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1 2 quotes mumps contemptuousmockendearment mumpsimus glum person or
and anonymously published a satiricalmockepic entitled the keekeiad in
the poem moves into themockheroic as instead of celebratory
and referential context but manipulatingmockheroic form cleverly although with
holds a balance between themockheroic portrait of the national
the form of passing amockbill on health delegates worked
and examination techniques quizzes andmocktests have recently been added
the poem also seems tomockthe conventions of high romance
conventional association with pantomime andmockhistorical kitchen comedy there is
the broadcast or performed littlemockmarches to the music behind
entrance was an exquisitely carvedmockminstrel s gallery but what
the palm fringed entrance themockvictorian lamps is lady lavinia
comic use of scots inmockhistorical c omedy plays by
he saw aince mair themocktrial o the age the
or a judge in amocktrial or as himself talking
hae this tink makin amocko ma rungplay we haena
demmed menseless makin sic amocko me an giein me
aa you priesties makin amocko me whit wey wad
hansard society scotland is runningmockelections in schools and in
politics 38 208 pupils suggestedmockelections or visits to the
president showed the committee themockup of the menu greetings
evening news she showed amockup of the programme and
three day sitting putting throughmocklegislation the australian ymca parliament
the experience of putting throughmocklegislation to educate students about
be showing his plan andmockups of the proposed final
opens her eyes wide inmockexcitement he tells me he
upon the world and tomockgod himself as if the
sat down on a scuffedmockleather settee covered in a
part of which included amocksacrifice of a black llama
in the sky like amocksun or a bit of
specific to the translator themocklatin and aberdonian echo the
bought me a book calledmockfaustus written by a latvian
bear the thocht o itmocksexily the feel o the
come here an mak amocko me a ve hed
chance only to see amockup of what the backcourt
us a smoochie wan handsomemockkissing carolanne enters with 3
craters road adrian said withmockpomposity folks y all are

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