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this i don t likemummyfrog and my daddy having
i ll throw her awaymummyfrog and my daddy horse
and is looking at himmummyfrog and my daddy horse
is gripping me harder thanmummyfrog did and his eyes
hip and i see thatmummyfrog has arrived and is
tantrums says my daddy tomummyfrog i ll just take
daddy opens it to letmummyfrog in and i m
i don t squeal becausemummyfrog is cross i put
down and unbuttoning his coatmummyfrog is putting out the
given up listening to hermummyfrog is saying back she
they are saying just nowmummyfrog is telling my daddy
his coat at last suddenlymummyfrog rushes out of the
we get home i seemummyfrog rushing about getting the
don t know anything aboutmummyfrog s private ear and
am sure it s amummyfrog so i throw it
eyes and he is tellingmummyfrog that he doesn t
to wait your turn saysmummyfrog to me then she
then you always do saysmummyfrog very crossly don t
at the beach i caughtmummyfrog whistling very quietly into
feel a little better yourmummyis a frog i tell
a wee boy calls mummymummybeth doesn t register the
take mummy s hand f1122: mummycan we go this way
there s the princesses [inaudible]mummycan we make him mummy
fiona she ll come backmummycome back mummy come back
come back mummy come backmummycome back mummy come back
come back mummy come backmummycome back this does not
for beddy time f1114: mummymummy[cough] f1113: you canna stop
and mummy s ain f1113: mummydo her ears f1114: yes
huh [inaudible] [child noises] mummy mummymummy[exhale] mum you can sit
sure m1092: uh huh wheremummyf1091: oh his mummy his
m1108: mummy f1107: what m1108: mummyf1107: mmhm m1108: what mummy
m1108: mmhm f1107: mmhm m1108: mummyf1107: what m1108: mummy f1107:
mummy f1107: mmhm m1108: whatmummyf1107: yeah m1108: what are
skins f1114: look at hismummyf1113: aye spot s mummy
f1114: i love baby flowersmummyf1113: for mummy f1114: yes
for mummy f1114: yes themummyf1113: i like flowers f1114:
mummy f1113: aye spot smummyf1114: ah he s comfy
eh oh aye spot smummyf1114: there s his mummy
baby flowers mummy f1113: formummyf1114: yes the mummy f1113:
f1121: mm f1122: now mummymummyf1121: [inaudible] f1122: oh but
f1122: no look mummy lookmummyf1121: right tell me what
well done f1122: mum mummymummyf1121: what f1122: erm this
sit here m1128: why mummymummyf1127: and wait till we
wait mummy wait mummy waitmummyf1127: oh that s jigsaws
okay f1121: [inaudible] f1122: mummymummy[falls over] [sob] [sob] f1121: you
how ha- how many hasmummygot count mummy s f1112:
f1091: oh his mummy hismummyhad to go away m1092:
f1103: aye right f1104: mummymummyhe s gonna blow that
where mummy f1091: oh hismummyhis mummy had to go
is not a joke fionamummyi know mummy smokes but
and uncle [censored: forename] m1128: mummymummyi m f1127: fitt you
speaking to me f1122: mummymummyi m playing wi it
lead her back to mummymummyis watching me crossly from
mummy f1114: there s hismummylet s something else f1113:
one of mummy s ciggiesmummylikes her ciggies beastie likes
if the playschool s causemummyll be working mummy should
t it f1122: no lookmummylook mummy f1121: right tell
that f1104: [exhale] mummy mummymummymm f1103: that s right
and a wee boy callsmummymummy beth doesn t register
jamas for beddy time f1114: mummymummy [cough] f1113: you canna
uh huh [inaudible] [child noises] mummymummymummy [exhale] mum you can
jump f1121: mm f1122: nowmummymummy f1121: [inaudible] f1122: oh
piece well done f1122: mummummymummy f1121: what f1122: erm
ll sit here m1128: whymummymummy f1127: and wait till
mummy okay f1121: [inaudible] f1122: mummymummy [falls over] [sob] [sob] f1121:
[laugh] f1103: aye right f1104: mummymummy he s gonna blow
[censored: forename] and uncle [censored: forename] m1128: mummymummy i m f1127: fitt
nae speaking to me f1122: mummymummy i m playing wi
and lead her back tomummymummy is watching me crossly
