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mainland fluttering her eyelashes katiemoragand grannie island smiled at
things out is our katiemoragand she said no more
judging started but when katiemoragarrived at grannie island s
so frightened and ashamed katiemoragdid a silly thing she
morning mrs mccoll woke katiemoragearly hurry up now she
trundling back and forth katiemoragfinally managed to collect and
brought for show day katiemoraggranma mainland asked och her
morag said grannie when katiemoraghad explained what she had
a hot day and katiemoraghad just stopped for a
paintings but the parcel katiemoraghad left on her doorstep
for tea she asked katiemoraghalf hid behind grannie as
a long time occasionally katiemoragheard muffled words of anger
tripped over baby liam katiemoragi think you d be
dear oh dear wailed katiemoraglooking at the five soggy
win it this year katiemoragran as fast as she
ve got yourself into katiemoragsaid grannie when katie morag
for helping out today katiemoragsaid mrs mccoll isn t
grannie pleased to escape katiemoragset off she loved any
as she looked at katiemoragshe s very good at
it was getting dark katiemoragthought of the long journey
hair silvery white said katiemoragthoughtfully everyone looked in amazement
shouted mrs mccoll as katiemoragtripped over baby liam katie
loudly buroom buroom buroom katiemoragwatched fascinated as granma mainland
them for a holiday katiemoragwent with her other grandmother
to quieten him down katiemoragyou take the mail to
bar arsenal an brazil teasedmoragbethia looked at her and
bethia smiled at that butmoragcouldn t help noticing she
bethia you wheesht now saidmoragirritated that s enough nae
at kapiolani park ick saidmoragit gits worse wailed bethia
volcano boy s tap affmoragobserved to bethia bethia smiled
at bethia while he spokemoragwas starting to think how
were out of there fuckmoragwasn t really gobsmacked bethia
stand unner coconut trees saidmoragwhich cracked bethia up no
hud those bethia said tomoragwinking they re the best
s still busy with messymoragand not really listening she
too much i leave messymoragby herself and creep to
says my daddy putting messymoragdown and unbuttoning his coat
can t stop shouting messymoraghas her arms round his
voice which means that messymoraghas soiled her nappy dirty
manipulator fiona baad says messymoragi don t listen to
she s been good messymoragis hanging on to my
in the bathroom wiping messymorags b t m she
didn t she wave messymorags biscuit under her nose
dae whitever it micht bemoragah div puddok wul ye
l git uised wi thatmoragah howp sae puddok quaet
did ye didna kill himmoragah im yeir puddok or
me whan ye ir checkitmoragah wul puddok an wul
girnin an makkin onie complaintmoragah wul puddok an wul
grund whan ah m deidmoragah wul puddok nou wat
puddok puddok whitna awfu drouthmoragangrily guidman it seems the
him aw yeir leevin daysmoragay ah div puddok dae
puddok wyfe ir ye waukenmoragay ah think sae puddok
dae ye hear me wummanmoragay puddok ah mean guidman
a puddok s thrappil noumoragbut hou coud sic a
ay ah did say thatmoragbut puddok shuirlie ye warna
raither ah wes yeir puddokmoraghou coud ye be ah
an hairie oubats doun tharemoraghou dae ye ken puddok
the puddok for several secondsmoragir the nae ither wey
puddok is it aye sherpmoragis it no ma faither
wat thoums the puddok andmoraglick their thumbs and hook
sister nanse no tell yemoraglooks again at the puddok
that ah need ti kenmoraglooks straight at the puddok
maun mairrie me for shuirmoragmairrie you juist that puddok
slug for ma denner yestreinmoragmakes a face yugh puddok
luik rael smertlyke ah thinkmoragmercie me puddok ah l
ti git roond the puddokmoragmither ah hae sumthing ti
and in hops the puddokmorago mercie it s yeirsell
