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the parliament s leave tomovea motion to bring forward
whether he can help tomovebusiness forward the minister for
partnership build on that workmoveforward and make the 21st
the housing sector before youmoveforward and trigger further additions
tried to suggest that wemoveforward at a reasonable pace
the commitment that we willmoveforward business transport links 3
amendment commits us only tomoveforward but i want to
means he kin help usmoveforward dimps move forward forward
help us move forward dimpsmoveforward forward ti what ti
the executive is trying tomoveforward however it has to
however it would be amoveforward if in the draft
as something desirable and amoveforward in dealing with infectious
there has been a significantmoveforward in the paper which
it is considering how tomoveforward in those areas it
others to ensure that wemoveforward of course there must
future we are determined tomoveforward on a broad front
most usefully be done tomoveforward on some of these
needs if it is tomoveforward paragraph 2 of the
hope to be able tomoveforward shortly creative industries 2
way in which that canmoveforward simply to say that
and called for europe tomoveforward that is still relevant
and payment how do wemoveforward the current examinations diet
of information from which tomoveforward to further investment resourcing
on which we can allmoveforward was there a cabinet
mutualism that allow communities tomoveforward without control or direction
that it was important tomovematters forward i hope that
forward work programme we shallmoveon to item 6 annual
funding so that we canmovethe arts forward rather than
inclusion agenda they aim tomovethe economy forward and employees
could be identified who wouldmovethe matter forward early in
bringin this guy in widmoveus forward sings wur off
main accounting thrusts behind themoveaway from local authorities towards
and the bill attempts tomovefarming towards sustainability not just
will also be able tomovein oral expression towards the
account with the proposal tomovetowards a single budget that
of literary scots as themovetowards a standard scots is
it is time that wemovetowards abandoning that fund but
shall support any and everymovetowards an inclusive scotland however
that lies ahead as sipsmovetowards community planning it is
that there will be amovetowards enforcement how will we
practice and to support themovetowards international regulation of tobacco
yesterday we are underpinning themovetowards joint working pooled budgets
work in partnership we canmovetowards much more radical policies
why will the executive notmovetowards our position why is
results of that investment themovetowards outcome agreements between the
through the statutory instrument wouldmovetowards reducing the effects of
to help transcribe a tokenmovetowards self access english and
it would be beneficial tomovetowards setting out to the
lobbyists now but we maymovetowards that for clarity the
connexions between languages as wemovetowards the 20thc we see
writers of histories tended tomovetowards the elaborate continental style
committee i am willing tomovetowards the executive to a
they do that we shouldmovetowards the restoration of the
1973 noticed that speakers oftenmovetowards the speech of their
such that the stock shouldmovetowards the target adult population
extended fallowing periods however amovetowards those practices is important
orders for a member tomovea motion or an amendment
intrusive surveillance or sources imoveamendment 1 christine grahame south
repeals with the schedule imoveamendment 1 the convener i
to support the amendment imoveamendment 1 the deputy minister
by the parliamentary draftsmen imoveamendment 10 michael matheson i
penalty was not enforceable imoveamendment 10 peter peacock we
taken against those people imoveamendment 104 bruce crawford i
serve defective building notices imoveamendment 107 elaine thomson aberdeen
amendment 107 and not tomoveamendment 108 i would be
named persons is unchanged imoveamendment 12 iain smith north
of the powers concerned imoveamendment 14 14 30 peter
out of the courts imoveamendment 18 peter peacock as
to qualify the obligation imoveamendment 19 amendment 19 agreed
his support for them imoveamendment 2 mr harding the
deals with the tribunal imoveamendment 20 michael matheson i
subject to affirmative procedure imoveamendment 22 amendment 22 agreed
i call angus mackay tomoveamendment 22 and to speak
device itself is located imoveamendment 25 euan robson roxburgh
the legislation s provisions imoveamendment 27 10 00 michael
amendment 4 michael matheson willmoveamendment 3 and speak to
to justify in debate imoveamendment 3 phil gallie michael
acting in good faith imoveamendment 30 christine grahame i
to remove the ncis imoveamendment 31 amendment 31 agreed
and 72 the minister willmoveamendment 31 and speak to
amendment has been lodged imoveamendment 32 ben wallace i
and 57 the minister willmoveamendment 34 and speak to
teams to function efficiently imoveamendment 34 michael matheson i
poindings and warrant sales imoveamendment 4 angus mackay i
i call tommy sheridan tomoveamendment 4 tommy sheridan i
if i stop now imoveamendment 5 amendment 5 agreed
to support the amendment imoveamendment 5 ms sandra white
building warrant might include imoveamendment 59 amendment 59 agreed
to take on board imoveamendment 59 michael matheson i
gallie will speak to andmoveamendment 59 phil gallie we
matheson to speak to andmoveamendment 6 michael matheson if
to support the amendments imoveamendment 6 peter peacock as
