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they made me an inspectornaebodielykes it but that s
ken ye r ugsum annaebodielykes ye sobs whyles ah
the lykes o that aithernaebodieshuirlie sen the stert o
warld lykes me fyne whaurnaebodieshuts the door in ma
naebodie kens that gunlöd nanaebodieava but ah haed ti
lyke ti fester aff sobbingnaebodiecan help me naebodie kens
maitter wha kens it whannaebodiedaur quaisten oor authoritie physician
a cam ti ingland annaebodiekens but heivin alane the
nane can gie us wurdnaebodiekens but thon bricht ower
sobbing naebodie can help menaebodiekens hou ti draw the
is duin he sighs deeplynaebodiekens hou wearie ah im
at aw ah ken naethingnaebodiekens oniething chebutykin stops at
year leevin wi yeir faithernaebodiekens that better nor me
gunlöd the bishop gunnar annaebodiekens that gunlöd na naebodie
an whaur she is nounaebodiekens ti this day mukkil
myle frae the toun annaebodiekens whit for soliony ah
naebodie wants ti veisit menaebodiekens whit it s lyke
mukkil bell intil a touernaebodiekens whit siller an darg
mist tho whit ails yenaebodiericht kens weill wad ye
as hir an haein naebodienaebodieat aw ti appreciate it
weill as hir an haeinnaebodienaebodie at aw ti appreciate
warld ti care for thaimnaebodieti cry thaim ben naebodie
naebodie ti cry thaim bennaebodieti gie thaim as mukkil
maun be an awfu jaudnaebodiewants ti veisit me naebodie
here but our twa sellsnaebodieava ah m thinkin ye
mukkil bul for a guidbrithernaebodieava thay war weill shuir
lyker a grave nor mitherlandnaebodiesmyles ava binna the glaikit
ither twa an the warnaebodieti tell thaim ava the
goes out valgerd that mannaebodiewul bend gunlöd god wul
malcolm moula telt me thatnaebodiebut hir wad coud pou
no mukkil chaunce o thatnaebodiecoud forget aboot this eilidh
til the desert air whaurnaebodiecoud hear it macduff what
skellochin or she died annaebodiecoud say it didna serr
s no verra joco annaebodiecoud say she wes an
foraye morag but the rnaebodiehere that coud objek puddok
bliss ye eilidh ah haenaebodiebut you ti turn til
window and looks out eilidhnaebodiehaes askit me this whyle
shona haes peyed hir duesnaebodiewad quarrel wi that eilidh
rydin a mukkil reid bulnaebodieat aw binna yeirsell tho
the mukkil haw the warnaebodieti be seen oniewhaur in
that platchin weit wi rainnaebodiehaes been able ti kinnil
an finnd the wattir butnaebodiehaes ever cum back frae
wes never born sae thatnaebodiehaes ever heard o me
ah wes a lassie annaebodiehaes ever spoken ti me
peaks an auncient wuids whaurnaebodiehaes evir wun afore frae
naething ah did ma bestnaebodiecan dae mair but the
n remembrance nae a nonaebodien nobody naething n nothing
n remembrance nae a nonaebodien nobody naething n nothing
v remember naig n horsenaebodien nobody naething n nothing
agin me nou ah haenaebodieti turn til naething no
an ugsum onie mair peppernaebodieis gaun ti lock ye
aw this masell olga ringsnaebodiepeys onie heed whan ah
frae whaur he stuid thatnaebodiepoured onie wyne intil it
it an ah dae hopenaebodies bothered wi onie o
onie ither bodie as anaebodieshe l no be sendin
a maiden s prayer butnaebodiewi onie sense wad say
brither wul pey court tinaebodiebut yeirsell jennie wes fyne
whan ah byde at hamenaebodieveisits me whit wul ah
the skelf is poued butnaebodiewul can draw it oot
ti beil an beil annaebodiewul can pou oot the
ti dae i the houssnaebodiewul conter ye in here
doun here for a bitnaebodiewul cum in here vershinin
wi me thocht the pagenaebodiewul ever credit a hae
an oot o mynd annaebodiewul ken the war yince
ma bonnie quyne says henaebodiewul lichtlie ye as lang
ken thaim iain spak tinaebodiebut lay steive in his
mak soup but the rnaebodiefor ti share thaim whan
affront tell thaim the rnaebodiehere nanny apologise ti thaim
ben amang the bens whaurnaebodieever cums onlie aince in
soliony soliony puzzled the rnaebodiehere whaur is awbodie irena
the derk o the nichtnaebodiekent whaur catriona haed gaen
