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0 5 frost in themorninaffa bare an cauld see
0 8 frost in themorninaffa fine an gran mair
cauld an bare is themornineence mair frost dis loup
3 1 frost in themorninen sin dis come oot
0 6 frost in themorninen the day dis change
5 fyte frost in themorninfin we div rise dry
ere s frost in themorninfollowed be sna bare win
5 fyte frost in themorninfor us tae see en
2 1 rise in themorninfrost sparkles sae bricht en
minus twa frost in themorninfyte like sna sin is
a richt hard frost aemorninit wis jist a richt
5 fyte frost in themorninjist eence mair braw sinny
1 5 rise in themornintae a bit o frost
9 fyte frost in themorninturns oot fine bides like
31 temp 1 2 granmorninwi frost in o the
6 fyte frost in themorninwither dis change starts tae
5 rainfall 6 16 drymorninaffa cauld an gey bare
11 rainfall 4 16 coorsemorninaffa fule an weet clears
5 rainfall 28 16 coorsemorninaffa fule an weet slowly
15 rainfall 2 16 granmorninaffa sinny fit a treat
25 rainfall 3 16 brawmorninaffa warm an richt fine
15 rainfall 2 16 finemorninbit a bit cauld an
rainfall 2 16 richt frostymorninen wither dis change poors
rainfall 8 16 in themorninere nothing bit water hale
11 rainfall 3316 in themorninfule an weet dry in
5 10 rainfall 2 16morninis affa dull an affa
2 5 rainfall 7 16morninis cauld wi shoors affa
5 8 rainfall 3 16morninis gey dull an affa
rainfall 1 16 an entrymorninit dis turn oot tae
rainfall 9 16 in themorninit is jist aboot dry
rainfall 6 16 in themorninit poors o rain eence
rainfall 6 16 fine warmmorninit s hard tae believe
rainfall 4 16 in themorninit s heavy shoors eence
rainfall 1 16 in themorninit s neen ower bricht
10 rainfall 3 16 coorsemorninit turns oot tae be
4 6 rainfall 12 16morninjist aboot dry fin we
7 rainfall 3 16 dullmorninquait an a wee bit
5 8 rainfall 12 16morninsae quait cood hear a
7 12 rainfall 1 16morninstarts awa affa bony an
rainfall 6 16 in themorninthe note is soor fer
rainfall 6 16 rain faemorninthroo tae nicht it s
1 5 rainfall 17 16mornintums oot affa fule an
2 15 rainfall 1 16morninturns dull i div groan
1 9 rainfall 3 16morninturns oot richt fule an
13 rainfall 1 16 granmorninwi a fer pir o
24 rainfall 2 16 driechmorninwi a fer sup o
rainfall 1 16 dry warmmorninwi a spit or twa
8 rainfall 2 16 dullmorninwi a wee shoor o
16 rainfall 6 16 finemorninwi some sin sae fine
rainfall 3 16 in themorninwither jist aboot dry en
5 16 dull in themorninlooks like a change starts
temp 9 19 dour dullmorninsin en peeps oot affa
tuesday 27th temp 5 10morninstarts awa gey dull an
10 16 rise in themornintae a dull black sky
at nicht an begod neeshtmorninfin i tried tae rise
temp 2 5 bitterly cauldmorninfin we div rise en
3 16 rain in themorninfin we div rise poors
ere s sna in themorninfin we rise it s
2 16 rise in themorningrun covered in sna bit
10 16 rise in themorninit s jist aboot dry
fin we rise in themorninit s poorin rain weet
12 23 rise in themorninsee sin shining throo affa
15 25 rise in themorninsin oot in it s
2 16 rise in themornintae a puckle sna spleetry
3 16 rise in themornintae sin sae bricht think
2 10 rise in themornintae sin shine turns oot
2 10 rise in themorninthe days a breet steady
5 16 rise in themorninthe stories the same hale
quay rise early in themorninwi yer bundlie in yer
o the wynd the neistmorninan speir for a pint
doun the watter the neistmorninan whit wis mair the
didna for the verra neistmorninat the brekfest whit soud
ti dragon tiger brae neistmorninat the earlie hearin marischal
that bare ran ava neistmorninbrian tuik the sky train
ithers an whan the neistmornincam he gied hir tae
oot sortin da car neistmorninda cage wis hoidin ahint
side o kingdom come neistmorninfin she waukened betsy hid
thay wad dae the neistmorningin fergal suid again hae
fell soond asleep the neistmorninhir mither cam doun the
in blek an the neistmorninkennin she hae nae chaunce
well speired the landlady neistmorninlike a lamb quo da
freins thegither an on themornino the neist day he
ti tell thaim ava themornino the neist day the
inti claith sae aerlie neistmorninowre she gangs ti see