touch that f1104: [exhale] mummymummymummy mm f1103: that s
f1102: uh huh [inaudible] [child noises]mummymummy mummy [exhale] mum you
dinna touch that f1104: [exhale]mummymummy mummy mm f1103: that
try really hard to lovemummymummy says she s going
the lighter things to youmummymummy that s yours that
was that f1121: mmhm f1122: mummymummy this one go here
on the next page m1128: mummymummy wait wait wait wait
well m1092: no [sob] nomummyno mummy no no [inaudible]
no [sob] no mummy nomummyno no [inaudible] [inaudible] no
re going somewhere really goodmummyokay f1121: [inaudible] f1122: mummy
that tickly f1114: yes andmummys ain f1113: mummy do
mummies and suck one ofmummys ciggies mummy likes her
many has mummy got countmummys f1112: one f1111: okay
aye f1121: you just takemummys hand f1122: mummy can
mummy s nae workin causemummys nae going out drivin
i w- f1103: playschool andmummys nae workin cause mummy
really hard to love mummymummysays she s going to
cause mummy ll be workingmummyshould be alright to get
joke fiona mummy i knowmummysmokes but she s a
lighter things to you mummymummythat s yours that s
mummy can we make himmummythis is peter pan shoes
that f1121: mmhm f1122: mummymummythis one go here and
no mummy wait mummy waitmummywait mummy f1127: oh that
wait wait no mummy waitmummywait mummy wait mummy f1127:
wait wait wait wait nomummywait mummy wait mummy wait
the next page m1128: mummymummywait wait wait wait wait
days is it f1142: [sob]mummyf1141: fitt f1142: [sob] f1141:
f1142: [mechanical noise from microphone?] [sob] no nomummyf1141: hey ken something i
here f1142: [child noises] mum [sob]mummyf1141: what f1142: is it
alright [?]clever[/?] [censored: forename] f1142: [sob]mummyi dinna need that f1141:
[inaudible] fall f1122: [sob] mmmummylook at go and feel
look at me m1092: [sob]mummyme want it mm f1091:
canna remember either f1142: ohmummyplease i need [sob] did
i think you should takemummys hand f1122: [sob] [sob]
are going to have amummyand daddy conference but it
aye f1104: in my inmummyand daddy s bedroom can
and they have all gotmummyand daddy s flashy cars
chili con carne burning nowmummyand my daddy will have
oan mah ain daddy bearmummybear the two baby bear
over he s nearly catatonicmummycalls out and my daddy
watch it f1112: daddy f1111: mummydoesna watch it f1112: i
even count up to twomummyis now telling my daddy
my daddy horse cuddles hermummyis upstairs putting morag to
sook my boy boy boymummys boy daddy s boy
daddy s got two andmummys got two f1104: oh
daddy horse from jumping outmummysays i m very hardy
daddy s and mine maybemummysays you won t be
sleeping and daddy and themummythey re still sleeping look
my daddy is always tellingmummyto put away the records
nae takin it oot mmmummyf1141: wait till i get
over here wait we seemummyfind it f1114: [inaudible] f1113:
in this right wait tillmummygets your wait and i
way f1121: well wait formummynow f1122: i want to
mmhm f1089: [banging noise] wait tillmummywipes the table then sit
f1121: wait a second formummywow we re up high
doggy [inaudible] it in f1122: mummyaye look at this dolly
we should [inaudible] shells f1122: mummyc- we could we could
monty monty f1121: [laugh] f1122: mummycan can we just can
f1122: mm erm [censored: forename] smummycan i go in here
better nae have been f1122: mummycan i go under my
down the bottom here f1122: mummycan i m just gonna
look what s that f1122: mummycan seaweed come on mum
oh you need a f1122: mummycan we aye f1121: towel
your arm and aathing f1122: mummycan we can we can
if you want to f1122: mummycan we can we do
aw that s pretty f1122: mummycan we check out the
different shapes and things f1122: mummycan we [child noises] is there
t you f1122: [exhale] ayemummycan we clean now f1121:
a good puzzle that f1122: mummycan we do is this
do you think f1122: nomummycan we do this f1121:
