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ugliness enormous silver tureens beermugsin quaint animal shapes coaches
of makin sandwiches and drinkinmugsof tea sayin rosaries an
tarry tay in their chippitmugsor flooery cheena cups if
them raise their cups ormugstae yer braw pair o
mum has set out coffeemugsand juice beakers and biscuits
oceans under two white coffeemugshe muses subliminally on chipmunks
the cupboard and brewed twomugsof coffee the walk in
nights ago the tea stainedmugsthat were dotted throughout the
out on the table weremugsof porter a jug of
walked miles looking for teamugsbut never got beyond men
the magazine paper and teamugshave all gone it is
vacant or wandered about withmugsof tea in the room
like yours hands out teamugssadie legless checks sweatshirt to
tea enter peggy with threemugswas that frank coming in
mr [censored: surname] s firm smugsfrom a rubik s cube
a richt she dishes outmugsto loretta and gladys keeping
fur god s fur threemugsbangs the iron down jees
had to bring their ownmugsand the boys soon emptied
the electoral district all receivedmugsfrom the community association in
high school received one themugswere made at montrose pottery
spoons 4 bowls and 4mugsplates too then we spent
and slopped it into twomugsand made a mess and
kissing carolanne enters with 3mugson a tray stops irritated

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