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he cairries aye a sneeshinmullit clears the heid an
zd576 raf chinook on themullof kintyre and if so
the chinook zd576 on themullof kintyre in june 1994
granite quarry in aberdeen sneeshinmullsnuff box avizandum further consideration
nivver worked on a thrashinmullafore if he worked like
bit o heat the thrashinmullfin jonsar eck answered the
he wid hae the thrashinmullin aboot tae thrash some
tape came tae the thrashinmulljonsar eck wis fer pleased
men gaed wi a thrashinmulltae gang tae millbrex we
wis travilin wi a thrashinmullweel you nivver hid a
a a aboot a thrashinmullwid you like tae come
he wis seein a thrashinmullwis a machine that separated
so eence again the thrashinmullwis needed i wid get
the ruck on tae thrashinmullyon shaves were set upon
i wis wi a travilinmulljuly 1998 temp celsius rainfall
i went wi a travilinmullnoo an again it belanged
to do when the stamemullcame to thresh the rucks
on it wis e stamemullducat o arnhead i heard
stall floor of stall stamemullsteam mill steek to grip
broken intill ir e traivellinmullcam an nott tae be
but besides this the traivellinmullwid come alang usually in
at e lad feedin emullhid tae cut e tows
ake yon lad feedin themullhis nivver worked on a
an set oot trailin themullan hut ahin the tractor
kintrie whaur the thane omullsteyed an made luiv til
bog mowser moustache muckle largemullmill mullert miller murly tuck
holiday on the isle omullan wi plenty time for
estuary and the isle ofmullglen coe and ben nevis
they gee d tae themullthey took a lick oot
in e bowels o emullaside e pearl barley steens
like the shakers o amulli wadna be an orra
m no mistaen that smullowre yonder ye war singin
lad in charge o themullthat he wanted him an
hard maister bit eence emullwis on it wis on
stannin on tap o themullgaun fer feel wi a
he d gotten a newmullin nae lang seen an
cassis that myndit him omullbut here wis flesh upon
tae catch the ferry taemulley hid their breakfast on
choppy fin ey landed atmullit wis on a coach
the strae end o themullyou wid be surprised foo
be sandhole that hid themullhe hid twa mebbe three
walkit by e cross jockmullhid e placie jist abeen
barn waa tae drive emullan inside wis e pulley
o shafes put throwe emullbe coontin e number o
e different bits o emullbit though e ingine wis
aff e shakkers o emullit wis ower full o
lot of strain on emulls intimmers forbye nae gettin
in e road if emullwis on ye could aye
stormy weather before crossing tomullemilie as gillies points out
faither wul be hame fraemullonie meinit an he l
aathin wis girst tae themullan parentin cud be dane
v crumble mukkil a bigmulln mule mynd v remember
war sair forfochen ma hirplinmullraired his heid aff the
ferm an set up themullfor neest mornin we got
door maybe it went tomullto sing with whales maybe
fochel he called it themullo fuffle between tarves and
back to the port imullover alice knight s opinion
instead of counting sheep imullover the litany of salvador
north and beinn tĂ laidh inmullwere both widely known to

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