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fulled wi maisik it wesmylesdavis wi the bussard sang
an gars me gallop formylesower minchmuir whare she an
neibor s cock craw sounsmylesawa shiko 1665 1731 smaw
701 761 a temple veisitmylesaff the baeten trek is
forfochen for thousans o weariemylesanaith the bounless lift thay
in the wuds lest wuntermylesfrae here oniewey she wes
wis atween twae an threimylesatweesh the twae doors a
cairrie thair vivers shoppin saivrelmylesfrae howpasley an craik ower
grat in the pit mirkmylesfrae hir hame syne she
pit village sin syne tenmylesfrae whaur a bide here

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