door in ma face whaurnaebodielocks me in the coal
ever heard o me annaebodiecan see or hear me
the denner made an againnaebodieever kent she d been
fand the denner made annaebodieever kent she hae been
ah wes a wee laddienaebodieever lykit me pompitie ye
airtin for the wurfs craignaebodieever saw him again eftir
dochter micht dae neist malcolmnaebodieever saw hir dae thae
on an a whein forbynaebodiehaed ever seen afore the
seein a kent face annaebodiekennin you yit sumhou ye
gowd whit she wes makkinnaebodiekent an whan thay spiered
wutch on the sly thonaebodiekent it ilka nicht he
gien aw wes mixter maxternaebodiericht kent whit ti dae
gaun about bodie sae thatnaebodiewad hae kent hir syne
to gang hame til annaebodiein aw the warld ti
dear sweet lassie ah haenaebodiein the warld but you
houss door ti mak siccarnaebodiecan win out sae thay
thay war for hir butnaebodiehelpit hir whilk s a
an goave at me butnaebodiericht unnerstauns me thay luik
na na maister the rnaebodiehere but our twa sells
mither o god the rnaebodiemair content nor me naither
ye ir that the rnaebodiesae fair naewhaur in aw
aince an nou the rnaebodieti say a kynd wurd
can fin oot the rnaebodieye can speir on t
whan he seen there wisnaebodiebut them he says ti
or the saxt hour annaebodiecam gairdsman li begude ti
in the hinner end butnaebodiedaured ti mak oot she
ti be serred wi cursesnaebodiedaurs speak his mynd but
but for lang it seemednaebodiehaed wurd ti gie but
ootsyde waddin the l benaebodiehere ti see ye but
ah end up hatin yenaebodieis gaun ti tame me
streirin aboot sic a steirnaebodieseemed ti ken whit ti
ti forget ma revenge aithernaebodiesoud lay haunds on the
d better ken this anawnaebodiespeaks ti me lyke that
him again eftir this annaebodiethocht it richt ti try
for dis an a venaebodieti bring ma mait ti
doun intil ma lair winaebodieti follae on eftir me
she wes gaen the warnaebodieti tent the sea bairns
s by sae efter thisnaebodiewad daur ti say a
adae wi him profunditas fundnaebodiewas speak ti him sae
lang syne in days thatnaebodiecan mynd o nou the
that whan she s deidnaebodiecan help me nou gin
day hed dawed sae whannaebodiehed seen them up the
aff the snek an whannaebodiewes lyke cummin she gaed
ma speirins whan ae callantnaebodiewis ivver yibble tae tell
the pouer o man fornaebodieborn o wumman can dae
me it s weirdit thatnaebodieborn o wumman can tak
heed hir she thinks onnaebodiebut hirsell be patient things
pompitie juist dae yeir bestnaebodiecan dae mair he moves
ae thing ye canna daenaebodiecan gang back moula moves
shoulder nanse mither it snaebodies blame mither queen dae
thinkin ah taen a wyfenaebodiepleises me better nor yeir
whit haivers is this nannienaebodieis sendin ye awa anfisa
canna credit ma ain lugsnaebodiemairries puddoks morag whit l
wal o true wattir annaebodiebut me can fill yeir
wal o true wattir annaebodiebut me can fill yeir
twa o ye syne tilnaebodieelse ah l tell ye
in the wuids the warnaebodieaboot sae she gaed inby
wi me masha ah haenaebodiebut yeirsell ah can turn
lang wi aa tak tentnaebodieniffers wrang for wrang but
lamb bi me macduff butnaebodiemang the deils frae hell
o aw that s guidnaebodiemairries puddoks ah never heard
thousan fowk bydes here butnaebodiestauns oot frae the lave
that she micht spin fornaebodiebut hissell he did juist
him an hou it wisnaebodieelse but auld jin at
the day but there wisnaebodiethere it wis weirin late
see wha it wis butnaebodiewis thare wullie quo the
inside and shuts it againnaebodies left a licht on
between cammy and dimps stevenaebodies bothered aboot the bairn
throu in the ballroom annaebodiethinks to leave that man
torn faced auld bissum annaebodieit the scuil cuid unerstan
an skraichs is haurlie heeditnaebodiespiers for wham the deid
that for a guid whylenaebodiedaured gang near him hinnerlie
mebbe it s fower toozenbachnaebodieunnerstauns muisic in this toun
macbeth the second apparition fadesnaebodiemacbeth than leeve macduff a

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