to do so later imoveamendment 6 the convener i
as i say that imoveamendment 63 amendment 63 agreed
i invite angus mackay tomoveamendment 63 and speak to
out that broader role imoveamendment 67 amendment 67 agreed
matheson to speak to andmoveamendment 7 michael matheson amendment
considered to be large imoveamendment 7 mr jim wallace
test would be relevant imoveamendment 75 amendment 75 agreed
i invite the minister tomoveamendment 79 and to speak
the list of exceptions imoveamendment 79 the convener i
i ask christine grahame tomoveamendment 8 and to speak
for hearings under section imoveamendment 8 peter peacock i
8 a fair wind imoveamendment 8 the deputy presiding
ask john scott not tomoveamendment 87 amendment 79 agreed
have recognised might arise imoveamendment 88 john scott ayr
penalty would become due imoveamendment 9 peter peacock amendment
she can achieve them imoveamendment s1m 1584 1 1
respond to those concerns imoveamendment s1m 1584 1 to
the debate tommy sheridan imoveamendment s1m 1589 1 to
and support the amendment imoveamendment s1m 1589 2 to
amendment in my name imoveamendment s1m 2245 1 to
voluntary sector in future imoveamendment s1m 2245 2 to
not just in words imoveamendment s1m 3078 1 to
valued not only nurses imoveamendment s1m 3078 2 to
hyslop to speak to andmoveamendment s1m 3678 1 15
hyslop lothians snp i willmoveamendment s1m 3678 1 in
the communities of europe imoveamendment s1m 3678 1 to
the eu member states imoveamendment s1m 3678 2 to
needs to be done imoveamendment s1m 4064 1 to
middle aged is independence imoveamendment s1m 4064 2 to
income in the census imoveamendment s1m 459 1 to
sheridan to speak to andmoveamendment s1m 459 1 you
i call keith harding tomoveand speak to amendment 18
mr sheridan who will formallymovehis amendment he will speak
the deputy presiding officer wemovenow to amendment 19 on
support the conservative amendment imovethat the parliament pays tribute
i do not intend tomovethe amendment amendment 6 not
i ask him not tomovethe amendment for a couple
the deputy presiding officer wemoveto amendment 10 which is
the deputy presiding officer wemoveto amendment 63 which is
contains after that we willmoveto tommy sheridan s amendment
there is no provision tomovewithout notice an amendment to
14 15 the convener wemoveon to agenda item 3
186 the convener we nowmoveon to agenda item 4
accounts bill the convener wemoveon to agenda item 5
s budget document before wemoveon to item 3 arthur
issues if not we shallmoveon to the next item
taken in private convener tomovethat item 6 be taken
in private the convener willmovethat item 6 be taken
taken in private convener tomovethat item 6 be taken
as its convener before wemoveto agenda item 1 i
in private the convener wemoveto agenda item 2 are
financial memorandum the convener wemoveto agenda item 4 which
2000 187 the convener wemoveto item 5 i ask
complaints the convener we nowmoveto the next item on
the deputy presiding officer wemovenow to the open debate
deputy minister for justice tomoves1m 1559 mr jim wallace
deputy minister for justice tomoves1m 1905 mr jim wallace
deputy minister for justice tomoves1m 2608 mr jim wallace
deputy minister for justice tomoves1m 3826 mr jim wallace
deputy minister for justice tomoves1m 3842 mr jim wallace
deputy minister for justice tomoves1m 3931 mr jim wallace
deputy presiding officer we nowmoveto closing speeches 16 35
the deputy presiding officer wemoveto some brief final comments
the deputy presiding officer wemoveto the open part of
deputy presiding officer we nowmoveto the open part of
congratulate hugh henry on hismoveto the post of deputy
deputy presiding officer if wemoveto the statement we will
the deputy presiding officer wemoveto winding up speeches we
now call jim wallace tomovemotion s1m 459 14 39
msp minister for justice tomoves1m 3739 mr jim wallace
wallace minister for justice tomoves1m 3930 mr jim wallace
wallace minister for justice tomoves1m 3930 mr jim wallace
might have their rights tomoveamendments restricted the convener we
are ready for companies tomoveinto 11 30 the convener
helpful the convener we nowmoveinto an open session do
agreement the convener we nowmoveinto private session 10 13
agreement the convener we nowmoveinto private session to consider
convener i am keen tomoveon are there any more
b the convener can wemoveon christine we are now
the convener i want tomoveon michael russell south of
convener i am anxious tomoveon mr kelly has now
the convener conceded could youmoveon please bill swann to
the convener i want tomoveon to a more technical
poisoning pe474 the convener wemoveon to on going petitions
name calling the convener wemoveon to page 4 and
convener absolutely we will nowmoveon to section 8 which
legislation the convener we willmoveon to the consideration of
the convener we will nowmoveon to the emergency planning
do that the convener wemoveon to the last section
scotland bill the convener wemoveon to the national parks
continue the convener we willmoveon to the part entitled
no the convener we willmoveon to treatment of parliamentary
ssi debate the convener tomoves1m 1184 that the committee
scotland bill the convener tomoves1m 1845 that the justice
the convener thank you wemovestraight to members questions stewart
2 bill the convener willmovethat the enterprise and lifelong
scotland bill the convener tomovethat the justice and home
the convener thank you wemoveto questions i will start
up the convener we willmoveto the wind up now
for parliament euan robson imovemotion s1m 2251 the presiding
funding the presiding officer pleasemoveto a close brian adam
presiding officer we will nowmoveto decision time members oh
