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mon t shirt mon pullovermonjean et mes sneakers academics
une du de la desmonma mes common prepositions dans
mes jockeys mon t shirtmonpullover mon jean et mes
i dress avec mes jockeysmont shirt mon pullover mon
to jim mcgonigal [censored: email address] datemon20 jun 2005 23 29
reply to christian date sentmon30 jun 2003 12 38
ce discours en français étaitmondéfi personnel voilà that was
ai choisi le français pourmondiscours aujourd hui l ecosse
de grands efforts pour améliorermonfrançais et j en ai
très traditionnel au cours demonassociation avec l université de
thristle is a thistle amonretour fan is when neep
plus en plus conscient demonmanque de compétence dans les
for me to messenger cmondingil the alairm bell cum
aboot that she said cmonhe whispered pulling her towards
tugging at his sleeve cmonupstairs she whispered wee geordie
whit natasha il parait quemonbobik dèjà ne dort pas
but withdraws it again cmondinna be blate morag o
dae for ye ringan cmondinna be blate ye r
ay ah daursay nanse cmonmither they l stick til
malcolm ah daursay no cmonthan shona ah m gled
wi is favourite cry cmonbear lets sing a wee
waited in the darkness cmonlets go i felt awkward
in kelvin stevenson church onmon10th feb when senior police
newsletters available for delivery hopefullymon10th june public meeting agm
greit richt oot nanse cmonback inti yeir bed mither
o gittin roond me cmondinna daidil nou cairrie hir
wash ah m thinkin cmondinna pit aff onie mair
verra near cut oot cmonfaither shaw sum smeddum malcolm
the ooter yett cum cmongie me yeir haund what
try morag looks doubtful cmongie s a bit clap
ten year old quine cmonhe said taking her arm
thaim wi the tither cmonhe yelled agane git oot
motions to the tray cmonmaister try an tak sumthing
me his ain nanse cmonmither it s no that
aneuch happit nanse insistently cmonnou nae mair o yeir
s fair stoundin meg cmonnou we maunna eat the
to the other witches cmonsisters we l gie him
lave o him caithness cmonthan lat s mairch on
duin canna be unduin cmonti bed she leaves physician
o this guid kail cmontry an feinish thaim afore
and follow him aye cmonwe ll bam him up
geordie cried big rab cmonwell gie s a haund
try me oot beckons cmonwumman try me oot shona
aff yeir haill leg cmonye soud think shame o
nor that can ah cmonyou an me wul pit
minute it wasn t jokingmon26th september now a full

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