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fishing enforcement of community satellitemonitoringmeasures scotland order 200 amendment
fishing enforcement of community satellitemonitoringmeasures scotland order 200 amendment
fishing enforcement of community satellitemonitoringmeasures scotland order 2000 amendment
fishing enforcement of community satellitemonitoringmeasures scotland order 2000 ssi
fishing enforcement of community satellitemonitoringmeasures scotland order 2000 ssi
17 february 2002 the bsemonitoringscotland amendment regulations 2002 ssi
17 february 2002 the bsemonitoringscotland amendment regulations 2002 ssi
21 september 2001 the bsemonitoringscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
21 september 2001 the bsemonitoringscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
ssi 2001 230 the bsemonitoringscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
21 september 2001 the bsemonitoringscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
21 september 2001 the bsemonitoringscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
the scottish executive what externalmonitoringand evaluation procedures are in
and who performs any suchmonitoringand evaluation s1w 31123 donald
to put in place adequatemonitoringand evaluation to ensure that
through a cycle of periodicmonitoringevaluation and peer review establishing
the scottish executive whether anymonitoringor evaluation is to be
spend so much time onmonitoringself evaluation and comparisons of
been criticism what evaluation andmonitoringsystems does the executive have
for any subsequent system ofmonitoringand auditing of verifiers whether
been raised about the performancemonitoringof private verifiers and verifiers
commissioned research into the performancemonitoringof verifiers members will be
that it can undertake thatmonitoringand counting of lice fiona
necessary to carry out thatmonitoringin order to control lice
essential to carry out licemonitoringin order to determine the
is connected with resources licemonitoringis not carried out by
what mechanism it has formonitoringeffectively the delivery of new
process and one mechanism formonitoringfe much of the material
ask the scottish executive whatmonitoringmechanism is in place to
effective manner possible should amonitoringmechanism or procedure be established
of a political mechanism formonitoringthe application of the subsidiarity
descriptions and to ensure themonitoringand enforcement of these rights
on how robust the currentmonitoringaudit and enforcement arrangements are
one cannot rely on selfmonitoringand that a statutory body
finger on the problem selfmonitoringis effective only to a
monitoring programmes such as selfmonitoringprogrammes are laudable however some
for other reasons and othermonitoringprogrammes such as self monitoring
s a dynamic kinna selfmonitoringsystem an i- and you
about the amount of selfmonitoringthat goes on and we
state of data collection andmonitoringsystems adopted by local authorities
ask the scottish executive whatmonitoringsystems are in place for
ask the scottish executive whatmonitoringsystems are in place to
review of current testing andmonitoringprocedures and a commitment to
differences between our testing andmonitoringregime and our competitors regimes
access to diagnostic testing andmonitoringvaries around the country believes
positive arrest policies recording andmonitoringand social target hardening procedures
in consultation exercises and whatmonitoringprocedures are in place to
checks as part of themonitoringprocedures s1w 1946 mr kenny
or has it started whichmonitoringprocedures will be involved elizabeth
and c the procedures formonitoringthe storage of the waste
note the successful implementation ofmonitoringarrangements for parliamentary questions that
a named individual responsible formonitoringits implementation develop measures to
in the development implementation andmonitoringof national action plans highlight
in the preparation implementation andmonitoringof the scottish contribution to
in the preparation implementation andmonitoringof the social inclusion naps
and the voluntary sector aremonitoringthe implementation of the compact
under a wetland without characterisingmonitoringand setting the environmental objectives
to a wetland without characterisingmonitoringand setting the environmental objectives
in relation to setting andmonitoringstandards and outcomes for expenditure
is responsible for setting andmonitoringthese targets s1w 15053 robin
my comments about baselines andmonitoringmeasures referred to measures of
agency is responsible for themonitoringof the storage facilities s1w
and health care services whatmonitoringarrangements are in place to
what the arrangements are formonitoringlevels of cycling in scotland
improvement in the arrangements formonitoringthe proper and effective use
offer strategic direction and effectivemonitoringof progress by defining the
sector has proper regulation propermonitoringand independence 10 39 helen
to be involved in themonitoringand assessment of the process
ask the scottish executive whatmonitoringand assessment took place in
what the results of suchmonitoringand assessment were s1w 31822
robust regime in terms ofmonitoringreporting and assessment of water
regime possible in terms ofmonitoringreporting and assessment of water
the issue of how muchmonitoringsepa can carry out is
professor richards i agree themonitoringof environmental impact is carried
scotland act 2001 shared tenaciesmonitoringthe impact of the housing
the paper members indicated agreementmonitoringthe impact of the housing
3 of the research onmonitoringthe impact of the housing
