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myself together i m pullingmyselftogether has anyone seen my
your frills i m pullingmyselftogether i m pulling myself
human race i m pullingmyselftogether i m stitching up
poor dears i m pullingmyselftogether i seem to have
garden hose i m pullingmyselftogether my teeth my lips
the stair i m pullingmyselftogether oh where s my
of the grass canna seemyselfcanna see myself i ve
a go myself whisk itmyselff1125: you whisk it then
stop myself i could kickmyselfhe stopped painting threw down
said i couldn t stopmyselfi could kick myself he
canna see myself canna seemyselfi ve gone oh my
i d finally come intomyselfnaming myself was a magical
finally come into myself namingmyselfwas a magical act and
yes right have a gomyselfwhisk it myself f1125: you
i kept walking and foundmyselfback at anna s cottage
had died away i foundmyselfclutching my light spring suit
accelerated away and i foundmyselfhanging on to the grab
paid for a grave formyselfi found that i was
done this before i foundmyselfin front on the left
25 years then i foundmyselfin the armenian earthquake zone
on its side i foundmyselflying on top of my
week last year i foundmyselfpresenting certificates to volunteers and
as she spoke i foundmyselfrecalling my own childhood days
from the tories i foundmyselfrolling up my sleeves in
at one point i foundmyselfsitting in the seat next
accident had happened i foundmyselftelling tomas about my childhood
yeah i ve just foundmyselfthinking there oh i wonder
the use wherever i foundmyselfwould still be nothing but
accelerate m1098: i canna seemyselff1097: accelerate wrong button that
re stuck i canna seemyselff1097: there you go m1098:
m lost i canna seemyselff1097: wait till i see
i want to do itmyselff1141: you canna dae it
canna cannot gowl cry mesellmyselfluik look apön upon eence
i think i canna seemyselfoh i m lost i
you m1098: i canna seemyselfoh that s my car
go together my brother andmyselfwh- because i was teaching
could read it back tomyselfand find out what kind
then i ll find themmyselfi ken where there s
the open prison i findmyselfin i ve been wandering
find it difficult to putmyselfin the position of a
my government i do findmyselfquestioning my government s policy
time but i just findmyselfshaking my head like [laugh]
isn t it i findmyselfshouting and what happens to
mixed feelings that i findmyselfstanding here but i am
you i must needs forgivemyself2 carswell is unsparing with
wet just now i boughtmyselfa cagoule today last night
i ent- i talk tomyselfa lot in here f632:
on spring i finally boughtmyselfa pair of long johns
i went out and boughtmyselfa ski jacket ie an
and which i see formyselfaberdeenshire has been excluded ironically
which i m finally findingmyselfable to do f745: [laugh]
camp and i canny helpmyselfall these memories flood back
so i decided to invitemyselfalong it will be fun
rich so i ll getmyselfan income tax form and
go out and do itmyselfand i don t know
exercises back to the classmyselfand i ll discuss errors
aware of doing this occasionallymyselfand i m sure you
to have more time tomyselfand i still am a
to keep all these propertiesmyselfand i still believe that
brothers and a sister andmyselfand i was the youngest
i was at boarding schoolmyselfand my headmistress and my
route mr swinney i associatemyselfand my party with the
i get a grip ofmyselfand my zimmer and turn
nose and splatted down betweenmyselfand old groover i half
almost human as i driedmyselfand put on the pyjamas
towards yourself as i didmyselfand still do to this
either i had to reconstructmyselfand that s why i
lack of teaching i countmyselfas a casualty of that
erm i don t seemyselfas a feminist writer you
certainly don t think ofmyselfas a woman poet i
and so i i seemyselfas as a generalist actually
realised that i had provedmyselfas big a sucker as
to me so i twistmyselfas far away from her
go again i said taemyselfas i gat doun on
t have fear left formyselfat all i d become
love it and i scaremyselfat the same time f643:
next few days i forcedmyselfback for shorter periods to
from it and i wouldmyselfbe blind now if she
confirm between mr russell andmyselfbefore i selected the questions
just to try and getmyselfbetter and i ve always
should combine well i toldmyselfbriskly sweeping ca na maria
i would tend to usemyselfbut also mate chum cronie