presiding officer we have tomoveto decision time mrs margaret
one would probably have tomovea motion in parliament to
mccabe i seek permission tomovea motion without notice the
to come to parliament tomovea motion without notice to
and steve all get upmoveas if in slow motion
i ask tom mccabe tomovebusiness motion s1m 1148 which
will call irene mcgugan tomoveher motion as it is
will call irene mcgugan tomoveher motion in place of
environment and rural development willmovemotion s1m 3281 that the
finance and public services tomovemotion s1m 3353 that the
i invite euan robson tomovemotion s1m 3683 on the
environment and rural development tomovemotion s1m 3910 that the
environment and rural development tomovemotion s1m 3910 that the
legislation richard lochhead msp tomovemotion s1m 3967 that the
legislation richard lochhead msp tomovemotion s1m 3967 that the
mr mccabe i wish tomovemotion s1m 552 because the
the scottish national party imovemotion s1m 554 lodged in
will support the motion imovethat the parliament agrees that
curran to speak to andmovethe motion 09 31 the
business euan robson before imovethe motion i inform members
crawford to speak to andmovethe motion you have 10
sir david steel we nowmoveto the debate on motion
to do tricia marwick imovewithout notice that motion s1m
parliament mr tom mccabe imovewithout notice that motion s1m
heidstanes haes been kent timovean trees ti speak the
the table stop it movemovedad ll go mad aff
tell her to move f1122: movef1121: is she no working
f1121: you tell her tomovef1122: move f1121: is she
them all in watch dinnamoveit dinna move it let
watch dinna move it dinnamoveit let go f1118: [inaudible]
ower the table stop itmovemove dad ll go mad
move oh f1113: don tmoveoh dear you fall down
outside the door don tmoveoh f1113: don t move
i move ye will imoveye [inaudible] hamish [inaudible] and
in the truckie will imoveye will i move ye
m608: mm f643: want tomoveaway again m608: mmhm f643:
was from stationary going tomoveaway and there was a
the line yiv got timoveaway fi aw this silence
it sse help t speakersmoveaway frae thi types o
necessary there must be amoveaway from constant innovation and
give opportunities for offenders tomoveaway from crime whilst retaining
dimps and cammy get upmoveaway from each other steve
level there has been amoveaway from fictional narrative writing
of window gordon and sadiemoveaway from her to talk
environment it is important tomoveaway from the idea that
gaelic if we were tomoveaway from the languages in
planning and the need tomoveaway from the obsession with
renting out such properties andmoveaway from the sector can
as such represents a significantmoveaway from the traditional linear
so is that we canmoveaway from the viewpoint that
main thing pompitie starts tomoveaway haud on son ah
pat away lee starts tomoveaway pat shouts say yi
stand down off a standmoveaway slowly f643: it s
i d have had tomoveaway to say up tae
officer mr george reid wemoveto decision time there is
officer sir david steel wemoveto the members business debate
subordinate legislation phil gallie tomoves1m 1157 that the committee
environment and rural development tomoves1m 3622 in the name
legislation peter peacock msp tomoves1m 3873 that the finance
finance and public services tomoves1m 3878 that the local
environment and rural development tomoves1m 3905 in the name
environment and rural development tomoves1m 3905 in the name
finance and public services tomoves1m 3912 that the local
finance and public services tomoves1m 3913 that the local
what yur opponent s nextmoveis gonnae be lee opponent
jilly what s hur nextmovelee gets up sits on
7 to 17 i willmoveon the next section paragraphs
to next year i willmoveon to the last slide
of supplementary questions we shouldmoveon to the next area
yearly test before they couldmoveon to the next class
on that paragraph let usmoveon to the next one
i invite mr wilson tomoveon to the next part
on that point before imoveon to the next section
14 december so we willmoveon to the next sections
we must cover before wemoveon to the next set
a unit be assessed andmoveon to the next unit
f1027: mmhm f1054: let smoveonto the next one shall
the next year it willmoveto doing most of its
the question of when wemoveto the next contract we
out of order the nextmovewould be to challenge that
keep yer airms oot yaemovean ah ll let ye
m1015: mmhm f1054: let smovedown to inside and outside
him straighten up let alonemovejimmy jimmy j i i
erm oo rr let smoveon now to the what
falkirk east lab let usmoveon to marking we have
newspapers nicola sturgeon let usmoveon to prohibition on sponsorship
yes michael russell let usmoveon to the second point
a- er erm let smoveon to what you do
given that cue let smoveover to iona f1009: well
to zeb and tess robbymoveower tess let lori sit
[exhale] f1111: okay let memovethis out the way f1112:
grateful for that let memoveto the substance of my
issue before westminster decides tomoveahead with it ministers seem
will surely be better tomovebefore the winter sets in
could see bill before theymovebut it seems pretty hopeless
done more effectively before youmovefurther down the scale des
to six months before theymovegraduate if you like to
weeks of freedom before imovehome again f810: [laugh] yeah
the house before they couldmovein [note: photo: 'david and isabella murray with two of their eight children, thomas and elizabeth - parkside, 1910.'] cooking all cooking
with that issue before imoveon 11 15 hugh henry
with him constructively before wemoveon i would like to
conduct des mcnulty before wemoveon section 8 is headed