hame fae his wark neistmorninshuir eneuch beenie gaed intae
sae it wes the neistmorninthe auld kerlin gied theprincess
an praisents early the neistmorninthey cried on cottars ti
theirsels doun ti rest neistmorninthey slept ti the day
5 temp 2 12 granmorninaye wi sin as weel
4 it s a granmornincomes oot mild nae sign
3 it s a granmorninen it looks like rain
7 temp 3 16 granmorninit s a richt welcome
5 fine an quait granmornintae be grun dries up
14 gran autumn day faemornintae nicht sin dis shine
10 23 gran day faemorninthroo tae nicht ere s
18 sin dis shine faemorninthroo tae nicht gran is
6 19 gran day faemorninthroo tae nicht pir o
temp 8 18 fine freshmorninaye bonny an bricht twa
12 temp 3 15 cauldmornincomes oot fine an bricht
3 16 bricht in themorninen it tries tae rain
30th temp 4 9 amorninsae bonny an bricht bides
hir an ae bricht springmorninshe laid doun thrie heids
0 8 waken in themorninsin shinin bricht dulls doon
an bricht affa close faemornintae nicht wednesday 18 temp
an bricht braw day faemorninthroo tae nicht wednesday 11
2 16 bricht in themorninwi plenty sinshine north win
see ye thi morn smornin2nd wicht aye ye wull
road till the morn smorninach there s naethin wirth
the morn adv tomorrow themorninadv this morning the nicht
ir or the morn smorninan thay did juist that
thare or the morn smorninan the morn we wul
s rest the morn smorninat keek o day the
birds liltin the morn smorninfor eftir the morn she
byde or the morn smorninfrom the chinese of li
lyre aerlie the morn smorninfrom the chinese of po
it or the morn smorningoes behind the screen on
first thing the morn smorninguid kens whaur ah l
hame then the morn smorninhe d git yokit tae
nicht an the morn smorninsent a flunkie ti tak
weet bed the morn smorninthe mistress o steenhillock telt
sleep nou the morn smorninwe wul hae a confab
wi you the morn smorninye can say yeir prayers
11 11 fog in themorninaffa fule an weet day
1 16 rain in themorninaffa fule an weet sin
fin i wakent e neeshtmorninere wis a weet spot
weet an fule is themorninmist wi sin in efterneen
hiv ye iver tried amorninor a day liftin weet
where he woke up nextmorninaboot 6 o clock fair
four o clock in themorninan be oot o the
seven o clock in themorninand he d come back
six o clock on sundaymorninas hazel watched alexander holmes
five o clock in themorninbut before five o clock
six o clock in themorninbut eh i don t
acht o clock in emorninfor e aastrian wither report
two o clock in themorninfreezing cold woke up wi
at seeven o clock ilkamorningittin up on time wad
two o clock in themorninhave er kenny he s
nine o clock in themorninjonsar eck hid promised tae
three o clock the nextmorninm815: yeah we won it
five o clock in themorninmissus never asked where i
nine o clock in themorninnae chance it wis spent
was three o clock onemorninpaid us a visit carolanne
eleven o clock in themorninpeggy oh we never liked
3 o clock in themornintae dee the han milkin
two o clock in themorninthat happened f1054: where did
at sax o clock ilkiemorninthe cairts wid arrive frae
five o clock in themorninthe we d two big
16 first thing in themorninaffa mild wither dis change
5 16 damp is themorninbit turns fine an dry
1 16 anither damp warmmornineence mair fresh win later
2 16 rain in themorninen aff en rain again
1 16 dry in themorninen the day turns soor
4 16 cool in themorninfor the day it bides
4 16 nae a greatmorningey cauld an bare some
16 look oot in themorninin great dispair wid you
2 16 rain in themorninit s neen ower fine
6 16 rain in themorninnae a welcome sicht dry
1 16 drizzle in themorninnoo an again sultry midges
4 16 dew in themorninoot comes the sin it
6 rainfall5 16 richt finemorninsae sharp an cauld maks
10 16 rain in themorninthe mood is dooncast cauld
temp 2 16 rains faemorninthroo tae nicht athing soakin
temp 2 3 richt finemornincrisp an dry en darker
8 temp 5 12 dampmorninen it brichtens up bonny
15 27 haar in themorninis seen burned awa en
damp an mild is themornintae be en the sin
2 12 cracker o amorninwi warm sinshine en wither
o the pitsliga shops thismorninan affa lot o fowk
