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the praesidium and the conservativempdavid heathcoat amory lord maclennan
on the convention gisela stuartmpdavid heathcoat amory mp will
stuart mp david heathcoat amorympwill report back to this
held with mr denis mcshanempuk minister for europe 14
held with mr denis mcshanempuk minister for europe 14
introduced by mr john mcfallmpintroduced in 1995 the mcfall
the convention are the labourmpgisela stuart who is also
parliamentary answer to robert maclennanmpscottish liberal democrat for caithness
the rt hon charles kennedympleader of the liberal democrats
[note: image of signature here in original] rt hon charles kennedympleader of the liberal democrats
the rt hon donald dewarmpmsp offers its sympathy and
the rt hon peter hainmpon issues relating to the
with rt hon peter hainmpuk secretary of state for
with rt hon peter hainmpuk secretary of state for
sir edward leithen lawer torympand ex attorney general forby
fine tae be a torympthe clerk luikit at me
nor did the scots torympthe only scots mp to
tory mp the only scotsmpto contribute to the debate
coursing introduced by harry cohenmpis also due for its
the right honourable donald dewarmpmsp the deputy first minister
lcoal worthy and gaelic speakingmpcharles fraser mackintosh in summary
t john buchan bein conservativempfor the scottish universities frae
we have only one conservativempin scotland and i concede
ettles tae be a conservativempsince he cannae be thinkin
course he is still anmpand an msp at the
the fact that russell brownmpand elaine murray msp have
before the appointment an mspmpor mep they will be
introduced by mr kevin mcnamarampin 1992 which was defeated
not ban hunting michael fostermpintroduced a further private members
bill introduced by ken livingstonempthis is currently being considered
quote david stewart the labourmpfor inverness east nairn and
went on to become labourmpfor it was east renfrewshire
i am delighted that labourmpjeremy corbyn has signed my
notes the involvement of labourmpjim murphy in the story
july 2001 by ruth kellympeconomic secretary to the treasury
i am still a westminstermpbut that does not give
the view that scottish westminstermplevels of remuneration should be
we note that robin cookmphas been asked to present
inventor sir john lubbock bartmpfrs a banker scientist and
a letter from kim howellsmpthe uk government minister for
skills necessary to become anmpbut because he went deaf
of this note the designationmpfor those ministers who are
hearing people when i wasmpfor hamilton i visited the
hamilton actually there was onempi do not think that
be sent to jim [censored: surname]mpand cllr danny [censored: surname] bringing
representations made by richard cabornmpthe minister for sport to
in this case as anmpof course he is still
the conservatives have only onempin scotland phil gallie sadly
we ve also got anmptae whit the hell dae
the concerns of the localmpand msps does he agree
to parliament by archy kirkwoodmpsupported by mr brian monteith
motion sponsored by paul flynnmpthat cannabis coffee shops should
but about a a scottishmpcalled gregor jack who s
j m sinclair and thempfor north down lt col
my brief time as anmpi tried to help people
war hero suin tae bempand auld bluid heiress the
the time we left thismpwas offering us lifts in
pauline mcneill the correspondent smpis malcolm chisholm can we

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