to enforce standards before youmoveon to tackle the smaller
of the executive before wemoveon to those wider issues
lines if a member willmoveone before any member does
a brief presentation before wemoveto questions alan ferguson chartered
a brief statement before wemoveto questions hector currie i
taken account of before youmoveto the principle is that
ask questions so we willmoveon briskly michael russell south
a name when will shemoveanother andy into the other
leave the room we willmoveback into public session in
s fit you think theymoveinto a clinch as the
own language so when theymoveinto a- another language they
having the premises ready tomoveinto has been taken on
in school whereby they canmoveinto lifelong learning at various
working in their factories tomoveinto open employment s1w 1745
on private tenants we nowmoveinto private session 12 13
public and that we wouldmoveinto private session to pull
helpful we are about tomoveinto private to consider our
be in priority need tomoveinto safe secure accommodation in
whether more such issues willmoveinto the decision making structure
who arranged for [censored: forename] tomoveinto the embassy transit flat
urquhart we re beginning tomoveinto the modern period he
that help them as theymoveinto the second language and
another one is when theymoveinto the secondary can we
subject areas particularly when wemoveinto the secondary curriculum part
the week perhaps when wemoveinto the tourist season john
that still appropriate as wemoveinto the twenty first century
structures then the performance wouldmoveinto the very good category
roll will increase when wemoveinto this building er the
5 i suggest that wemoveitems 6 and 7 into
their parents while these parentsmovelovingly into the shadow of
one might want them tomoveoffshore into a more hostile
m762: a- and didn tmoveout into the suburbs and
mm m830: an then theymoveoutwards into various others but
was thinking of telling monsarrattmoveover when jimmy launched into
back into work and tomovesocially excluded individuals closer to
goes into so if youmovethat about you ll get
with the teacher which mustmovethe discussion into a theme
to another house well themovehas now been completed and
made and now we willmoveon as we have spent
for his comments we nowmoveon to discuss what to
after that time so imovethat the questions be now
think they ll manage tomovethe tree awa now he
now on the middle onemovethis ain will i on
who is confused now wemoveto members business mr keith
should proceed we will nowmoveto questions to our three
on that section we nowmoveto section 6 which is
mr george reid we nowmoveto stage 3 consideration of
house over because if theymoveus now he will re
to carolanne we have tomoveyou now today sadie to
aff itherwyse we stertit taemoveaff wi the sirens gaun
agree that we have tomoveagainst ageism in future whether
enabling people and goods tomovearound we intend to ensure
might be developed we willmoveas speedily as possible karen
i will go we llmoveback from alister s trousers
sharply if we have tomovebeyond three pages secondly and
think we might have tomove[censored: forename] s cake eh oot
mastrick we had one sistermovefan mastrick was just two
to discern when exactly wemovefrom one to the other
scottish executive s processes wemovefrom such systems to systems
every year we will justmovein and sweep up the
[censored: forename] f1095: wait till wemovein [inaudible] what were you
is she so reluctant tomovein principle we are proud
directions we d like tomovein so i ll be
weel at least can wemovein the right direction maclaurin
got a nicht we llmoveinside if it gets caul
we go right i llmoveit over beside you there
shona we aye hae timoveon anither thing ah dinna
we want those farms tomoveon farms that cannot regulate
i am keen that wemoveon from our decision to
ingram i think we shouldmoveon mr ingram obviously i
months syne we hae timoveon shona we aye hae
toilet good right we llmoveon tae the what you
circles we are keen tomoveon that issue that is
bill and then we shallmoveon to a debate on
colours here finally we mightmoveon to aspects of characterisation
so everyone is happy wemoveon to conduct in the
the core activities we canmoveon to nice new projects
to historic scotland we willmoveon to petition 24 which
short introduction we will thenmoveon to questions des hudson
a presentation we will thenmoveon to questions from members
to visit sunnier climes wemoveon to the final section
yes erm perhaps we canmoveon to the subject of
to nick johnston we willmoveon to the textile industry
whinge and bleat and thenmoveon we are told that
should not just tut andmoveon we should not just
broke the silence shall wemoveon you whispered i nodded
right noo we ve tomoveover to the table f1118:
means of legislating we canmovequickly on the matter and
response to my intervention wemovequickly to introduce a regulatory
thare an syne we lmovesofochka intil his room she
without further ado we willmovestraight on to the agenda
we will remove it wemovestraight on to the second
so if not we willmovestraight to questions mr davidson
that one so will wemovethat one over here aside
made we have acted imovethat the parliament approves the
considerable detail we want tomovethe debate on one does
the notion that we simplymovethe national qualifications further down
f1097: we ll hae tomovethe rug ower m1098: so
s it right we llmovethis along look that ll
yes f1113: right we llmovethis over here right put
any possibility that we canmoveto a reasonably transparent assessment
to see how we canmoveto a sustainable rural economy
news for members when wemoveto aberdeen a slightly longer
