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s a windae pane themoosiecreeps the birdie cheeps an
it feels auch puir weemoosiedinnae fash tae fling ye
a sonsie frienly quine wimoosiehair straikit blonde an spikit
bird his jaikit pooch amoosiehauds his kyte a kirn
s moosie getting where smoosieat is he doon the
f1116: [sucks air through teeth] f1115: what smoosiegetting where s moosie at
it shrinks rins aff amoosiethen fit aboot the mannie
think o a wee wrigglingmoosiein by her mou or
cheerfully and proudly a weemoosiemr grant sir mr grant
s rabbits f1116: aye f1115: moosieoh there s the chickens

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