amour dure toute la viemoragpretends to be asleep puddok
bit intones div ye princessmoragpromise ti tak this puddok
daein in this chaumer wimoragpuddok ah hae everie richt
round the puddok s shouldermoragpuddok ir the oneithing ah
think o a singil thingmoragpuddok that s waesum a
the end o the warldmoragpuddok ye r brekkin ma
wi the puddok yeir hienessmoragringan juist you dae whit
c c cum you inbymoragtakes the puddok s hand
second plaid over the puddokmoragthare nou that soud be
puddok fareweill princess chap awamoragthis is juist ti please
puddok na nae ither weymoragwad a kiss no dae
queen nanse is shuirlie richtmoragwe canna hae a puddok
for several seconds puddok wyfemoragwearily whit is it nou
the tyme did ye noumoragwhaur ma puddok ah never
o us ma bonnie lassiemoragwhit l ah dae puddok
ah hae ti leather yemoragwringing her hands please puddok
into a fit of tremblingmoragbyde still the nou guidman
ti gang for a stertmoragguidman ir ye wantin oniething
try an settil doun guidmanmoragreturns to bed and lies
a duin wi ma lyfemoragrises to her feet guidman
me the edge o itmoragthe edge o it guidman
it haes that effek whylesmoragthenk ye verra kyndlie guidman
down half the second plaidmoragtry an settil doun guidman
ye hae passed the testmoragwhit dae ye mean guidman
each other for several secondsmoragastonished mercie wha ir ye
the window nanse mercie heremoragback again she s doun
mercie whit l ah daemoraglies down again in her
hert set on mairriein memoragmercie on us ir ye
lairnin me ti crochet yitmoragmercie she s no deid
ugsum face back here againmorago mercie na ringan leave
ma vyce ti ye againmoragto herself mercie whit wul
the two princesses nanse andmoragare sitting embroidering nanse me
syde o mairriage nanse oormoragdisna ken mukkil aboot it
wi thaim sae ah wulmorago mither nanse screaming hae
nanse nastily that wad bemorags job wha else but
nanse makes a face atmoragsouk souk morag it s
nanse the prood auldest princessmoragthe broun yungest princess the
pailace an that s finalmoragto nanse whyles ye hae
in a kennel nanse perfitmoragwul follae him aboot wi
that ah ken yeir hienessmoragdinna you tell hir ringan
yeir hieness deil a fearsmoragleave this ti me ringan
ah never heard the lykemorago dear ringan tam gied
bed that s mair wycelykemoragringan enters ringan ye rang
away from morag she likesmoraga lot i don t
and hands it to moragmoragah dinna ken aboot this
were the only twins m635: moragaye morag [?]letchenby[/?] m636: and
aye m1008: aye m1007: moragmoragcalls coinneach mhor a bramair
face at morag souk soukmoragit s droll the wey
only twins m635: morag ayemorag[?]letchenby[/?] m636: and and it
whaur ye belang to moragmoragma lassie ah dout ye
o oorsells morag sobs agreementmoragmither dinna say ye l
thumb and hands it tomoragmorag ah dinna ken aboot
m1007: aye m1008: aye m1007: moragmorag calls coinneach mhor a
fluir whaur ye belang tomoragmorag ma lassie ah dout
an whit wad that bemoragmorag promise me ye wul
ither haund on ma heidmoragobeys morag yeir heid s
me that i was beautifulmoragor no morag so my
whit wad that be moragmoragpromise me ye wul never
at being called away frommoragshe likes morag a lot
was beautiful morag or nomoragso my happiness was nourished
faimlie as ane o oorsellsmoragsobs agreement morag mither dinna
on ma heid morag obeysmoragyeir heid s awfu cauld
mukkil whan ye war mairritmoragah ken ah did but
the day ye war mairritmoragah m haurlie lyke ti
tell him strecht tell himmoragmither we war richt mairrit
ah canna mynd the lavemoragnou that we r mairrit
different be in mairrit lykemoragplaintively is that aw is
wes the important bit onieweymoragthat s us mairrit than
here rintoul obeys the princessmoragbliss hir haes juist cum
end two weeks later princessmoragenters carrying the flask she
