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for me eftir this hemoanshe calms himself shona gae
down and examines her moulamoansand gabbles at him knicht
an warum an safe bethmoansi can t go back
hurls roon the hoose anmoansdoon the lum ache i
surfaced fi the fog dimpsmoansquietly stew gave yursell a
huv it aw sussed bethmoanshe ll come and get
physog like a vulture ayemoansthat glesca s got nae
whyles wi chitterin fits queenmoanssoftly ah ve haed aw
aboot wi a clout moragmoansshe can dicht up eftir
the heid faws oot queenmoansagain an i the feinish
on ma warst fae queenmoansagain it is ayont ma
turns in her bed andmoansnanse ah think she s

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