three that s it f1122: mummycan we go in here
crabs f1121: crabs f1122: [cough]mummycan we jump onto that
f1122: jump f1121: [laugh] f1122: mummycan we jump over here
people getting in [?]do you know that[/?] f1122: mummycan we jump up on
them out f1121: mmhm f1122: mummycan we just go down
look there you go f1122: mummycan you give me that
you do it [inaudible] f1122: mummycan you help me will
m gonna give you f1122: mummycan- can t we bake
here that s right f1122: mummy[censored: forename] s playing wi a
f1122: [laugh] dip it inmummydip f1121: i ll pop
right do that one f1122: mummydo you know why i
to keep them f1122: mmhmmummy[exhale] f1121: go and see
this etch a sketch f1122: mummyf1121: can you find it
mmhm f1121: mmhm f1122: lookmummyf1121: has she got brown
it s away [?]oh[/?] f1122: mummyf1121: [inaudible] there f1122: can
that stay in there f1122: mummyf1121: [inhale] look here s
find it in there f1122: mummyf1121: no there it goes
come and show me f1122: mummyf1121: oh look here s
the alphabet you see f1122: mummyf1121: okay is there one
that s pretty f1122: [inhale]mummyf1121: that s a good
f1122: dum dum dum dummummyf1121: what f1122: tidy up
go right can you helpmummyf1122: mmhm aye f1121: okay
good girl you are f1122: mummyi m gonna do this
you got here f1122: nomummyi need a [inaudible] f1121:
all f1122: here we gomummyi think we re missing
put on some soap f1122: mummyi want to f1121: what
making her cake [censored: forename] f1122: mummyi wanted to make f1121:
rhyme little bo peep f1122: mummylittle bo peep has lost
nothing in there mm f1122: mummylook f1121: i think you
baking for then f1122: formummymu- we re ma- we
a necklace okay f1122: necklacemummynecklace f1121: look at [censored: forename]
s just watching you f1122: mummyneed a pee do i
we ll you can helpmummyokay f1122: i m going
bag thank you f1122: ermmummy[sniff] [sniff] f1121: now that
my turn f1122: oh greatmummythat looks good to eat
drawer f1122: mum that smummythat s one i made
i thought it was f1122: mummythis mum f1121: oh this
up you going to helpmummytidy up f1122: mum i
oot number three f1122: ayemummywe are f1121: there you
then f1122: [inaudible] woo onemummywe re putting the blocks
re doing aafu well f1122: mummywhat else [inaudible] got this
sticking f1121: mm f1122: nomummyyou missed one f1121: sorry
i m needin my dinnermummyf1141: mm f1142: i m
don t touch it f1142: mummyf1141: mmhm f1142: are you
it winna come oot f1142: mummyf1141: won t it got
you dinna need fitt f1142: mummyfitt s in there f1141:
it s hot remember f1142: mummyi m hungry f1141: aye
any o them left f1142: mummyi want wanted a shottie
s just aboot finished f1142: mummy[inaudible] i m needin my
paint paint f1141: watch f1142: mummypaint paint paint paint we
f1142: baby stand still causemummystand still [inaudible] f1141: there
out i took it outmummyf1141: [inhale] look at aa
knee when he s biggermummyf1141: mm he thinks you
you fasten them fasten themmummyf1141: what s the word
[kiss] thank you f1104: [?]got for you[/?]mummyare we friends again f1103:
a jigsaw f1103: [dad responds 'are you?'] f1104: mummyare we gaun to make
hurting my lips f1103: nowmummydo the straight edges it
farr does this bit gomummyer f1103: i dinna ken
aye jumpin f1104: i knowmummyf1103: aren t ye f1104:
ain goes here does itmummyf1103: aye it goes there
gaun to make wir jigsawmummyf1103: aye there we go
f1104: finished right in heremummyf1103: eh f1104: right in
does this bit go heremummyf1103: fitt do you think
her oh i like youmummyf1103: i like you too
f1104: yeah i m sorrymummyf1103: [inaudible] f1104: i didn
clouds on this [inaudible] dadmummyf1103: [inaudible] f1104: there s
mind f1104: i m sorrymummyf1103: it s okay f1104:
doon the stair f1104: [child noises]mummyf1103: nearly finished f1104: can
i got on your shoodersmummyf1103: no f1104: why not
dinna ken i m sorrymummyf1103: och never mind f1104:
