See this word as a collocate cloud

because i did you knowmothertongue and all that f1038:
gaelic latches itself onto themothertongue and it s amazing
go back to your ermothertongue and you write it
of grammatical awareness of theirmothertongue as a barrier to
begins to sound like theirmothertongue butterworth and thorgensen mind
structures and those of themothertongue can also create vital
with learning english as amothertongue english as an additional
how it relates to theirmothertongue experiences if this is
how children acquire their ownmothertongue has been influential in
to the pupils in theirmothertongue if pupils are to
the way in which themothertongue is acquired and that
motivation the child acquiring amothertongue is at the same
to a world where themothertongue is dominant the psychological
tell anyone here that mymothertongue is gaelic the deputy
ehm so basically the- theirmothertongue is key when they
how children acquire their ownmothertongue it advocates that the
that language derived from themothertongue never mind its insidious
are already known in themothertongue nouns verbs prepositions punctuation
it s important that themothertongue of these children is
are really forgetting their theirmothertongue so to speak so
under which acquisition of themothertongue takes place curriculum design
under which acquisition of themothertongue takes place the objective
and considered their implications formothertongue teaching the language in
spent several years acquiring amothertongue this will have taken
be allowed to use theirmothertongue throughout the school and
by the pupils in themothertongue to develop insight into
by the pupils in themothertongue to develop insight into
you went back to themothertongue you were fine you
f606: mm f1039: because hismotheran father died within a
but as i say mymotheran father moved out o
language everyone surely had amotherand a father so those
developing boy acquires towards hismotherand against his father in
in england with a scottishmotherand english father and married
now and ehm it savesmotherand father a lot o
italian she says to mymotherand father ah he was
i can remember fan mymotherand father caed them coaties
i thought m1078: no mymotherand father did once we
the funeral so when mymotherand father died it was
mm m1078: mmhm no mymotherand father f718: mm m1078:
around and look cheerful asmotherand father lead thomas to
of damocles not her ownmotherand father mother went to
spoke only scots and mymotherand father spoke it when
year from their father smotherand this was good kitchie
i never once heard mymothercall my father by his
were affa fortunate eh mymotherf1041: no f1043: an father
by the audience only exitmotherfather shakes his head and
move narrator 1 narrator 2motherfather sister isobel sister mary
my mother had if mymotherhad cried my father him
two kneeling some comforting posturesmotherheavenly father please preserve oor
the death of arthur smotheris his father still going
aye talk in the toonmotherit s aboot margaret father
affection with anybody not evenmothermargaret was her father s
of husbands an things mymothernever ever called my father
kist and left this placemotheroh father that s the
skelped you f1001: oh mamotheror ma father probably for
of her father but hermotherpreferred yellow smoked haddock kippers
1983 probable militant tendency catholicmotherprotestant father atheist john maclean
condition father comforts him whilemotherrushes for a cloth and
doric books at home mymothers father s from aboyne
my father s wrath andmothers insistent anxiety second those
father s occupation if knownmothers occupation if known and
infirmities father was rinsing hermothers tights in the sink
s always things that yourmothersaid seldom the father seldom
s brother my father pausemotherstanding by whilst her only
your father gets gallus yourmotherstarts itchin to be upsides
whether that was father ormotherwas debatable i ve mentioned
me go still pleading hismotherwas polish and his father
her own mother and fathermotherwent to church every sunday
graves of my father andmotherwho are buried in the
father banters heavily as usualmotherworries as always sister criticises
my father would say andmotherwould sit there looking white
tell her mother and hermotherwould tell her father and
and mother would be toldmotherwould then tell father and
margaret father whit aboot hermotherye ken fine willnae swear
oot gilbert father ay dearmotherye werenae even gan tae
own mother s sister mymotheryour own father s brother
ca him that since hismotherdied an even she only
and erm he after mymotherdied [cough] and er he
the summer etc etc hermotherdied in germany this year
a poor family lady mymotherdied when i was 8
to exist so i mymotherhad died and i decided
find his wife because hermotherhad died carolanne you didn
at the milltown cottages hermotherhad died when she was
bellie kirkyard my mother smothermy grannie died at wetwards
samuel s ball well mymothernearly died cause she was
with a button hook mymothers grannie died in about
buried in bellie kirkyard mymothers mother my grannie died
m1163: my grandfather on mymothers side he died in
and my gran on mymothers side she just died
spasms and then died mymothersays oh i ll never
my grandfather died before mymotherwas born f718: [laugh] if
mother was a g- mymotheractually er her mother had
through the voices of birthmotheradoptive mother and the girl
cloth gave it to mymotheran my mother put the
the doctor would tell hermotherand her mother would tell
s wrong missus tae mymotherand my mother says oh
voices of birth mother adoptivemotherand the girl herself kay
mother perhaps especially to hismotherat fiona s house her
in his mother s armsmotherfaur wis he faur wis
you know she s amothergod or something mother goddess
a mother god or somethingmothergoddess yeah kind of you
my mother actually er hermotherhad been middle class and
f1040: mmhm f1041: if mymotherhad if my mother had
of them mother or fionamotherhen or what s her
first noticed walking with hermotherin the borne her mother
was little her mother smotherlived at a small farm
call them start wi mummotherm1012: mm aye mother maw
granny young my mother smotherm608: she was staying m636:
ma mother used to mymotherm815: ma dad s family