everything you know [laugh] includingmyselfbut but i didn t
what i ve done withmyselfbut i m satisfied with
i ve actually used itmyselfbut i ve heard you
what i d normally saymyselfbut m1008: mmhm mmhm that
i will speak only formyselfbut the petition is in
shoulder contentedly while i relievemyselfbut when i pull the
with i won t insultmyselfby calling them friends and
just say i m pooinmyselfcause i really don t
big enough to look aftermyselfcause i would kill you
hope that i am makingmyselfclear lee cousins we are
well i ll just describemyselfcracker aye [laugh] m1007: [laugh]
of problems i have givenmyselfcramp holding on to these
from that i m enjoyingmyselfdoing a little bit of
the salt i am tellingmyselfdon t whatever you do
but without waking i letmyselfdrift away on an ebbing
i was at that agemyselfeh but gran i think
i d heard of themmyselfer there were more sort
wouldn t mind that solutionmyselfespecially the andy bit i
think i ever did itmyselfeven as a teacher [laugh]
but i don t seemyselfever living there no m1163:
f745: i can t seemyselfever picking it up again
choice so i really limitedmyselff1037: yeah f1038: and then
i m gonna do itmyselff1089: can you do it
can i can do itmyselff1089: i know you can
mmhm m1096: that was aamyselff1095: mm [inaudible] m1096: i
sandwich i will make itmyselff1095: will ye what are
yes i am f1103: jigsawmyselff1104: this is cinderella making
[inaudible] i ll dae itmyselff1105: right on your feet
yourself and i ll washmyselff1112: no [inaudible] f1111: right
have i to dry itmyselff1112: uh huh f1111: oh
why erm i was pushingmyselff1135: [inaudible] pushing it [inaudible]
just fall down and hurtmyselff1135: mmhm f1136: and i
i want to pick itmyselff1141: right okay [inaudible] let
i just recovered all bymyselff832: oh good girl [censored: forename]
very good i thoroughly enjoyedmyselff940: [laugh] m939: [laugh] f940:
the health service i consideredmyselffirst and foremost to be
still have the bedroom tomyselffor my scribbling but i
in the rain i kickmyselffor not being there to
to guide you i blamemyselffor not giving you that
i am so pleased withmyselffor remembering that i actually
i might join your classmyselffor these autumnal scenes they
excuse me if i expressmyselffrankly i regard this as
it might be to extractmyselffrom the life i had
though i don t seemyselfgetting my handicap down in
blackrod i can t seemyselfgoing off and on buses
primary school as i didmyselfhe likely went to the
in other words i toldmyselfhe s still as daft
here i says thinkin tomyselfhenry tough a minister hoo
into space i will confinemyselfhere mainly to two typically
staff i was extremely anxiousmyselfhowever we had to proceed
i maked him all bymyselfhuh i want my microphone
discussion as a roman catholicmyselfi am informed that to
i girn out loud tomyselfi am saying you re
worthy causes indeed speaking formyselfi am very pleased by
it took me out ofmyselfi can recommend it although
third year same age asmyselfi can see my old
last few weeks i tellmyselfi can t hear her
say that gordon i hatemyselfi don t want to
trying to sort it outmyselfi drive a bus i
that graduated ehm i thinkmyselfi dropped o- dropped out
i could do with onemyselfi feel as if i
was just beginning i toldmyselfi had made the right
not looking to do itmyselfi have just about had
worry i m looking aftermyselfi haven t got any
of the snaps i tookmyselfi hope they don t
do otherwise for without livingmyselfi know i couldn t
and i was pretty whackedmyselfi made the weary journey
like a 2 year oldmyselfi managed to wash the
i that i write andmyselfi mean the i that
of a stranger to itmyselfi must admit it was
behalf of his friends andmyselfi send you my deepest
really feeling any happier insidemyselfi tell beastie about it
own i cannot look aftermyselfi thank the committee very
shower before applying it tomyselfi then walked out to
of god than do somyselfi think there is nothing
and i never really heardmyselfi try very hard to
else i m not kiddingmyselfi ve got to paint
to the accident i toldmyselfi would start work as
peaceful harry well speaking formyselfi wouldn t mind if
to julie and said tomyselfif she likes it i
but i often wondered thatmyselfif you know how how
no i shouted and threwmyselfin a snowbank but it
for real i ve thrownmyselfin at the deep end