temp 7 15 in themornina lichtsome shoor or twa
temp 3 6 in hemornina spleetry shoor or twa
19th temp 3 9 finemorninaye at least wither is
23 temp 0 2 frostymorninbides sharp bit dry aye
12th temp 3 10 finemorninbit ere s a spit
temp 15 30 in themorninere s a licht shoor
temp 6 4 in themorninere s a puckle mair
28 temp 2 5 baremorningie mysel a shak noo
sunday 2nd temp 5 5morninis sae fine dry an
temp 0 0 in themorninit dings on sna on
temp 0 3 in themorninit dis poor o rain
15 temp 0 4 thismorninjist aboot maks abody greet
tuesday 13 temp 3 8morninstarts aff sae mild again
19 temp 7 20 faemornintae nicht ere s sin
20 temp 7 23 entrymorninthe very first this year
7th temp 2 4 finemorninwi a richt frosty feel
up sin five in themorninas early as meg hersel
the stue sin in themorninbonny an blue turns cool
12 26 sin in themorninricht fae the word go
wi e bales an emorninsin giein em lang shadas
18 sin dis shine faemornintae nicht fowk in simmer
14 it s a entrymorninwithoot ony sin fine hairst
aboot dry rain in themorninit dis try aboot midday
dry tae rain in themorninit dis try in the
dis blaw rain in themorninsae bare an raw later
force dis blaw in themorninthroo a shoor or twa
4 4 cauld in themorninbit fine abeen sna lies
a coverin o sna thismornineence mair cauld wi a
oors o a cauld novembermornintae hyter hame wi a
15 this is a entrymorninwithoot a doot cauld blustery
m952: oh yeah well thismornini wakened to the rain
it s early in themorninan late intil the nicht
the byre at milkin timemorninan nicht an made sure
in the watter sax timesmorninan nicht fur she hid
pride anna twice a daymorninan nicht minnie wis auld
again that nicht bit neestmorninfin jonsar tried the starter
thon aye gaed oan ilkmorninnicht an noon fower traivels
else in life but fishinmorninnoon an nicht it was
bit o sinhine richt faemornintae nicht time monday 23
oot richt fine richt faemornintae nicht time wednesday 26
braw an fine richt faemorninthroo tae nicht time tuesday
wi tyauvin an dargin fraemornintil nicht mysie s mither
plot yeir fuit nicht anmorninwi het wattir it wul
we say perfitlie weill guidmorninbobik ah said til him
ye r ma mammie guidmorninbobik says ah guid mornin
sure s fate in emorninere ll hae been shairp
7 20 cool in themorninere s a thick haar
at is time in emorninere wis a different eese
himsel a shak this septembermorninere wis a sharpness in
an alang cam god guidmorningod i blithely cried guid
an there was god guidmorningod says i gey weary
the hinner end lennox guidmorninguid syre macbeth a guid
onybody at hame miller guidmorninhennie fit can i dee
this spot till yae aprilmorninher guid man wis shot
him onlie the day guidmorninma praiciuss an syne he
mornin bobik says ah guidmorninma praiciuss darlin an syne
fowk say ere wis amorninootin in e bus tae
at pharoah s ca guidmorninpharoah says he no blate
says he no blate guidmorninsays pharoah tak a sate
says i gey weary guidmornintam says he quite cheery
god i blithely cried guidmornintam the lord replied an
morning god say i guidmornintam was the lord s
guid syre macbeth a guidmornintil ye baith macduff haes
3 15 sharp in themorninbit clears up fine pleased
wis a richt bonny maymorninan as jonsar eck sat
bairns on a caul wintermorninan richt inta an oothoose
it s a fyne springmorninan ye can see richt
hale day lang richt faemorninfae the day began sunday
hale day lang richt faemorninfin the day began saturday
it wis a richt bonnymorninjist richt for the job
think it s hell thismorninricht aneuch more knocking chap
micht the roses o themorninblumed fae the mud blumed
kids we were oot faemornintae night but i still
trade fae sax in themornintil eicht or nine at
up the mull for neestmorninwe got oor supper fae
afore it cam bit ilkymorninfin i opent e door
3 ferrly fresh in themorninfin we start awa day
fin i cam doon aemorninit wis jist awa leavin
progress it wis a sundaymorninat eleven that the fower
few hours [laugh] on sundaymorninf810: [laugh] f809: i know
fit ower the door thonmornintae gaun tae the sunday
as gentle as a maymorninthere was a wee sunday