you can do her middlemummyf1103: oh i know but
up my other that ainmummyf1103: okay f1104: [inaudible] fitt
bits for belle f1104: [exhale]mummyf1103: over here f1104: mum
it goes there does itmummyf1103: that s right f1104:
there erm might go heremummyf1103: there it goes [inaudible]
the ither pillowcase f1104: [inaudible]mummyf1103: under there f1104: h-
gaun to do this noomummyf1103: we are f1104: it
that s right f1104: this-mummyf1103: we want it getting
friday f1104: i think somummyf1103: well if you re
i like you too f1104: mummyi erm mm [inaudible] f1103:
f1104: [child noises] f1103: [?]i had another one[/?] f1104: mummyi m sorry i broke
here i ll sit heremummy[inaudible] f1103: batten doon the
eat them mm f1104: sorrymummy[inaudible] f1103: so leave tinkerbell
t she f1103: mmhm f1104: mummyjust change him because he
ain to you f1103: ayemummyll hae some of that
f1104: why not f1103: causemummyll hae to go back
[laugh] [inaudible] [laugh] f1103: rightmummyll have to mix this
it f1104: yeah f1103: somummyll just swap the lids
a bit mixed up f1103: mummyll sort them oot [inaudible]
s clouds on this [inaudible]mummylook f1103: oh boy oh
m belle f1103: mmhm f1104: mummylook look at me f1103:
lake f1104: i know mymummymade it for me f1103:
f1104: nae bones again f1103: mummyneeds ain wi two there
does that bit go theremummyno nae an edge f1103:
this ain goin to gomummyoh oh f1103: i don
is it f1103: it wasnamummys ain was it [clapping]
again f1104: eh f1103: uhmummys aye got to go
ain is there f1103: nomummys got ain f1104: [shriek]
f1104: aw f1103: is itmummys shottie one find a
girl f1104: mm f1103: helpingmummythere s pinky pie f1104:
i say i wish mymummywas here f1103: aw you
s the most beautiful ladymummyyeah f1103: snow white [inaudible]
tricky ain t it f1104: mummyare you are you gonna
[inaudible] mak this jigsaw f1104: mummybut i m gonna tell
i was only joking f1104: mummycan you take this off
goes [inaudible] f1104: go theremummyfarr can i put this
re cosy f1104: i kenmummythat s it done [clapping]
on wi it f1104: mmmummy[?]that girl[/?] ask him a stupid
here we go look f1104: mummywe ll do the middle
it ll go back onmummywill dae it f1104: okay
right come on then f1104: mummywill i dae a read
no they re dodgy f1104: mummyyou got em the p-
icing m1128: aye it ismummyi found the stickers f1127:
take a look m1128: ohmummyi gaun to hide them
see m1128: i like santamummyi need a bit of
s is good m1128: [child noise]mummykissy f1127: fitt m1128: mammy
dear santa m1128: [inaudible] imummylook what i did f1127:
turn roon yer back tomummym1128: stinky bum [child noises] [child noise]
the ark m1128: [child noise] heymummymammy mammy f1127: we ll
mm are they good nomummys is good m1128: [child noise]
be careful f1121: hold ontomummycause we don t want
take off my socks [child noise]mummyf1121: what [censored: forename] what are
we gonna do da- todaymummyf1121: what do you want
f1121: aw will you giemummylots o free ice cream
f1121: you hold on tomummywhat a view up here
what who made it m1108: mummyerm miss [censored: surname] and mrs
h m1108: yeah well donemummyf1107: oh i m so
breekies ll fall doon m1108: mummyf1107: uh huh m1108: can
f1107: ooh m1108: thank youmummyf1107: you re quite welcome
[?]just leaves off[/?] right okay m1108: thanksmummyf1107: you re welcome okay
is it m1108: aye heremummylet s put some f1107:
he m1108: aye f1107: rightmummyneeds that number to go
m1108: yes f1107: it smummys turn to drive to
water f1111: give it tomummyand we ll dry it
drawed f1111: you never didmummydrew it f1112: i drawed
uh huh f1111: oh dearmummyducks like to have fun
uh huh f1111: okay f1112: mummyerm what is this it
you re right f1112: pleasemummyf1111: okay pass it over
and who s [censored: forename] smummyf1112: look at me f1111:
to the field beside yourmummyf1112: why f1111: because the
too hot for me f1111: mummygo in first oh that