bonnier ane tae the princessmoraghirsell an ah m no
chaumer the same evening princessmoragis asleep in bed but
queen tidies her hair andmoragattends to the bed the
chaumer the morn s mornmoragawricht mither queen guidnicht than
a nyaf queen mebbe ifmoragexplains ti the craitur juist
awricht mither queen guidnicht thanmoraggang strecht til yeir bed
can dicht up eftir himmoraggroans queen ye dinna want
gie yeir mammie a kissmoragkisses her and the queen
sisters make for the doormoraglast queen haud on the
s waur nor ah expekkitmoragmither please queen peering at
its fingers to his mouthmoragmither queen it looks lyke
and leaves again followed bymoragmoving discretely queen maister rintoul
queen putting her arm roundmoragnounae nounae we maun pit
hae happent til hir queenmorags couthier nor you an
queen haud on the noumoragsee an ye can redd
that shuirlie queen bliss yemoragthe r sumthing in whit
her queen guidnicht queen leavesmoragundresses for bed a clock
aw slaigeert wi dryte queenmoragye r shuirlie never gaun
r ill magic forby guidmoragbut hou did ye git
guid ti be masell againmoragbut hou im ah ti
naething ti eat at awmoraghou did ye win across
couples the luiv cums latermoraghou lang wul ah hae
o ay ah wes speirinmoraghou ye managed ti git
is a fair meiracle butmoragma bairn hou did ye
chairms an hou aboot youmoragwha wad ye lyke ti
r nae turnin back noumoragdae ye want ti git
ye git the wattir thanmoraghe gat roond me he
an git on wi itmoragraises the sword sadly and
no bi a lang chalkmoragsobbing ah juist canna git
thaim afore they git cauldmoragsoud be hame the day
sister wul hae telt yemoragan that is ah ken
if ah can help itmoragbut whaur wul ye be
wul ye leave iz alanemoragif that s whit ye
me as a man noumoragwow this wul tak sum
it l be awricht mithermoragwul bring the magic wattir
whitever wad fowk thuink mebbemoragwul can bring hirsell ti
aboot hir puir seik mithermoragbrocht me the magic wattir
dumplin in a safe placemoragdinna be daft mither he
ye limmer that ye irmoragfetching the gown here mither
serpent s tuith they saymoragma mither haesna been verra
difference it s a swickmoragmither caw cannie ye war
carrying the flask with watermoragtriumphantly mither ah hae duin
the wey we ir noumoragir ye gaun ti leeve
no fykie wi ma meatmoragir ye shuir ye can
images fade off the stagemoragah na whit l ah
mebbe seem better the mornmoragah think ah l hae
no ah l try againmoragclimbs out of bed takes
l gie t a trymoragmakes a makeshift bed with
it s ever sae rudemoragplease god whit l ah
knee a bosie they embracemoragwe l juist hae ti
say ye l dae fynemoragwhit div we hae ti
ain lugs naebodie mairries puddoksmoragwhit l ah dae the
mairries puddoks ah never heardmoragwhit s mair he l
ah sayin it coudna beenmoragye l rue aw the
ye l hae noticed thatmoragye r a maist byordnar
want a drink o wattirmoragbounds out of bed and
ah cum in asyde yemoragbounds out of bed and
tak aff the flouer patmoraggets out of bed and
soud be graund an cosiemoragreturns to bed and lies
her mummy is upstairs puttingmoragto bed for her little
ye ken whit ah meanmoragah m shuir ah dinna
on lyke this onie langirmoragah still dinna ken whit
ken whit ye war daeinmoragbut ah did ken whit
as that sae it ismoragdae ye ken richt whit
whit ah hae in myndmoragit wes ti hae been
whit s wi the gunkmoraglooked around the room where
whit ah m speakin abootmoragnods god serrs whit im
she was most startled atmorags appearance christ whit happened
he gives a demonstration leapmoragsighing weill that is whit
spent amang the lassies omoragwhit guid words did ye
a richt sorner ti memoragye can say whit ye
depend on me for thatmoragah dinna feel verra weill
r no weirin onie claesmoragah ken ah ken ah
afore ah wes seik weillmoragah kent ye wadna lat