mum mother m1012: mm ayemothermaw mither m1013: ma maw
use telling any of themmotheror fiona mother hen or
are opaque even to hismotherperhaps especially to his mother
to my mother an mymotherput the canes in an
for mother to confront themmotherquines faur s thomas it
wife shoves him in hismothers arms mother faur wis
t you f1122: aye formothers day f1121: mother s
for mother s day f1121: mothers day oh aye that
when mabel was little hermothers mother lived at a
and my granny young mymothers mother m608: she was
the duchess f1006: oh yesmothers mother was the duchess
her of old your ownmothers sister my mother your
way my mother speaks themothers voice and scottish phraseology
mother volunteered us f638: somothersaid we would do it
tae my mother and mymothersays oh the wheels off
place in the way mymotherspeaks the mother s voice
get it in time formotherto confront them mother quines
would be there m816: mamotherused to my mother m815:
deliver shoes right f637: somothervolunteered us f638: so mother
f1018: i know oh mymotherwas a g- my mother
mother in the borne hermotherwas an innkeeper s daughter
f1006: oh yes mother smotherwas the duchess f1054: that
be the strap again andmotherwould be told mother would
bellies of inca worms mymothera withered gourd came late
growing up you see mymotheractually saw education and speaking
was my cousin an mymotheradopted him when he was
never got to see mymotherall day mm m941: oh
went up for christmas mymotheralways always did that f639:
oh that was something mymotheralways called them belgian biscuits
but my wife mary smotheralways spoke aboot her husband
m1014: i ve heard mymotheran faither usin that mostly
what i got from mymotheran gin i d been
family an my dad anmotheran my brothers an sisters
gaelic speaker [inhale] though mymotherand grandmother would speak in
old pram f637: and mymotherand i went f640: and
f637: and i remember mymotherand i were comin up
f637: and i remember mymotherand it was a it
my grandfather s shops wheremotherand the shop girls were
m608: okay m636: and mymotheras a young woman used
like this used by mymotherat pitglassie came from a
eh sour milk because mymotherbaked m635: mm m608: mmhm
yours aren t they mymotherbegan hopefully when i had
yeah f965: i remember mymotherboiling this thing for hours
born in falkirk and mymotherborn in glasgow f606: mmhm
t heard since childhood mymothercalled it appleringie f718: yeah
their chest next day mymothercame an exquisite jewelcase her
in my face and mymothercame down and she says
of me does because mymothercame from that eh eh
ye rem- f637: but mymothercould bake and there was
to go for because mymothercouldn t afford tae send
going i think whether mymotherdid go once or twice
family use that although mymotherdidn t cause she d
and ehm oh aye mymotherdidn t have a fridge
water in the hoose mymotherdidnae hae a sink inside
over it disappeared but mymotherdidnae have her sorrows to
i often speak tae mymothereh in the mornins ye
what i call my ownmotherehm mummy when i was
still taen up tae mymothereven though they d kiddies
would be the result mymotherever a teetotaller never took
don t know if mymotherexpects me to go home
by his name by mymotherf1054: cause i ken [inaudible]
f637: [laugh] and then mymotherf638: money f637: was in
a boiling fowl which mymotherf641: mmhm f640: boiled because
clean dish towels and mymotherf641: mmhm f640: bought bread
really quite different and mymotherf641: mmhm f640: was and
the letter looked when mymotherflapped it in front of
it wi us though mymotherflitted tae torry in nineteen
ehm another voucher off mymotherfor tesco s she says
we come back and mymothergave us eh sixpence each
s the truth [audience laughter] mymothergod rest her was born
got they got s- mymothergot stuff in the western
jelly crystals i remember mymothergot used to make jelly
income till e hoose mymotherhad a rotary churn she
and that s because mymotherhad a visitor once and
make it as brief mymotherhad an uncle from about
f632: mmhm f646: and mymotherhad been bakin f632: mmhm
f640: uh huh ehm mymotherhad belonged to a church
no idea what negotiations mymotherhad entered into and questioned
area and i think mymotherhad gone to that church
i was wondering whether mymotherhad intended such a drastic
old fashioned electric fire mymotherhad [laugh] f641: [laugh] f640:
f632: uh huh f646: mymotherhad to drag me off
wheelchair in the garden mymotherhad to extract lighted cigarettes
really hot so m- mymotherhad to put the milk
end the notes from mymotherhere is just a wee
you have a most gorgeousmotheri confide to my son
you what i call mymotheri just called her mum
be fourteen ehm oh mymotheri ll tell i ll
to the housing scheme mymotheri think the next day
and that was from mymotherin law as well and
tatties were bylt an mymotherin law didnae believe in
f1144: and that was mymotherin law f1145: awkward m1146:
it she and my dearmotherin law get on like
just use baby or mymotherin law said earlier a
that s my dad smotherin stockton m1078: [throat] f1077:
that home and show mymotherit and ye d go
thing throughout my childhood mymotherjumped when the doorbell rang
who hit you and mymotherjust missed me she was
left handed yeah although mymotherjust says awkward f1144: and
f632: [laugh] f646: so mymotherkept me back and let
lot of english to mymotherlatterly because i associated english
meter it was never mymotherm1022: it was it was
i mean even for mymotherm608: mm oh aye f637:
s bridesmaid right f637: mymothermade her frock f638: she
did live together and mymothermade me come home again
ye d f637: and mymothermade this frock f638: tae
of calfie s cheese mymothermade this sometimes at pitglassie
first day we arrived ourmotherminnie took my brother stan
bluish haze he resembles mymothermore than anyone how shocked
and we said tae mymothermum there s tatty howkin
i changed from calling mymothermummy to the day i
i was fifteen so mymotherneeded the money i had
phone the doctor for mymotherneil what happened peggy she
there would be well mymothernever made things like tapioca
mail order bought by mymothernow deceased deliberately nylon so
a ehm word that mymotheroccasionally uses ehm m1008: yes
my my mu- my mymotherof course naturally my dad