an improvement if we canmoveto an approach in which
as possible we want tomoveto an e mail system
border is how we canmoveto become real citizens like
your request mr russell wemoveto decision time i am
like if we could makemoveto entertain them 15 monday
think we ll very quicklymoveto having two streams within
months we might as wellmoveto holding meetings monthly on
comments on page 1 wemoveto page 2 mr ingram
anything to add we willmoveto questions having read the
at which we need tomoveto take advantage of what
mean to people we mustmoveto that approach in relation
saying that we will notmoveto those phases until we
other hand we tended tomovetogether quite a lot on
so we ll hae tomovetommy toes f1104: [laugh] yeah
14 monday at last wemoveupstairs fine to know that
the european union when theymovewe do not underestimate the
we hope that we canmovewhatever proposals we produce on
we should resist any suchmovewith the utmost vigour the
fat boy fat oi boobsymoveyour fat butt we re
parliament mr andy kerr 35movesection 30b to after section
incurred mr andy kerr 41movesection 30c to after section
30d mr andy kerr 42movesection 30d to after section
30e mr andy kerr 43movesection 30e to after section
act mrs mary mulligan 204movesection 39 to after section
certificate mrs mary mulligan 209movesection 40 to after section
it mr andy kerr 43movesection 6 to after section
9 mr andy kerr 44movesection 9 to after section
spare time work slow tomove28 wednesday halloween party c
wipe down a table ormovea chair gum stuck to
take time and money tomovea salmon farm from one
seemed to be able tomoveabout albeit slowly no there
so i ll get tomoveabout and things f1037: brilliant
i don t have tomoveabout very much they can
giving up their businesses tomoveacross glasgow and access a
there seems to be amoveafoot to really encourage it
that would allow us tomoveahead mr munro do you
courses of action was tomoveall the employer and training
not felt it possible tomoveall the way i hope
scotland in speech most peoplemovealong this spectrum to a
nobody was going to saymovealong you lot and it
possible for members not tomoveamendments should they so wish
mps are at liberty tomoveamendments to the bill putting
i call euan robson tomoveand if he wishes to
leaned over to me dinnaemoveand keep quiet he whispered
rudder pin proved difficult tomoveand the attempt had to
or and all languages tomoveand there will also be
equal right to live andmoveanywhere in this country as
equal right to live andmoveanywhere in this country as
course the bubble started tomovearoundabout him pulling him inside
their wings were made tomoveas if in flight when
are doing our best tomoveas quickly as possible but
never sign up to anymoveat westminster or elsewhere to
go right you ve tomoveback a bit cause you
that there may be amoveback to ring fencing by
and son and chris smoveback to the farm of
with the abstract field andmoveback to whatever concrete field
teachers by allowing teachers tomovebetween primary and secondary and
to the liberal democrats tomovebeyond the rhetoric and ensure
i would like it tomovebut at the same time
misses you i couldn tmovebut he was trying to
modern languages would like tomovebut there will be a
therefore resolves to oppose anymoveby the lord advocate to
it s nae going tomove[censored: forename] if you get off
importance of it they allmovecloser to dod less well
scottish coal producers wishing tomovecoal by rail and what
briquettes if it were tomovecould it no longer produce
shoemakers last deny refuse tomovedibber dabber to bargain dicht
what plans it has tomoveenterprise and lifelong learning department
to canada but if imovef1037: okay f1038: bit silly
you she wants you tomovef1122: aye f1121: [toy says 'you are right'] see
hands to get her tomovef1122: hello [censored: forename] i m
re in any rush tomovef1155: oh right okay fair
des mcnulty i intend tomovefairly quickly on the co
wednesday decide to store furnituremovefamily here to mrs b
i m still unable tomovefiona warm under the duvet
young salmon undergo as theymovefrom fresh to saltwater and
line so that somebody couldmovefrom newcastle to duns or
teach and learn smooth themovefrom nursery to primary with
female and and when youmovefrom one class to another
way of keeping children whomovefrom one school to another
practice for them also tomovefrom place to place their
there are links when peoplemovefrom primary to secondary school
class to another you usuallymovefrom say miss a s
that advertising revenue would simplymovefrom scotland based magazines to
would not be able tomovefrom the rough grassland to
has never been prepared tomovefurther on the matter the
them all tellin them tomoveget out time s up
start with letter games andmovegradually to more complex structures
to businesses is failing tomoveheavy loads on to rail
to businesses is failing tomoveheavy loads on to rail
to beth ye need taemovehen ye ll catch yer
her heart i couldn tmoveher i started to crawl
lord inchcape was prepared tomovehis p o base from
16 january 2003 threatening tomovehm prison perth to dundee
stranraer who had planned tomovehouse to newtownards on that
change have no desire tomovei am easily put upon
naturally make them reluctant tomovei will not go over
an important role in helpingmoveideas from the laboratory to
would be scarcely room tomovein jenners christmas bazaar which
our one page submission themovein the bill to allow
had no option but tomovein with neighbours or other
okay right see if youmoveit a wee bittie to
do you wish formally tomoveit on behalf of alex
oh that s a [inaudible]moveit over to the side
