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a great place e crombiemossif ye stan at e
something speecial it wis crombiemossnae far fae e knock
haein a day in themosscastin peats neepers cam till
bamph hill to gather sphagnummossfor use on wounds during
peats neepers cam till emosstae tell im fit hid
war effort by collecting sphagnummosswhich was used to dress
lang nebbit birds tae themosshags the mist an the
tae herm laired mang themosshags yont the benty knowes
bee wild bee foggy larickmosscovered bark of larch foo
when it was covered withmosswas called foggy larick and
governor of hm prison lowmosscomparing incidents in 2001 with
governor of hm prison lowmossthat the governor had commissioned
across some boggy clumps ofmossthe full moon rose on
peat cut ower at themosso leddrach atween kilrogie school
it the heather in themosso leddrach atween the schule
steenhillock s share o themosso leddrach moss the lamp
s peat cut at themosso leddrach rinnin as if
o the moss o leddrachmossthe lamp wis lit an
to loiter about moofae mouthfulmosspeat bog mowser moustache muckle
the filter plant it robertonmosswis biggit anenst the glebefit
60 acres with a peatmossthere her grannie cut peat
at day in e peatmosswi will bit it s
fossil stanes ower the heathermosswhile doun the line the
sweer ere s as mucklemossas girse an fin e
o roch dry girse anmossbit anely spreid the sticky
til a wyce auld hermitmosshappit pads atwein scarlet speingies
moor grasses fork and splaymossbounces ferns rush to genuflect
at the battle o solwaymossthis gart him tak til
wis workin awa in themosshe gey near bade in
gey near bade in themossjonsar wis feelin a wee
doonhill aa the wye missmossthe history teacher maun hae
fin oor history teacher missmosswis gaun ower the reign
at the fit o themosshere the mannie didna wait
a bogie an teen taemossrhind fin jonsar an his
weel neest lair in themosstae jonsar eck wis a
a fey wee craitur missmossluikit some like willie pitt
forgether the culor o drymossbut here ma kist is
at geed aboot fin emosswis a loch lang afore
strategy in i think themosspharmacy in dundee which allows
freinship n friendship fug nmossfuit n foot furth prep
till e quairt o emossweel sheltert fae ootside soons
a quarter mile across themossfae our cottage at knowetap
ardlaw wid an ower emosshe kent be the wecht
cast will hid wirkit esmossfor ears e kin o
hame we wis in themossae day the old boy
he wis awa tae themossjist like a dog wi
was far too close tomossivy was growing invasive three
a tirin day in themossan tae croon aa sally
s nae motes in amosssaid if you dropped your
page viii which shows boydsmossbereft of its apostrophe immediately
thatched with emerald feathers ofmossit is crossing the sylvan
boulders he threw into biggarmossbut many of the greater
byke they would burn themossand grass around to be
aince mair on the shaidaedmossfrom the chinese of li

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