turned out i told mymotheroh she says don t
hands and talks to mymotheron the other side of
yes m1055: i m- mymotherperhaps it s something that
their most personal possessions mymotherpractically slept with her bag
f640: remember you know mymotherput a nice cloth on
from my bedroom to mymotherraking out the ashes with
f641: mmhm mm f640: mymotherreally taught us the manners
answered a difficult question mymotherrewarded miss hutchings with a
similarly i ve got mymothers accent but she i-
er to erm inter mymothers ashes er which are
erm look at it mymothers been over here since
maze of scars on mymothers belly three years gave
people themselves i used mymothers box brownie camera at
also some of my bro-mothers brothers they re all
my breakfast in bed formothers day didn t she
muse is a thief mymothers dead to all but
saying again you know mymothers example i often used
it any more m1019: mymothers expression would be for
the holocaust and my latemothers family were refugees from
d my mu- been mymothers friend when she was
e kye wis eel mymothers grannie made ale at
an aathing it was mymothers hoose because your sublet
was still brought tae mymothers hoose m1042: that s
gone to stay at mymothers i hope you see
strength and clippers overdue mymothers life was calling cards
yeah m1163: you know mymothers parents on bo- on
wa- was stealing from mymothers purse [laugh] which was
if she goes and mymothers sayin why he says
that stuck an on mymothers side i had a
an a papa on mymothers side m1000: that s
up in milan on mymothers side m608: mmhm m1163:
difference is tae separate mymothers side tae my faither
the end o hairst mymothers uncle jimmie stronach was
as the mainstay though mymothers uncle would take brose
lump s comin [laugh] mymothersaid and what did you
or soldiers skipping games mymothersaid dad s dinner my
said dad s dinner mymothersaid i shouldna play with
the living room but mymothersaid she used tae say
ye gave it to mymothersame f640: [inaudible] f637: oh
pagans like the pope mymothersays i mustn t drag
ball oh dear god mymothersays it s got to
f632: uh huh f646: mymothersays when i looked at
doon that way and mymothersays ye came over me
i passed and then mymothersays ye cannae go cause
be my queen when hermothershatters the dream resoundingly you
back the same with mymothershe does not want she
and i remember eh mymothershe heard they were sellin
uh huh m1163: and mymothershe s italian m608: mmhm
mr mcvicar was tellin mymothershe told me years later
older people there and mymothersimply had to use gaelic
s a photograph of mymothersitting in her home down
i used to hear mymotherspeak of him when he
originally and the way mymotherspeaks in the former a
side of the room mymotherstirs porridge on the new
f638: that s because mymothertaught us that eat that
off my finger last nightmothertells me even when i
think it was more mymotherthat came up with the
that day and told mymotherthat not only could i
realise one day said mymotherthat these are the happiest
when ye said tae mymotherthat ye d have tae
syne was farewell to mymotherthe queen the lasten tune
and a brooch for mymotherthere was also a blue
authentic looking workmen called mymotherthey said had asked them
delivered a letter to mymotherto the effect that my
dyke outside to dry mymothertold me a lot about
door to welcome me mymothertold me about you she
and pats and as mymothertold me often enough it
that s right my mymothertold this story of eh
pay tribute to him mymothertoo often comments i don
some like like my mymothertook ill i i was
think the next day mymothertook me to the window
almost completely gaelic speaking mymothertried to teach me a
ll save you [laugh] mymotherused tae aye tell me
hand kni- i ken mymotherused tae hand knit an
big thing made by mymotherused tae make them it
weemen wore the uglies mymotherused tae make them m1014:
have pissin down an mymotherused tae talk about a
oh we we did mymotherused to do it aye
and that s what mymotherused to do or you
awkward m1146: mmhm my mymotherused to say carryhanded which
necessary in fact and mymotherused to say quite often
[laugh] m816: prestwick which mymotherused to tell me get
theekit an raipit and mymotherused to twine the raips
to it was smoo- mymotherused to use it to
yes i remember wh- mymotherused to work in a
a word that i- mymotherused which i i ve
used tae go with mymotherwalkin tae shettleston that s
couple of years ago mymotherwas 97 yesterday and played
i think er although mymotherwas a scot and i
f1027: [laugh] f1023: no mymotherwas a widow she wa-
in the house because mymotherwas born in ireland so
a naturalised gaelic speaker mymotherwas brought up in glasgow
memories of older generations mymotherwas brought up in the
for doing your wilkies mymotherwas from stornoway she was
would be an now mymotherwas from wigtownshire i was
the language was absolutely mymotherwas gonnae thump me because
wearing my trophy feathers mymotherwas hanging the washing over
to eat their meals mymotherwas in such a situation
up in bridgeton and mymotherwas just over m1004: i
that i saw when mymotherwas terminally ill in hospital
two grannies so their mymotherwas their granny an my
a very private person mymotherwhat was hers was hers
this theory out with mymotherwhen she came on a
and it was apparently mymotherwho didn t like it
soon after buying relics mymotherwho was a recent convert
i think it was mymotherwho would say she s
i can t remember mymotherwill kill me [laugh] m964:
got a parcel from mymotherwith some make up in
school f1018: yeah m1021: mymotherwo- they went to school
similar to one my ownmotherwore when i was a
too also too was mymotherworked in the wvs and
i had a visual ofmotherworrying when she found my
of excrement rich man hismotherwould gush prophetically my johnny
we would have herring mymotherwould make potted herring in
cry- greet- crying and mymotherwould say aye well the
say up and doon mymotherwould say oh him and
all common an but mymotherwould say that now don
dashin in the door mymotherwould say where are you
came in ye know mymotherwould ve f638: an i
and he said to mymotheryer streetchers fa in doon
babies cost such a lotmothera dutiful hostess scrubbed her
a bacchic bride offered hermothera grape the fingers querulously