consider a draft report 5monitoringthe impact of the housing
is of what the contractmonitoringcosts of the new private
point for the management andmonitoringof costs of the project
development for my role inmonitoringthe costs of the project
with the sole responsibility ofmonitoringthe progress and costs of
would be part of themonitoringprocess but would also be
a healthy continuing training andmonitoringprocess dr murray how was
clearly the detailed on goingmonitoringprocess the committee recommended that
excluding such ndpbs from themonitoringprocess we should continue to
by a ensuring that themonitoringand reporting of pupils progress
by developing targets indicators andmonitoringmechanisms capable of measuring progress
again the auditor general ismonitoringthe progress that has been
the convener i agree themonitoringrole of this committee is
that he has a seriousmonitoringrole to ensure that pensioners
fully and collated so thatmonitoringcan take place of how
ask the scottish executive whatmonitoringmechanisms will be in place
trusts are adhered to whatmonitoringsystem is in place to
he advise the parliament whatmonitoringwill take place to ensure
the conducting of research studiesmonitoringand peer review at the
to ensure full inspection andmonitoringof standards in accordance with
council s secretary and itsmonitoringofficer an interesting title mr
is required to appoint amonitoringofficer by section 5 of
is the honorary secretary andmonitoringofficer of the association of
act 1989 c 42 themonitoringofficer shall also be the
minister commit to ensuring consistentmonitoringacross scotland in order that
s development c improving nationalmonitoringof achievement in key areas
on policy and development issuesmonitoringthe site on behalf of
in the home including scotsmonitoringevidence on health social disadvantage
policy institute on the reportmonitoringpoverty and social exclusion in
for parliamentary questions that suchmonitoringshould continue and the outcomes
the irish who have beenmonitoringsuch things more carefully and
task force and the homelessnessmonitoringgroup cosla s views have
task force and the homelessnessmonitoringgroup there are three distinct
to achieving it through themonitoringgroup we and our partners
out into the feasibility ofmonitoringcrimes to identify any sectarian
question of any post registrationmonitoringof cross party groups 3
will give details of anymonitoringof the effect of admission
within the nhs and inmonitoringsectarian incidents and any subsequent
to strike a balance betweenmonitoringand assessing how money is
a way that will allowmonitoringof how on the evidence
scottish executive how it ismonitoringthe introduction of free personal
executive what methods for themonitoringand auditing of targets set
pleased that the executive ismonitoringthe situation and will publish
the scottish executive is notmonitoringwhether the money that is
ask the scottish executive whatmonitoringwill be undertaken into the
scotland bill this would includemonitoringcompliance with the law issuing
of aquaculture its regulation andmonitoringin scotland j appl ichthyol
a consistent approach to themonitoringof racial incidents across scotland
report on further education themonitoringand overview processes come together
talk about data collecting andmonitoringthe report highlights the generally
headquarters building together with themonitoringreports to date s1w 6033
that and we were alwaysmonitoringwhat the risks were on
more important the introduction ofmonitoringand auditing of those private
that there must be regularmonitoringof those who have been
implementing those commitments and formonitoringthem welsh language board 1996
hitherto the committee has beenmonitoringthose developments separately but now
more holistic approach to themonitoringand control of coastal enrichment
the nppg the cost ofmonitoringand the question of enforcing
cause of them is uncertainmonitoringhas shown decreases in the
people to do the necessarymonitoringof sites as we need
13 show the coverage ofmonitoringreturns that have been given
or by local authorities andmonitoringthe results of that investment
be another form of externalmonitoringto determine that the level
in detail with strengthening existingmonitoringwhich is the subject of
total there has been onmonitoringrunning and supporting hm prison
has a limited budget formonitoringthe environment it is a
up management plans carrying outmonitoringetc is devolved at each
pool a monitor lizard ismonitoringthe proceedings his pop out
were also told that thatmonitoringis not sufficient to control
or g as to themonitoringand supervision by the local
time and we were constantlymonitoringmanaging and prioritising to try
lie in making guidelines andmonitoringrigid enough the transport and
be on a learning curvemonitoringwill principally and initially be
the impression that we aremonitoringi hate this word but
the patient notes that anticoagulationmonitoringstrips are available on prescription
advantage but we are regularlymonitoringthe back court in an
you more information about themonitoringthat is under way richard
unless veterinary surgeons conduct thatmonitoringit is done by the
resources to provide the continuingmonitoringthat is required i hope
not by the farmers somemonitoringby sepa backs up that
taking in relation to amonitoringcompliance by universities with grant
it expelled a member whenmonitoringshowed that they were not
to grant a warrant formonitoringbank accounts the third option
from a national strategy onmonitoringthat addresses the historic lack
assure you that i ammonitoringthe situation with interest on

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