e hill on a sundaymorninup e steps abeen e
watterside nanetheless ae august sundaymorninwhan aa daicent saumon fishers
cuidna wauken him an whanmornincam she buid ti leave
an harped aa day nextmornincam wi the early licht
ti the eastren capital thismorninsae back a cam och
cam for s in emornintae gie s a hurl
he cam spankin doon thismorninwalkin tae the toun as
look sae braw in themorninabove noise of the band
oot on ma kaim thismorninnanse sae that s whit
ye ly sae late thismorninporter losh syre we war
ootby wi the aix thismorninsae beatrix wes brocht til
he saw hir in themorninsae he lat the wurfs
ve cleant sae far thismorninthis crew has consisted o
ye sae aften an thismorninwhan ah stuid bi the
oot o e barn aemorninas jimmy hunter s father
gaed doon oor avenue aemorninin the spring ah had
tae the hoose ae mondaymorninit wis an edinburgh holiday
i left e hoose aemorninit wis intill e second
dawn ae lammas day themorninsky juist growin grey tam
in sic a wey aemorninthare when he taen it
up there wis ae fridaymorninthe grun wis fer fyte
as usual an waited tillmornini jist felt this een
wis in nae hurry thatmorninjist gaed aboot enjoyin the
o pancakes jist made thismorninjonsar eck replies at s
o lucifer son o themorninisiah verse 14 chapter 12
at hauf five in themorninan we hud a big
baby twenty past five millenniummorninehm but he calls the
five past seven in themorninf640: that s right because
ower the bed in themornintae aboot five meinits efter
then and there the nextmornini sortit oot a few
the fields ma lane themorninoot drave ah frae the
but you taen extra thismorninoot ma purse ye cannae
kent aw the pliskies yinmorninshe took oot her gless
oot braw sharp in themornintae catch the ferry tae
he fund oot thon seturdaymorninthat aw the yoles wis
been oot stravaigin the haillmorninwi the laddies ye ken
yeir prince in vain themorninye gaed oot ti battle
i d tint em neeshtmornindoon till e fairm on
ye re awa till emornindreams start tae come it
the men their orders ilkiemorninfa saw till it that
an my shoes till themornini got married and i
till like six in themorninit ll be open somethin
huv tae wait till themorninlight before ah can write
pey da lawin i damorninguidman an the guidman answert
the eastren capital i damorninhou wad that be gin
ll be roun i damorninti mak shuir ye re
gie it back i damorninwhite er the cost brither
d left the hoose thismorninwi minnie s da tae
intill e barn in emorninan syne we threesh an
called e cool o emorninand got back home late
got shachlet doon in emornindoon e stairs at i
pey for this in themornini ll ha e a
ve ay noticet at bemornini m ower clean e
i cd dee in emornini set aff again as
fresh straed eez beets atmorninin e byre e wis
tae be late in emorninir ey d be sayin
e meesic o e villagemorninit michna be like meesic
aye first up in emornintae get e fire goin
wyte stook parade e neeshtmorninwis fully e warst job
think i did in emorninwis tae see if i
hagger at e hedge neeshtmorninyer cweets ll be aa
bonnie in hir caller bluemorningoun wi hir croun o
in an see hir thismorninhe says he s cum
aix in hir haund thismorninmalcolm moula is this true
wha d raither prie themorninseminar nor hir silken chairms
haunlin broke up aerlie thismorninthe neibor telt hir iain
coud hae seen hir thismorninwhit a contemptible jaud o
whan ah waukent up thismorninan eftir ah haed gotten
whan ah waukent up thismorninan saw the sunlicht cum
he quut the houss thatmorninbut whan meg telt him
for him first thing thismorninmither whan ah saw ye
cum aince eirant natasha thismorninwhan the wee fallae waukent
the post office sighs thismorninah says til irena mynd
at at time o themorninan fit s mair i
mair o yeir tyme thismorninbut ah l expek ti
stown frae the tyde thatmorninhe haed nae mair adae
mither o pearl in themorninsun nae mair nor fower
het pancake wis bakin thismorninan her bag is fer
intervene bi two in themorninclydebank toon haw wis fillt
on his roons this setterdaymorninhe wis tryin tae set
ye wis some latchy esmornini didna see yer lum
it wisna caal in themorninnae saat wis used bit
you wis late in themorninso i ll be late