look at yours f1111: yesmummyhad bits on her arms
f1111: right leave that onemummyll do that one later
f1112: [inaudible] f1111: well maybemummyll have to draw mary
f1111: why f1112: cause themummyone broke it f1111: why
f1112: look at me f1111: mummys friend isn t it
f1112: why f1111: because themummysheep will be looking for
too hot f1112: mmhm f1111: mummysort it [?]get up[/?] f1112: [inaudible]
yet f1111: no but whenmummywas sanding all that wood
t f1111: [censored: answerphone message] f1112: ohmummywhat a message [inaudible] look
f1111: right leave the dollymummywill get it in a
m gonna put up twomummycan i cut it f1139:
s gonna hatch aye hismummyf1113: is that a lot
gonna say night night tomummyf1114: a story a story
i m gonna hae taemummys gonnae hae tae buy
farr s she gotta gomummyshe gonna have her swim
gonna have a swim theremummyshe s gonna have her
it now what w- shouldmummydo with the milk f1112:
inc you d- you knowmummydoesna watch that f1112: uh
you f1112: please do itmummyit s all you have
then jump out okay andmummyll give you yours f1112:
that s a girl f1114: mummyand [censored: forename] f1113: there we
[censored: forename] f1113: there we gomummyand [censored: forename] f1114: yes [inaudible]
right i ll f1114: youmummyf1113: carry doon yer blocks
more bookies under here f1114: mummyf1113: here we go here
be a hairdresser there f1114: mummyf1113: right come on you
f1114: you build a housemummyf1113: right gently dinna throw
mum s turn f1114: [squeal]mummyf1113: stop screaming so loud
f1113: are you makin amummyf1114: i ve i canna
and will i make amummyf1114: it s going yes
f1114: it s still f1113: mummyhave a wee look at
go f1114: ah ah ahmummyi m not [inaudible] the
tail that s it f1114: mummy[inaudible] draw f1113: eh f1114:
right roll this bit rightmummy[inaudible] goes f1114: [scream] f1113:
s little bird f1113: amummyjelly bird f1114: yes f1113:
look f1114: here s themummylittle bird as- where s
excuse me watch your fingersmummyopen the door f1114: [inhale]
f1114: i ll count mymummys ain i- f1113: you
five f1114: i ll countmummys f1113: six seven eight
right come on you brushmummys hair a minute f1114:
hair you going to brushmummys hair f1114: no no
right how aboot you brushmummys hair f1114: okay the
that one okay that onemummys hand f1114: no take
nice and clean f1114: andmummys [laugh] f1113: now is
then look f1114: where smummys little bird f1113: a
turn f1113: no it smummys turn f1114: [?]hey![/?] f1113:
f1113: that s oh letmummysee that s f1114: that
see this a minute f1114: mummysit doon here f1113: are
that in there f1114: [?]look his[/?]mummythose eggs f1113: that s
right f1114: and [censored: forename] f1113: mummywas sitti- i was sittin
but [inaudible] speak f1114: [inaudible]mummywhere s the muppet f1113:
that and then make hismummyf1113: are you makin a
hiding under that a bigmummyf1113: eh oh aye spot
dad [inaudible] also go withmummyf1113: oh right will we
ve i canna make hismummyf1113: okay well i ll
you do that yellow ainmummyf1113: yes i got three
little bird as- where smummys little bird f1113: look
my nose f1113: look upmummysee aye it s all
that f1113: that s hismummythat s spot and that
found them f1113: okay givemummythe bag right we ve
f1126: that s nae f1125: mummycannae get the tray out
f1125: right oh dearie memummyfix it f1126: broken f1125:
bubbles f1125: right how smummygetting on right see here
okay f1125: so i thinkmummyhad it right farr it
icing f1126: eh f1125: rightmummyll put this into the
f1126: timing on f1125: nowmummyll wash this bowl we
that one f1125: that onemummys gaun to have one
f1125: see that bit inmummys hand that goes there
[panting] f1125: go and letmummysee f1126: no i need
is f1126: aye f1125: wantmummyto do it haud on
yes [exhale] [tut] ah heymummyyou broke my pencil f1125:
aye f1125: oh well f1126: mummyyou like a [inaudible] here
i was a baby f1089: mummyand auntie [censored: forename] didn t
