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thrang wi fowk in festivemoodin festive claes sae braw
to be in a lazymoodbut also not very well
in the in a lazymoodhinner end in the in
comments creates an excited urgentmoodin the passage mike teavee
contributes to the urgent excitedmoodthere is also a lexical
glesga he wis in patrioticmoodwe war treated tae scots
which suited our slightly hungovermoodwe wandered into the town
to it can affect ourmooda wee bit i m
to so positively affect themoodof a whole community as
materials to experiment with themoodor atmosphere of the text
lowe flame stappt stuffed tidmoodhard wrocht hard worked jaud
in keeping with the frenziedmoodof the passage and it
wis separate frae thi indicativemoodthi unstressit syllable o thi
crown teenie not in themoodfor jokiness has onybody heard
i wasn t in themoodfor hurting anyone and joe
band which played in themoodwhile a long haired genial
eck wisnae in a gweedmoodefter broon an roost did
fin she wis in thismoodjonsar eck said it wis
mccoll were in a badmoodall right all right said
i was in a badmoodand he was rude f809:
ye re in a badmoodf1043: i hadnae one for
ill peyed in a badmoodingin onion intilt into it
ach ye arenae in themoodtae versify the noo but
night you in a goodmoodthe night was that fun
help the night nice goodmoodthe night you in a
darklin shadows brocht a sombremoodthe april air waxed dowier
through quickly chebutykin eradiating amoodof benevolence which does not
sake ye ken change ofmoodalmost to herself i div
in stolen coupons change ofmoodan chrissie will spend the
its back sudden change ofmoodyou were feart ye widna
jonsar wis in a horriblemoodfin he got hame efter
back back to her happymoodan i got a shottie
in a happy and beneficentmoodhe was kind enough to
rain in the mornin themoodis dooncast cauld in the
wither in a richt ditherymoodwid it rain noo maybe
car boot wis opened hermoodchanged oh michty me fa
soon returns to her melancholymoodwhat wul ye dae for
good but am not inmood8 thursday liverpool philharmonic concert
dad s in a goodmoodhe talks in scots if
be in quite a goodmoodon new year s m816:
was in a really goodmoodtoday f1049: she was m1048:
bay while creating an intensemoodof passionate longing perhaps for
chamber today in a consensualmoodthinking that all members would
[inaudible] maybe it s amoodm734: it is it is
poem as it sets themoodboethius has very strong views
folk were in the gamblingmoodthis is a very old
attacking scottish provincial mores amoodvery different from the tentative
as to create a differentmoodcloze procedure could in fact
it is it is amoodbut i ve also seen
depressants that would explain themoodswings does he become violent
bangin aboot back into reminiscentmoodi loved washin i didna
that couldn t dampen themoodthere really is a feel
kinda just a- affects ourmoodas well doesn t it
or they re in amoodf1025: i would say stroppy
you re no in themoodfor it i woudny mind
you re no in themoodi can jist fuck off
but i m in nomoodfor her delusions she rang
i m no in themoodoh excuse me so it
i m no in themoodwhen you come in bleezin
just as yer in amooda sulk something like that
was in a chatty relaxedmoodand gave me a present
not having to watch whatmoodhe s in sadie well
in his usual charm freemoodhe states that some of
poets in 1991 and themoodwas predominantly feminist apart from
it aren t you themoodis lightening a bit you
under the stairs if themoodtakes me that s the
fortunate than ourselves and themoodalthough full of sentiment and
and breaks out of themoodlife goes on far s
least they add to themoodof sheer extravagance where else

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