job of that skirt hermotheradvised if you d press
yes i became the virginmotheragain and i lose her
o eighteen lea her bemotherah d leave her be
house was quite enough hermotheralways said rage was not
o the staff there hermotheran i ve always used
her ballads partly from hermotherand a maidservant but principally
tight woman constantly nagging hermotherand daughter over their bad
muriel is entering with hermotherand daughter they sit down
carrying the knowledge of hermotherand grandmother s emptiness in
lived in by ann hermotherand her child tiny thick
is now settled with hermotherand her son has got
run wi speed for hermotherand her stricken husband who
hillingdon anderton ap by hermotherand next friend v clwyd
him in letters to hermotherand sent the captain apples
her last words were firstmotherand then a few seconds
the phone maggie and hermotheranswered the phone sadie what
experience held back by hermotheras always she reflects nobody
marriage she had cast hermotheras the cold one the
i tell them a realmotheraye wants her dochters tae
drag her away from hermotherbecause the law says she
another bairn on them hermotherblames dancing as the dangerous
t get involved warned hermotherbut catalina did in october
the wee lass missed hermotherbut she was deep that
is abruptly taken from hermotherby legal process janie s
nasty the bad trouble hermothercalled it boys apparently carried
atween ma feet then hermothercame and stuck her finger
when he d left hermothercame into her room and
puts vinegar in her toffeemothercan smell vinegar a mile
to suit her imagination hermotherdenounces alex ewan succinctly poor
effect and starts to whimpermotherdries her hands kneels down
or sports field like amotherduck leading with her gaggle
is the fear of hermotherdying something that recurrently troubles
like her grandmother than hermotherflighty and manipulative likes clothes
ye look at dod smotherfolk still speak o her
she looks down at hermotherfor a moment expecting more
an offence to prevent amotherfrom breastfeeding her baby in
in fact [laugh] describing amothergiving her boy had done
amount between them ann smotherhad been spinning all her
re all well ann [censored: surname]motherhad diverticulitis and her symptoms
away for the night hermotherhad gone to the box
there s always divorce hermotherhad incongruously announced the words
t be silly margaret hermotherhad said icily that sort
stubble from his jaw hermotherhad started once to tell
a child s sickness hermotherhad taught her but were
and bread and butter hermotherhad the same except for
takes a step towards hermotherhands out to hug her
fa dod muriel angelica smotherhave you seen her jim
her sons never called hermotherhe just called her the
looks and nature from hermotherhe reflected he decided to
her charges like an authoritarianmotherhen we had a quiet
daren t run home tomotherher hands were softer than
case of a girl whosemotherhit her so hard on
find words to tell hermotherhow much she loves her
of the garden when hermotherhung the dripping double sheets
margaret s relationship with hermotherimproved vastly once mrs macdonald
is a child with hermotherin a city slum and
or going brambling with hermotherin autumn liza cast an
s cart home to hermotherin dundee in this the
he can do is dozemotheris dusting her glittery bits
her i grip him tightlymotheris still intent on ignoring
the plantation named deeside hermotherisabella craib was born at
her protective love for hermotherjanie was a fearty feared
[censored: forename] had worked with hermotherjoan [censored: surname] at central region
go and call to hermotherjust say this one time
meet his family including hismotherkay who in her youth
back home to let hermotherknow what was happening then
mill nancy following in hermotherlizzie telfer of falkirk s
it could have been hermotherlying there mauled and vulgar
so much for them hermothermade girdle scones with buttermilk
america her daughter daniel smothermarried a german whom hitler
communication between janie and hermothermore than made up for
laura had been visiting hermothermore than once in turriff
a lot of leg hermothermuriel is close behind her
vaginal wall at home hermothermuttered darkly about whores and
another anxious look at hermotherneil gets up equally anxious
beelin a festering sore yourmotheror granny in her wisdom
is usually connected with hermotheror with the cruelty man
was forced to take hermotherout of hospital and care
her repeat that to hermotherout on the porch of
in touch see whistler smotherpouting in her mutch a
crescendoes to a peak andmotherputs her hands over her
their old ironing board hermotherrecognised it when she saw
f1151: really f1150: cause hermothers accent never sort of
grown up with them hermothers church was resonant with
she is worried about hermothers condition how are ye
that time one of hermothers cousins would walk all
a broken heart from hermothers death again the children
in the pan given hermothers distaste for carnality margaret
course peggy returns with hermothers handbag and a long
time sees the set ofmothers head on her neck
more than ever with hermothers illness she is always
a flinty spark of hermothers intelligence he s doing
odd expression as if hermothers mental clock went tickety
a calling since her deadmothers mental illness has been
valgerd gunlöd falls on hermothers neck thenkye mither thenkye
memorable sunday excursion with hermothers odd pronouncement mr macdonald
re in glasgow at hermothers or something like that
day before and always hermothers orders were goading his
doesn t know of hermothers part in the loss
made no reply to hermothers pronouncement but continued to
to this intelligent child hermothers reaction on beholding a
puddock s proposal for hermothers sake after an improvised
granddaughter not listened to hermothers stories and so kept
down peggy picks up hermothers tea mug from beside
but it closes with hermothers uncompromising words which leave
margaret secrecy that was hermothers way keeping up a
back into the house hermothers wheel was clacking away
her hands were softer thanmothers will the strap be
them of her the milkymothersexy scent i have to
that s i mean hermothershouldna allow that f606: no
untended fire margaret like hermothershowed no anger one temper
