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missin f643: the barrae wasmissinand he blamed us m642:
went ower the barrae wasmissinf643: the barrae was missin
a m- barrow went amissina shitey barrow [laugh] [laugh]
beuk o poems wi pagesmissinnae cover nae index nae
enter malcolm a wush oormissinfreins war sauf wi us
lord yeir gentil freins ismissinye macbeth recovering himself a
her midder wid shö bemissinher shö turned up ta
bocht malcolm aweill macduff ismissinan yeir ain braw son
howp sae ah m sairmissinit aweill ah l awa
seas fur hame natalie gaedmissinthe verra neist day her
macduff is in disgrace formissinthe feast an wurds he
i ken du ll bemissindaniel soetheen aafil hit s
whitever he s been sairmissinhis favorite dream puir bodie
sandy but oo r awmissinye somethin sair the noo
in the class he smissinsports the day the bengal
didnae tell me far thatmissinone wis do ye know
didnae think ye must bemissinyer ain twa carolanne it
islanders there s no muchmissinfae this poet s attentions
feeling aye that it smissinright pick them up then
at reportit es lad wismissinwill helm joe hannin s
robert husband ay mine ahmmissinye badly for thair is
won t like we weremissinthe same class and he
cud easy makk things gangmissinhe d made neil s
hae the growk o bairnsmissinfood folk visit cosy flet
jist like you must bemissinthe ferm i never notice
while aiblins they maun bemissinma custom for they ve
34 this is perceivit asmissinan opportunity particularly as there
at schule that foreneen themissinecht war frae fairms tae
riggit ere wis some pipemissinaye e exhaast ye ken
er ken whit ye remissinbut this a ll say
ye mother thomas has gaenmissinisobel he wannert awa da
oot whit they d beenmissinfor aa their talk wi
along the turriff road themissinman wis aboot 5ft 10
creepit doon the timmer stairsmissinthe step wi the creak
[inaudible] f1115: oh we remissina page f1116: the farmer
til 3 a m wiootenmissinae dance an gey affen

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