the back o nine thismorninthe wither wis playin up
wis jin s i themorninwad be liang s bi
wis up airlie in themorninwi ma heid inside the
that grippit his ee thonmorninwis a raw o wee
there smutherin awa in themornina sma job tae raik
tae go out in themorninan if it was really
tae the kitchie in themorninan showed her foo tae
away tae the racin thismorninaway down south and we
tae get up in themorninbefore i went tae school
job gittin up in themorninhe pit it doon tae
customs speired sabah al ishtarmornino cream tae ye i
wi a hingin lum ilkymorninshe made er tae in
the tolbooth alane the nextmorninshe was tae hing that
the local cottage hospital everymornintae get the bandages off
there from nine in themornintae six at night m608:
aff without misfit in themorninthe actress seemed tae be
it early tae bed neestmorninwe were up at six
tae aberdour early in themorninwi a load o chuckies
risin at seven in themorninan nae gettin awa or
awa real sharp that setterdaymorninfollowin a map that stanley
you can watch it themornin[inaudible] the day f1104: no
m842: easy day easy mondaymorninmanaged to pencil myself in
the day ah myndit thismorninthat it wes ma ain
fancie me broun ogre thismorninah peyed the wutch that
sic a wee darlin thismorninah said til him bobik
lyke this first thing thismorninah wes haein a bit
the lown o this brawmorninah wul cleid masell in
waitin on the paip thismorninan a heard him say
ah killed a sheep thismorninan the corp is lyin
the chair [?]kinda[/?] church thismorninan we ll have a
yeir ship s bou thismorninanaw gunnar ye saw ma
ye went away in themorninand ye trailed this thing
wytin fur the bus thismorninas i wyted fur the
bite ti eat sen thismorninchebutykin irena serghyeevna irena whit
seik as a dug thismornineilidh puts the tray down
lyin in the gairden thismornineilidh the heid hung lyke
an i was drookit thismorninf1041: mmhm when ye re
when i got up thismorninf1049: and that would have
did half the recycling thismorninf810: oh good [inaudible] f809:
til the broun ogre thismorninfor ti mend his verra
did you see it thismorningordon i don t know
lyin in the firth thismorningunlöd ah wes rael gled
joog o fresh watter thismorninhe complained o a pain
ll sort ye in themorninhe picked up this jotter
o the haly buik thismorninher bedroom windae up in
fancily d- eh decorated thismorninhow here he was all
m1042: it was pourin thismornini ll tell ye i
kill bletherin wi you thismorninis yeir maister up an
f834: [laugh] f832: spider thismorninit was absolutely massive it
s arranged ti gang thismorninlennox it s been a
ye chappin sticks wi thismorninmoula thare it is ahint
ye feel in yeirsell thismorninqueen fair duin doctor ah
wes thare first thing thismorninrintoul pulls out the chamber
few different eh things thismorninroughly seven ehm different ways
pennies that s hauf thismornins drawins at the toll
lousum wee lassie bairn thismorninshe lookit at me wi
somebody was tellin me thismorninsomethin about better play wi
lyke ti kill sumthing thismorninsum wee furrie thing ah
feinisht thir afore dawin thismorninsyne the callant spiert ti
m fair dowie kis thismorninthe coorse wund dung doun
lyke quyne weill this verramorninthis laird s naig haed
vest i put on thismorninthough loretta weel you ll
s truck widnae start thismorninusually the truck wid start
didna hae onie coffee thismorninwul ye tell thaim ti
naething ti eat sen thismorninyin o ma dochters is
get for the worry nextmorninat brakkfaist she drew up
get for the worry nextmorninat brakkfaist she drew up
got it replaced free nextmorninunder the regulations well pleased
an a thing but nextmorninyou d be the spik
m goin to berwick tomorrowmorninfirst thing at ten o
hinnae heukt a thing aamorninthat s too bad i
ah wauken up i themorninah feel the r sumthing
shu chen ca 1200 mamorninah ryse up ah im
on the ruif in themorninah soup the snaw frae
git licht it s amaistmorninai if onlie ah coud
came and wi hid oblivionmornincame an ah painfully pulled
a boat leimin in themorninfair droukit wi wattir the
back end wund blaws themorninis drowie wi dreipin rones
