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in p6 s2 the documentmoderneuropean languages 5 14 sets
isn t working well inmoderneuropean languages and it s
not just i think ehmoderneuropean languages but for gaelic
group and that currently meansmoderneuropean languages gaelic for er
of english and myself representingmoderneuropean languages in my role
should not be restricted tomoderneuropean languages it should be
connections between provision for gaelicmoderneuropean languages scots ethnic minority
to english language gaelic andmoderneuropean languages so that s
in our case specifically formoderneuropean languages so there ll
relation to the learning ofmoderneuropean languages the citizens of
perceive to be the languagesmodernforeign heritage community etc which
expansion of the teaching ofmodernforeign languages both in the
societal and sectoral attitudes towardsmodernforeign languages taken from scottish
ve indicated there erm thismodernl- foreign languages environment is
standard grade arrangements document formodernlanguages 1985 describes a functional
documents higher still arrangements formodernlanguages 1997 and modern languages
in modern languages p6 s2modernlanguages 5 14 national guidelines
from the revision of themodernlanguages 5 14 national guidelines
referred to above p6 s2modernlanguages 5 14 national guidelines
approach to the teaching ofmodernlanguages across the three stages
take forward that certainly inmodernlanguages again we tend to
s6 higher still subject guidemodernlanguages although each of the
that always worries teachers ofmodernlanguages am i being too
in the teaching strategies thatmodernlanguages and english teachers often
this paper is to enablemodernlanguages and english teachers to
about the current position ofmodernlanguages and how we got
are to be proficient inmodernlanguages and if they are
we can make similarly withmodernlanguages and it- that is
20 on the teaching ofmodernlanguages and others such as
hopefully highlight the position ofmodernlanguages and the way i
links between supported writing inmodernlanguages and the writing process
hoping to go to inmodernlanguages and therefore we can
we see interest shifting towardsmodernlanguages and through that towards
from the press that whenmodernlanguages appear there it s
feeling that their pupils inmodernlanguages are doing at least
the other stages at whichmodernlanguages are taught in p6
to confirm the impression ofmodernlanguages as a subject in
group about the position ofmodernlanguages as john mentioned my
teaching and assessment arrangements formodernlanguages at standard grade describe
that my own preference inmodernlanguages at the moment is
the level of attainment inmodernlanguages at this level among
at a later stage inmodernlanguages b comparing texts one
teach english the teacher ofmodernlanguages can draw upon progress
teach english the teacher ofmodernlanguages can draw upon progress
in our terms again inmodernlanguages certainly to to bring
issue which they share withmodernlanguages colleagues the assessment of
amended arrangements in standard grademodernlanguages continuing with the study
english and older pupils inmodernlanguages creates the same kind
dealt with exclusively in themodernlanguages curricula greater awareness of
appendix to the higher stillmodernlanguages documentation is urgently required
appendix to the higher stillmodernlanguages documentation is urgently required
s in the department formodernlanguages f806: ah probably because
to the key document inmodernlanguages for each stage referred
s6 higher still subject guidemodernlanguages for those pupils who
in scotland further education networkmodernlanguages goethe institute highland council
spoken and written performance themodernlanguages grammar grid available from
traditionally in both english andmodernlanguages grammatical features were taught
entering for higher exams inmodernlanguages had declined by 50
the languages involved subject guidemodernlanguages higher still this development
and about the position ofmodernlanguages i think my initial
education eh my background ismodernlanguages i was a principal
clear and i think inmodernlanguages i would like to
approach to the teaching ofmodernlanguages in general terms this
methodology of the teaching ofmodernlanguages in recent years susan
position paper learning and teachingmodernlanguages in schools and colleges
and promoting the teaching ofmodernlanguages in schools i have
above and 20 teaching secondarymodernlanguages in scotland when planning
trying to go to inmodernlanguages in terms of a
the extensive national pilot projectmodernlanguages in the primary school
lets you see the positionmodernlanguages is in but more
the subject guide higher stillmodernlanguages it is stated that
time on that but inmodernlanguages it went it really
association scottish university council onmodernlanguages language bank british deaf
principal assessors reports for themodernlanguages made the following assessment
the higher still arrangements formodernlanguages might also provide a
children s animal encyclopaedia inmodernlanguages older pupils can take
methodology commonly used in teachingmodernlanguages on first reading this
