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skirly or stew moo moomooi m a heilan coo
or skirly or stew moomoomoo i m a heilan
sweeties or skirly or stewmoomoo moo i m a
the heilan coo moo moomooi m a heilan coo
waa the heilan coo moomoomoo i m a heilan
the waa the heilan coomoomoo moo i m a
the f1118: [inaudible] f1117: moomoof1118: lou lou f1117: [laugh]
in the f1118: [inaudible] f1117: moomoo f1118: lou lou f1117:
the cow say m- f1114: moof1113: moo what does the
they say m1096: boo f1095: moo[laugh] m1096: moo they re
what does the cow saymoom1094: moo the cow f1093:
cut doon this corn cowsmoomoo we re awfae sorry
the cow say moo m1094: moothe cow f1093: did you
boo f1095: moo [laugh] m1096: moothey re funny f1095: are
doon this corn cows moomoowe re awfae sorry but
say m- f1114: moo f1113: moowhat does the horsie say
it wi its sappy hettmoosae the coo wid lat
and white aro- aboot themoowasnae that a bonny coo
fit like coos cows finemoofit like yersel hen fine
cow s in the kitchenmoof1116: no i press it
ma deid gran minnie smooshe wis the roch waa
ingin wi ma chips yermoois aywis bigger nor yer
ingin wi ma chips yermoois aywis bigger nor yer
katy the crocodile stappt hermoowi chocolate chips an cheese
e bigger een for mamooa kinna cheenge o a
nae muckle bigger nur themooo a tod s den
in backwyse inno the lowmooo it nae muckle bigger
dug tiger s got amoothat cud gnash the qe2
i learned forbye that amoothat cud spit an sweir
ringlets an a richt kittliemooye cud hae picturs o
minnie yer lug n yermooll need some sma attention
bin thrashed an minnie smoowis split an her lug
singapore a dinosaur his mucklemoohas teeth as lang as
tae prayer frae the mucklemooo the steenhillock pairish kirk
pittin yer fit in yermooagain hiv ye weel thankfu
fine drink that tickled yermooan jist aboot geed roon
on its wey tae yermooat dinner time an oatmeal
the verra meat frae yermoobrian hid an allouance frae
that are bidin in yermooin english fowk say what
a response bi wird omooor fae yer letters i
eased tae sherp rocks yermoothat didna aye hae breid
yoam o honey intae yermoothough it maybe wisna jist
hen s dirt aboot emooo t in a hait
oot she gaed tae themooo the kirk far her
pigeon toes glaikit is vacantmoois mouth denner is dinner
foo intae winter s gluggerinmooclimbing mortlich heron stands like
tailed neeps intae the hungrymooo e iron hasher wi
frae the crook o hismoosyne intae the lang rigs
tak insteid o take weemoosaid sorry bricht een lookit
the tings an opened themooo the blaik stove tae
s airms its wee coorsemoowis like an opened trap
mouth we say mooth ormooyou say arm we say
frae the caimb an hermoois smeether than ile bit
frae the crook o hermooned ran back tae the
a cutty pipe in hismoothe rikk risin up frae
frae the side o hismootill his mither thocht tae
it s still in yourmoom1096: [snort] no f1095: come
stukken tae ma een nebmooan hair i ll gie
syne stuck it in eezmooe ripit in eez pooch
eidritch tree an steek hermoofur syne wad cam twa
at ae side o hermoofin she wis dwaumin fin
tar wid ye kiss mamoowi oot a grue fin
left haan wick o mamoocam a thin trail o
oaths that cam ooto mamoofor they war aa southren
wi a rabbit in itsmooroka the fox thocht i
ye dae is ett anmoolugs as lang as cricket
an fore i shut mamoobit e mochs wis in
are aunty mable s mamoois uncle jim s an
in es aafa quairtness mamooopent a bit as a
fool bree sprewin ooto hermooefter hauf the pairish hid
hid meat an elephant smoofae auld siam across tae
ey simply melted in themoofit are you three up
as a sleepin man smoodis wi at e mochs
s it sat aside emooo e close in e
in anaith jist at emooo e door bit half
iron kaim fitted at emooye cd fairly speed up
monkeys hauns war ower itsmooan it wis caad spikk
war sunken aawye roon hismoohis hale heid wis nae
like an auld wummin smoocaad cruikit wi the palsy
shoulder dinna ging a tightmood wi me i ve
sally bruce stude in themooo t wi a calf
heists the mug tae hismoowi fingers braid as puddens
o glut he fulled hismoowi spittle pyochered an spat
wi a smirk on itsmoowytin tae gie folk flegs
s where s f1113: sayingmoof1114: the [?]tin[/?] f1113: which
can niver smile because hermoos set up an doon
taste o them in wirmooefter thon we d tae
cockin his hooves in themooo a cave sae near
the sides o each sappymoothe collie hoggin the seat
aboot pittin that in yourmooi saw you just noo
toun has nae voice naemoonaethin sae forcey nae sonatas
the long teeth oot itsmoof1103: that was a sabre
again he rallied an hismoobegin tae wirk fechtin tae
my response tae this ismoojourneys i door bangs shut
tae china an elephant smoos like a vagina stap
pit her hand ower hermooan muttered surely no the
screen he canna aim hismoothe beans faa aff his
fingers lik sassidges wee dribblinmootongue lik a lamprey oot
michty me whither dodie smooor airse lats flee it
leary s brogues no longermoobut have been known to

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