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sae the boddamers hanged themonkeyoh durra ma doo ma
fin the boddamers hanged themonkeyoh noo aa the fowk
day the boddamers hanged themonkeyoh noo the funeral wis
fin the boddamers hanged themonkeyoh tradition goes that a
meen sae fey the boddamersmonkeythe boddamers monkey wis dressed
the only survivor was amonkeywhich the boddamers hanged thinking
the boddamers monkey the boddamersmonkeywis dressed in silk wi
a monkey use use amonkeyf1091: mmhm m1092: [inaudible] f1091:
your turn m1092: [inaudible] amonkeyf1091: monkey or a leopard
f1091: that is m1092: themonkeyf1091: the monkey m1092: hey
look at that f1116: amonkeyf1115: the monkey s in
and fitt s that m1128: monkeyf1127: a monkey fitt does
that m1128: monkey f1127: amonkeyfitt does monkey say m1128:
m1092: the monkey f1091: themonkeym1092: hey there a there
you wantin to dae themonkeyone m1092: uh huh monkey
monkey one m1092: uh huhmonkeyone that good idea [censored: forename]
m1092: [inaudible] a monkey f1091: monkeyor a leopard m1092: leopard
f1116: a monkey f1115: themonkeys in the van they
f1127: a monkey fitt doesmonkeysay m1128: it s a
it m1092: okay okay amonkeyuse use a monkey f1091:
harlem shuffle agnes do themonkeyshine now sadie caro yeh
you scratch just like amonkeyyeh you do real yeh
ain just see has themonkeyon the banana the yellow
f1114: banana skins f1113: themonkeys eating the banana skins
i m jist a cheekymonkeyit s affa caal i
i m jist a cheekymonkeyit s affa caal i
are look now either amonkeyor a tiger m1092: tiger
driving f1091: mmhm m1092: themonkeydriving too f1091: mmhm m1092:
me [inaudible] m1092: me gotmonkeyf1091: eh m1092: i ve
m1092: oh a lion amonkeyf1091: i dinna ken you
s got m1092: that onemonkeyf1091: that s right have
f1091: giraffe m1092: and amonkeyf1091: uh huh m1092: and
you want m1092: me knowmonkeyf1091: you wantin to dae
mm right m1092: do themonkeymmhm f1091: is that a
scots owersettins 2004 the boddomersmonkeypoems 2004 the humpty dumpty
dung and aw because amonkeyd hung and still the
when speired who hung themonkeywell reply aye but who
that ain f1091: oh amonkeywill go on there would
t ye bit of amonkeyaren t ye m1128: aye
with the little moca- moroccanmonkeyhat an he used to
daein huh oh look thatmonkeys got her hat oh
temple at dambulla hanuman smallmonkeyking adopts the perfect pose
darg tae full their wamemonkeyking at the buddhist cave
bather visiting the orphanage watterbuffalomonkeyking preparing to meet the
pouers powers puddens entrails pugmonkeypuirlyke poor puzzint poisoned pyot
poor greenockians sorely daunted theirmonkeyup maun find a way
all the colours up youmonkeyfitt s that you ve
is that a mon- amonkeydoes it look like you
s hidin f1114: look amonkeyf1113: and what s he
all his friends look themonkeythe bear the crocodile the
f1117: [laugh] you re amonkeyain t you f1118: mmhm
f1121: oh you re amonkey[laugh] i see ye f1122:
her wis lost barrin amonkeyup a post sae the
washed your hair f1111: nowmonkeyf1112: [laugh] that s okay
[exhale] [inaudible] playgroup now littlemonkeyhae you got sweeties the
m1096: [inaudible] that s amonkeyno f1095: nae it s
s got to get amonkeyor an elephant i ll
they used tae have somemonkeybars but the lads frae
gormless dopes for hanging amonkeyfrae the ropes the eastern
f1121: [censored: forename] she s amonkeyisn t she right we
houss end the nicht amonkeycam ti pick the chesnuts
f1133: no he s amonkeyf1134: i am i m
would inquire fa beeriet themonkeylilac buss in a city
when you pushed them alongmonkeyon a string their arms
airms as lang s amonkeys an an aisy twist
coolness in the heat amonkeysilicon implants in its bum
shoot up trees like amonkeywhose tail is on fire
heivin help ye ye weemonkeyshe laughs but soon returns
was the sign of themonkeylater we learned that she
jauntin hurdy gurdy chap wimonkeysportin velvet cap sand dancers
man is high on hismonkeyboard dreaming of smoko shack

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