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in the context of y2kmuirrussell i am confident that
that will be y2k compliantmuirrussell i do not have
have taken towards y2k compliancemuirrussell i have no reason
draiglin skirts gaun ben themuirdraiglin skirts gaun ben the
draiglin skirts gaun ben themuirfa dae ye gyang tae
draiglin skirts gaun ben themuirtreelipin hem bi the weety
companies were included in itmuirrussell a few hundred companies
edinburgh glasgow and so onmuirrussell air traffic control is
funded from within existing budgetsmuirrussell all that has been
will contain mr mcleish andmuirrussell and no doubt a
that you have been doingmuirrussell are you referring to
the blue status is maintainedmuirrussell as i said the
of a problem is thatmuirrussell chasing the problem down
period as i will bemuirrussell given that modern it
of the public safety aspectmuirrussell i am afraid that
convener that could be dangerousmuirrussell i am sure that
in the next financial yearmuirrussell i am sure that
of failures in this sectormuirrussell i do not think
this national audit office reportmuirrussell i do not think
actually been spent on itmuirrussell i have given you
that some components were missingmuirrussell i have made sure
trains come to a haltmuirrussell i have no wish
year 2000 date change problemmuirrussell i take the report
on 21 october 14 00muirrussell i think that loganair
be 99 9 per centmuirrussell i would like to
committee will want to questionmuirrussell in detail on the
action against the permanent secretarymuirrussell in relation to any
i am not making accusationsmuirrussell it is fair that
be used for other purposesmuirrussell it is fair to
a small number of casesmuirrussell it is hard to
and important was your workmuirrussell it was clearly urgent
area of spartan sterile abstinencemuirrussell it will have to
of systems are non criticalmuirrussell let me take the
the situation of small businessesmuirrussell nothing that goes beyond
to the scottish executive sirmuirrussell on his early retirement
the attention of the smesmuirrussell over the next month
have completed it much earliermuirrussell perhaps in an ideal
asking is scotland ready mrmuirrussell permanent secretary of the
central scotland snp attended witnessesmuirrussell permanent secretary scottish executive
your colleague to the committeemuirrussell permanent secretary scottish executive
our witnesses for their contributionmuirrussell thank you for showing
returns from all those areasmuirrussell that does not mean
who will be in chargemuirrussell that is a very
wanted to establish that pointmuirrussell that is all right
to put back other projectsmuirrussell that must be true
we called it exercise hydramuirrussell that was in mid
are travelling to other countriesmuirrussell the best advice is
health service or local governmentmuirrussell the figures that i
not included in those returnsmuirrussell the list to which
it necessary to censure mrmuirrussell the permanent secretary at
to which you referred earliermuirrussell the plans are comprehensive
you start advertising that servicemuirrussell the public will not
leaving it a bit latemuirrussell the report estimated that
very wide range of organisationsmuirrussell the rules of engagement
will not be materially disruptedmuirrussell the target is no
costs that have been identifiedmuirrussell there is a difficulty
the previous test took placemuirrussell there was a general
arrangements for other ministerial contactmuirrussell there would certainly be
than preparing for all eventualitiesmuirrussell these assessments are designed
give about nuclear power stationsmuirrussell they have been very
on scotland of overseas failuresmuirrussell this bit of the
to service provision in scotlandmuirrussell this question keeps being
extra incidents that might occurmuirrussell those are matters for
organisations such as scottish powermuirrussell those assurances have been
under the uk national arrangementsmuirrussell those outcomes have derived
how are you addressing themmuirrussell we do not know
any difficulties with it systemsmuirrussell we know that 29
the plans been tested recentlymuirrussell we test them regularly
that there is no confusionmuirrussell we will do our
that is the whole pointmuirrussell we would be happy
be put directly to mrmuirrussell who will invite mr
satisfactorily any emergency that arisesmuirrussell yes 14 45 miss
you satisfied with the progressmuirrussell yes craig russell i
be taking place throughout scotlandmuirrussell yes earlier in response
of resolving the millennium problemmuirrussell yes first much of
yes miss goldie and loganairmuirrussell yes information on them
are quite emphatic about thatmuirrussell yes it is only
the evening of 31 decembermuirrussell yes margaret jamieson you
now got a blue ratingmuirrussell yes miss goldie and
authorities have complied with thatmuirrussell yes miss goldie what
not the payroll systems criticalmuirrussell yes they are critical
of the other emergency servicesmuirrussell you are right that
is being done about itmuirrussell you are right to
improved what has been donemuirrussell you will trap me
supplied hugh mcdiarmid and edwinmuirwith critical ammunition in their
and rinnin well flee owermuirand flee ower mead flee
the lang sweet miles owermuiran hill an glen ye
miles an miles ower amuirmairead goes ah m knackert
residents 13 and the johnmuirtrust 14 the scottish landowners
or geographic interests the johnmuirtrust jmt on the other
11 august 99 14 johnmuirtrust personal communication 3 august
a skraich cam owre themuirhere wes it no the
ti set out owre themuiron his lang walk hame
he wes stourin alang themuirowre the wat dew cuivert
gaun its dinger ower themuirshae kent shae cuid feinis
galloped aff stourin ower themuirthrou hedge an sheuch or
clear as larksang ower themuiryou you has a hole
a lang streitch o hethermuirthat raxt aw the wey
n moon muinlicht n moonlightmuirn moor mukkil a big
s1m 2470 birthplace of johnmuirin dunbar lodged on 21
matter for other countries asmuirsaid that is not a
better known by big jamiemuiralso johny bain a grand
he his name was jamesmuirbetter known by big jamie
ti reinge about on thismuirwhan his wark wes duin
vindictive mothers some like willamuirhave suggested that this is
over the past year likemuiri would not wish to
shore an up onti themuiran syne gaed strecht ti
second witch up on themuirthird witch thare ti tryst
s true clear sicht omuiran heather this i offer
pairt o his ferm thismuirran up at the ae
but it s a baremuirwi nae hether cou this
us on this wund blattertmuirwi siclyke prophesies speak oot
a yowe oot on themuira yowe that was lippent
cast workins up on themuiraa wis quait on the
piled in dizzens on themuiran phaisants pairtricks an an
waws thay fell on themuirathout beirial thair flesh becam
the whaups up on themuirbut i maun plod ahint
fand a feather on themuirfree o the yird in
heich that stuid on themuirno twantie yairds frae the
in 1936 she comments mrsmuirrumbles on and criticizes her
frae the tither syde themuirbut his maister juist leuch
his eldritch ongauns mids themuirthe loch wis derk as
them a fricht that themuirmicht forever be blesst wi
waur losses at the shirramuiran ah ken that yeir
s brither in law rossmuirthe chiel that hosted the
rough the road atour themuiris plain enough far aff
fillin my watter is themuirs communion wine my covenant
funds is made to sirmuirs1m 3314 dr sylvia jackson
tie yer pynts richt weelmuirroadies can be roch an
a romantic movement finding whatmuirin scott and scotland 1936
in her review of willamuirs mrs grundy in scotland
scarr height shank brae kneismuirgreen etc 1775 some of
waves basho here a dreichmuirah l airt ma naig
of an english organic standardmuiradapts t s eliot s
a taigle o bog anmuiran rashie weeds statues o
connached the clart o themuirsypin ahin her inno ilkie
the length o the halemuiryet tae logie s wid
ll a hie to themuira riding drumlanrig gave it
thay wad haurlie cross themuirava for awbodie kens the
and cartographers transmogrify muirbattle wheremuirwas pronounced in the same

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