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of big yins who wouldmuscleinto such evening confrontations we
bald nae sinew jynt ormusclespared frae the flytin o
every nerve every sinew everymusclewas taut as a drum
o rain cauld wins ormusclecramp these were days o
down stew comforts dimps stewmusclespasm dimps breathe easy breathe
on otherwise the charlie atlasmusclebuilding course begins in earnest
was not over padded withmuscleburst sofa he was not
tied tae the bleed anmusclean been tee weel at
but he cuidnae move amusclean the mair he tried
s this maks men omusclewha wi bricks an timmer
keep searching for tell talemusclebulges but nothing s happening
citizens advice scotland would givemuscleto local organisations in encouraging
noo don t move amuscleright i know it s

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