the word vermin but hermotherspat it out so venomously
were those women loose hermotherspat the phrase out like
them and she taught hermothertae saut butter for e
the box bed with hermothertaking the bairn as well
the painful grief for hermotherthat preoccupies the growing janie
go back and tell hermotherthat s her sister er
as many sisters as hermotherthe education budget ll go
goes gunlöd looks aftrer hermotherthen cautiously takes a crucifex
peggy passes it to hermotherthen she struggles to her
to or looking at hermotherthroughout no georgie och you
her pocket hortense accompanied hermotherto a sale of work
of sympathy shown by amotherto her daughters the nineteenth
to get to know hermotherto open a few locked
to dalkeith and her hermothertried to get her to
him from a distance hermotherusually bought small things from
at home i saw hermotherwalking along the road and
run with jennifer ainsley smotherwarned her they re all
done by ann and hermotherwas barely enough to cover
parents for 16 years hermotherwas helen craib from coull
for three months while hermotherwas in hawaii recovering from
and quietly in case hermotherwas still awake laid them
by any service until hermotherwent into department of health
eh spellins wrong and mamotherwent up and gave her
reminded by others especially hermotherwhen she is ignoring or
rummle of thunder and hermotherwho was terrified of it
one and certainly not hermotherwho would call her a
find oooooooooooo mary brought hermotherwith her when she came
farm mary was helping hermotherwith the washing up he
or fourth hand attire hermotherwould cut the shop labels
other words on doomsday hermotherwould gather and cut up
in agreement oh yes hermotherwould have made him suffer
strength she turns to hermotheryou see ma it could
and change your underpants saysmotherandy goes upstairs and sits
obeyed open tin selfies saysmotherandy seems to ponder for
to fiona says andy smotherbe a good boy i
it either he says yermotherch- changed about three shades
neck and says no moremotherempties the contents of the
doesn t smack andy saysmotherhastily he just laughs and
you washed your hands yesmotherhe says and has to
says his blue eyes squintingmotherhears him but decides to
good jeans i mean saysmotheri haven t bought a
of this selfies business saysmotherimpatiently wrenching the tin from
make everything so obvious saysmotherit s like carrying your
reading to himself or tomothermiss wood says speak up
as she says next morningmotherpoked me awake far too
slimy half chewed biscuit inmothers hand yeuch she says
but andy takes no noticemothersays the rector must know
says fiona smiling a queenmothersmile which is improved or
bump and glares up atmotheryou job he says his
was always drinking sowens hismotherbrought up as a girl
read prunes surprisingly when hismothercounted the prunes it always
it show me your handsmotheris like fiona she always
he always experienced when hismotherpropelled a spoonful of the
running away from fiona smotherwho is always coming out
used to live [censored: forename] smothergot no weel m608: aye
that used to be yourmotherin law and things like
erm well he used hismothers mini van but the
a number of years theirmotherused to come and visit
brocht up he gives hismothera good hard slap on
idealising me as his goodmotherand been ready for trouble
twitches again turns towards hismotherand gives me another dig
shoulder facing away from hismotherand patting him gently in
of thirteen years beyond hismotherand sisters smith seldom had
him he belongs to hismotherand stealing is wrong i
stood immobile staring at hismotherand wondering why she should
strains his body towards hismotheras if he wants to
but he still wants hismotheras our eyes become adjusted
me to be his badmotheras well as his good
into the horrid procedure hismotherassured him that each prune
boy b o adored hismotherb o adored his mug
duncairn where ewan like hismotherbefore him had to give
palm gripped tightly by hismotherbegan to ooze sweat like
to get him up hismotherbelieved in putting small children
who was suddenly not hismotherbut a very different person
helps him to defy hismotherbut his bitter acceptance of
the other side of hismotherbut no he might kick
miramar salvador wrote to hismothercome to see miramar the
was a friday dauvit hismothercried rin ben the lobby
was found out when hismotherdiscovered a white sheet under
to a stop by hismotherdod have you seen muriel
his sleep exactly as hismotherdoes however being his own
it called anything else hismotheremerged laden from the tail
diary regular letters to hismotherfamily and friends and research
paws he will guard hismotherfiercely that one said the
long desire to possess amotherfigure to compensate for his
far above him when hismotherfinally turned and left miss
andy is learning that hismotherfiona has a bad side
from 1868 writing to hismotherfrom the savile club in
do you sniffed margaret smothergraham just once lifted his
the stretched skin then hismotherhad buttoned him into a
top but he had hismotherhad sent him to school
ex wife or mistress hismotherhad switched poison meant for
and suggest diversional therapy tomotherhen i know his kind
scrambles to his feet startledmotherholds on to the handle
futon close up against hismotherin the doctor hugh jolly
of the stairs and hismotheris following him he is
as well as his goodmotherit was true for a
on the little boy hismotherkept him close to the
will love and guard hismotherlike no other joan gazed
sort of time with hismotherm942: i think he s
enter the knicht and hismothermeg meg weill son the
that his relationship to hismothermight repay study harvie viii
heart at which time hismothermoved from bloomfield to stonehaven
was forever elsewhere if hismotherneeded a rabbit for the
remembers receiving one from hismother[note: photo: 'mitchell's garage, stonehaven advert.'] war time songs and
tear his 58 year oldmotheroff his arm once a
lived in scone eh hismotheronly had a toilet at
ye gypit then david smotherpassed him over to his
he holds on grimly asmotherprises open his fingers one
was seven and then hismotherput a man in the
show that willie recognises hismothers authority by fatalistically accepting
has refused to do hismothers bidding and stay at