wi the sun i themorninthay set furth again on
to come in in themorninwi a muckle great mop
yaise that racket o amornina dinnae care if it
to his wife a mochymorninan an aafa smell o
it hid rained in themorninan maist o the bairns
sants the bounless years likmornindew the days o man
in the middle o themorninhe aye likit a moofae
i did see him themornino his death but it
them that are jiled omorninstar glorie o the licht
was the middle o themorninwasn t it bessie bessie
an crisp at is themorninbit wither forecast is a
it hed taen the haillmorningey near up ti the
macbeth it s gey nearmorninit s haurd ti tell
listenin ti your meiseries awmorninye hae the needle that
a lang whyle syne themorninact ii scene 1 the
dae your paint station themornina wee while eh if
chen ca 1200 48 mamornindo 49 ching ming splore
re putting on in themorninyet darlin f1142: or ma
at hauf twae in themorninan fined him seeventy poun
hauf past fower i themorninan i ve seen neither
been staunin here hauf themorninan my pownies are still
nurse emmett arrived in themorninan socht the spare key
m t v in themorninan they re doin the
norma for coffee in themorninan we micht hae wir
moosies sit an greet mondaymorninbrakkfast s a broken bikky
him a tug the firstmorninbroon an roost widnae start
a real een strippet troosersmornincoat an a face like
nae hairst left an entrymorninit is last october like
an first up in themorninso that s what ye
seeven an aicht in themorninthat we heard the noise
ll seem better in themorninupstairs an steek yer eenies
feel better an come themorninye ll forget her an
can toast me in themorninfan you waken up she
s jewels donnie in themorningetting izzy up makkin sure
s comin up in themornini ll just drive drive
back up on a mondaymorninm815: uh huh no there
uncle robert on the firstmorninhe came down they d
the boys and girls themornin[censored: forename] s nae got even
sang in washington in themorninamerican interlude the mall sat
i delivered milk in themorninand then i served in
officiars hed gien in themorninbethankfu the palace betheral raired
like half two in themorninbut i didn t even
hauf past twae in themorninby the road brig juist
glasgow at two in themorninf1049: uh huh m1048: yeah
f640: ye did in themorninf638: and eh i went
filled their jug in themorninf640: before she went to
tea or coffee in themorninhmm no bad for saicont
the sna meltit bi themorninin the rinnin thaw fitpreints
it wid start in themorninjonsar eck thocht you ken
set the fire in themorninlet aleen kinnle it as
start at six in themorninm608: uh huh f638: and
out the door in themorninm608: uh huh f643: and
it s open in themorninm818: i don t i
it gauns off in themorninm942: [laugh] m941: you throw
be very ill in themorninno no be serious where
would go early in themorninso as nobody would see
by but no afore themorninwinter wauknin a m in
wund is blawin the snellmorninwund is souchin in a
yeah but see the themorninf638: [cough] f637: i got
aye it s a entrymornini wid say see the
m608: [inaudible] f637: ehm themornini got f638: i m
married m608: aye f637: themornini got married f638: [cough]
geography exam on a saturdaymorninbut there d been a
at dawin i the clearmorninair the fermers ir eydent
at the weekend the mondaymorninhe came down and he
to christian john from jimmorninbaith here s the twa
leaning on his spade graundmorninpompitie it s taen a
wally carolanne headache sadie themorninefter huh carolanne don t
love it is not themornineftir nor the wan eftir
you can watch it themorninf1104: i want to watch
used to be sick everymorninf638: hated the school i
on yeir hunkers or themorninit is geyan late on
on yeir hunkers or themorninit is geyan late on
stane it wes the graundestmorninthe hazel trees war new
erm on er wednesday ermorninand it was quite funny
mile f606: yeah m824: everymorninf606: mmhm m822: aye f606:
happy thocht twa oors aforemorninmilkin she steekit her weary
nor afore sunrise on mondaymorninfurthermair i will neither abuse
and came back on thursdaymorninf643: then m642: and worked

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