m1090: yeah yes f1089: helpmummydae the washing first are
m1090: ain yeah f1089: willmummygie you a a coin
my pi- mmhm f1089: willmummyhelp ye right come on
in there f1089: i thinkmummyit in there why m1090:
nursery rhymes book f1089: rightmummyll go and find it
it on it f1089: ayemummyput it on the window
ma ball i jis- f1089: mummys found this one now
mmhm m1090: nope [rustling noise] f1089: mummys got itchy feet m1090:
the pictures up f1089: becausemummywants the pictures up in
f1089: haud on a minutemummywas wantin to see that
this this [?]we had in this store[/?] f1089: tellmummywhat colour that is m1090:
mmhm f1089: come an tellmummywhich one o these ehm
the christmas tree lights formummyaren t they beautiful m1090:
haud on a minute somummycan find it m1090: did
want to dae that whenmummys daein the dishes m1090:
a line right this ismummys favourite colour m1090: i
stairs and you can helpmummysort oot the washing m1090:
power rangers tell mum- tellmummytheir names again m1090: the
tae do humpty dumpty formummythen m1090: yeah humpty dumpty
can come upstairs and helpmummywith the washing m1090: [sniff]
that m1096: but but lookmummyf1095: fitt oh aye fa
look at that [laugh] m1106: mummyf1105: oh no no no
look oh boy haud onmummyll get- no dinna do
just leave it just nowmummyll sort it and look
m gaun to another pumpkinmummylook another pumkpin f1127: another
come here sit doon onmummylook hey look fitt s
the wee girl said ohmummylook it s actually pishing
one out the bottom drawermummylook little bunny foo foo
[inaudible] [?]swimming pool[/?] just babies andmummylook look what s that
it i look around formummys bright golden lighter and
my face so i lookmummystraight in her eyes they
it hooray f1097: there smummythere look see the red
be careful f1102: mum [exhale]mummya handie mum remember [inaudible]
your mum m1004: mother f1006: mummyf1054: [other people enter] now you guys
[inaudible] mum f1095: mmhm m1096: mummyf1095: mmhm m1096: ehm can
f1140: mum ca- can imummyi m writing my name
and run your water m1092: mummyi want it please mum
he d lost you yo-mummymum [child noises] [child noises] [child noises] [child noises]
mum this will be perfectmummyrudolph the red nosed reindeer
mum a cuddle oh theremummys baby the day m1098:
mum f1116: [inaudible] for hismummy[squeak] f1115: and where s
the bubbles and away [inaudible]mummyaway in there away in
f1118: uh come and seemummyf1117: [inaudible] it s all
in you managing f1118: [inaudible]mummyi m daein a good
[?]why's mama[/?] got a green backmummy[inaudible] are you goin to
yersel eh stand up tillmummy[inaudible] need to pee you
ooh [inaudible] [sucking air through teeth] lick itmummymm f1117: [inaudible] f1118: licking
this on here [inaudible] brushmummys hair you going to
off [inaudible] f1117: maybe hermummytook them off f1118: maybe
you going m1096: [child noise] [singing]mummyf1095: fitt eh you going
stories in here f1140: mmhmmummyf1139: fitt f1140: go back
mind fitt it is [sniff]mummys got a runny nose
is what you dae watchmummythis is fitt you dae
on the seat and helpmummydae this keep going f1126:
that will you help memummyf1117: mmhm that s it
but for you to helpmummyg- get out the pan
that s fine right willmummyhelp you right ready hold
idea okay you can helpmummypass me that one now
on again after you helpmummyremember that s what you
change m1092: you read itmummyf1091: okay i ll read
me m1092: the door theremummyf1091: right okay are you
back on f1093: there m1094: mummyf1093: okay m1094: do you
[laugh] [laugh] i ll makemummys ain and [censored: forename] s
[laugh] does this bit nomummyyou can make that ain
back to him meaning ismummybeing here even when she
and eliminates it meaning ismummybeing here indwelling immanent she
f1101: come in here wimummyf1102: wi [censored: forename] f1101: uh
go farr does it gomummyhere here it is f1095:
f1102: right here you gomummyhere s the rest of
to come up here besidemummyhide them in the bubbles
right here s a chutemummymake a big chute coming
here you can hold hermummysee that s her dancing
a grasshopper you re rightmummythat goes here does it
beach maybe they re [?]this way[/?]mummycan we go can we
on thu- m1094: thursday f1093: mummydoesna work on thursdays go
i get your stool m1106: mummyf1105: there you go one
where it s standing upmummyfarr can the bridge go
to go to the dentistmummyhad to phone today and
that bit goes [inhale] mmmummyi better go and pee
in casualty i can hearmummysaying i go on crying
am going to cry formummybut i don t because
not going away home ahmummycan i watch noddy just
then i ll make amummyfor you are you going
wants to run home tomummyi m going home in
be when i m amummyi m going to listen
can see that he likesmummypushing him they are going
the last bookie li- listenmummys going away to get
ll be finished by thenmummys going to leave you
what you re thinking saysmummyyou re going to try
the morning tomorrow you remindmummyand say can i have
it s love- meadowbrook [humming]mummycan i brush can i
f1038: and he s likemummycan i get chocolate and
then they come home goinmummycan i have a drink
face you [?]nugget[/?] f1102: [laugh]mummycan you see my hand
on his shoulder this makesmummyeven crosser i can see
of the times i lovemummyi can hear her upstairs
icing now you can tellmummyif they re good now
f1093: leave the big platesmummyll do them you can
are ye gonnae make formummynow yeah can you not
both hands i can seemummys bright golden packet of
can touch the top ofmummys head say sorry she
you can you can youmummytake off my socks [child noise]
can you wipe my dockmummywe have to hurry back
ciggies good for beastie saysmummybut she s still busy
princess again say sorry saysmummyin her firmest voice i
m plump and cuddly butmummysays i m just a
you must be frozen saysmummyshe picks him up and
she says well get yourmummyto take you to the
s nae in right willmummydo it f1126: no i
the floor right this onemummydo this one aye f1126:
you take a handfu- watchmummydo this right f1126: aye
into the beach have wemummydon t hold this right
your musket m1106: stop itmummyf1105: shh [censored: forename] come and
the stair come through withmummyto see if the chickens
erm i think [censored: forename] smummywill be making her cake
escaped [inhale] and his poormummyll be crying in the
nothing on the floor yetmummyll get the mat just
you stand on that chairmummyll hop up beside you
just blocked the way somummyll tak you oot the
i begin to think aboutmummyshe ll be warm and
tears all over his facemummyyou ll have to hold
m having a conference withmummyabout this i don t
f1097: m is for m1098: mummyf1097: yay n is for
i e i e imummyi m gaun to dae
voice i m really sorrymummyi say and so is
out the smoke the waymummydoes it doesn t taste
cut out the beastie doesmummyknow i ve said sorry
scratching he does that sometimesmummypushes past us and opens
see that s your bitsmummys does the oot- the
mm mm f1097: you remummys baby boy the day
there mm they smell nicemummys wantin a cake f1126:
call my own mother ehmmummywhen i was younger mm
turn yer back roon tomummydarling turn roon yer back
back and get them checkedmummyhasna been yet i hope
good at saying sorry tomummyeven when i want to
i want to hear whatmummyis saying would you believe
i want beastie i saymummystops shouting and breathes in
see it do you wantmummyto open it for you
is it do you wantmummyto read you that story
just in there together f1124: mummywant some more colours f1123:
made it all by myselfmummyare we gaun to make
to make her listen yourmummyis the kitchen maid and
my design what s thatmummywhy don t you make
at all now at lastmummycatches andy and carries him
i got some cream nowmummywill put a wee suppie
yeah cause it is thismummyf1093: what do we do