tippie which i ve donemyselfin auchterless was that she
evening and i ve lockedmyselfin my room with no
regard to technique i instructedmyselfin order to come to
i d have to getmyselfin quickstyle to sort him
after i have so satisfiedmyselfin terms of the regulation
tobacco looking up i caughtmyselfin the mirror i liked
over i m smirking atmyselfin the mirror while this
now that i ve weptmyselfinto a happier frame of
this morning i eventually gotmyselfinto the embassy to borrow
enough as i d gotmyselfinto the place deliberately almost
i want to kick- kickstartmyselfinto writin it again erm
have i felt anything likemyselfis one ever always truly
discussing mistakes i keep tellingmyselfit ll be really valuable
amazon but no i stoppedmyselfit s okay f810: [laugh]
was a symbolic act namingmyselfit was like i d
said listen i saw himmyselflast night in a car
velux windows i can seemyselflaying down the little roaring
where i m saying tomyselflook do i need this
something i would necessarily usemyselfm1008: yes m1055: yes m1008:
therapies because i was unwellmyselfm608: mmhm f643: and ehm
necessarily goin to do thatmyselfm741: yeah m605: i ve
elder i make the pointsmyselfmalcolm nobody has got at
i would like to achievemyselfmore often and she just
i made it all bymyselfmummy are we gaun to
put in a word formyselfnever mind him but i
of it and eh enjoyedmyselfnevertheless once i got out
f963: i wouldn t trustmyselfno i don t think
mmhm m734: i m bymyselfnobody s going to criticise
duplicates of ones i tookmyselfnothing of great import has
they wanted really scunnert atmyselfnow i began to wonder
brain however i m keepingmyselfoccupied to ward off bouts
among [laugh] whom i classmyselfof course ehm you know
m off to francophone canadamyselfon friday i keep thinking
s mature machinations i congratulatedmyselfon having had the foresight
here ehm if i hearmyselfon the answerin machine i
down the boke i testmyselfon the lyrics of skarr
days when i was theremyselfone day a parent asked
there and then i shavedmyselfone day and cut my
try to keep it tomyselfor maybe i ll just
yeah f643: i basically designedmyselfout a job because i
good i won t tiremyselfout because after tomorrow he
i had difficulty in draggingmyselfout of bed at 6
must see andy i throwmyselfout of my daddy s
your predecessor convener i ruledmyselfout of the fuel price
of me and i pulledmyselfout of their generous company
vehemence with which i pouredmyselfout really linguistically against the
by my successful cooking formyselfover this past week i
said i need the jacketmyselfpeople are now beginning to
and i have been enjoyingmyselfpottering about in the garden
i wis over that waymyselfrecently cheers the noo matthew
me richard i didnae knowmyselfsame as i don t
on monday morning i heardmyselfsaying and take the first
i doing this i askedmyselfseveral times without getting any
want to speak to marthamyselfshe must tell deana i
its hook but i reassuredmyselfshe s used to my
bursting point remember i hearmyselfshouting as sweat pours off
ups and if i sprayedmyselfsilver i might just become
know my identity i guidedmyselfslowly back to the sanctuary
kinda wanting to go bymyselfso i could just listen
in charge of gillian bymyselfso i stayed at gran
complete and utter fool ofmyselfso i will not do
get flexible f641: mmhm f643: myselfso that i can do
earnest tomorrow i ve boughtmyselfsome gym shorts and tomorrow
yourself archie i ll makemyselfsome hot milk pit a
am so i ve boughtmyselfsome huge ski gloves to
undertake the old scottish onemyselfsome time ago i asked
write anything i must disciplinemyselfsomehow de la discipline camarade
och i go down theremyselfsometimes but not often really
i m one of themmyselfsometimes i think my bed
his hurry i said tomyselfstill irritated if he s
actually ready i can hearmyselfstylising my responses acting the
d rather get ahead ofmyselfthan fall behind i ve
any other way i askmyselfthank you for coming if
people i suppose people likemyselfthat have sort of grown
an excellent job on convincingmyselfthat i don t want
thi- i just keep remindingmyselfthat i m doing everybody
f1151: yeah well i knowmyselfthat if i was sharing
i cared little i reassuredmyselfthat mallorca would be more
while i couldn t helpmyselfthe prisoners know they can
be asking i was askingmyselfthe same question and not
