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beats his fists against themurderermurderer what ye wee taidspue
his fists against the murderermurdererwhat ye wee taidspue a
fleance enter carrying torches 2ndmurderera licht a licht 3rd
in a cless yeirsell 1stmurderersyre fleance joukit us an
is killed fleance escapes 3rdmurdererwha pat oot that licht
us 3rd murderer macbeth 2ndmurdererhe haes nae reason ti
jyne up wi us 3rdmurderermacbeth 2nd murderer he haes
speak to the murderer tomurdererthe re bluid on yeir
table to speak to themurdererto murderer the re bluid
three murderers stand waiting 1stmurdererwha telt ye ti jyne
murderers god wha are theymurdererwhaur is yeir guidman l
s left the horses 3rdmurdererit s amaist a myle
for is cummin nearer 3rdmurdererlisten a hear horses banquo
that no the plan 3rdmurdererman we ve only killed
a licht a licht 3rdmurdererthat s him richt aneuch
ti spyte the warld 1stmurdereran a m anither sae
gied us exak orders 1stmurdereraweill than man ye d
but banquo s awricht 1stmurdereray ma lord he s
banquo wes ti blame 1stmurdereray yeir hieness ye telt
ye tell us til 1stmurderereven gin oor lyves macbeth
s him richt aneuch 1stmurdererhaud on thare banquo pleasantly
at the coort areddies 1stmurdererhe s left the horses
bluid on yeir gizz 1stmurdererit l be banquo s
yestrein we spak thegither 1stmurdererit wes sae it please
lyke rain the nicht 1stmurdererlat it pour doun the
he is richt deid 1stmurdererma lord his thrappil s
ye ti paupers lairs 1stmurdererwe are men ma lord
pairt o oor job 1stmurdererweill lat s awa an
pat oot that licht 1stmurdererwes that no the plan
wul fairlie sort me 2ndmurderera m the kynd o
licht thare wul ye 2ndmurdererthat s him aw the
an gotten clean awa 2ndmurdererwe hae stickit the best
daith frae the warld 2ndmurdererwe l dae ma lord
rise and bow the firstmurdererenters macbeth to l macbeth
l speak again the firstmurdererleaves lady macbeth rises and
it pour doun the firstmurdererstrikes out the torch while
does so he spots themurdererenjey yeirsells we l pass
o you micht finnd himmurdereryeir man s a traitor
sentence o a witch amurdereror a mutineer in the
peter lorre as a childmurdererboth were interesting curiosities oh
that s sweiten frae amurderers gibbet inti the lowe

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