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scree mang dyewy glens anmistybens in yon sna cled
buffalo rabies demons sweet mangomistybens an cweelin breeze wauchtin
aa s blae mochie benmistybrae weety smirr fyaachie day
shut he looked into themistygrey blueness of her eyes
wicket we skirted deeside smistybraes nae far fae lonach
yet recognisable cow on themistysurface a puff of soot
tennis coort intrigues gowf nethmistybens auld frozen mutton s
not much daylight and murkymistydays however no frost john
hug the nebulous sides ofmistysteps dusted by night squad
her claw as frae themistygloamin air they stepped frae
isn t it m827: nomistything f826: dangerous m827: it
o the place wis geymistylik haein a haar inside
world service sunday today dawnedmistygrey and cool we had

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