he remembered little of hismothers gaelic feasgar math i
long narrow lobby seizing hismothers hand as she sallied
equally be attributed to hismothers physical and emotional remoteness
like an eel snatched hismothers purse from the table
he is looking over hismothers shoulder and sucking his
away dod hurries to hismothers side dod in terror
the little boy tugged hismothers sleeve go on ma
armed with nothing but hismothers trusty bread knife dod
of an angel to hismothershe refused it sending it
share the joke with hismothershe smiles or d ye
brisk five minutes walk hismotherslowed down as they reached
unaccustomed to hearing even hismotherspeak in proper english so
had an argument with hismotherthe class were asked to
just stands staring at hismotherthey all stare back gordon
knicht hir man an hismotherthey r aw ootby in
up his arms to hismotherwanting to be lifted she
not have been closer hismotherwas a black douglas his
an instant after all hismotherwas a sunday school teacher
dearie strauchten yer pynts hismotherwheedled wisely lapsing into the
to him by his dotingmotherwhen he joined the company
nice lady said david smotherwho was suddenly not his
will get his hands dirtymotherwon t like that he
an one wee boy hismotherworks wi in the ardco
there any sign of hismotheryet and then after a
come in one day f638: motherf637: we came in one
replies mum and turns tomotheragain these old jeans are
you call your mum m1004: motherf1006: mummy f1054: [other people enter] now
right f1009: [laugh] m1055: andmotherf1009: mum ehm is what
himself oh good ehm [scanning list]motherf1143: mum f1144: just mum
you want offers mum butmotheris running down the hallway
no here it s usuallymotheror mum f1054: what aboot
glad you liked the eastermothers day card mum it
slimiest mum laughs delightedly butmothers face shows alarm she
awkward silence mum looks atmotherwith eyebrows raised little liar
him when he reaches homemotherasks well what happened in
lacy bottom bad bad beastiemotherruns away home still holding
s eh away home formothers day she s away
home the ballad shows themothers love is dangerously all
sit in it he remembersmotherwhen he arrives home she
desk you can tell yourmotherwhy i gave you the
ehm a face only amothercould love but but there
family and ehm john smotherwas on the bus one
next set of stuff ehmmotherword- f1023: what what you
you when you you yourmotherwould light it ehm and
she has found the flutemotheragnes whit are ye daein
to look directly at themotherand baby dyad she s
anything even off a goodmotherand she is beginning to
in the same house andmotherdoesn t help she provokes
was still focussed on themotherearth goddess by then she
altamira to avignon she embodiesmotherearth herself the goddess gaia
she talks rather a lotmothergilbert wilson are ye listenin
others joining in in successionmotherguid preserve us she drops
lluch she is the greatmotherholding the christ child symbol
tattoos but i daren tmotheris too strong she d
jobbie in big potty selfiesmotheris too strong though she
started after the summer holidaysmotherlikes that she was hearing
better doesn t it asksmothernot answering again works she
she may be someone smotheror sister or lover or
auntie robby she s mahmothers sister ay auntie berna
is greek meaning great earthmothershe explained some people use
has that newspaper been asksmothershe tears newspapers into squares
gud went der their middermothershö she wis gien had
she s been like amotherthe first years over there
she hud nae dauchter whitmotherwaed gee hur only dauchter
the rate she s goinmotherwhit aboot it though gilbert
you winch- [laugh] john smotherwho liked ye know she
screams in the hope thatmotherwill hear she doesn t
more than anyone how shockedmotherwould be if she saw
415 a d the greatmotherhad gone underground again an
he d dropped the brushmotherhad interrupted him in mid
were not a very goodmother[inaudible] f812: no you had
blown only god knows wheremotheris saying you had a
just grown into julia smotherless resilient or inventive had
house had been mabel smothers aunt a great entertainer
that office you had yourmotherstill alive and forbye you
a family member perhaps amotherwho has had for example
things and peg and yourmotherboth grabbed f718: empire biscuits
are you angry at yourmothercammy aw aw do you
aw do you hate yourmothercammy dimps aw aw do
past three days since yourmothercome hame fae hospital he
it m608: yeah did yourmotherever learn french f641: uh
collect religious tracts for yourmotheri dinna believe this angelica
f631: david wasn t yourmotherin law then [laugh] f689:
situation in two minutes yourmotherneeds constant night and day
t you dare disturb yourmotheron a day like this
the man who caused yourmothers grief and shame beaumont
aw do you fear yourmotherstew look ed ah think
of course what about yourmothersurely you can be civilised
the hospital to see yourmotherthis afternoon susan busied herself
them section what about yourmotherto begin with f1018: mammy
but f1077: i thought yourmotherwas english mmhm f718: right
pass your test david smotherwhispered if he doesn t
f1054: no preferences m1022: yourmotherwould also say millie when
three days and then yourmotherwould just actually break into
s parents only mary smotherattended when he was twenty
when tears are tripping amotherbereft at the grave of
middle of gobbling it whenmothergets anxious again you ll
of a temptation when willmotherhen matron depute officer in
the thing even more tightlymotherhides it when people call
pause every lassie needs hurmotherlong silence bj when you
comment or complaint but whenmotheroffers to pick him up
but doesn t persist whenmotherpushes him away abruptly he
siblings for long stretches whenmotherwas ill family folklore insists
wonderful interlude with janie smotherwhen liza is in one
mountain inside pachumama the earthmotherwhen we emerged into a
back to school after dinnermotherdoesn t like him going
him he s nae theremotherhiv ye lookit up aa
bit of a handful complainsmotheri wouldn t let him
economic considerations of willie smotherwho advises him to look
eyes are ready to watermotherwouldn t like him to
ed you still wi yurmotherstill letting hur huv ur
s fine too [laugh] mamotherstill loves us m941: you
