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day to do research onmurielspark and thinkin f606: yeah
concentric rings erm and throughmurielspark i got interested in
i decided i d finishmurielspark s the prime of
an here tak twa formurieland angelica as weel that
himself aul lizzie mother ofmurieland granny of angelica in
man voice are you theremurielangelica laughing it s a
of the question fa dodmurielangelica s mother have you
tug it down angelica mamurielgiving up wearily weel dinna
angelica the queen uses itmurieli dinna believe ye angelica
angelica are you comin anamurieli m jist pittin on
are sitting lizzie is knittingmurielis mending angelica is painting
late angelica enjoy your meetinmurielleaves angelica powders her face
him in return though ehmurielmither angelica you should be
bad behaviour angelica daughter ofmurielmore like her grandmother than
pinkie abody wears it nooadaysmurielnae abody angelica abody that
exit angelica shouting off mamurieloff i hear it awa
in an oor crossfade tomuriels angelica in a dressing
he turns to angelica behindmuriels back and urgently mimes
the lights cross fade tomuriels house angelica is standing
you to dee for memurielsour fit was it angelica
and we re a happymurielsourly to angelica so what
evenin frock o grannie smurielsuspicious fit aboot it angelica
worrying about this so ismurielthough angelica doesn t notice
comin angelica goes pause entermurielwith the parcel she picks
georgie is that new murielmurielairily stroking it aye i
and up on jim asmurielapproaches him muriel fit s
jim as muriel approaches himmurielfit s that you ve
muriel his most winning smilemurielfor me dod something you
night muriel good night mithermurielgoes there is no exchange
jist comin ma good nightmurielgood night mither muriel goes
dod for ma he givesmurielhis most winning smile muriel
herself georgie is that newmurielmuriel airily stroking it aye
lights over to muriel smurieloch me at was a
you ve been longin formurielpicks them both up muriel
s exit lights over tomuriels muriel och me at
muriel picks them both upmurielwhich one dod confidently white
sewed that frock for hermurielmelting weel i ll hae
at the entrance in comesmurielwearing her best frock and
cross fade to another spotmurielcarrying a large shopping bag
suffocation lights cross fade tomuriels she and dod both
keepin it safe for somebodymurielaah would it be dod
says that she does woodbinesmurielach dod he ll say
he says georgie fit abootmurielan them dod they re
dod horror fit georgie dodmurielaye ye see dod was
mother dod have you seenmurielgeorgie no he races off
dod no no you didnamurieli did dod aye you
him maybe aye maybe nomurieli kent it dod went
in dod have you seenmurieljim jim confused by the
no dod moving in onmurielwith all his charm laid
parcel in front of hermurielfit fit are ye on
no i wasna supposed tomurieltoo pleased about her parcel
grannie she goes pause entermurielwith the red stringed parcel
div you nae trust memurielno she picks up the
happened to peer mrs grahammurielaye we baith min on
away she smiles to herselfmurielpeer loon peer peer loon
t look sympathetic chrissie andmurielare on their own lizzie
to be the gala queenmurieldisapproving you are not lizzie
leads lizzie by the armmurielin her coat enters and
damn good try cross tomuriels house the three women
s my only blouse mamurielfit aboot that een your
ower aul farant for hermurielfit are ye needin t
mimes asking for a suggestionmurieli canna think fit it
her hand bossily jim fitmurieli ll jist tak it
ower fit teenie s donemuriels expecting the bobbies to
it in tae fit memurielyou d need to ask
lot of leg her mothermurielis close behind her she
other side of the stagemurielis entering with her mother
i ll share mine wimurieland you hae this een
ll ever get anither eenmurieli m gled to hear
see s the ither eenmurielye ve made a richt
face in a compact mirrormurieldinna mak fun o me
hoo often i get upmurielit mak s a difference
will i mak some teamurielno it s time we
i hope you like itmurieli will dinna you fear
t touch anything like thatmurielsniffs i dinna deny that
me look a richt frumpmurielbetter a frump than a
i was lookin for yemurielit s a richt i
various settings the gutting shedmuriels house and the open
exchange nods of satisfaction asmurielgathers up her sewing things
the loss of her couponsmurielmoves away from the rest
ll tell the bobbies thatmurielseduced you to get her
tae the tunes my dochtermurielused to hing her heid
ma nae makin a fussmurieli winted to be prood
looking at it oh mamurielthere wasna muckle o it
up an died lang agomurielcould you nae wear anither
an nae the quine avamurielfirmly changing the subject at
the toolies has been chosenmurielnae dochter o mine s
sour prissy held in disapprovingmurielye re nae gan oot
aiberdeen for your tracts minmurieli ll believe it fan
ll ging an swop themmurielna na my mannie i
s they wouldna get lostmurielthen you ll need to
she s only a quiniemurielshe d be aboot 13
get to aiberdeen for themmurielentering she too has changed
to get something for youmurielyou d better watch yoursel
d have liked a cuppiemurielye d be up a
me a hoor ye kenmurielyou watch your language my
a my ither bonnie thingsmurielas lang s the moths
wear fan i m 75murielan that skirt s faur
to bide in wi youmurieli m awa to my
i m supposed to deemurielof coorse it is i
gave you the wrang thingmurieloh so far s my
[censored: personal names] [censored: address] molly s sistermurielused to work in ayr
think of a reasonable excusemurielnot black market stuff i
to think of an excusemurielgetting suspicious and angry well
in the last war anamurielit canna be respectable to
to the point of coarsenessmuriela middle aged woman daughter

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