aw been ill ti peymoragah m shuir nane o
room mags you can saidmoragah need sleep don t
at her dae ye myndmoragastonished it wes you ah
dae ah hae ti speakmoragay ah hear ye ah
the end o this yitmoragfull of wonder ah mynd
wad ye lyke ti mairriemoraglaughing ah m no prood
girnin an makkin onie complaintmoragna ah canna dae it
kind he said littoral saidmoragnear wetting herself ah widnae
ah hae ti leather yemorago dear awricht ah winna
lowse me frae ma dulemoragpasionately ah coud never dae
boy masel paws aff barkedmoragsnapping ah seen him furst
us yokit they disengage andmoragsteps back ah canna say
it micht tak fortie yearmoragthe truibil is ah m
alane ye buggers o hellmoragwha s that ah canna
ah m aw raivelt princemoragye hae lowsed me frae
wad ye lyke ti trymoraglooks doubtful c mon gie
shame ti gang on atmoraglyke this whan she wes
is lyke bi first appearancesmoragye hae a guid hert
langir nou juist dae itmoragawricht than gin that s
thing looks like a blastmoraginhaled the strangeness that was
nae beild here at awmoraglooks up at the sky
as you d looked atmoragdully i unpacked our picnic
the catty corner balcony freakmoragscreamed she looked down at
for ye yeir first nichtmoragis about to reply but
the sicht o yeir manmoragthe r shuirlie mair ti
rest or ye gether yeirsellmoraga dinna feel richt at
mischief dinna you daur middilmoragdinna you daur juist you
a tuim flesk o dinnamoragenters running carrying the flask
c mon dinna be blatemorago awricht she pats him
her hair dinna greet noomoragwas able to stop her
or haud his tung forayemoragbut the r naebodie here
aince he bows an leavesmoragwhyles ye r gey ill
dae ye see it tharemoragay yon belanged ma faither
me in ma bonnie lassiemorago ay o ay atweill
gie this craitur houss roommoragshamefacedly ay an he said
legs frae anaith the doormoragdoes not answer wumman dae
whyles freinlie wi him ormoragan me wad never hae
fest ti be wi yemoragsae ye hae ti tell
wes never consummated wes itmoragwe didna hae oniething ti
for ye in a meinitmoragapprehensively in better fettil for
gether masell in a meinitmoragborn did a hear ye
ye mynd yin twa thriemoragbrings the sword down quickly
o aipils alang wi yemoragbrocht thaim in lest nicht
they spelt joolry wrang notedmoragd ye reckon yon traditional
wid ye look at thatmoragsaid in the distance they
his jaw appears to chattermoragye puir craitur haud on
the lave o ma daysmoragye puir man the prince
want o oniething mair halesummoragye puir thing wes that
for a whyle yit onieweymoragti haud ti ma promise
i m not wanted saidmoragarchly and left us closing
sounds like christina aguilera saidmoragfinding him more and more
at you andy you remembermoragi said inanely yes you
it in a minute sweetiemorags said nothing to me
like being at hame saidmoragsadly then before she knew
rotating in the tumble driermoragsaid i wish you every
too this is awfu nicemoragsaid is that a cuckoo
must be terrible fascinating saidmoragstifling a yawn we know
niver heard oaf her saidmoragstretching when s the bar
awkwardly at the table whenmoragappeared at the door in
front door before mummy ormoragnotice anything when he opens
quiet knocking at the doormoragopens the door and in
nivir hud any decent swordplaymoragslid the door along its
waur nor she wes yestreinmoragwhitever she s no weill
puir man the prince andmoragmove together to embrace ma
ma lassie never owre latemoragna a m shuir it
is a shiny black horsemoragdoesn t listen she never
banks in the sudden darknessmoragfelt something she d never
the way she talks tomoragand i snuggle into her
her own thimbleful of bilemoragbrushed that long red hair
from her sixth floor perchmoragcould see kiddies leaping from
mai tai drenched days latermoragfinally got to see her
think owre mukkil aboot itmoraghangs her head dejectedly whan