m1078: i was gonna askmothera question er f1077: mmhm
there was young hugh smotheradding insult to injury by
and cursing the girl smotheran auld bag wha was
and mary who was marksmotherand many others who was
them another thing was thatmotherdidn t like cooking also
er grand- grand- granny smothergreat grandmother was gee gee
was it m942: watch withmother[inaudible] m941: [laugh] what teatime
was you mean you oversleptmotheris in bed the girl
somebody in fact it wasmothermore or less asking me
being fed by coutts smotherno official arrangement was made
festival in honour of februamotherof mars which was celebrated
back sometime just as suddenlymothers image was blasted out
i know aye watch withmotherthat was it m942: watch
success old trout millicent smotherwas a cold old trout
fallen women rowland deana deanamotherwas a fallen woman as
majesty queen elizabeth the queenmotherwas held and expresses gratitude
ceaseless toil ann s ownmotherwas not much over fifty
a feather [laugh] f640: ourmotherwas partial to feathers f638:
near them since ann smotherwas strong minded but physically
it was not the bereavedmotherwho spoke but something outside
though he was really seriousmotherwould frown and ask if
portrait of the painter smother1871 and in explaining the
alpaca shawl for [censored: forename] smotherand an alpaca woolly hat
marriage caused the separation betweenmotherand son and chris s
the fight with grendel smotherand the return to gautland
it s nae oor wytemotherawa the lot o ye
1994 myra anderson jed smotherb 197 big tam laggeran
duchess of tuscany salvador smotherfinally visited mallorca and all
duchess of tuscany salvador smotherfinally visited mallorca and all
do you have to complainsmotherfor andy s rhythmical sucking
on again oh no shoutsmotherfor andy s stink is
be anither ane ere langmothergoose s advice noo listen
to come only ann smotherhardly pausing at the wheel
ma he s wannert awamotherhe s wannert awa you
looks like a pirate johnnymotherhe s waving to us
aunt fanny taught mabel smotherhow to make ginger beer
govan road we got mamotherin law s auld hoose
some photos to sanya smotherin tallin that took two
back gently and it stopsmotherinspects andy s head and
a tv quizmaster ariadne smotheris mincing around in that
of a with deana smotherit s as clear in
covering the hole calm downmotherit s fine has left
as that of joanna smotherjuley are not taken up
the twists an turns thatmothernature can throw at s
regard to an association withmothernature in burns s going
hills o acid rain andmothernature s nae solution but
it defied physics and blewmothernature s nipples clean off
they only chose to gathermothernature s reasonably abundant offerings
widnae pit it past yemothernaw mair s the pity
vermeer s model cheeks likemotherof pearl head a closed
m sure wee drew smotherreally did threaten to throw
the poor wee fella inmothers arms and walked away
on the straw around itsmothers bed he d stayed
supernatural forces represented by themothers curse on willie ostensibly
and i made you amothers day card f1117: you
they no go tae themothers door an told them
back and looks up atmothers face biccy ma ma
to pull it out ofmothers hand jobbie in big
baby unit at the queenmothers hospital glasgow pays tribute
sadly on this occasion themothers love miscarried did not
there an ye got beltitmothers pride ma fower weans
something implacable in maggie smothers relentless incremental list of
me die sicken dead themothers reponse is fatalistic and
there is also in themothers response a cold refusal
complex of contradictory responses themothers self defensive laughter the
or soon are orphaned everymothers son but seldom by
squeals from the pool themothers tantrums over for the
sanity never to get backmothers temper margaret supposed must
the charity shops dot smotherslightly more astute than julia
faain oot then margaret smothersnorted like a restive mare
gilbert whit s wrang wummanmotherthere s talk in the
grand daughter to sanya smotherthis took three attempts on
s a dae wi yemotherthomas has gaen missin isobel
other affair about deana smotheryou ve got to own
struggled to imagine the earthmotherelena here coo ing over
towering protectively over their distraughtmotherlook i ken i shouldna
patsie mcadam who is themotherof a service user at
be seen as the poeticmotherof the girls who speak
mountain cone who worshipped themotherrather than the christ but
eaten it before but notmotherwho didn t like brose
is the attitude of themotherwho has no patience with
imprisons them agatha and mollmotherand daughter each in their
right what you call themmotherm1000: [?]jeez[/?] m999: aye aye
some old magazines on topmothermay find them at spring
bairn breaks its leg themothersues them m1020: mm f1018:
them section start off wimotherthere gordon m1015: eh just
or wanting you to bemotherto them on the other
suck them he remembers thatmotherwill be wondering where he
again more quietly you jobmothergoes off towards the downstairs
strange you know or mamotherm1014: [inaudible] m1015: some places
tamas tamas faur are yemotherthomas edward tammy ma loon
in the past because amotherwould take a baby into
really tried to run beforemotherbreaks into a run too
not at all clear eventuallymothercomes into the room with
into snuffles then into silencemotherreturns to the sink andy
whimpers turn into a wailmothertries to take the tin
mind ur ain son zebmotherin name only della you
others are very like theirmotherbut very like is not
in in speaking their theirmotherlanguages any more so m608:
more powerful neighbors that theirmothertongues began to erode in
jist a lotta tattie howkersmotherwould be very angry if
eyed grannies like the queenmotheran pretty wee princess di
tangibly in the air betweenmotherand mrs mcfarlane like a
aye [inaudible] f890: like amotherand they ve [inaudible] rebecca
apple just like the onesmotherbuys with a yellow streak
reach out like tentacles itsmotheris stitched up tight the
like fuckin tea time withmothernow [laugh] f940: i know
dinnae like tae worry yemotherwell this willnae dae ah
it wis sair he answersmotherwouldn t like to hear
want a rock bun callsmotherfrom downstairs yes he shouts
from the inside happy birthdaymotherpause bitterly from the four