that we want language lang-modernlanguages or and all languages
stages of school provision inmodernlanguages p6 s2 modern languages
that was characteristic of themodernlanguages programme when it first
of europe s 1971 1981modernlanguages project was very influential
amended arrangements in standard grademodernlanguages s5 s6 higher still
teaching of points arising inmodernlanguages similarly the function or
that award for writing inmodernlanguages sqa has made available
for discussion between english andmodernlanguages staff comparing the concepts
the head teacher and themodernlanguages staff we will all
for modern languages 1997 andmodernlanguages subject guide 1997 will
former colleague who is amodernlanguages teacher he had just
subject guide for higher stillmodernlanguages teachers and lecturers are
country i pay tribute tomodernlanguages teachers and people in
s specifications both english andmodernlanguages teachers employ similar techniques
of strategies in this papermodernlanguages teachers may find sections
display poster about them inmodernlanguages teachers might contrast the
lesson is building english andmodernlanguages teachers might usefully consider
of pupils in the classmodernlanguages teachers might usefully use
included as a skill inmodernlanguages teaching in s1 s4
a lot of things inmodernlanguages teaching that aren t
what your own guidelines inmodernlanguages tell you never mind
boy has more success withmodernlanguages than i did 17
a less positive correlation inmodernlanguages than in other subject
s a new development inmodernlanguages that s just underway
effective contributors the one inmodernlanguages that we also want
are certain key issues inmodernlanguages that we have to
the higher still framework inmodernlanguages the internal writing tasks
of standard grade assessment inmodernlanguages the standard grade arrangements
for discussion for speaking inmodernlanguages there exist performances on
the children might want inmodernlanguages this could usefully be
any of you have donemodernlanguages to any extent but
topic it is common inmodernlanguages to plan in terms
of five to fourteen inmodernlanguages to start tracking different
higher still development team formodernlanguages was aware from briefing
base for the teaching ofmodernlanguages was broadening annual statistics
approach to the teaching ofmodernlanguages was seen most clearly
scots but i think inmodernlanguages we ll also be
our group in terms ofmodernlanguages we want i think
has existed within teachers ofmodernlanguages when faced with the
subject guide for higher stillmodernlanguages where it is stated
one of the areas inmodernlanguages where we ve got
host the virtual school ofmodernlanguages which is a joint
flavour of where i thinkmodernlanguages would like to move
languages cannot survive in themodernworld if they are completely
huh yeah m865: eh ormodernscots usage ehm maybe you
the scots language planning formodernusage edinburgh ramsay head press
the scots language planning formodernusage edinburgh ramsay head press
the scots language planning formodernusage edinburgh ramsey head press
you two examples of ehmodernusage of scots ehm f951:
cereal varieties corn corn inmodernusage tends to refer to
pānis bread bap bap inmodernusage usually refers to a
the scots language planning formodernusage which arose out of
teaching are brought into themoderncontext and much is made
a responsibility for teaching amodernlanguage are aware of these
of teaching and learning amodernlanguage have been expressed as
identified in a study ofmodernlanguage teaching and the teaching
at that time which usedmodernmethods of language teaching we
at higher grade in amodernlanguage they also suggested there
you know modern hou- inmodernarchi-archi- architecture they always like
was oppressive and depressing bothmodernbuildings and modern people and
community unfortunately modern scotland hasmoderncriminals as gordon jackson said
of bergen op zoom comparemoderndutch roggebrood modern german roggenbrot
zoom compare modern dutch roggebroodmoderngerman roggenbrot dutch is probably
windows and stuff you knowmodernhou- in modern archi-archi- architecture
modern linguistics i like themoderni like the modern m815:
uses his scots is significantlymodernin a way all modern
erm er a module onmodernlike modern literature i think
seemed like quite a m816: modernlinguistics i like the modern
a module on modern likemodernliterature i think it s
the modern i like themodernm815: fiendish question yeah m816:
that was mair or lessmodernmoney like modern talk that
depressing both modern buildings andmodernpeople and it was quite
protection of our community unfortunatelymodernscotland has modern criminals as
modern in a way allmodernscots prose writers are his
or less modern money likemoderntalk that f1054: what aboot
look at the erm themodernenglish translation by a guy
in 1883 and the standardmodernenglish translation that of g
david purves s translation intomodernscots of shakespeare s only
english including jm cohen smoderntranslation for the penguin classics
including j m cohen smoderntranslation [inhale] if you compare
[inhale] if you compare themoderntranslation with urquhart s translation
