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s mair come back timurnhere nor mysel aa wabsters
daws new weidaes maen anmurnnew orphans skirl or heivin
whit an the cailleachs wadmurnfor thair lost youtheid but
face an bide awhile taemurna derker place is beinn
moor mukkil great mump grumblemurnmourn mynd remember nae no
made an wisna wan taemurnwhit wark eence burdened man
credit and that a lmurnpit richt the wrangs a
tae lauch a time taemurnand a time tae jig
winna be lang ye llmurnan greet thon ferlies thrang
we ve haed tyme timurnbanquo luik eftir this leddie
yung lassie lyke you maunnamurnhir mither foraye we aw
sae a l hae timurnhis daith for aw it

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