did it come from maybemotherput it there maybe it
what could ah dae mahmothersnuffed it mah faithir made
t a great deal ofmotherearth on the average pavement
do that you know amothermight say don t do
just this once for memotherturns i don t smack
you smelling so horrid asksmotheryou haven t wet yourself
sarah rather english happy birthdaymothermust make more effort to
falls then limps to frontmotherfitba he canna play fitba
staring then he realises whatmothermeans toddles to the cupboard
its a wicked disease bobbiesmotherhas trouble with it in
m941: [laugh] what teatime withmotheris that the channel five
disasters with annotations and commentsmotherreckons that if make a
life of lard with amotherwhose idea of progressive parenting
with painful clarity watching amotherwith a young child in
baby up to meet itsmothera very special infant he
eyes looked up at themotheradoringly six pear shaped amber
you gonna die orange brownmotherfruit all killed up chewed
everything and snuggling up tomotherhen cheep cheep he quavers
aged woman daughter of lizziemotherof angelica a prim up
needs me ah m hurmotherpause every lassie needs hur
larger than a melon howmothernature managed to cram all
have gone one better thanmothernature they can compress an
he wis chasin a butterfleemotherangrily using arms a butterflee
the bitch what kind ofmothercould do that he raved
through to the kitchen wheremotheris at the sink he
foot it upstairs and findmotherand son sleeping just as
aspect nobody and certainly notmotheradmits to knowing where it
been a wife and amotherand all these things you
that is the safety ofmotherand babies i assure mr
on breast feeding programmes andmotherand baby programmes they have
s1m 3504 provision of dedicatedmotherand baby services for women
thaw o 12 13 inmotherand child in the botanic
pregnancy is not the idealisedmotherand child of the advertising
mater and materia semantically linkingmotherand earth but by 415
insecurity is basically not trustingmotherand i m sure wee
able to give the distressedmotherand injured son how terrible
here are the widow andmotherand man is mourned in
the little cot beside themotherand sat down quietly to
ewing we are losing ourmotherand that is awful for
44 dependent organisations such asmotherand toddler and pensioner groups
face and grey eyes asmotherarrives at the door carrying
laughing about lloyd george andmothergetting the vote grown ups
slum life and a prostitutemotherirregularly transformed by the power
moneth full of joye haillmothermilde of hartsume herbes and
make the brightest spectacle thatmothernature can use and so
full of himself aul lizziemotherof muriel and granny of
passionate spring time lover themotherof our two beautiful and
be pleased to be themotherof the house and follow
cormorant and a stalking heronmotheroften assumed the pose of
the stuff frothed out andmotherrushed to get a bowl
to regard art itself asmothersister lover friend and enemy
the coffee and juice whilemothersits andy firmly on the
actors do baby cries untilmotherspeaks everyone rises and dances
the snow and a youngmotherwept inside some rubbed a
buy tools you know themotherof this one boy [inaudible]
are you a teenage m-motheryou know an they re
but loudly enough to embarrassmotherout there in the public
nods in mute servility amotherkilled by drought or gun
orange slice in a cocktailmotherfruit dead slice all killed
drops all drunk squeezed flatmotherfruit you gonna die orange
sky i am a themotherof all i am the
mah faithir pause kent mahmotherthough dimps aw cammy you
work in a hosiery f640: mothertold you where ye should
they went there so thatmothercould visit the dentist to
on earth are ye ganmotherah m gan tae speak
wife ye maun ca canniemotherexactly folk gan in fear
the wigtoun market last weekmotherthis will hae tae be
constipated personality too according tomotherif i have how come
majesty queen elizabeth the queenmotherconveys its sincere condolences to
the knitted cot blanket broughtmotherin law elsie to mind
is bothering to listen tomothermoving about in the kitchen
to the bountiful ice coldmotherprovider of a fridge till
friend play football behind asmotherspeaks to the girls john
the studio for a nursingmotherto sit i walk across
together i m a fostermotherto trade am i not
baby care unit at queenmotherhospital glasgow that the parliament
of the incan walls themothera kind of blue swift
direct descendant of the greatmotherartemis represented a new idealisation
lances a maggot wombed inmotherearth the merriege o convenience
be wanting a boy asksmotheri ve never wanted anything
the twentieth century the greatmotheris staging a comeback a
mishanter n misfortune mither nmothermonie a many mouls n
n m mistake mither nmothermonie a many muin n
intrigued almost an enormous earthmotherof a shop stewards convener
a large carving knife carolannemotherof god sadie gordon what
fox means a fox themotherof which is dead which
inquired filius cerberi christie themotherreplied firmly a very special
the same street as wirmotherbade f1041: aye f1043: an
lurkin there oot exit agnesmotherbe the death of us
of three generations of womenmotherdaughter granddaughter each life story
noh git that fi hurmotherhanded doon fi generation ti
that which hitsel itself middermothermakkin knitting loops stitches taen
hearted georgie sister of chrissiemotherof dod also about 40
rocking the boat sunlight piercingmotherof pearl skies hanging in
july i will be themotherof the european parliament i
am i will be themotherof the house i will
is called in mallorca themotherof the september god ah
whimpering for food that everymotherrecognises that sound that causes
dimps the faithir cammy themothersteve whispers the uncle cammy
in common what emerged widowedmotherstrict religious upbringing night curfews
of panic guilt anxiety fearmothertamas tamas isobel tammy tammy
it could be the naturalmotherthat there is an application
queen elizabeth now the queenmothertravelled on the cairnryan military
legs firmly under one armmotherwastes time shutting the gate
dauchter beatins an whippins whitmotherwid shun hur dauchter krista
ti the pub an mahmotherwis that beaten an defeated
look efter mah sister anmotheryi dinnae understand silence jilly

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