kinda mo- is this amodernehm poetry u1028: [inaudible] m865:
a dissociation of sensibility inmodernenglish poetry while david craig
got an a session onmodernirish poetry m741: [click] oh
mmhm okay f950: thing butmodernpoetry academic texts bible in
a result of their influencemodernscots poetry looks much less
the special collections aberdeen universitymodernsri lankan poetry an anthology
poem i d read inmodernsri lankan poetry an anthology
robert burns fashioned the firstmodernvernacular style in british poetry
haein a large boadie omodernan historical literature an influential
the high points of earlymodernenglish literature the age of
latin effectively he argues thatmodernie 16th century french literature
f806: [inaudible] f807: actually calledmodernliterature so it may be
shaped the growth of themoderntradition of english literature samuel
white forms continue into themodernperiod and are recorded by
continues in scots into themodernperiod as in thomas carlyle
in 1950 and in themodernperiod at least seems to
seem to survive into themodernperiod eit bread ill ail
beginning to move into themodernperiod he was born in
behind and come into themodernperiod is in the code
farl much commoner in themodernperiod is recorded in the
mixture was but in themodernperiod masloch or more commonly
american and australian during themodernperiod this point can be
problem of categorisation for themodernperiod we can have a
our own period while amodernwriter is unlikely to repeat
bring housing up to amodernday standard the executive could
writer s italics the standardmodernfrench edition of l arbre
and northern english dialects comparemoderndutch haver and german hafer
but still exists in somemodernenglish dialects too there are
have produced include materials formodernenglish grammar and lexis the
other words it entered earlymodernenglish in a variety of
view to comparing old andmodernenglish in fact collecting metaphors
idea is still strong inmodernenglish in items such as
laf laif appears in itsmodernenglish meaning throughout the dost
hallyards in the 1690s themodernenglish spelling meal the commonest
is through comet corpus ofmodernenglish texts a text collection
by pathways between old andmodernenglish university of [censored: placename] postgraduate
historical it contains not onlymodernenglish words but words from
taken in english a goodmodernlanguage class should be taught
where [cough] english language amodernlanguage [cough] and social subjects
english the teacher of amodernlanguage is eager to develop
not rate alliteration and themodernword in english post dates
to preclude areas where amoderneuropean language are already started
whether it s a f-moderneuropean language erm or a
in preference to a secondmodernlanguage because latin was at
taught this way the wholemodernlanguage class was taken in
and twenty percent for themodernlanguage ehm what is taught
learn the words in amodernlanguage for the same objects
scotland and recognised as amodernlanguage in schools in which
continuing the study of amodernlanguage into s5 6 and
speaking and writing in amodernlanguage is assessed on the
and that in which amodernlanguage is learned under school
as to their experiences inmodernlanguage learning among the many
sets out the aims ofmodernlanguage learning as follows to
programs techniques commonly used inmodernlanguage learning exercises are employed
emilie von berlepsch and burnsmodernlanguage review lv 1960 pp
been a perceptive article inmodernlanguage review of 1960 by
quotations given by gillies inmodernlanguage review p 586 present
the challenge of learning amodernlanguage s he will have
also do german as amodernlanguage so it s usually
and in paper 17 somemodernlanguage versions of these are
that every teacher of amodernlanguage will have access to
the school pupil learning amodernlanguage will have anything from
currently having to deliver amodernlanguage without necessarily being hugely
employed is an acceptable consistentmodernprose language which should be
the older language and themodernto be clarified the developments
books is erm is theirmodernand er dynamic quality and
properties that were good qualitymodernex council flatted accommodation his
scottish executive s commitment tomodernhigh quality efficient and responsive
we aim to provide amodernhigh quality public prosecution service
audiology staff to provide amodernhigh quality service increase funds
quality not true of somemodernlinguistics however he also had
good quality journalism and accessiblemodernliterary writing as at this
to suit the notion thatmoderndialects of scots presumably including
bakers in this sense inmodernespecially north east scots breid
connections atween provision for gaelicmoderneuropean leids scots ethnic minority
shetland times robertson mairi 1973modernliterary scots ferguson and after
new writing in a respectfulmodernliterary scots will also be
greater or lesser degree inmodernnorth east scots 1 2
scots yaised an promoted inmodernscotland how important is thi
spelling meal the commonest inmodernscots appears in 1550 in
so what would this universalmodernscots be a synthesized compound
j m 1921 manual ofmodernscots cambridge cambridge university press