food cooks agnes sings youmoveit to the left yeh
you go for yourself youmoveit to the right yeh
whiley no oh i llmoveit to this side then
flie hame he turns tomoveleft the needle goes prick
f1049: aw m1048: couldn tmovelike to go and see
years and the decision tomovemaybe wouldn t be the
posh english i have tomovemy mouth in a certain
and the family decide tomovenarrator 1 narrator 2 mother
fatal mistake i tried tomovenew year s day was
there to help with themoveno doubt you will be
it would be a negativemovenot to offer some form
things needed to change andmoveon as people s attitudes
its lease and it willmoveon to a new phase
brian adam i want tomoveon to a slightly different
will check the position imoveon to confidentiality requirements on
learners should be ready tomoveon to construct their own
on lobbying companies and tomoveon to discuss whether there
on please bill swann tomoveon to fox destruction societies
they do to survive tomoveon to heal themselves she
needed to do and thenmoveon to results software such
is for all tenants tomoveon to scottish secure tenancies
[laugh] f1114: [laugh] f1113: [inhale]moveon to something else f1114:
no further comments i willmoveon to the question in
harder than usual to thinkmoveor work on top of
split up she needed tomoveout f1154: right f1155: and
less sensitive areas and tomoveout of the more sensitive
sister s still plotting tomoveout she was asking what
tenements all their lives tomoveout to a council house
mm f1121: right you canmoveover to that chair f1122:
nuts tomorrow i planned tomoveround each tree sitting on
t not a big onemoveshe goes to the sink
sixteen year old does notmovesimply from childhood to adulthood
government to encourage it tomoveswiftly to close the dome
use of its power tomovetenants under subsection 1 are
can f1111: you need tomovethat out of the way
evil i m gaun tomovethat road and aa you
committee to consider them imovethat the committee recommends that
in order for me tomovethat the executive statement be
bill to the chamber imovethat the parliament agrees to
follow the normal pattern imovethat the parliament agrees to
consideration at stage 2 imovethat the parliament agrees to
order to the parliament imovethat the parliament approves the
report to the chamber imovethat the parliament notes the
she looked hardly able tomovethe bedmat tucked in tight
passive verbs so as tomovethe focus from the doer
[laugh] you re gaun tomovethe road so that i
f1097: where you gan tomovethe road to m1098: [censored: forename]
day at the weekend tomovetheir stuff up [cough] so
what i ve got tomovethem up and down and
and stained the cast willmovethese around to use as
were lassies peggy beginning tomovethings inside of coorse the
flags f1104: mum can imovethis ain to you f1103:
language and be able tomovethrough the higher still framework
staff are less willing tomovethroughout the country to develop
us with the opportunity tomoveto a better firm wi
oot time cammy and dimpsmoveto a cushion each steve
regional government develops in englandmoveto a needs based formula
powers our objective is tomoveto a proper federal system
possible that some pupils maymoveto a secondary school where
makes detailed proposals for amoveto a single needs assessment
of the parliament s temporarymoveto aberdeen the work of
college in paisley and amoveto aberdeen whether it is
other words there was amoveto break the link between
framework as there was amoveto develop and introduce innovative
23 10 99 see alsomoveto end royal catholic ban
that that is a furthermoveto ensure that nurses continue
the european commission may wellmoveto ensuring a commitment to
in consultation with stakeholders themoveto expanded functional standards is
to aberdeen or or tomoveto glasgow again i m
will be of the temporarymoveto glasgow including travel expenses
that she can afford tomoveto glasgow live in a
ma work she makes amoveto go but i hold
employment for those who cannotmoveto inverness i understand from
was aiming for appeared tomoveto lift to recede a
decision can be made tomoveto majority voting on them
may require that a tenantmoveto other accommodation held by
karen whitefield i welcome themoveto roll out the service
this time i intend tomoveto take the statement dennis
reduced circumstances and had tomoveto the city of duncairn
the need for her tomoveto the completion of her
decision to quit studies themoveto the country all seemed
he wanted to you knowmoveto the country and i
not secure structural funds willmoveto the east to assist
language and were allowed tomoveto the front example of
flog off its office andmoveto the margins of edinburgh
a new operator following themoveto the new parliament building
the scottish education system shouldmoveto the post comprehensive era
jumpet at the chance tomoveto the toolies it pleased
she makes a half heartedmoveto touch her but withdraws
not support the executive smoveto treat the last week
man the prince and moragmovetogether to embrace ma puddok
and the evident reluctance tomovetoo fast quickly concentrated the
his own seems able tomoveunforcedly between the everyday and
alleviation in scotland wishes tomoveup the health agenda the
first time that such amovewas required was to establish
s agreement douglas s firstmovewas to the mill o
she refused point black tomovewhere from where she was
ll break it f1114: imovea wee wee bittie f1113:
carolanne winces neither of themmovecarolanne that ll be maggie
enough she ll catch yimovefaster lee dad sittin in
o them ll no evenmovefor me they ll flash
helpline sadie they ll nomoveher noo till the morra