s a bit clap wyfemoraghold out her hand uncertainly
s a sicht cheaper taemoraglooking down dubiously at her
draw it after tea whilemoragmouse is having her bath
him noticing her too thismoragnoticed the yank s nike
that makes the waves biggermoragpretty much had her fill
lat you be tellin memoragrising to her feet a
hear her upstairs talking tomoragshe is speaking in her
bump but nobody notices exceptmoragshe smiles her silly smile
system later when he interruptedmoragto correct her pronunciation of
i don t kow whatmoragwas getting at with her
f746: mmhm yeah f978: anmoragalways says that she can
she hands one straight tomoragbut she holds my biscuit
was my wife s ideamoragmcalpine eh she has [laugh]
his shop greitin aw daymoragmebbe she s owre sair
him aboot wi a cloutmoragmoans she can dicht up
fiona she says look aftermoragmouse she pushes me into
that little bitch pick upmoragmouse too she s been
job wha else but perfitmoragshe coud follae him about
and cry like that babymoragshe is always crying when
for the waur the daymoragshe s better nor she
minutes she starts to singmoragsings whither i wander east
and she also refuses butmoragthe youngest daughter accepts the
stop people from doing thingsmoragturns to me she seems
mummy has followed me carryingmoragwho could walk if she
is a frog i tellmoragand my daddy is a
aw a m owre hetmoragsitting up for the luiv
s being a bad boymoragis looking at me with
daddy is a rugby forwardmoragstill doesn t listen me
sometimes mummy makes me takemoragto play there but usually
sit doun for a meinitmoragsits down at the edge
it best on the powemoragpats him gingerly on the
hurt to look at itmoraghad come to see volcanoes
in here at this oormoragrises and goes to the
tinkling bells the prince andmoragstand gazing at each other
count up to twelve butmoragcan t even count up
isn t as accommodating asmoragi ll be in touch
isn t that just greatmoragthought it was the tour
sign of the blessed virginmoragpurely out of politeness i
as a badger s arsemoragsat out on the verandah
my toys sometimes i allowmoragto play in it but
sister s name which ismoragin the summer holidays fiona
pictorial artist that sounds likemorags assessment early teacher theatrical
em em however one ofmorags books was a maclellan
warm on the nape ofmorags neck yon d j
conveniently transmogrified into a princemorags sacrifice is rewarded and
if it was andy robbmorags wasted no time as
joe s fan club especiallymoragthe little clype though why
oan lindsay lohan s titsmoragwas half cut too with
it s them ur youmoragwondered if all the alcohol
knew you d been naughtymoragmouse has been smoking if
prudential office then of howmoraghad always wanted to see
eh eh what happend wasmoragmy wife em being an
right ehm yeah uh huhmoraghad a shop there and
a thin wire helen tellsmoragblack andy is three days
after an improvised marrriage ceremonymoragis allowed to collect some
gaelic in gaelic medium educationmoragan masel led the cless
respective erm grandmothers eh grannymoragand granny claris so they
gaelic through gaelic medium educationmoragand i led the class
tae invest in some levitramoragbegan howling with laughter a
prayer ways for genuine emergenciesmoragmac your favourite ewe gone
lothians and borders police andmoragmclaughlin head of policy crown
and will i look aftermoragmouse in the sitting room
and goes to the windowmoragopening the window and crying
cokes they were criminally wastedmoragoscillated across the lounge to
the job glug glug hellmoragthought there surely was room
to black sand beaches gotmoragto thinking that maybe the
front of the telly alongsidemoragwe are sad and puzzled
satisfy mum and dad andmoragwho are all in joe

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