spelling system based on earlymodernscots f606: [inhale] m1036: and
scots is the manual ofmodernscots grant and dixon 1921
c 1997 ongoing change inmodernscots in the edinburgh history
mail the e pronunciation inmodernscots is recorded mainly north
anglicised lofe loaf etc inmodernscots it has the additional
you are two examples ofmodernscots m952: yeah uh huh
however appears early in itsmodernscots meaning of oatcake the
of such a sentence asmodernscots simply perpetuates the pejorative
the last indicate pronunciation inmodernscots the e pronunciation is
proverbs 1721 and in moremodernscots there s nae dout
is interesting to reflect thatmodernscots used in the north
taken a look at twomoderntexts in scots now the
by reconstructed scots vocabulary themoderntrend among scholars of scots
than at other linguistic levelsmodernwritten scots tends to adhere
boiled form as in themodernporridge in medieval times barley
times 23 the basis formodernstatutory protection of salmon fishing
flexible enough to adapt tomoderntimes all the same tools
this great play have inmoderntimes become ritualised the use
pay bargaining is alien inmoderntimes but it is something
are not forgotten and inmoderntimes the equality the justice
iron duke would make ofmoderntimes turning from the statue
altho anent the learnin omoderneuropean leids the citizens o
setting the foundations for themoderneuropean union as winnie ewing
their european counterparts in amodernway we must diversify the
1994 traditional dialect in themodernworld a glasgow case study
to female experience in themodernworld a process continued in
needed to thrive in themodernworld and enables individuals to
is the nature of themodernworld i am against secrecy
acknowledging that in the competitivemodernworld of business and industry
no practical use in themodernworld the cost of repairing
meet the conditions of themodernworld while keeping contact with
like going back to themodernworld you know we got
made in developing an effectivemodern21st century public transport system
the current plan for amoderntransport system for aberdeen and
b timetable to complete themoderntransport system for aberdeen s1w
his country tae hae amoderntransportation system an aw foondit
his neibours haed a geymoderntransportation system foondit on a
country the best an maistmoderntransportation system in the warld
the architecture both ancient andmoderncompletely dwarfed the people who
not stylistically attractive to amodernreader words may well have
s just f1027: yeah f1026: modernwords and old words an
a range is a relativelymodernconcept in gaelic the cairngorms
know proving that of coursemoderngaelic doesn t have a
and its potential as amodernaccessible transport interchange further welcomes
its objective of ensuring amodernadaptive and flexible mechanism for
its objective of ensuring amodernadaptive and flexible mechanism for
holocaust shook the foundations ofmoderncivilisation and that its unprecedented
a possible location with itsmodernfacilities historic past central location
its replacement by an alternativemodernhumane and effective diligence against
hairst s its only marramodernmachinery sees less steer aboot
dough but one of itsmodernmanifestations the selkirk bannock is
breid brede breid in itsmodernmeaning appears in various forms
the chirp chirp of amodernphone into its melody no
contrasts classical arcadia with themodernshopping arcade with its shallow
has no place in ourmodernsociety expresses its wish that
settlement has no place inmodernsociety expresses its wish that
has no place in ourmodernsociety expresses its wish that
has no place in ourmodernsociety expresses its wish that
other way round as inmoderncars the running board the
our way out towards amodernchurch [censored: forename] had told us
the way they presented itmoderncomprehensive collecting practices prove that
carriage way and not formoderntraffic the cracking on some
has no place in amodernand dependable health service welcomes
should have no place inmodernbritain it is an anachronism
those towns like pompei amodernplace with an enclosed area
with special educational needs amodernwell resourced school environment and
with special educational needs amodernwell resourced school environment and
the scottish executive how manymodernapprentices are employed in the
the construction industry under themodernapprenticeship scheme in the a
constituency area have participated inmodernapprenticeship schemes in each year
the scottish executive how manymodernapprenticeships there were in may
was an abstract piece ofmodernart sculpture cadaver in denim
macqueen s mention of themodernauchrochar bank in the vicinity
s in about of themodernbikes the last five years
diversity of ownership and appropriatemodernbroadcasting regulation in scotland the
could make cheese in propermodernconditions i remember visiting a
forecourt stores in more developedmodernconvenience stores in off licences
as in many areas ofmodernday life the problem is
desirable or healthy in amoderndemocracy i hope that for
very specialised especially in themoderneconomy you be- you tend
peasants car this luxor ofmodernegypt was thebes in the
regions with legislative powers inmoderneurope i hate the word
