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of language study generative phonologymorrishalle generative semantics george lakoff
assistance with statistical analysis barrymorrisedward wright computing centre for
amsterdam treaty prepared by suemorrisof spice we will not
research specialists graham vidler suemorrisprocessing assistants sharon murray scott
march 2000 2 harris smorrisp wray s and yalden
your nasty rusty cramped oldmorris1000 god it smelled rank
days were ford singer andmorris[note: photo: 'arbuthnott church choir outing in 1913; charabancs sitting outside bervie motors.'] buses peter s garage
of ivy the little blackmorrisminor was moving slowly so
willie kemp and george smorristhere wis the sheer enthusiasm
drove off in your ancientmorrisyou didn t act like
o the cornkisters an georgemorristhe buchan chiel twa names
at book 2 o gsmorristhe patter in the buchan
s hotel then syne georgemorrismairrit willie s sister an
tae mince an tatties inmorriss hotel hid a maist
that setterday dennertime oot atmorriss hotel in meldrum will
george bruce thomson whereas georgemorrisrepertoire wis mainly his ain
so here s to themorrisdancing men all wreathed in
with masters go parading amorrisdancer s jangling knees please
national farmers union scotland davemorrisand alan blackshaw ramblers association
things hei convertit ae auldmorriscowley car intil ae ferm
owed as much to carlylemorrisand ruskin as it did

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