proofreading this work i setmyselfthe task of collecting examples
thinking i m nearly theremyselfthen sarah boyack talked about
i am almost arguing againstmyselfthere are many wildlife activities
yep [censored: forename] and there smyselfthere s [censored: forename] [censored: surname] i
in rome i thocht taemyselfthey re a crowd o
s not why i reproachmyselfthis evening for i still
get a grip i toldmyselfthis man s not the
the plan i wailed tomyselfthis wasn t the plan
ve got the room tomyselfthis week i hope you
some time off to enjoymyselfthough i m trying not
now have to fend formyselftill monday tho i ll
the world as i feltmyselfto be nothing seemed too
that i can t bringmyselfto be too specific about
she wrote i cannot getmyselfto begin to like the
pushes me away i forcemyselfto my feet re light
to yield as i preparemyselfto sail into the sunset
and i used to crymyselfto sleep my father says
i would fear to trustmyselfto slumber lest i was
to begin with i confinedmyselfto straightforward sketching but the
on orbitting relentlessly i forcedmyselfto think about them in
i may as well teachmyselfto type also if i
paper perhaps i should forcemyselfto write at least part
the better i have enjoyedmyselftoday the debate has taught
today dr shelton i associatemyselftotally with dr black s
eh m1128: i better cleanmyselfup f1127: clean who up
one m1128: i better cleanmyselfup f1127: eh m1128: i
place first then i setmyselfup in a basement in
reports i d have workedmyselfup into a high old
you want i should zipmyselfup with the kingfisher s
vous remercies i have enjoyedmyselfvery much and i look
to the summit i seatedmyselfvery properly six feet away
an uncoiling snake i depictedmyselfwalking towards the church a
like a baby i wetmyselfwarmly you know who won
f606: mmhm m1036: and imyselfwas born in glasgow erm
f1038: so i immediately [?]missed[/?]myselfwent to st andrews didn
a twinge of jealously inmyselfwhen i think of her
toilet paper and blow itmyselfwill she ever forget i
of her statement i associatemyselfwith mike russell s initial
for others first i associatemyselfwith robert brown s remarks
stretch of road i identifiedmyselfwith that figure a woman
before the recess i associatemyselfwith the convener s remarks
one i dyed and designedmyselfwith the ragged sleeves and
or so i modestly assuredmyselfwould shatter the general public
i ve the room tomyselfwow take care and give
holden caulfield i said tomyselfyou d have a few
i did it aa bymyselfyou didna help me at
remember old fool i tellmyselfyou mustn t entertain the
to keep moving to keepmyselfhere it would have been
eh just the same asmyselfa- and my the f606:
took my brother stan andmyselfalong to mrs blease s
have to bath and dressmyselfand cut up my own
conceptual differences which exist betweenmyselfand my soviet colleagues at
still got a room tomyselfas my room mate hasn
spoil my pleasure in findingmyselfback in the world soon
it would take to disentanglemyselffrom my situation from my
rooms were the bedrooms formyselfmy husband an the kids
on my tummy and easedmyselfover the gravel to the
holding my arms out pinnedmyselfto the wind and flew
m going to dae itmyselff1095: right okay then m1096:
when they passed but whenmyselfand old groover looked around
don t think that ehmyselfthough some people might disagree
do not wish to seemyselfquoted in anyone s election
it as a challenge tomyselfto see if it would
am at risk of repeatingmyselfor perhaps even repeating someone
had the same name asmyselfbesides riddles there wis aa
seemed like a prevision ofmyselfwalking that same road to
s erm starting to bothermyselfand james is that our
two of us it smyselfand james robertson erm john
ages and erm it smyselfand james robertson who er
er sort of friends includingmyselferm who wanted to erm
know how you know includinmyselferm you had these naughty
but erm not completely bymyselfno f1149: yeah f1148: like
wasn t driven to flingmyselfat you for a dido
can t can t getmyselfthis f1135: you re a
mm f943: couldn t bringmyselfto leave the house ginger
t quite in control ofmyselfyour response was to set
michelin man about to launchmyselfout of the snows of
doin more is ehm recordingmyselfspeakin out certain verses an
new year an just lockmyselfin the flat for the
just have these bubbles formyselfthen well m1092: no [sob]
are not much younger thanmyselfeh using it as a