today in some academically concoctedmodernform four hundred years later
the principles and practices ofmoderngovernance indeed i was in
much that is repulsive tomodernideas and in particular it
young folk that s particularlymodernin their dress jewellery etcetera
number of residents in themoderninnermessan caravan site in the
in the development of amodernintegrated transport network for the
department has resulted in 8modernlaboratories the dining hall has
in schools by investing inmodernlaboratory facilities in all secondary
regular mens health checks andmodernman clinics in workplaces or
founded mitsubishi and japan smodernnavy in japan he is
had been located in amodernnorwegian dictionary and something similar
united when attending say amodernplay written in the auld
however in a range ofmodernprose texts having found the
ageism is a reality inmodernscotland and must be countered
those things are unacceptable inmodernscotland we intend to do
own the land in amodernsense they represented it held
break it is just everydaymodernspeech as spoken in aberdeen
services in an age ofmoderntechnology and easy access to
the first the most obviousmoderntribute to urquhart comes in
of cohesive minority groups inmodernurbanising regions who speak the
than on those in themodernvictoria quay we hope that
very strong focus on supportingmodernapprenticeships and on education maintenance
however we got going verymoderncoach slept a bit then
just basically it s verymoderni think it s just
very good portraits a fewmodernpaintings of noble workers allegoric
and partly a book aboutmodernscotland it s a very
just it s a verymodernstructure and it s i
knackered but it s verymodernthat f1040: use it now
to incorporate much that wasmodernat the time into this
are brought into line withmodernattitudes and social outlook supported
led me into a postmoderninterior i could scarcely believe
21 this also is amodernwoman s voice but as
our technology will be moremodernand will have better software
by contrast is a moremoderndesign although of no great
ones you know like moremodernlooking ones but the the
have liked to see moremodernpaintings but there was no
m762: play sort of moremodernsongs for the younger people
f1054: that s a moremodernword f1005: uh huh that
but settee s a moremodernword like f1024: yeah it
what i think is actuallymodernabout this this is where
i think it s amodernone we used to plug
think it s quite amodernsort of expression baltic f1023:
heid full ay aw thatmodernthinkin but ah think maybe
you think mcdiarmid and themodernwriters that i mentioned earlier
be it ll be st-modernday arabic erm m608: mmhm
had grammar schools and secondarymodernschools erm and i went
should be building up nomodernman could face the rack
the sort of image amodernmonarch should be building up
resentment and not blinkered againstmodernreality what they should be
we come up against themodernshibboleth that there should not
wheatstone bridges rather than themoderntechnology that they should be
odder n things that smodernbecoming old hat just like
angelica weel it s justmodernfashion abody wears claes like
look at a like amodernkind of version of it
exhibits contrasting religious atrocities withmodernmarvels like spaceships everywhere the
like i ve done mainlymodernpapers but i m planning
f1026: like lounge is amodernword instead of saying your
has been spent under themodernfacilities at stations scheme broken
is not of course amodernphenomenon it has been a
mmhm m1008: and eh themodernversion has has stuck at
the decline of belief thismodernage o unbelief is cause
that was mair a mairmodernane up the spoot is
matters such as extending themodernapprenticeship scheme that is desirable
helsinki is it s amoderncity but was built before
luxor museum luxor is themoderncity which stands on the
make it a showpiece ofmoderndemocracy it is no secret
a sitootery which is themoderneh well eh ye know
unless they have access tomodernelectronic communication that is their
her poems have a distinctivelymodernidentity there is no nostalgia
not enough we are amoderninclusive parliament and it is
is now the steading ofmoderninnermessan farm who built it
mark on every aspect ofmodernlife however it is the
ensure that scotland is amodernmulti cultural multi ethnic society
these assumptions is contradicted bymodernpolicy and practice which focus
is little help from themodernrecord except for one reference
success the m74 is amodernsafe road and as announced
scone scone a keynote ofmodernscottish baking is but sparsely
what is different about themodernsituation is the speed and
yeah well it is amoderntext it was only written
it was an emergency beforemodernday medical cures were available
another day s graft formodernday slave driving mill owners
even right up to themodernday that you know you
i say they were reallymodernfor that day and age
winner foo the day smoderngroups wid fare athoot swallyin
the palace of congresses amodern1961 conference hall and theatre
special needs it must promotemodernand efficient ways of working
produce a clear model ofmodernand integrated yet decentralised government
of the total number ofmodernapprentices this represents s1o 3207