gaun to do this withmummym1098: no f1097: aye will
off her m1070: you eatmummys do you f1071: i
do you f1071: i eatmummys toasts with peanut butters
you know that s whymummydoesn t like your new
gie you some blue f1124: mummyit s the last time
buys you flowers and y-mummyputs them in a vase
you just keep hold omummys hand cause you might
yeah f1071: sometimes i eatmummys off her m1070: you
squashed when you were inmummys tummy you were squashed
best pause you wur guidmummysaid stew s guid bit
said i was sorry tomummyalready and me and beastie
that say f1124: is thatmummyand me and me f1123:
take it off for memummyf1139: finger on there i
making a smell like thatmummygives me the biscuit and
been coughing the lucky thingmummyhas followed me and there
it beside the washing machinemummyhas followed me carrying morag
punishing me for not followingmummyi certainly feel punished there
s hurt i scream butmummyjust dumps me on the
if i find them sometimesmummymakes me take morag to
of the stairs and meetmummyrushing down she picks me
bring the bucket too callsmummyshe is calling me nurse
die i stop coughing andmummystands me on my feet
in the bank of scotlandmummywon t ever give me
nae like that like thismummytake a wee shottie for
gets better i love mymummysometimes i stop crying so
s fallen i shout butmummytakes no notice my baby
changed from calling my mothermummyto the day i decided
got while i was smokingmummydidn t really mean to
that s nothing to whatmummygot at the jail seems
mrs linkletter s gate ifmummydoesn t catch him soon
spongy and it looks likemummyi am sure it s
a bit o sellotape f1140: mummyit s nae sticking f1139:
it s salt but peppermummylikes pepper in her soup
and had been inscribed tomummys best boy b o
sayin dimps fuckin acceptable beinmummys boy fuckin leper city
of us is really hurtingmummys bright golden ciggie packet
makes a big noise formummys f1071: [paper crumpling] leave it
gaun tae dae the daymummys gaun tae dae the
press no it s alrightmummys gaun to pour in
still at school still amummys girl so the next
s lots of different onesmummys just put them in
ma georgie putting on amummycomforting her wee boy voice
and wanted a ciggie andmummyis still shouting and her
out of her grip butmummyis very strong even though
walk if she wanted tomummyopens her very special tin
red red lips we sawmummyputting her bright golden packet
opened for two days andmummyworries about her little man
m1094: ehm er f1093: nomummydoesn t work on friday
one finished give it tomummyf1126: no this one there
f1131: no m1132: hello pussymummyf1131: is it away is
uh huh [laugh] f689: likemummy[laugh] but no she thought
no what a mess hismummywill be angry won t
no just stand sweetheart whenmummywrites on the board at
i don t care whatmummycalls us i hurry to
is dodging and dodging andmummystill hasn t caught him
they they wouldn t saymummythey d say mammy mammy
[?]pinchi-[/?] words fae this f1006: mummy[laugh] f1005: eh ma f1054:
said not at your agemummyis a pest and she
seems to be listening yourmummyis not a princess i
down the garden path withmummyafter him i am beginning
i scream and scream formummyi run to the bottom
he has really gone catatonicmummysaid nearly i know he
think when i remember sayingmummywhen i was very young
whisk it then and thenmummywill hae to pour it
and kicks and kicks untilmummysimply has to put him
almost reached the sandpit whenmummycatches us and picks us
behind the front door beforemummyor morag notice anything when
lick f1117: [laugh] f1118: pleasemummyf1117: a little lick f1118:
stairs like a big girlmummyis in the bathroom wiping
ultimate in doonricht dehydration crocodilemummyin the sanny wame o
a dry throat as wellmummyshould have had a mask
but a much horrider smokemummystarts to stamp on the
not really hurting anywhere andmummywould be cross at being

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