches flew
ve niver kent ye dinnamissan i can tell ye
i would not like tomissanother opportunity to have a
it a shot i stillmisscarole a lot i saved
recount da bravery i sallmissda beach at sheens lik
na far mair i sallmissda sicht o a ranksman
bismar s reckonin i sallmissda simmers on da outer
to receive the letter frommissdoig at the meeting i
know f639: and i domissehm going to a christmas
likes the social i widnamissit chrissie you missed maist
[laugh] i never i nevermissit f835: an then they
been loved so i widnaemissit mibbe ye thought i
and ehm yes i didmissit mmhm f746: oh yeah
almost to herself i divmissit ye ken maist o
it none of you wouldmissme if i did a
what i found this heymissmeet [?]it's hanging up[/?] f1089: mm yes
ging to my bed andmissmidnicht on hogmanay i ken
the sick bit carolanne imissmy children sadie i should
you say f1103: oh imissmy little girl i say
keeps me busy times imissmy mither but i can
a radio cassette player imissmy music well several things
an comfortless warld did imissonythin last wikk speired nava
muppets it s kermit andmisspiggy i used to watch
good at all and imissquite a bit the grassmarket
i likit aa the fowkmissrubislaw didna fan we read
are affa kind bit imissthe fir widdie already tho
m1021: oh no no imissthe grassmarket very fondly actually
effort na na i cannamissthe great pairty are you
and mice for company imissthe open air he told
petrol coming home and imissthe rangers match september 1
and being like oh imissyou and m944: [laugh] have
my work f1104: no imissyou fann you go to
the little lamb he birssledmissbruce wi a bunsen burner
you later he storms outmissfrob thomas edward what have
banquo he s a sairmisshere the nicht a wush
mathiesons had a son whilemissogilvie lodged there and he
the interview he had tomissout going to a disco
welcome since the president wouldmissthis meeting as he would
the myth of my dumbnessmisshutchings went triumphant to grandfather
difficult question my mother rewardedmisshutchings with a hand of
naebody nooadays likit his novelsmissrubislaw didna like my essays
got a christmas card frommisscalder s sister katie but
a butterfly thomas a mochmissfrobisher it s deid but
laing but what has thismisshislop been doing in america
types in plenty but ahmissma meat an feel a
rocks stars say but theymissthe point of living in
see them they do notmissand hit the wall as
proposed as organ blower 1953missh riddoch resumed playing the
hinna got the application asmissmccorkindale used to say using
their exact position as regardsmisspaterson and with all their
cctv so as not tomissthe moment of transformation into
on the communion table 1924misswebster resigned as organist as
a desire to enter themissworld contest as an aspiration
thomas throws the mouse outmissfrob knocking and entering excuse
sort of f1151: mmhm f1150: missout on anything that you
missed ain out did wemissthat one out silly me
you had m635: mm m636: missa for maybe one year
years and if you andmissa were not the best
yeah f606: what do youmissabout orkney then f829: oh
are you going to tellmiss[censored: forename] you like baby yogurts
it s hail and farewellmisscoutts hail and farewell you
in a spider s webmissfrob thomas edward you are
know if y- if youmissit you just you have
and hyde through you knowmissjean brodie bein a descendant
witness to this you toomissmartha and let deana come
skies are the things youmissmmhm f606: mmhm f829: the
derk forby macbeth dinna youmissoor feast nou banquo yeir
butter or margarine and youmissyou missed and it fell
then to stand up inmisshutchings nursery classroom to answer
get a different response frommissdoig whose concern is different
next petition is pe434 frommissjeanna swan it calls on
petition pe406 which is frommissmargaret doig takes a slightly
from full implementation is tomissthe whole point of the
st mick s ma willsmisscross and patsy young we
allow me to introduce myselfmisshelen troy and this the
that we of course calledmissleith f631: mm f634: and
is this a reaction tomissmarple and hercule poirot or
vices and virtues if anymisspaterson is interested in singing
no the muppets there smisspiggy and oh goodness canna
questions right and do notmissthis opportunity we are disappointed
they probably all looked likemisstroy emaciated and wan like
mother finally turned and leftmisstroy grasped his hand and
victoria a fey wee craiturmissmoss luikit some like willie
in a laigh voice weelmisssmith it s like this
because of the war sometimesmissa moved on to the
wyfe ah dinna lyke timissa sale ye coud aye
the roads are so dangerousmisshelen troy gave a dismissive
s giving a present tomisshubbard f1107: that s right
employed a part time assistantmissiona b macgregor aitken reported
shair a beg yer pardonmissit s wauken a should
spark s the prime ofmissjean brodie a book [censored: forename]
a draw 0 0 raithmissmany chances 27 sunday all
sing it to me f1102: misspolly had a dolly it
the session agreed to supportmissstewart s application for a
a child s life theymisswhat is offered instead they
or now john call memisssmith in future moreover the
keen for heavy stuff yetmisscath 9 wednesday house is
what is offered instead theymissfor example that although the
death on 29th dec 1968missgordon is still to the
accept that such semantics perhapsmissthe point which is that
that is too important tomisswe must grasp the lessons
mccorkindale used to say usingmissmccorkindale s voice apply yourselves
it s too good tomissthe young vegas crowd get
glasgow s tenants must notmissthis historic opportunity to vote
his silence stretched into truculencemisstroy s patience became strained
on any points that theymiss10 15 phil gallie south
the r no mukkil ahmissan sum o the braw
regular supply of eggs tomisscameron church sister in dundee
this fermer maun hae beenmissdavies uncle the storie gans
the canvas centuries sleek peasantmisshis brush strokes caused to
graham with his sarky tauntsmisshogg wi dangly jewels kaiser
english novelist the author ofmissmarjoribanks exceeds for the moment
what about this one littlemissmuffet m1090: yeah f1089: sat
the next congregational expenses 1930missmunro college of agriculture gave
text page 18 additional informationmissogilvie married the rev alfred
in front gets the jarmissquoted for sale violin without
accept the argument that wemisssomething in terms of body
by 1936 the minutes recordmissstrachan secretary of fiddes district
here oh aye waiting ahmisswaiting oan mah lassie pause
gary long silence lee ahmisswaiting silence bj waiting pause

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