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haill lang prayer of themonkscredo credo in patrem ai
ma worries growe again lauchinmonksir getherin brainches o braw
an amber glow like prayingmonkswe four bent down to
and in all probability themonksof la trinidad alas nixe
interpreting for me with themonkswho officiate over the shrines
hospice hospital run by themonksat newhall others are descriptive
taking me to meet themonksat the temple of the
tooth temple the shrine andmonkshave come under terrorist attack
relics blessed by the shavenmonksin saffron robes the engine
the blissit chantin o themonkswul echo throu the derkenin
thoughts in they come likemonkstheir alms hidden in pouches
make contact with the forestmonksof the country but there
geckos bob and genuflect likemonksin training showing the way
quiet as a cell ofmonksand in blue biro ink
crowds on cushioned seat themonksand devotees i meet petals
lane that was what themonkshad called this thoroughfare eight
nicht twa brosie chiels omonkssat either side o t
concerning the large temples ofmonkshe said that the most
procession round the city themonkshave scoured asia seeking out
and a donation to themonkslater vives would take vyborni
marking the place where themonkswould squat to excrete c
roastin soo i spy buddhistmonksnip by on their scooters
diggers fer banes no themonksan invaders o yestereen they

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