fair one thrice fairer thanmyselfmore white and red than
want to make more ofmyselfthan that gladys nastily you
tae dae it aa bymyselfthat maks me bigger than
look to greater experts thanmyselfthat there has been some
a force much stronger thanmyselfwas willing it to happen
communicate with others earlier thanmyselfyou will excuse me if
well done f1126: did itmyselff1125: you do it yourself
was quite good at forcingmyselfto do stuff and to
that then drew another ofmyselfa tiny figure tucked up
then we went and gotmyselfpierced and then and then
have to get to knowmyselfbe honest and admit to
[inaudible] and get some chocolatemyselff1111: you always end up
to be able to getmyselfover er distances of more
new zealander [censored: forename] christiane andmyselfinto another none in our
well able to look aftermyselfas strong as a short
got very involved in makingmyselfcups of sweet tea and
and eh to to provemyselfin the post f641: [tut]
be and know and feelmyselfeternity incarnate in the powers
s probably the case withmyselfas well it was mam
settling in well now gettingmyselforganised and preparing for classes
was gutted not gutted formyselfbut gutted for the guys
seen a breem thackit hoosemyselfbut only one newly thatched
tune for bonanza too clearlymyselfbut there is a prize
but having done dishonour tomyselfin the great passion by
often but have not allowedmyselfto take it in until
not only the likes ofmyselfwho was 16 but two
grab two hooks to steadymyselfand drink in the scent
to record on behalf ofmyselfand frank mcaveety our recognition
also the need to savemyselfand refers to how although
it is directly accountable tomyselfand to the lord advocate
was a chance to redeemmyselfby the clarity and precision
to good effect to feelmyselfethereal fabric exquisitely spun entranced
certainly never took to thosemyselff718: mm mmhm m1078: mm
the change of of youmyselfgoing in to education was
monday mornin managed to pencilmyselfin for ehm two free
folk bliss peace place tomyselfjimmy sighed relaxing at last
loftily allow me to introducemyselfmiss helen troy and this
scenery and work to stopmyselfmoping around feeling homesick and
will not have to remindmyselfof the pissing rain the
to confess to muttering tomyselfquite a lot that although
45am to try to makemyselfsleepier and finally dozed off
was requested to use uponmyselfthat the world might be
of scented air to steadymyselfthere was nobody to be
greatest fault has been allowingmyselfto stoop to underhand methods
a broken relationship time formyselfto walk in the mountains
on the floor and guidedmyselftremulously to the window to
all this way to surroundmyselfwith reminders of home no
time was trying to comfortmyselfwith thoughts of raquel welch
would be appropriate to associatemyselfwith your comments this has
jack by yourself beaumont bymyselfif the branch line comes
on a poor man likemyselfand click with your cameras
and what with cooking formyselfand the stacy campus fitness
deliver a short presentation aboutmyselfin french with limited support
people be they protestants likemyselfor roman catholics read with
with a word with youmyselfrowland of course mr beaumont
doing it in fact ermyselfand james have been batting
have not seen those conclusionsmyselfchristine grahame we are waiting
paths spent years tracing themmyselfmany people have been lost
tea [laugh] f1024: [laugh] f1025: myselfa cup of tea [laugh]
this safely not being marriedmyselfm1007: [laugh] f1009: [laugh] [laugh]
dae that f1142: right [singing]myself[singing] f1141: maybe your baby
diarmid s language fluently frommyselfnot here in this east
other was the bedrooms formyselfan one for the family
a step up and boughtmyselfa new green raleigh bicycle
shriek daddy daddy and flingmyselfat him dropping beastie on
mouse poppet and plain playedmyselfat snakes and ladders lingered
eight hours of the processmyselffrom lunatics like scott and
interpretation between mr salmond andmyselfneither of us is expert
principal teacher of english andmyselfrepresenting modern european languages in
it has made me rethinkmyselfnext month the band join
on a scottish independent governmentmyselfat the age of seventeen
mairrie v marry masell pronmyselfmaumie a ripe maun v
pit is put masel ismyselfzebranie clanjamfrie is a crowd

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