the overall pass rate formodernapprenticeships and a breakdown of
yellow there was some marvellousmodernarchitecture on the outskirts of
of glasgow s gallery ofmodernart goma the second most
blocks of flats a fewmodernblocks of flats shops and
side of the road andmodernblocks on the other flat
most of the dialects ofmodernbritain are now termed socio
have blotted the history ofmoderncar ferries need never have
the transient nature of amoderncommuter belt population and the
familiar medieval customary practices andmodernconcepts of fairness and equality
to meet the demands ofmodernconsumers and to help them
them meet the demands ofmodernconsumers building sustainable communities the
it s kind of amoderndescription f1026: i d say
up to the research ofmoderndescriptive linguists such as michael
it s a feature ofmoderndetectives that they re fairly
meet all the needs ofmoderneducation to achieve these objectives
not manage to video themodernequivalent of andy stewart i
5 the considered view ofmodernhistorians appears to be that
former mickle town and tallmoderninnermessan consists of a scatter
part of many aspects ofmodernlife often providing services support
cairrit on of course withmodernmedication we are better able
of a kind which themodernmind makes with increasing difficulty
lesser intensity and while themodernnational histories of england and
his own court reaffirm themodernpatriotic purpose of this essay
edinburgh a golden age ofmodernscottish letters the century from
democrats welcome the diversity ofmodernscottish society and seek to
one of disbelief that amodernship could be lost and
anthropology emile durkheim pioneer ofmodernsociology acknowledged his personal debt
not beyond the capabilities ofmoderntechnology and would allow for
efficiently harnessing the best ofmoderntechnology people must be able
humanity than any of themoderntelevision dramas from which we
design faults the history ofmoderntransport technology offers several examples
steamship nixe which puts themoderncounterpart under my window beaugeste
reproduce itself being a thoroughlymodernman mammon could easily explain
and then you saw themodernairport building ahead and f122:
needs to be supported bymodernand effective public infrastructure we
to every citizen and offermodernand efficient public services believes
and hated jazz and anythingmodernand over sensitive chaps really
21st century with 20 000modernapprentices and over 50 per
and further education and onmodernapprenticeships the education maintenance allowance
[censored: forename] and ksenia at themodernart gallery opposite gorky park
pointed the interior redecorated andmoderncentral heating installed to the
s meal and ale amoderncornkister based on an actual
and small from the tinymoderninstitute to the cavernous tramway
house and restore it tomodernstandards we must examine the
a well appointed large andmoderntheatre together but i was
that wittingly or unwittingly allmodernscottish prose fictional writers are
ways his writings are curiouslymodernthe fondness for parody the
now have all got thesemodernboxes so a tool box
this seems to be amoderndevelopment cake caik cake caik
s it s not amodernf1144: to do wi your
i f1026: truant s amoderni know it s an
that was another quite amodernname slacks f1026: but that
to me sounds quite amodernone an i suppose years
so f1054: that s amodernone isn t it uh
that s maybe mair amodernterm a sofa m999: we
made tae gie a weemoderntouch tae the room there
tried to follow the emergingmodernconsensus by for example representing
funds being provided for themodernscottish dictionary he would be
it for themselves they wantmodernthings too my mind struggled
main room but that smodernbecause some folk had nowadays
be up to date withmodernelectronic practices that suggests that
done with forethocht felony mostmodernhistorians although referring to the
longitudinal study involving traditional grammarmoderntransformational grammar associated with chomsky
during the tendering process nomoderntendering processes have been brought
we got wis parodeein thoroughlymodernmillie esma made full length
if we exclude such sophisticatedmodernmetaphors as the stock exchange
build on the 20 000modernapprenticeships that we promised to
perceives tae be the leidsmodernforeign heritage community etc that
be muir russell given thatmodernit enables people to access
difficulties the ballads present tomodernreaders may be the violent
who applied their own postmoderntwist to the vegas legend
training opportunities building on themodernapprenticeship scheme enable 14 16
covered by the 3 300modernapprenticeship training places s1w 9141
mony elizabethans wad unnerstaund themodernmeanins o wicked gay cool
no ehm f832: mods f834: modernstudies that s the one
penguin classics because obviously themoderntranslator the twentieth century translator
clock that oor forrit damntmodernaccootriments tae feenish it s
keyt sri lanka s firstmodernpoet acknowledgements dr gordon booth
rather free rendering saying nomoderntranslator can hope to equal
societal an sectoral attitudes taemodernforeign leids taen fae scottish
mmhm mmhm f1149: history ormodernstudies so i did so

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