rehearse and re rehearse everymovei ll fold back the
f1104: why f1103: no justmoveit cause you ll break
you you f1113: i llmoveit round there right you
if you dinna get amoveon think i ll tell
something else m1108: i llmovethe white a bit f1107:
sae smug it ll onlymovewi a prod o your
he said well ye bettermoveye ll freeze tae death
my head and i llmoveyou across watch darling f1112:
hold my head i llmoveyou over f1112: okay [inaudible]
of pragmatism i will notmoveagainst the proposal but there
welcome the executive s belatedmovein the right direction will
still kin carolanne will youmovesadie he s lyin tae
will make a difference imovethat the parliament welcomes the
by henry mcleish in amovethat will reinforce the first
our changing society and themovewill be widely welcomed i
of low demand or theymovewithin the same area will
course of action and mustmoveon scottish parliament health policy
part in those developments imovethat the parliament acknowledges the
s services in scotland imovethat the parliament agrees a
the rights of individuals imovethat the parliament agrees that
members are most interested imovethat the parliament agrees that
made available for committees imovethat the parliament agrees the
nothing short of treachery imovethat the parliament expresses its
well in retirement applause imovethat the parliament expresses its
are within devolved competence imovethat the parliament recognises the
pensioners of our country imovethat the parliament while welcoming
that his party opposed thatmovedid the first minister oppose
the first minister oppose thatmoveseven years ago in the
change him over till youmovehe s a greedy little
s the table f1117: mmhmmoveover there f1118: i need
n- t- ten f1101: tenmovethis box over f1102: [exhale]
middle that the mannie couldmovealong if ye bocht a
him cammy steve dimps allmovearound as if they are
time crampin up wi everymoveif ah wis wi bairn
this is a particularly usefulmoveif one loses one s
been elevated or if themoveis a side step this
if somebody did a falsemovelike no kicking f963: mm
it you know you canmoveon f963: yeah yeah if
wonderin if you were gonnamoveor no tae grab her
brief parts if they canmovequickly and gracefully from the
wi people eh if theymoveslowly if they re gettin
van under that ains againmovethat ains see if they
if you what if youmovethat f1089: eh m1090: what
moved that f1089: if youmovethat then it winna work
right f1054: just if youmoveyour chair in a tiny
o you after [laugh] youmoveback in [inaudible] [laugh] f809:
aged kay ullrich i shallmoveswiftly on four days after
contact between those on themoveand the speech communities they
may be a remarkably bravemovefor the girl guides those
made a poem those whomoveothers and are themselves stone
of those is a positivemovethe impending introduction of the
like those ones where youmovetheir arm and like the
hope you can organise amovealright employ a firm and
in which its citizens canmovearound more freely than ever
finishing they are at canmovebetween improved grassland and rough
yeah that s it imovehome anyway so she can
ones m944: i can tmove[laugh] f943: [laugh] [laugh] m944:
your sheet then f1118: okaymovemy sheet f1117: can you
ye no fedotik ye canmovenou irena serghyeevna that is
the table but can hardlymovethe chair neil is there
loretta certainly i can hardlymoveup the stairs for a
carolanne exits sadie you canmovewhen ye like then agnes
usually did when on themovea private man he liked
haill wud is on themovean it s airtin this
go on that wee truckiemoveback truckie truck are you
and the limbs of hatemoveclockwise ol 22 on the
o the clown come onmovef1102: nae broken look it
on f640: well she cannaemovef637: ye cannae f638: i
dwaumed on never lyke timovehinnerlie on feet as quaet
the road and would notmoveit is remembered that on
mm mmhm m762: and andmoveit on a little bit
the people of scotland shouldmoveon and change the government
she and her husband cannotmoveon and escape disgrace and
l hae ti git amoveon anfisa ah l cum
somethin like that get amoveon f831: aye aye m842:
up a bit get amoveon he urged as she
euan robson does not mindmoveon i am not sure
in front of us andmoveon mr ingram a lot
lang past nine get amoveon or it winna be
the bird despair could notmoveon out through the open
hale day lang combines divmoveon this day sae gran
on their doorstep and theymoveout of the area for
wyte till she s onmoveower an gie her a
wullie jackeson a gey smertmovethat on the pairt o
on ssi 2000 187 imovethat the justice and home
you f1125: haud on thenmovethis ain a minute f1126:
on wait a minute memovethis f1091: oh you- it
recall the committee welcomed thatmovein its stage 1 report
bastard in my picture imovea little behind my daddy
s it noo don tmovea muscle right i know
aye f1127: i see geemoveaboot fast don t ye
neither boo nur bend twadnamoveae fit i laid intil
breath i suggest that hemoveall three motions together motions
steer in marks ye couldnamovebut i think folk were
and and i didn tmovedo anything i was scared
but somewye i couldnamovefae da hoose an i
at her body i cannamovefar s my stick get
hurry you know the drillmovei still looked at him
ah that was a goodmovei think so what would
didn t he couldn tmovei was quite surprised he
thought yes i d bettermovein case they come back
tell ye i hid taemovema seat the state o
in again quickly f1114: imovemum s ain f1113: aye
f806: cause otherwise when imovemy head it s like
this tape every time imovemy neck because the thing
northfield torry f1043: had taemoveoot o torry an i
in the 2001 census imovethat the draft census scotland
10 pm dr ewing imovethat the meeting of the
