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desk later walking in themountainfoothills a man approaches who
valley scoops narrowly under themountainfoothills at fornalutx and binniaraix
it s springtime here onmountainfoothills behind the port almond
next valley backed by themountainof galatzo i knew from
constellated brilliantly over the nearbymountainof galatzo starry starry night
a walk towards the magicmountainof galatzo we ll talk
the first settlers discovered themountaintown eventually brought me half
the first settlers of themountaintown land through the mouth
swarthy settlers of the highmountainvillage would pull their primitive
of inca and the mysticalmountainbackdrop of the high sierras
from winds thanks to themountainrange of the high sierras
lying on my side themountainrange of the sierras blue
on the slopes of themountainand the majority only one
o fellin trees on emountainslopes abeen e village trimmin
its port settlements on themountainslopes above the plains and
soller valley communications between themountaintowns and the rest of
colours of the landscape themountaintowns it was impossible to
different from the tourist invadedmountaintowns that it felt like
turns them 3 in themountaintowns the addiction to nomadic
were no symbols near themountaintowns though the surroundlng sea
travelling many miles to themountaintowns where skills learned over
and on to palma twomountainpasses exit southeast and southwest
towards the first of twomountainpasses the cloud was low
the first of our twomountainpasses the higher of the
puerto soller was once somountainand sea secure that only
after my accident on themountainroad beyond soller i have
the path to a sizeablemountainstream but otherwise we stayed
a pipe which diverted amountainstream it wasn t the
of water cupped from amountainstream pure as a dove
two or three down themountainpath towards the city there
20am the track up themountainwas a narrow stone path
might have listened to amountainwaterfall in a green valley
cliff top house on themountaincoast near the port as
and culture what was amountaintrack for llull became a
impenetrable except by sea ormountaintrack the cone of rock
larger hills rising towards themountainpeaks of the tramuntana range
at the foot of themountainrange alongside the urubamba and
jaipur up the steep aravallimountainrange built in 1592 by
terrace i watch the entiremountainrange mayor massenella and tomir
their vacations walking the vastmountainrange of the sierra de
to ensure that the cairngormmountainrange the largest continuous area
it i retired to amountainvillage in majorca where i
of the day in themountainenclosed town where i recovered
grandparents people living in themountaintown and all along this
skirts the cove of themountaintown fishermen prepare nets of
of a hotel in amountaintown where i would be
the cross river bwindi andmountainnumber only an estimated 150
on she is like amountainshe is like a river
agnes she is like amountainshe is like a river
the meenit big as themountainahint the top field you
on the top of amountaincone who worshipped the mother
at the top o amountainm608: uh huh m1163: and
at the top of themountainthere are traces of small
takes himself off to amountaintop to die alone he
towards the torrente man ormountaingoat nothing but a broken
up maggie you re amountainagnes agnes embarrassed aw here
he approached shy as amountaingoat and sat beyond the
the steep footpath up themountainof huayna picchu behind the
right appearing from behind themountaintops like a luminous basketball
welsh and meaning hill ormountainis almost certainly the root
the topmost rocks on themountainthe incans certainly knew of
talked earlier about certainly themountainwould have looked even more
campsite was high on amountainpass opposite a great snow
and houses receding down themountainon the same side as
the other side of themountainshe travelled then to italy
the other side of themountainthen it was an easy
boy f1104: yep f1103: fittmountainf1104: this mountain hello [censored: forename]
f1103: fitt mountain f1104: thismountainhello [censored: forename] f1103: oh i
the mountains f1103: up themountainoh boy f1104: yep f1103:
then sketched the church themountainlandscape the road winding up
to walk the 13 kilometremountainroad to esporles where i
long and winding and spectacularmountainroad to urubamba that we
would travel on along themountainroad with its sheer cliff
small birds are trapped inmountainnets by grown men in
and on through the greatmountaincleft with its distant view
opposite a great snow peakedmountainover which a gorgeous full
sports and has had amountainbike sent over she plans
over the settee a cornflakemountaindrowned in milk locust stripped
over that hairpin bend somemountainpeople believe to this day
for me that morning silentmountainair wafted through widely open
pad through my mind likemountainhares leaving tiny traces in
up kin git through amountaino stuff wi a mean
promote access to the countrysidemountainareas and water including rivers
no cultural link to themountainareas has also affected them
and if you long formountaintops where silken mist so
sunday name of this finemountainfew other english substitute names
english lake and bens englishmountainonly much better the first
got e croak o amountaincraa an e chuck chuck
amon e trees wis emountainpastures faar e beas geed
tremendous territory the silver screedmountaincrests of the teix its
chichnes or beinn nan c├Čochanmountainof breasts from its nipple
its discursive theme from themountainto the pool always filling
and michelle mcmanus miming wildmountainthyme so painfully that next
and perceive a place somountainprotected that they might live
travellers and sailors as sugarloafmountainfrom their shape but the
away i found an absolutemountainof french books from about
roof air straight from themountainrushes in a calm orison
i could speed like anymountainhare turning the busy treadmill
like but bird watchers andmountainwalkers are particularly welcome since
are we gaun up themountainjonsar asks the wee wifie
who was taking home amountainof consumer goods including a
for the police and themountainrescue service for those who
silver curtain of the teixmountainand continued to draw until
willing to pop round themountainbarrier of the pyrenees and
with the scratching claws ofmountainbears and paintings of bison
the summit of a lessermountainbelow puig mayor it seemed
me is seeing photographs ofmountainglaciers the arctic is so
the mysterious hollow bleat ofmountaingoats reverberating between rock ravines
it is replaced by themountainhare the best estimate of
of complete darkness inside themountaininside pachumama the earth mother
home coigach cul mor amountainis a sort of music
of conventional machismo but ofmountainmachismo on the sa calobra
all this disposed of amountainof incomprehensible university notes and
face of be inn ciochanmountainof sorrows and snows judas
it would create a hugemountainof work is not a
us with views of distantmountainranges ahead and the ever
wander the coastal paths andmountaintracks and be sure of
again the day on themountainremains vivid in my memory
is reputed to be themountainadam sheltered on after being
sending sonorities soaring into themountainamphitheatre and that image merged
to set out for themountaincoast salvador had travelled there
weary o the lan themountaincoories i the cloud an
the treetops on a movingmountaineach ponderous thigh creaks in
s cupped in yon heichmountainflooer kind friens tae the
gang agin the sky whaurmountaingoats are feart tae try
height was beinn eag notchmountainin the early 20th century
an we could see dumgoynemountainoan the campsie fells we
further uphill reaching the secondmountainpass 3860m or around 12600ft
shawl aa roon the mucklemountains raul the chitterin birks
langsyne the solstice myne themountaintaps explore in saft july
devil s point however themountainthat dominates glen coe had
this halfway house on themountainthey called the thinkery his
lusty bosomfuls and felt themountainunderneath me throb the cosmic
there s more effect onmountainglaciers if you look at
golfin en ere wis hismountainbike wi sixteen gears a
reciting by heart to amountaindaisy nonetheless i consider that
veitsch in wir sichts amountaino magnesite ere mn a
is post box reid amountainreenge o plooks rise ower
scornivar sgurr perhaps if amountainwas large enough to have
head i used to domountainbiking and all that but
paddled past incan terraces beautifulmountainscenery and eventually ollantaytambo which
scotland s extensive upland andmountainsheep farms and that they
flat been pulled apart bymountaingods it looks magical now
wandersticks to conquer yet anothermountaincrest you can almost hear

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