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the back end the brichtmuinleims atwein the pines the
ca 1200 dule the palemuinleims doun frae abuin in
bi the houss door themuinleims in the gloamin lift
the lown nicht a brichtmuinleims on the hie touer
the crescent muin the crescentmuinleims ower the neuk o
ootby on the ben themuinleims the nicht an the
en 1002 1060 the crescentmuinthe crescent muin leims ower
o the deid the dwyninmuinabuin aye skinkils on the
ah dowe lyke the dwyninmuinfrom the chinese of li
licht is lyke the dwyninmuinthis nicht an lyke ti
juist yince in a bluemuinthat the boats livert in
thrang do 29 the crescentmuindo 30 shilpit wyne su
the muin unner the crescentmuins cauld lowe ah hear
po 701 762 anaith themuinunner the crescent muin s
ful an bricht the palemuincrynes doun ilka nicht an
lest turns sour the fulmuini the end begins ti
man neist week whan themuinis ful an ah se
inti nicht an the fulmuinshane owre the island whaur
weill the r a fulmuinthe nicht an it s
lass walks anaith the fulmuintrailin hir silk goun in
castel as suin as themuinwes ful mysie telt hir
an goaves at the glisterinmuinfrom the chinese of li
ma gless til the glisterinmuinthe wund drowie wi the
for guid airtin for themuinfrom the chinese of chang
curtains aiblins chang o themuingoddess wul tak peitie on
701 761 8 anaith themuinli po 701 762 9
mukkil puddok basho back endmuinan the breingin tyde faems
fyres drifts up til themuinbasho the end o the
heard the clock banquo themuingaes doun at twal fleance
nicht gaun laddie fleance themuinis doun a haena heard
midnicht a leim frae themuinglifs the pyot frae the
wes near midnicht an themuinhaed risen owre the craig
the lown air the newmuingaes doun owre the forest
but thon bricht ower watchinmuinfrom the chinese of po
green silk goun the auldmuinshaks her gowden feathers their
the bens whyte as amuinatwein the clouds nou ah
can fairlie see the cauldmuinabuin masahide 1657 1723 blissit
the mukkil lift abuin simmermuinlady sute jo 1633 98
a dauner at nicht themuinis that hie it is
bricht as day whan themuinrase ower the sauchs ah
injure monie many mous mouthsmuinmoon muir moor mukkil great
n mother monie a manymuinn moon muinlicht n moonlight
a many mouls n soilmuinn moon mukkil a big
shines the silver moon amuinower glesga s seen bit
year the same festival themuinan the lenterns haena chynged
wastlin wund micht kyth themuinan shaw the color o
spring aince mair brukken themuino mairch april lamps on
the siller licht o themuinhe made out a haill
god kens wi the blinninmuinlicht an the suddent soun
bi the licht o themuinsae doun ti the cleuch
siller licht o the heizinmuinshe wes sittin thare hir
siller sternie ablo a sillermuinlyke a wabstar bodie hingin
juist at that mament themuincam out frae ayont a
that he seems owre themuinan yet ti me ye
mither wes fair owre themuinat this an set tae
tam wes fair owre themuinhe strechtent his shouthers for
at that verra meinit themuincam oot frae ahint a
century nicht at anchor themuindounsets aince mair freist plenishes
heich ower the ben themuinskowe steers the lentern lichts
a warld apairt the leddiemuinis ma luivar ma frein
o yew flindert in themuins eclipse neb o turk
puil saiklessness o a newmuins lip drunken laughter cups
gae oot quyne in themuinir ye no vext ye
men say the sun anmuinaye keeps movin kis thay
a sodger rax for themuinif ye dae the the

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