re doing like a housemovethen some people like i
i could hear her footstepsmovethrough the dark and silent
know what f943: what m944: moveup because i m gonna
f1095: [throat] m1096: twinkle [child noise]moveup [child noise] cause i m
you are wow right dinnamovewait till i sort ye
rabbit f951: i m gonnamoveyou alang a bit yeah
democratic government in scotland amovein the right direction might
right that s it justmoveit a wee bittie that
f1101: f for fox rightmovethat ain up oot the
and jobs out of glasgowmoveexisting firms and jobs from
involvement in text or converselymovefrom discussion of or involvement
window mister blaikie didn tmovefrom just inside the door
put one underneath that onemoveback a bit then you
until reduced by ¾ thenmoveslowly until varnishy and thick
a general point and thenmovetae particulars a perfect equality
ehm and then as theymovethrough the school the amount
f1118: okay [slurp] f1117: wellmoveyour sheet then f1118: okay
he found he could breathemoveabout without causing a puncture
the poet janet little couldmovebetween languages although burns and
this book oot the roadmoveback a bit mair f1126:
back thank god cath kidsmovedown in afternoon 2 saturday
so he does m1070: wellmoveanother one out darling just
worn out he coud haurliemoveat aw an the green
see the teenager s responsemovethe trolly out of isle
f606: so when did youmovenorth m845: well eh when
in because philadelphia doesn tmovewhen the mummer s parade
it would be interesting [laugh]movearound yeah f965: but anyway
slightest touch would make themmovebut as the years went
mair time tae plan amovemebbe the big city would
both the debate and anymovethat would benefit the care
further recognises that such amovewould greatly reduce the overall
expresses concern that such amovewould undermine scotland s ability
tae sit upricht an naemovefor ten days so you
bide efter the new folkmovein so she micht jist
play [inaudible] so you couldnaemovein the school for guys
petersburg tasks one very positivemoveis that even the union
wait a wee minute lookmovethat one along [inaudible] m1094:
f1125: look cause you cannamovebecause it s nae attached
m1092: [inaudible] f1091: okay youmovethem up m1092: [inaudible] f1091:
just cannae you just cannaemoveyou don t know the
f965: think it through everymoveyou f963: yeah f965: make
baithe ken lee kens everymoveyou make ah m here
the hoose della wants yismoveyou scabby tess skin scalein
depressed odd how popular songsmoveyou with their sour sweetness
f1113: wait a minute youmoveyour hand roond there that
lined up they stertit taemoveabreist smertly doun the puil
words m1021: jildi jildi jildimovem1019: [inaudible] m1021: and they
hat followed by chebutykin theymovequietly chebutykin ah never fand
under aa that ains theremovethat big ains maybe they
stock still they watch itmovethreads in a needle woven
watch silently as the pagesmovethrough the rollers slowly they
it does go there justmoveit along a wee bittie
see that s it justmoveit along a wee bittie
rip it off darlin justmovethe pages don t rip
me crampin up wi everymovehopin ah wisnae wi bairn
second year but as yemoveup intae standard grade and
of her face their headsmovein harmony nodding mandarin dolls
ye ve never seen bobbiesmovesae fast in their lives
mould withered meadow grasses barelymovetwigs weave their willow webs
wad hae ti mak amovegin he wantit ti lift
ghosts noh ay oan themovehauntin folk gawn ti different
an his auld fiddle timoveinti yeir room an he
the haill wud stert timovemacbeth ye leein skoondrel that
malnourished accepts that many patientsmovebetween hospitals and the community
that the seriousness of thismovecannot be underestimated and is
power stations notes that thismoveis in line with the
of a ministerial statement amovethat has been forced by
o cumberland this is amovethat s shuirlie in ma
bit m1096: farr that f1095: movethis down m1096: [exhale] [laugh]
she s tryin a differentmovewatch hur pat is that
and though he did notmovehis head his eyes were
there had been a falsemoveand she was in there
29 october 2001 indicates amoveby her majesty s government
tho ye mark ma ivrymovea ken it isnae dune
ah luiv the wey yemoveah dream aboot thaim ye
dae ye think ye coudmoveyeirsell inti olga s room
lot of soul don tmoveit too fast make it
your bike in there andmoveabout in the course of
in there and it cannamoveoot of it and it
lik a stookie he cuidnaemovea finger or onie ither
his thrapple but he cuidnaemovea muscle an the mair
thousand and four f1114: andmovea wee wee bittie f1113:
industry is global and peoplemovearound in it with a
was shown for any suchmoveat present the suggestion was
aa the warld yet nivermoveava while ithers reenge frae
tane serious della and kristamoveby the bridge sit down
a wrapped loaf faur lessmovefurniture archie had done the
s worse miss wood maymovehim down among the middle
excep his een he cuidmovehis een strecht aheid he
o the air haar dismovein bit it dis bide
s never seen anybody elsemovein the same way at
cauld for him he soudmoveintil a cosier room at
me erms but a coudnymovema pins neithers a shoutet
through the err a coudnymoveme erms but a coudny
my auldest brother had taemoveower tae my grunny s
noose of lace sandpaper handshakesmoveremove the clock is ticking
10 19 watch the cloodsmovesteadily bye het sultry day
per cent wage cut anmovethe factory an the work
fast he watched his fleemovethrough the puil an wroucht
an edinburgh lady hid taemovetill a different hoose fin
an bein ower ill taemovetwa war hired nurse emmett
o chuckies jonar s neestmovewis tae try an shape

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